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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Wednesday, December 31

Privileged Departure....

Sad news for Privileged fans Michael Cassidy "Charlie" is leaving the show! I, like many fans, was waiting for Megan and Charlie's big moment... I wanted them to at least get to have a go at it as a couple... maybe before he leaves he will at least admit his love to Megan.

Michael is leaving due to lack of story lines and development with his character. I personally loved his character and am very sad to see him go.

For more info click on the link below:


For those avid lost fans who can't wait another minute to get a glimpse of something "Lost" click on the link below to read reviews of the first two episodes... some of the info could be considered "spoilers" so be aware when reading...

Also here is a Promo clip for the new season:

One Tree Hill:

Watch the preview below... it just keeps getting more intense.

American Idol:

American Idol is changing it up this year... not only with a new judge! This season will go back to the old version of AI. The result shows will only be 30 minutes so we won't have to hear Ryan fill a full hours worth of time with gibberish. Also from my understanding we are going back to the original way to create the top 12... They will have different people each week and they will be voted on by the crowd... The top two will win spots in the top 12... then after all four or five groups have gone and the top ten or maybe the top eight is selected there will be a "wild card" round that will elect more.... I would assume this would make 12 or 14 contestants... But I am not sure with the new judge. Previously the audience selected 1, and each judge selected 1 which would make 4 wild card winners but now there is 4 judges so that would be 5 wild card winners... So we will have to wait and see what happens there. Don't forget that in season two Clay Aiken was a wild card winner.....

I personally don't like this way of doing it bc what if all the best people are in one group.... what if one group was:

Kelly Clarkson
Carrie Underwood
Taylor Hicks
Clay Aiken
Ruben Studdard
David Cook
David Archuleta

you see what I mean??? That doesn't seem fair but oh well I am sure the whole process isn't fair! Also they have promised to not have as many weeks of auditions which I am extremely happy about bc I always get very antsy during the audition episodes.

Another change is there will not be an "Idol Gives Back" episode this year, which makes me really sad, they are going to start alternating this every other year.

What do you think of the changes in American Idol Season 8?

Monday, December 22


The next couple of weeks are pretty boring on TV, with only a couple of shows airing new episodes. "Prison Break" and "The Hills" are new tonight, also I might be hooked on "Mommas Boys" which airs a new episode tonight as well.

Below is a break down of when your favorite shows will start back up after the fall break, including premieres:

December 29:
The City- MTV
Bromance - MTV

January 4:
Desperate Housewives -ABC
Brothers & Sisters - ABC

January 5:
The Bachelor - ABC
Gossip Girl - CW
One Tree Hill - CW

January 6:
90210 - CW
Privileged - CW
Scrubs - ABC

January 7:
Damages - FX

January 8:
My Name is Earl - NBC
The Office - NBC
Grey's Anatomy - ABC
30 Rock - NBC
Private Practice - ABC

January 11:
24 - Fox

January 12:
The Big Bang Theory - CBS
How I Met Your Mother - CBS
Two and a Half Men - CBS
Samantha Who? - ABC
CSI: Miami - CBS

January 13:
American Idol - Fox

January 14:

January 15:
Smallville - CW
Supernatural - CW

January 18:
Big Love - Showtime

January 19:
House - Fox

January 20:
Fringe - Fox

January 21:
Lost - ABC

January 28:
Life on Mars - ABC

January 29:
Bones - Fox
Hell's Kitchen - Fox

I know I haven't written much in a while but I haven't noticed much pen worthy... but don't worry starting January 13 (American Idol Premiere) I am sure there will be plenty to talk about. :)

Happy Watching

Thursday, December 11

Golden Globes

Here are the nods in television categories:

Best Drama:

In Treatment
Mad Men
True Blood

Best Actress in Drama:

Sally Field - Brothers & Sisters
Mariska Hargitay–Law & Order: SVU
January Jones– Mad Men
Anna Paquin– True Blood
Kyra Sedgwick – The Closer

Best Actor in Drama:

Gabriel Bryne- In Treatment
Michael C. Hall - Dexter
John Hamm - Mad Men
Hugh Laurie - House
Jonathan Rhys Myers - The Tudors

Best Comedy or Musical:

30 Rock
The Office

Best Actress in Comedy or Musical:

Christina Applegate - Samantha Who?
America Ferrara - Ugly Betty
Tina Fey - 30 Rock
Debra Messing - The Starter Wife
Mary Louise Parker

Best Actor in Comedy or Musical:

Alec Baldwin - 30 Rock
Steve Carrell - The Office
Kevin Connelly - Entourage
David Duchovny - Californication
Tony Shalhoub - Monk

Tuesday, December 9


Ok so I haven't really written much lately on my opinions of what's going down on some of my favorite shows so here I go:

Gossip Girl: (this is going to be long)

Last nights episode was so sad but I LOVED IT!!!! Like Rufus said sometimes tragedy brings people together or pushes them apart..... So lets start with my favorite story line...CHUCK & BLAIR. I felt very badly for Chuck this entire episode. Even though technically Lilly, Serena and Eric are his "family" he really is ALONE. Lilly and Bart just got married a few months ago and Chuck doesn't have a REAL relationship with any of them except Serena and that is more of a crazy friendship. Anyways no one else knew his father like he did, probably no one else loved him like he did and no one else has been there with him his entire life.... Chuck has had a rough go at it and I felt truly sorry for him last night. Blair did an amazing job of standing by him and showing & TELLING him how much she cared for him. For two years we have been waiting for Blair & Chuck to exchange those three little words and last night Blair finally made the leap and said it! I know for a lot of people they are extremely upset that Chuck didn't say those words back BUT I am glad...Chuck was in such a dark place and I don't want that to be the place he is at when he says them. However I thought Blair's timing was perfect Chuck really needed to know someone truly loved HIM at that moment. He felt so alone and knowing that someone out there was thinking of him I am sure helped him in many ways...The scene at the very end where Chuck is in Blair's room and he looks up at her...He looked so broken, so sad, so real!!! I loved that moment between the two of them...put all their silly games aside and this is who they are and they LOVE each other... Ofcourse there has to be drama so Blair awakes the next morning to an empty bed but Chuck will be back.

