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Thursday, March 31

American Idol Top 11 (AGAIN):

I am not doing a ranking this week because I didn’t get to watch the episode last night yet however I have watched the performances on youtube. I haven’t had time to process and decide what I think. If you missed it like me here are the clips from last night: Lauren Alaina – Candle in the Wind Casey Abrams – Your Song Paul McDonald – Rocket Man James Durbin – Saturday Night is Alright for Fighting Scotty McCreary – Country Comfort Stefano Langone- Tiny Dancer Jacob Lusk – Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word Pia Toscano – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down Thia Megia – Daniel Haley Reinhart – Bennie & Jets Niama Adedapo - I'm Still Standing I am pretty satisfied with all of my favorite’s performances: Casey, Paul, Lauren, Scotty, and Haley. I really liked Lauren and Haley this week; they may have been my favorites, which is a first! I think Thia, Niama, Paul, and Stefano are in trouble this week. I think that Niama and Thia should go home.

Tuesday, March 29

Grey's Anatomy & Mad Men

Ok so all of my blogging lately has been about Idol but there hasn’t been much else on TV lately. My shows are slowly starting to come back on but they will only return for a few episodes and then will be gone again. Here are some thoughts on a couple of my shows:

Grey’s Anatomy- the Music Episode. Ok so I have not been this excited about an episode in a LONG time and it has almost NOTHING to do with the music. I was on the edge of my seat as I watched the preview for this episode. I know Grey’s does it time and time again, a cast member on the operating table but I love it every time (or almost every time). There is something so great about seeing these doctors who deal with the life and death of patients every day forced to deal with the patient being one of their own. I know it is probably very unrealistic that every doctor in the hospital be put on one patient just because they are a friend but it is still GREAT TV. Well due to the shift in characters the past couple season’s Mark & Lexie are my favorite couple on the show and yes I know they aren’t a couple right now but they SHOULD BE! That being said I think this could be an interesting episode for them. Mark will clearly be experiencing all sorts of emotions this episode with his Best Friend/Baby Mama gasping for life and the fate of his unborn child hanging in the balance. I can’t wait to see Lexie’s reaction to all of this.

We all over the years have LOVED the songs played on Grey’s Anatomy. They pick such amazing songs that bring just the right emotion to the forefront. I am definitely interested to see how the singing plays out but in my eyes it could go either way. I just hope we get to really experience all the drama that will take place!

Mad Men- My husband and I are still a season behind on Mad Men, we are anxiously awaiting its release to DVD. However it was just announced that the fifth season of Mad Men will not return until early 2012!! That means we will have to wait that much longer to get caught up! URGH!

Friday, March 25

The Judges SAVE!

Here are some of my thoughts on the judges save and saving Casey Abrams. First let’s take a look at what happened last night again: (I love how Ryan Secrest does not know what to do)

I love the idea of the judges save. We have seen some people in the past go home too early because of an off week or simply because America assumed they would be safe. Let's take a look back at the contestants that got voted off too early and are the reason why they started the judges save:

Should they have used the save this early??? They should only use the save this early if it is someone who has the potential to win or someone who America will truly be just as shocked as the Judges that they got voted off. So yes I love that they used the save this early. At this point there are only a couple that I think they should have used the save for Casey or James. I honestly think if it had been anyone else they should have gone home at this point but I am sure if Pia had been in the bottom they would have saved her as well.

Some many may still question using the save this early and here is my response to that:

It was NOT his time to go home. Now that the judges have used their one and only save then America needs to get it right from this point on…I guess I need to start voting : )

Were you shocked at last night’s results? Are you glad they used the save on Casey?

Thursday, March 24

American Idol Top 11:

MOTOWN WEEK - a lot of people are talking about how great this week was well I am not sold. There weren’t many performances I loved but on the flip side there weren’t many I hated either. This week my favorites have been all moved around and my top spots are given to people that are far from my favorites. Let’s take a look:

1. JacobYour All I Need to Get By -I must admit Jacob’s past performances have rubbed me wrong and I wasn’t really paying much attention until the end of the song when he did “as brothers you got me…” and then I found myself rewinding it three times to see it! It was a moving and wonderful performance. I loved that he controlled his voice for most of the song and he belted only when he needed to. It was my favorite of the night!

