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Thursday, June 18

George is Out!

TR Knight “George” is officially gone according to “a source”.

I am very sad by this news and I am especially disappointed if TR did indeed said “He’s had enough with Shonda and ABC”. I am NOT a big fan when actors turn their back on the show that gave them their start. They need to at least have some respect for the show and its creator. The final episode of Grey’s this season was a great one!! We were left not knowing if George “John Doe” would live or die and only the characters on the show knew it was George in the last moments….I was really hoping he would come back. I knew that this was a probability but I hate to hear that it is true.

I have heard that next season will jump forward several months so it is possible that George will not die but actually recover and maybe he was drafted to the army. Who knows what Shonda will do ?!?!?

What do you think of TR Knight leaving the show?? Do you think he will have a big career after Grey’s???


TBG said...

i agree that it bothers me when actors are ungrateful/disrespectful toward the show that made them famous in the first place! shame on TR. i wish him the best, but think he's going to have a hard time finding something as successful as Grey's.

jessica and corey said...

aww, i'm sad! i love george! i was hoping that once they found out it was him they would work extra hard to save him.