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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Friday, February 24

American Idon Season 11 Top 24

Ok so here is my first post in a long time and it is about American Idol go figure:

I haven’t been as addicted to watching every second of the show this season but I have watched ENOUGH to have favorites. Now that the top 24 have been announced of course I have an opinion. I have some people that I feel MUST make the top 24 to enjoy it. Here is who I want in the 12, they are in order of importance to me if they make it! My top 4 NEED to be there!

1. Phil Phillips

2. Heejun Han

3. Colton Dixon

4. Hollie Cavanaugh

5. Jen Hirsh

6. Elise Testone

7. Shannon Magrane

8. Chelsea Sorrell

9. Adam Brock

10. Hallie Day

11. Skylar Lane

12. Creighton Fraker

My pick for the wild card boy is Jermaine Jones out of those four just because he seems so nice, but I don't expect him to make it very far  : )

Also some random thoughts on Idol vs. The Voice: I have been watching the voice and I have come to this conclusion…. With Idol I get annoyed with the auditions and am always ready for them to end to start the “real” show. The Voice is the exact opposite. I really like the audition rounds but feel it goes downhill when the blind auditions are over.