I thought that buddytv summed it up best:

"Death is usually a terrible, tragic affair, but on Gossip Girl an untimely demise led to one of the best episodes of the season. Last night's scandalous, heartbreaking installment didn't make me weep for Bart Bass, who was a true Basshole even on his best days, but it did make me feel for Chuck, who spiraled into liquor, twins and cattiness following his father's death. Ed Westwick owned every moment of the episode as he showed us a side of Chuck we'd never seen before. He may hate to admit it, but It turns out the mother Chucker has a heart after all.
It comes as no surprise at this point, but the Blair and Chuck moments were truly the best thing about "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" Not only did Chuck's crisis turn Blair Jewish, but it also forced her to say those three little words she's been holding back all season. B and C are always a blast to watch, but I only felt sadness as Chuck collapsed into Blair's arms at the end of the episode. After so much time spent laughing and cheering over B and C's Machiavellian manipulations, it was nice to see them share a tender, human moment together. It may have been one of the best scenes in Gossip Girl history, and it didn't contain a word of dialogue."

Next Rufus & Lilly... As much as I love them and want them to have their shot I think they definitely were rushing into this one... Seriously lets wait a few weeks after your husbands death Lilly. Now to the real drama of the situation, what did Lilly do that caused her to be admitted to a psych ward??? We know it involves a baby... and I would say abortion but really do we think that this would be the BIG drama that everyone has been hiding for years and years (and chuck paid big money for)???? As much as I don't support abortion I don't think that is it.... We also know that she knew the sex of the baby given the fact that Rufus asked if it was a boy or a girl.... So next I thought adoption but REALLY once again this can't be the big drama! So I am thinking maybe she killed her baby!!!! I know that is dramatic but what are your thoughts???? What did Lilly do?????

Serena and Dan mega drama... Well as most of my loyal readers know I am not always a huge supporter of the main couple and this time isn't much different they are pretty boring to me... I don't have much to say except obviously they will be together in the end...but it is weird bc you would think at the end of Gossip Girl Serena & Dan will finally get together and Lilly & Rufus will finally get together but how could this be????

SPIN OFF - Ok so there are all sorts of rumors swirling about the Gossip Girl spin-off... It is pretty definite that there will be one but who will it revolve around is the question. Originally we have heard that it will revolve around one of the Central characters, in the books it is Jenny but producers have said Jenny will not be the leaving GG.... So who will it be??? Some people after last nights episode think it might be Chuck Bass...But I think this would be a monumental mistake... Chuck and Blair are the characters that create so much intrigue and interest on the show... I think it would ruin the show for Chuck to leave. In my opinion Nate is the only main character that is removable but I do love Nate's character...I could see GG surviving without him. My personal opinion is that they will not be using any of the main characters in the spin-off...I heard at one point that they MIGHT be introducing a new character to be the lead in the spin-off and I have also been hearing rumors that Georgina is back on the set so I think Georgina will be the lead in the new spin-off and it will revolve around her.... What are your thoughts about the GG Spin-Off???

Desperate Housewives:

Ok so I am loving the Gabby/Carlos story line so far... I love how they are sweet to each is such a change from past years.

Lynette is digging some deep holes but I am not sure what she should do in the situations she is in.... Surely Porter is going to get off these charges soon bc they are crazy...

Speaking of crazy... Dave's reason for moving to Wisteria Lane has finally been revealed and it is exactly what I said in the beginning (I know a lot of people probably thought it and it was pretty obvious) here were my comments back in October:

"Ok I just wanted to really quickly say that I think Edie's husband was married to the woman that Mike and Susan killed in the car and that was his wife and child that died. I think he probably went crazy after it happen and was admitted and when they released him they were still worried he was going to hurt himself or someone else bc he had so much anger inside."

So now the question is... Are Susan and MJ in danger??? And when will Karen McCluskey be back with all the dirt????

Ok I will write more later..... HAPPY WATCHING!!!

Tuesday, December 2


Ok so I haven't found much fun things to write about lately BUT I was thinking I could share some of my favorite youtube videos....and then ya'll could share yours...I am warning you some of mine are super cheesy!!

Worst Best Man Ever:

Charlie bit Me:

Top 5 TV Couples and Most Romantic Moments Together:

Top 20 Pacey & Joey Moments:

Top 10 Lost Moments:

Top 10 Best TV Kisses:

What are your favorite Youtube videos???

Happy Watching

Monday, December 1

Don't Miss It!!!


Don't Miss an all new episode tonight at 8pm following an all new Gossip Girl at 7pm. The network is trying to pull viewers from Gossip Girl to save the show.


No New Episode this week, I don't think it is returning until January.

Other Shows:

Most other shows are new this week including all new episodes of : Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Dirty Sexy Money, Prison Break, The Hills, House, Fringe, Heroes, 30 Rock and Many More.....