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Monday, February 16

American Idol - TOP 12

Don't worry this isn't a spoiler of any sort - obviously since we haven't even started voting yet BUT I have been working on my top 12. I must admit that this was a difficult list to make due to screen time, background info, and performances. There are about 16 people that I could see making it to the top so I had to narrow it down. PLUS this list is not a reflection of my PERSONAL top 12 but who I think American will vote for OR who will win wild cards if they aren't voted in by America:

1. Michael Sarver:

2. Matt Giraud (One of my early favorites)

3. Junot Juyner

4. Danny Gokey (One of my early favorites)

5. Alexis Grace (One of my early favorites)

6. Megan Corkrey

7. Jasmine Murray

8. Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle)

9. Anoop Desai

10. Scott McIntyre

11. Arianna Afsar

12. Lil Rounds

Here are my "alternates" for the top 12, if I missed one I think one of these three will take their place. Also you will notice I have 5 girls and 7 guys listed above, since we don't know the layout this year I am just picking straight up the top 12. Next you see NORMAN GENTLE on my list...this one is up in the air for sure I have heard so many people talking about how much they love him and how much he adds to the show BUT are these the people that will actually pick up the phone and vote. Only time will tell.....

Matt Breitzke:

Stevie Wright

Brent Keith


KBeau said...

Well, shoot. I thought you were going to tell me that it was down to 12 and it was time for me to start watching. I've got some of the episodes TiVoed, so I may have to do a little pre-12 watching.

Sarah Beth said...

Hang in there Kbeau it is coming soon! You will enjoy watching some of the try out episodes since you have them tivoed and you can fast forward through most of it ;)