2. JamesLiving for the City- Well James has rubbed me wrong in past weeks bc he seems cocky after he sings. After speaking to a friend who works with adults with aspergers she informed me that this could be due to his lack of social skills. So I am cutting him a break. I thought he did really well and I am starting to warm up to him.
3. CaseyI Heard it Through the Grapevine- He is getting kind of repetitive or something but I still like him!
4. Lauren - You Keep Me Hanging On- A lot of rankings have her really low but I thought she sounded great but I feel she has still has so much more potential
5. Scotty- For Once in My Life- He has something over me and it is hard not to like his performances, especially that low note like JLo pointed out. I like that he is taking risks with the range in his songs but I would love for him to go back to the low voice next week.
6. Paul The Tracks of My Tears – I really like Paul and his voice but I am beginning to think AI is not really the place for him. I hope he stays around a few more weeks and is able to pick up a deal for his band bc I bet with his band singing his own songs he is awesome. I love the song he sang this week but I have to admit I was thinking back to Adam Lambert’s performances a couple season ago and I think Adam won:

7. StefanoHello – I am starting to have the same problem with Stefano as I do with Pia. I think he has a great voice and he is pretty likable but his performances are getting boring week after week.
8. HaleyYou've Really Got a Hold on Me- I thought she was better this week and I still love her voice. I had such high hopes for her this week given the MoTown theme but I just think she still needs to pick better songs.
9. PiaAll in Love is Fair- I know the girl can sing but she puts me to sleep week after week…SO BORING!
10. ThiaHeat Wave – I didn’t give her the bottom spot because at least she did something upbeat and her voice sounded good but something about her on stage is still so blah…not sure what she needs to do. My over all thought once again is pick better songs.
11. NaimaDancing in the Streets - A lot of rankings have her listed pretty high this week. I did think she hit her notes better this week but I still think she is all over the place and her voice isn’t as strong as others in the competition.

I still think the bottom three will be Naima, Haley, and a toss-up between Paul/Thia. I personally think it should be Thia but she does seem to have a following.

What did you think of MoTown week? Did you love it as much as everyone else I heard or are you similar to me and just thinking it was ok?

Thursday, March 17

AI Top 12 Performance Rankings:

Overall I was disappointed with this week’s performances I just feel like there are so many people that aren’t making good song choices and aren’t living up to their potential. Even so here is my run down from last night and who I think is likely in the bottom three:

1. Stefano – I am not the hugest Stefano fan bc I just don’t like hearing cheesy ballads over and over but you got to give it up for the only one that really seems to hit every note last night!

2. Lauren- Ahhhh back to the girl I love. I love this song choice and she did make it a little country but I see her singing this style music more than country or maybe I just want her to!

3. Casey – I love him so it is hard for him to do wrong. This was a bold song choice since this song is ICONIC! I agree with Jlo that some parts felt more screamed but overall I enjoyed his performance. It was one of the few non-ballads which is a nice change.

4. Scotty – I think this guy does a great job of picking songs. I actually didn’t love his song choice last week for his voice (it was a little big) but I love The River and he didn’t do badly. Travis Tritt is PERFECT for him. I thought this was an excellent song choice.

5. Pia – Ok I am finally convinced that she can sing (even though her voice isn’t my favorite) but I did not like this song choice but atleast it was a little more up tempo.

6. James – It was just ok for me.

7. Paul – I really like his voice but I am confused why he doesn’t slow it down and get his guitar out….At first I thought it was because he wasn’t allowed but Casey used his bass last night.

8. Haley – I really like her voice but this song didn’t showcase her vocals, it was just the wrong song choice for her

9. Jacob – I thought he was “pitchy” the entire song plus it is hard to not compare it to these performances of “Alone”

10. Naima- I am so on the fence with her

11. Karen – I just think something is boring about her performances. What happen to the girl in Hollywood with the wacky hair:

12. Thia – I really like her but her performances are just getting very repetitive and VERY BORING! We want this Thia back:

Bottom Three:
Karen, Thia, and Haley (but unfortunately Paul could be on the chopping block as well or Naima). It is a tossup who is going home because Haley and Karen were in the bottom three last week which usually means that there fans get worried and vote more so that might mean Thia is in trouble.

