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Thursday, June 25

SYTYCD Top 16:

I am not going to put each youtube on here because frankly it takes a while and I don’t have a lot of time today! Here are my thoughts about each dance in the order that they ranked:

1. Randi & Evan – Contemporary

So everyone keeps saying the dancers this year are some of the best but I think I am going to have to disagree. This time last year I already had at least 4 or 5 dances that I loved and wanted to watch over and over…that is not the case this year. I thought this dance was really good but not AMAZING… At this point in the game the dance I rank number one should be amazing. Mia Michael’s always comes up with interesting themes for her dances and always sucks us in. I thought Randi and Evan danced this really well but agree with Nigel that the moves were simplistic for Mia. This means Mia probably dumbed it down some not that she couldn’t choreograph a more complex routine. I would give it 8.5 out of 10!

2. Melissa & Ade – Rumba

These two were sexy last night!!! I thought they did very well…still not as impressive as in years past. I would give it 8.25 out of 10; it was a very close second.

3. Kayla & Kapuno – Viennese Waltz

What a strong new partnership. I thought these two really melded well together…there lines looked good to me (not a professional). I would give them 8 out of 10.

4. Phillip & Jeanine – Broadway

I thought this Broadway routine was pretty good! I thought they both preformed it well. I definitely did think Jeanine’s performance was better but overall they both did well. However thinking about Courtney and Gev’s and Joshua & Katie’s Broadway routines last season it didn’t even compare.

This is an awful youtube but I couldn’t resist sharing the Broadway number by Joshua and Katee last year in the top 18!! I would have given it 9.5 out of 10!!

5. Brandon & Janette – Hip Hop

Compared to several hip hop dances in the past this one was mediocre. Brandon was actually a really good hip hopper but Janette was weird to watch. I give it 5 out of 10!

6. Caitlin & Jason – Paso Doble

I feel as if I was watching a completely different dance than the judges. Caitlin was completely fumbling all over the place and I didn’t feel a connection at all! I felt like I could see them counting and focusing so hard. Also I feel like Jason is a much better dancer then Caitlin yet each week she gets high praises and he gets the shaft! I would give 4.5 out of 10!

7. Vitolio & Auska – Jazz

I feel bad for them, Auska just really isn’t very good in other styles, and she looks so uncomfortable. I have a feeling if they are in the bottom three she will be sent home. I would give it 4 out of 10.

8. Carla & Jonathan – Hip Hop

It must be a curse to be in the top spot one week because so far whoever makes number one immediately falls to last place on my list the next week. Look out Randi and Evan fans!?!?!?! I was so looking forward to Carla doing hip hop and the whole thing was VERY underwhelming. What a boring routine and what a boring performance. I really didn’t take anything good out of it, seriously thought I would see that at a local dance recital. Giving it 3 out of 10!

For BuddyTv’s ranking click below:

Wednesday, June 24

Best TV Shows EVER!

AOL has been publishing “Best TV Shows” of different decades. I thought I would share their top 5 of each decade. You can click on the link below for the complete lists.


1. Mary Tyler Moore
2. All in the Family
3. M.A.S.H
4. The Waltons
5. The Carol Burnett Show


1. Cheers
2. Hill Street Blues
3. Moonlighting
4. Thirtysomething
5. The Cosby Show


1. Seinfeld
2. ER
3. The Simpsons
4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5. Friends

I think that in each decade there is one show that should be ranked higher just on the top 5! Friends should be higher not sure where but definitely above Buffy. The Cosby Show should be above all of the top 5 except maybe Cheers. Lastly I was surprised that M.A.S.H was ranked number 3 even though the two above it are huge so maybe those three should be a three way tie!

What do you think of the rankings?

Thursday, June 18

SYTYCD Top 18:

I am ranking the couples by “couple” it depends on how well the couple does as a whole and also the chemistry etc. Let’s just get down to the ranking.

1. Karla & Jonathan – Contemporary
The chemistry these two had was great and believable. I loved all the lifts and intricate moves, they really put on a great performance.

2. Auska & Vitolio- Waltz
I was so glad these two did so well this week. I was so disappointed after last week’s Broadway number and this week they did not disappoint. I thought they really drew us in to the dance and made me love this ballroom number. I felt their emotions and thought it was beautiful.

3. Brandon & Jeanette – Disco
This was one of the first disco dances that I can really remembering liking. I thought the dance was really good and looked very fast and very hard!

4. Max & Kayla – Pop Jazz
This dance that Brian created was wonderful. I really enjoyed the style and unique moves. If I were judging on individual performances then Kayla may have taken number 1, she was GREAT! However I think Max looked awkward and I didn’t feel a connection throughout the entire performance. It was still very entertaining.

5. Melissa and Ade – Jazz
Sonja’s dances are always kind of “dirty” for a lack of a better word. I loved her Jazz piece last year by Mark & Courtney. I thought Ade did really well and was believable, Melissa however was not. I didn’t think she got “dirty” enough. In my opinion Melissa looked like a ballerina trying to do Jazz.

6. Randi & Evan – Jive
I actually enjoyed this dance while watching it but the reason it is ranked so low is because it wasn’t memorable and it wasn’t one of the ones I wanted to go back and watch again. I love these two and think they will go far in the competition but there Jazz routine last week was much better!

7. Caitlin and Jason- Hip Hop
I was so excited that these two got a Shane Sparks emotional routine and then they were so mediocre. Caitlin was really cheesy and didn’t look hip hop at all. Also during the first half of the dance, pretty much until her dance break, she just walks around not doing any dance moves. Every week the moves in her performances that impress me the most are the gymnastic moves which I am starting to wonder if that is all she has?!?!?

8. Kupono & Ashley – Hip Hop
I agreed with Lil C that Ashley actually did a pretty good job and looked more “hip-hop” then I expected her to. I also thought she hit all the moves better than Kupono but either way this wouldn’t have been one of my favorites this week.

9. Phillip & Jeanine- Tango
These two dropped from first to last over the course of one week. Last week Phillip was in his element with hip hop and this week he had one of the hardest styles tango. I thought the two looked uncomfortable and like they were counting out the entire dance (especially Phillip). It did not flow well and I totally noticed Phillips facial expressions when he was lifting Jeanine, he has such an animated face he will have to work on that. I am not worried about these two though I think America loves Phillip.

George is Out!

TR Knight “George” is officially gone according to “a source”.

I am very sad by this news and I am especially disappointed if TR did indeed said “He’s had enough with Shonda and ABC”. I am NOT a big fan when actors turn their back on the show that gave them their start. They need to at least have some respect for the show and its creator. The final episode of Grey’s this season was a great one!! We were left not knowing if George “John Doe” would live or die and only the characters on the show knew it was George in the last moments….I was really hoping he would come back. I knew that this was a probability but I hate to hear that it is true.

I have heard that next season will jump forward several months so it is possible that George will not die but actually recover and maybe he was drafted to the army. Who knows what Shonda will do ?!?!?

What do you think of TR Knight leaving the show?? Do you think he will have a big career after Grey’s???

Thursday, June 11

SYTYCD Top 20:

After last night’s episode I was disappointed and now watching all the dances back I don’t think it was the talent or performances that disappointed me as much as just not feeling connected with many of the dancers (obviously because all the ones we got to know got CUT). It will come!

1. Phillip and Jeanine – Hip hop

I will admit the first time I watched this I didn’t like it as much as I do now. I thought the couple lacked chemistry but once I went back and watched it again I liked it and by the 4th or 5th time I LOVE D it. This was a lucky draw by Phillip but I am sure glad he started off with hip hop!

2. Melissa and Ade – Contemporary

I really liked this dance and thought the lifts throughout the dance were amazing. I also felt a real connection between the two.

3. Ashley and Kupono – Jazz

This was another routine that I had to watch back a couple times. The first time I watched it I missed the intro with the story line. The next time I watched it I understood what the story was about and I felt it more. This was not one of my favorites by Wade Robson and was a little disappointed with this routine. However I think the dancers sold what they were given and danced it well.

4. Randi and Evan – Jazz

I really like both of them and think they will do well in the competition. I thought this dance was great however I thought this dance looked more contemporary than Jazz, except for the Jazz hands here and there but overall I liked it!

5. Kayla and Max- Samba

I thought this dance was good and they hit everything well. I thought Max looked somewhat uninterested and almost like he was a teacher dancing with a student. I thought she did very well but still it wasn’t the best of the night. I thought they got a little “over-praised” after the routine.