Wednesday, March 9

AI Top 13 Song Spoilers

I just typed this entire post and lost it so this one is going to be brief. American Idol was pre-taped this week but the plan is that it will be live from here on out. That being said this might be last week that we are able to get spoilers on the song choices. The theme this week is “Your Personal Idol” and here are the song choices (and I am pretty sure the order as well):

Lauren Alaina – Any Man of Mine (Intrigued that Shaina Twain is her Idol)
Casey Abrams – With a Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker)
Ashthon Jones – When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Diana Ross)
Paul McDonald – Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams)
Pia Toscano – All By Myself (Celine Dion)
James Durbin – Maybe I’m Amazed (Celine Dion) I love this song, please don’t ruin it!
Haley Reinhart – Blue (LeAnn Rimes)
Jacob Lusk – I Believe I Can Fly (R Kelly)
Thia Megia – Smile (Michael Jackson)
Stefano Langone – Lately (Stevie Wonder)
Karen Rodriguez – I Could Fall in Love (Selena)
Scotty McCreery – The River (Garth Brooks) – great song!
Naima Adedapo – Umbrella (Rhianna) – I think she is trying to seem more current after many throw back song choices

Here are some interesting tidbits from

"Okay, while I'm not surprised, I'm a little disappointed with Ashthon, Pia, Thia, and Karen's song choices. They all did big ballads last week, and this week seems like a repeat performance. I get the "Your Personal Idol" angle on theirs (Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Selena--of course!) but I'm ready to see something else from these girls. Plus, of all the Michael Jackson songs, "Smile"? Thia Megia should look outside of songs that could be in An American Tale. Karen choosing Selena seems like a calculated move, too, with Jennifer Lopez on the panel. This may not have been Ashthon's week to begin with and I'm not sure this can redeem her.

As great as they are, I'm also a little bored by Jacob's, Scotty's, and Stefano's song choices. Casey and Paul nailed it with their choices. It's exactly what they should be singing, but could still be exciting performances.

I'm most "interested" to see the performances from Lauren, James, Haley, and Naima.Lauren, first out of the gate, chose a song that has sent two contestants home. It's been butchered on Idol so badly that I can only hear it sung off-key. And since when is Lauren a country singer? Someone mentioned this in the comments recently and I'm inclined to agree--all of a sudden she wants to sing country? This song choice is worrisome."

Clips of previous idol contestants singing Any Man of Mine:

"James made a fan out of me last week, but could just as easily turn me against him this week if he doesn't do well. This song could go either way, but I think it's a good song choice and it's showing us something different.

I'm most interested to see Haley, who is also a country singer now, apparently. reports Haley yodeling, so that will be interesting. Haley really turned me against her last week with all her growling and nasally vibrato, but I could be back on the Haley train if she sings "Blue" well. I think this is a good song choice for her.

Oh, Naima. There are several versions of "Umbrella" out there, but unless Naima is singing one of the acoustic ones, this song choice could spell trouble. The choice is confusing all around, and makes me wonder if people will ever just leave Rihanna songs alone. I just don't see this going well, but she's in the last spot so maybe it will?"

So who are you most excited to see perform tonight? Am I the only one that thought Kendra got robbed last week??? That was ridiculous!

Wednesday, March 2

Top 5 AI Guys

Here is my list of top 5 guys after last nights performances:

1. Casey Arbams
2. Scotty Mcreary
3. Paul McDonald
4. Tim Halperin
5. Jacob Lusk

So this year I feel like there are some unique voices that I love! It is more about the style then the strength of your voice (does that make since?). I really hope my top 4 make it through but worries me as always but at this point in the game it is incredibly inaccurate. They have Scotty as the only one forsure safe, which I am good with! I will be disappointed if the following people make it through:

James Durbin (Adam Lambert want to be)
Jordan Dorsey (seems too cocky)
Jovany Barreto (doesn't seem strong enough vocally)
Clint Jun Gamboa (hard for me to brush off Hollywood week)

Notice that Ryan didn't say how many wild card spots there are and I think that depends on who makes the top 10. If the following people don't make it through with the crowd votes then I think they are pretty much a lock for the wild card spots:

James Durbin
Casey Abrams
Scotty McCreary
Jacob Lusk

I hope people like Paul McDonald would earn a spot but I am not as sure about him. I know that atleast a couple of the people listed above will be in the top 5 voted in so I don't see a big need for too many wild cards but you never know. I did read somewhere a while back that it may not be even boys and girl in the top group, it will just be whoever is best. If that is the case their could be an uneven number of boys and girls even wild card spaces.

That is really all I have to say right now, looking forward to seeing the girls tonight!