6. Caitlin and Jason – Bollywood

On pure entertainment they probably ranked number one, the group I was with played this routine back several times to just be “entertained”. They didn’t seem together for the majority of the routine. Caitlin looked very out of her element and didn’t sell the style well. I thought Jason did a little better but still it wasn’t nearly what we saw last season.

The thing with Bollywood is that some of the moves can look kind of silly if you don’t hit it just right and hit it hard. When Caitlin and Jason did Bollywood last night there were parts that were really good but overall it came off looking silly. I realize this style is probably much harder and takes incredible strength but we were spoiled last season with Joshua and Katee performing this style, take a look at the video below and see how strong they were and how TOGETHER everything looks. Now go back and watch Caitlin and Jason and I am pretty sure you will be able to see why I was disappointed.

Katee and Joshua:

Caitlin and Jason:
(Please watch at 3.27 over and over again and ENJOY)

7. Karla and Jonathan – Cha Cha

8. Janette and Brandon – Foxtrot

They did a good job with the moves I guess but it was boring! It could be that this early in the season it is hard to sell a dance like this because we aren’t really “routing” for them yet. Once we fall in love with performers we probably love the dances like the foxtrot and waltz more (does that make sense).

9. Parris and Tony – Hip Hop

Every time Tabitha and Napoleon do two dances on one night one is more emotional and the other just a dance. I never have liked one of theirs that isn’t emotional. Parris surprisingly really out shined Tony throughout this dance and that is not a good sign for Tony. This is supposed to be Tony’s strong suit and he did not do very good. I was disappointed that he made it through over other probably much more talented “hip hoppers” and last night didn’t change my mind.

10. Asuka and Vitolio – Broadway

I am not going to lie I was really bored during this routine it was a combination of the music, the dance and the performance. It was not good but I think that these are two of the strongest dancers in the competition so even if they are in the bottom three I think they will “dance for their life” and be SAFE.

What did you think of last night's performances?

Wednesday, June 10

Hello Wade & Shane!!


It is official Wade Robson and Shane Sparks are back this season on SYTYCD!! Here is an ode to Wade Robson and some of his most memorable routines:

Group Dance Season 2:

Travis and Heidi:

Sara and Jesus:

Hok and Jaime:

Lauren and Neil:

Group Routine Season 2 Top 4:

And an Ode to Shane Sparks (my favorite routines of his):

Allison and Ivan:

Sabra and Dominic:

Glad to have you back boys!!!!

Thursday, June 4

Vegas Baby!!

So You Think You Can Dance:

I don’t even know where to start….I am so disappointed with this season so far, last night was the worst! Let me take a few minutes to explain why. We have only gotten to know a few dancers this season with them showing the auditions and following up with them and MOST of the ones we have gotten to know have already been CUT!!!! I am so disappointed that Natalie was cut last night and am still somewhat in shock….I think there must have been something else that happened. I seriously wanted to stop watching when they sent Natalie packing after ONE bad routine and they let Gabi Rojas keep sticking around one bad routine after another… WHY DO THEY LET CERTAIN PEOPLE HAVE SECOND CHANCES??? I was so confused why people like Gabi, Caitlin, Tony, and Silky got the opportunities to “dance for their life” or redo a routine when someone like Natalie who is probably better than most of them, they KNOW this since they almost picked her for the top 20 last season, messed up once and went home. I am still bewildered by the elimination. Ok so now let’s move off that soap box and take a look at the others that we got o know during audition round:

Natalie Reid – Katee’s roommate from last season who was number 11 out of the girls. CUT

“Silky” – The taper from Memphis that also could bust a move. CUT

Nobuya Nagahama The cute popper that couldn't speak great English. CUT

Megan Kinney – One of the two sisters. CUT

Bianca Revels – The “best” girl tapper that didn’t make it last season . CUT

Gabi Rojas – The “best” and most unique soloist. CUT

Anna Dunn – Her dad committed suicide, she “moved her head to much” and Lil C told her to use her tragedy to be a better dancer. CUT

Mario Flake – The cop from Memphis. CUT

Priscilla Marrero – Injured when she was 15 but keeps dancing and says “she is dancer” the judges raved about her in her first audition. CUT

Lauren and Lydia Guerra – The twin sisters that “finish each other’s sentences” and they scared them that they both wouldn’t make it to Vegas but they did. CUT

Talia Rickards – Husband was killed in a motorcycle accident a year earlier. CUT

Travis Prokop – The coach’s son… CUT

Sammy Ramirez – The wrestler that was trained by the gang member that is now in prison. CUT

Arielle Coker – Mother in bad car accident and still recovering. Also know as partner to Phillip Chbeeb. CUT

So after that the question is who is left?

Here are the ones I know are still in the game: (Means we don't know anything about them)

1. Asuka Kondon (Ballroom Dancer)
2. Caitlin Kinney (One of the sisters)
3. Kayla Rdornski
4. Janette Manrara (Ballroom Dancer)
5. Jeanine Mason
6. Paula VanOppen
7. Melissa Sadwig
8. Karla Garcia
9. Randi Strong-Evans
10. Danielle Peig –(I think she may be a break dancer)
11. Ashley Valero
12. Diane Vaden

13. Paris Torres (Ballet Dancer that won some pageant)
14. Pauline Mata

There are several videos of Paula Van Oppen on youtube in competitions and she looks good. There is also a youtube of Pauline Mata and she looks good as well. (Both girls look to be contemporary dancers)


1. Philip Chbeeb (poper from last season)
2. Tony Bellissimo (the one that used Nigels face during his performance & who cried a lot)
3. Ricky Sun (Ballroom dancer who partners Asuka)
4. Maksim Kapitannikov
5. Brandon Bryant (Last years number 21 that Mia is not "impressed" with)
6. CJ Tyson
7. Alex Wong (the asian guy that is very good contemporary)
8. Pono Aweau (The Hawaiian boy we have scene a few bits of)
9. Evan Kasprzak (One the Broadway brothers)
10. Ryan Kasprzak (The other Broadway brother)
11. Jason Glover
12. Brandon Dumlao
13. Henry Rivera
14. Ade Obayomi (youtube of him doing contemporary)
15. Jonathan Platero
16. Vitolio Jeune

As you can see we don’t know most of the 32 left and it will interesting to see who they put in the top.

I am not attached to many of the dancers but I hope Phillip, Caitlin, Evan, and Pono make it through. It looks as though Evan and Ryan will be the final two standing and only one of the brothers will make it. My money is on Evan!

What did you think of last nights episode?


This is 100% for you Heidi...ENJOY!

Wednesday, June 3

Mike's Top 10 Tear Jerkers

I was called out in the comments of SB's last blog entry so I figured I would contribute my own Top 10 Tear Jerker Movies. So here we go, everyone gets to see the softer side of Michael. Please keep in mind that I tend to be a little more on the emotional side of things...Here we go!

Alright you ask and you shall receive. Sarah Beth will tell you that I am a pretty big winer when it comes to Movies and even some TV. I will give you a rough Top10.


10. Steel Magnolias - It had been a while since I had seen this but it came on the other day. I turned it on right when Sally Field is at the grave site with her friends. WOW! Sally Field rocked my world with this emotional scene.

Sally at her finest...

9. House of Sand and Fog- This has probably one of the saddest most horrible scenes ever. There is not a big emotional climax leading up to the scene. The scen more or less just comes up and hits you smack in the face. Not a great movie at all but one hell of a sad ending. I couldn't find a video to go with this one and I am kind of glad. This was probably the most depressing of any of the movies on this list and maybe the most depressing movie of all time...

8. My Girl- my wife had to remind me but when she did it was a no brainer...I can remember watching this one with my family. We all made fun of how much my mom was crying in the movie. Little did I know that I would soon follow in her ways of crying during movies...

Set you up...the Kiss.

Bring you down...the funeral.

7. Million Dollar Baby - Who would have guessed that I would be crying through a scene with Clint Eastwood and a very manly Hilary Swank? This is the emotional climax type of tear jerker.

Great story leads up to a beautiful tear jerker scene.

6. Pursuit of Happyness - The scene where they sleep in the bathroom. Anyone with any type of father figure must get teared up right here. A father who would do anything for his child...

5. Armageddon - You go from what appears to be the end of a romantic relationship to one of the most dramatic ways for a father to tell his daughters boyfriend that I approve of you. And wait, I will die in your place...

4. I am Sam - Here we go folks. Sean Penn is all I have to say about this. Also, give the man his freaking daughter already. Amazing!


3. The Notebook - That's right. I said it. I am not ashamed to admit it. I will go as far as saying that it is the greatest love story ever told. I love the scene in the rain where he tells her that he wrote her everyday for a whole year but...the scene that took the cake for me is when she has a lapse where she remembers Noah and they dance. She comes out of it fairly quickly and begins to panic...tears.....

Great Video of clips from the happens to be set to one of my favorite songs so I included it...

Why didn't you write me?

Slow Dance _ I couldn't a good video of this scene so you will have to watch the movie.

2. Rudy - Come on folks. This is the greatest sports story of all time. When the kid finally gets in with the crowd, players, coaches, etc. all chanting his name. His father and brother in the stands and his best friend from the maintenance crew in attendance. He not only gets in but he makes a play. How can you possibly hold back the tears...Also, did I mention that it is a true story?

1. Glory - One line says it all..."Give em hell '54!" This all black regiment walks past the all white regiment to the front line to go to the front lines of one the battles that helped to turn the Civil War. At the end of the movie as the music plays in the background....tears will flow. Again, based on a true story. favorite movie of all time. So many good actors. I should also mention the scene with Denzel being beat by a whip...WOWZERS! Amazing movie....Here are a few of my favorite scenes from the movie. I just watched them before I posted and teared up at my desk...

The Whipping Scene with Denzel...

The Last night- Oh My Lord Lord Lord...

"Give em Hell 54!"

Honorable Mention:

Old Yeller - great movie and very sad. Too many newer better movies that kept it from being on the list. Probably the saddest movie that I remember from my childhood.

Step Mom - Great story but kind of cheesy movie. Still made me cry...

Dead Man Walking - this movie is sad for so many reasons. It might be one of the most compelling movies that I have ever seen. Just saw it this past year even though it has been out for quite some time now.

Shawshank Redemption - One of my favorite movies of all time but it just wasn't enough of a tear jerker.

Tuesday, June 2

Movies to Make Men Cry

Ok I ran across this great post of 12 movies that make men cry. Here is the list: (I don't think they are in any particular order)

1. The Shawshank Redemption

2. Armageddon

3. "Chick Flicks"
This includes Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias, and Love Story. (I think this is a cop out "Chick Flicks" is not a movie)

4. Field of Dreams

5. "Movies with Dogs"
This includes Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows. (Once again "Movies with Dogs" is a cop out)

6. Good Will Hunting

7. Brian's Song

8. Big Fish

9. Backdraft

10. Hoosiers

11. Hotel Rwanda

12. Saving Private Ryan

The one that jumps out at me that they didn't mention is RUDY?!?!?!

Calling all MEN (I put in all caps because if you are a real MAN you can admit that you cried in a movie) what movie did you cry in? Did your tear jerker make the list?,,20015186,00.html

Summer Shows?!?!?!

I read this and found it pretty interesting...Check out the following shows that started as summer season shows only to do so well they were moved to regular scheduled programs:

SEINFELDPREMIERED May 31, 1990THE SCOOP Note to current and future network TV execs: Sometimes it pays to bet on an oddball. Of course, this particular bet took a while to pay off. NBC aired comedian Jerry Seinfeld's sitcom pilot — titled The Seinfeld Chronicles — as a one-time special in the summer of 1989, then gave the series a mere four airings in 1990. That tiny investment of airtime paid off big. Seinfeld not only went on to become a cornerstone of NBC's must-see Thursday lineup, but it also left a lasting mark on the pop-culture lexicon, introducing the world to such Seinfeld-ian terms as sponge-worthy, puffy shirt, ''serenity now,'' the manssiere, Sack Lunch, and, of course, yadda, yadda, yadda. —Michael Slezak

SEX AND THE CITYPREMIERED June 6, 1998THE SCOOP What better time for a little Sex talk than when mercury levels — and hemlines — are rising? Based on Candace Bushnell's best-selling book, Sex and the City chronicled the amorous exploits of four thirtysomething gal pals living and loving in New York City. The HBO series was lauded for its refreshingly frank (read: graphic) portrayal of women's sex lives, garnering seven Emmy wins during its six-year run. With all of the buzz surrounding the summer's silver screen version, it's obvious we haven't had our fill of Sex just yet. —Amy Wilkinson

ENTOURAGEPREMIERED July 18, 2004THE SCOOP Just a few months after HBO ended its era of expensive shoes and gratuitous sex in the Big Apple, the network revamped a winning ratings recipe and found success with four dudes in L.A. Entourage not only gave the Y chromosomes something to clink their Coronas to, but with dreamy rising star Adrien Grenier and hilarious Jeremy Piven, it became a show catchier than Usher's ''Yeah.'' —Lisa Raphael

SURVIVORPREMIERED May 31, 2000THE SCOOP Arriving at the end of the 1999-2000 TV season — and the beginning of America's reality TV explosion — CBS' version of the Dutch castaway contest proved to be unlike anything on U.S. airwaves and, as a result, became an out-of-the-box ratings smash. These days, Survivor still resides near the top of the ratings heap, but for delectable strategy (winner Richard Hatch, pictured, creating an alliance of four that blindsided his remaining tribemates) and pure unvarnished emotion (fourth-place finisher Susan Hawk's venomous ''snake-rat'' jury diatribe), season 1 remains in a league of its own. —Michael Slezak

AMERICAN IDOLPREMIERED June 1, 2001THE SCOOP Fox solidified its reputation for successfully courting young viewers on summer vacation by importing England's Pop Idol, along with acerbic judge Simon Cowell. American audiences flocked to their sets to experience the shock (and delight) of watching deluded wannabes get smacked down by Cowell's withering criticism. And they stuck around to witness the birth of a superstar — future Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson (pictured). Today, Idol's addictive feel-bad-feel-good formula is the undisputed champ in the TV ratings. —Michael Slezak

MELROSE PLACEPREMIERED July 8, 1992THE SCOOP Who says folks won't stay home to watch a steamy soap opera in balmy weather? Back in 1991, Fox ran fresh summer episodes of its fledgling drama Beverly Hills, 90210, solidifying the show's hit status in the process. The following year, the network tried the same strategy with a spin-off sudser, Melrose Place, and lightning struck twice: The Aaron Spelling production would go on to push the boundaries of prime-time camp for a full seven seasons, particularly with the later (and inspired) casting additions of Heather Locklear and Marcia Cross. —Michael Slezak

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODELPREMIERED May 20, 2003THE SCOOP Back when Tyra Banks was more supermodel and less Oprah-lite, she launched a surprisingly as-of-yet-unexplored reality show formula: Add 10 aspiring models to one house, throw in several torturous photo shoots (hello outdoor winter bikini shoot!), and subtract dignity to find out WHO will become America's. Next. Top. Model. Today, ANTM remains one of our guiltiest pleasures. What can we say? It makes us smile with our eyes. —Kate Ward

NORTHERN EXPOSUREPREMIERED July 12, 1990THE SCOOP What better cure for the summertime blues than a trip to the snowy confines of small-town Alaska? Perhaps that was the thinking behind CBS' decision to give a July premiere to Northern Exposure, a quirky hour-long comedy about a big-city doctor (Rob Morrow) who is tricked into practicing medicine in the character-filled town of Cicely. Northern Exposure would go on to rank in the top 15 shows for three seasons, from 1991 to 1994. The show's creators tried to put a spin on the same formula with 1992's Going to Extremes (big-city medical students attend a school in the Caribbean), but that one left viewers cold. —Michael Slezak

To see the complete list click below:,,20281399_20281424_1200145,00.html

New Characters??

One Tree Hill:
After the loss of two main characters on OTH (Lucas & Peyton) the producers are trying to fill the void by adding new characters. We already discussed three new characters being brought to the cast and now they are in talks with 90210 vet Brian Austin Green. Brian was staring in Terminator but since it got canceled his schedule seems to be open however will he want to return to a teen soap drama? I know the cast is no longer teens but I still put it in that category. Brian would be cast playing Nathan’s sports agent, Clayton…interesting (I wonder if this will cause any bumps in Haley & Nathan since he is an attractive guy).

What do you think of the potential casting of Brian Austin Green?

Grey’s Anatomy:
Many people thought that the character George might live on just in a different body. Meaning since TR Knight was thought to be leaving the show his character might just have plastic surgery and a new actor would play the role. Producer Shonda Rhimes has come out and said that is ridiculous and NOT happening. The question still at hand is will George return to Seattle Grace?

Monday, June 1


Well my husband and me did the unthinkable and added a new show to our list this past weekend. Several of our friends have been trying to get us to watch Friday Night Lights and we finally folded. Friday night I went to blockbuster to rent season 1 and they didn’t carry it, so I went to Hollywood video (knowing full well since blockbuster didn’t have it they wouldn’t have it) and then we decided to go to Wal-Mart to see how much it was to purchase season 1 and it was only $14.99!!! So we bought season 1 and 2 and went home and got started. We finished 8 episodes this weekend and are well on our way to being hooked.

We aren’t quite to the point of encouraging others to watch it just yet…some shows we immediately encourage others to watch such as Lost and Prison Break (if you haven’t seen either of those shows you should watch them for sure)!

Anyways a couple of thoughts right out of the gate: (DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WATCH THE SHOW)

The Taylor family seems pretty solid, I love the dynamic between all of them. I love how Tami puts Eric in his place and her quick wit. I also love the interactions between daughter and parents. They seem like the real substance of the show which is probably good since the students will slowly graduate right?!?!?

Next Michael and I are having a hard time digesting the relationship between Lyla, Tim, and Jason. The whole situation makes us want to stop watching but we are pressing on! Seriously though Jason has just been paralyzed and his best friend sleeps with his girlfriend. Seriously?!?!? However I know this makes for good television and this could be somewhat realistic since the two may be leaning on each other for comfort and support, however it is very difficult to watch unfold.

Buddy Garrity – I really despise his character I am well aware that there are boosters out there that have a lot of control over high school sports and care that much about it but I HATE watching it! I honestly want to fast-forward every scene he is in!! I really want him off the show ASAP but Michael keeps telling me he thinks he will be around for a while, unfortunately I think he is right. Ugh!

So far I love Matt Saracen he has such a sweet innocence about him that really draws you in, dare I say a “Seth Cowen” vibe. I hope he stays sweet and bashful even though he has become QB1. I also really like Julie Taylor and have already commented on the relationship she has with her parents. I am super excited that her and Matt are about to go on a date I see it somewhat like Summer and Seth (I know it is nothing like the OC but that couple could be similar). I must also comment that she is such a bad dancer I am not sure why they made that her passion, but it is entertaining to watch.

My husband loves Grandma Saracen, he thinks she is funny. I am somewhat indifferent to her. Other characters I haven’t decided on Smash (right now I don’t think I like him), Tyra (I almost feel sorry for her), Landry and Billy Riggins.

I mentioned early Lyla, Tim and Jason but let me talk a little more about their characters:

Lyla – She is way too perky for my liking but she is starting to mellow out some, the first few episodes I really wanted to through something at her. My opinion of her will probably change a lot in the next few episodes and how she chooses to handle the situation with Jason and Tim now that Jason found out. Plus it is always a negative thing to have Buddy as your father, gross!

Jason – Funny thing is at first I really didn’t like him, I guess I thought they were making him out to be the “jock” of the show but then shortly after that I recognized something bad was going to happen to him. Ofcourse after the accident I felt so bad for him and I have been Team STREET ever since. Also I admire the way he has handle everything (yes I realize it is a TV character). His story line also parallel’s Remember the Titans a little too closely for my liking.

Tim – Ok so he is the hardest for me because I have so many mixed feelings about him… At first he was the character I was most drawn towards (I always gravitate for the bad boys- Sawyer, Chuck, Pacey, Alex) but then we he sleep with his best friends girl it was so hard for me to feel for him. I really do feel badly for him because of his family situation and because the one person he counted on, Jason, got hurt but when he didn’t go to the hospital for so long that made me so angry. I know he was probably just wishing it didn’t happen and when he went to the hospital it made it real BUT that is selfish because Jason has to deal with it and having his best friend there would have probably helped him! Anyways the verdict is still out on Tim for me.

Overall I am enjoying the show not quite as die hard yet as fellow viewers but I probably will get there it just depends on how the story lines unfold.

**Also how unrealistic is it that Matt had like never thrown the ball with the team or anything, I am pretty sure they have some sort of back-up quarterback. Of course most teams don’t anticipate their player getting paralyzed but you would anticipate a broken ankle or torn ACL right?!?!?