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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, March 31

A Dog, Really?!?!?

One Tree Hill:

I have to mention the craziest scene I think I may have ever seen on TV and surprise surprise it was on One Tree Hill. OTH often consists of cheesy, silly, and often stupid scenes but this one took the cake. Two episodes ago Dan was sitting in the hospital waiting on his heart transplant… Seriously if he was waiting to get a transplant would he be waiting in the waiting room or getting prepped for surgery??? And the Medic trips over a dog leash and drops the heart on the floor, in the waiting room, where a dog proceeds to eat the heart!?!?! And I repeat SERIOUSLY A DOG, REALLY????

I love OTH and have watched every single episode and I am an avid fan even through all the cheesy story lines but come on writers this is simply ridiculous. I hate when people watch shows and say “oh that would never happen” or “that is so unrealistic” but I have to say it this time THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!!

Calling all doctors: Would they seriously be running a heart through the waiting room??? Would a dog really be allowed to sit in the waiting room??? Would a medic not be watching so carefully where he was going when carrying a heart??? Would Dan not be getting prepped for surgery??? These are only a few of the obvious questions that need to be asked.

Now I understand that the story line is suppose to be stupid. Dan was so evil that he doesn’t get a heart because a dog eats it…ha ha take that Dan! However this was simply elementary and I felt dumper for watching it!

Also, I am ready for this Dan/heart thing to be done. I know it sounds evil but either kill him or give him a heart and let’s move on!

What are your thoughts on the transplant story line? Did you enjoy when the dog ate Dan’s heart?

Top 100 itunes:

American Idol:

The rumor is that tonight American Idol will be the top 100 most downloaded I-tunes of all time (which is since 2005)… which basically means we should get some more current songs tonight.

Here is Buddytv’s prediction list:

Kris – “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt

Scott – “Hey There Delilah” by The Plain White T’s

Allison – “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne

Matt – “How to Save a Life” by The Fray (Or he could sing Gavin DeGraw like he did in the audition)

Anoop – “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake (Seriously?!?!?!?)

Lil - “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” by Beyonce

Megan – “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani

Adam – “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley (I think this would be perfect…see clip below)

Danny – “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race” by Fall Out Boy

Click the link below to find out why they chose each of these songs for the contestants.

Friday, March 27

Maybe I Am Not Crazy!

Grey’s Anatomy:

Since day one of Grey’s Anatomy I have loved Alex! I know what you are thinking, “Even while he was printing pictures of Izzie and hanging them up all over the locker room?” My answer is YES!! I have always really loved Alex’s character and thought he had so much going on inside and so much to offer… Often times these types of guys are just waiting for the right person to come along and peel back the layers, Alex found her!

Last night’s episode made me mad and I found myself yelling at the TV “Why is no one sitting with Izzie?” “Come on Alex, Step up!” “Seriously George, are you that selfish?” “Izzie would be the first one by your bedside waiting with any one of you” I knew Alex was having such a hard time processing everything and boys always want to be able to just fix things but he needed to step up and be there for Izzie. When the older woman told Alex “People are better than no people” it was exactly what he needed to hear. I love all the scenes with him after that, he is finally ready to commit to someone and wants to build a life with Izzie which breaks my heart because I am pretty sure Izzie is going to die. At this point I am just curious how everything is going to play out. I am ready for some more GREAT Alex/Izzie scenes that will take our breath away. My favorite scene of the night was when Alex stood by Izzie’s bed and tears were running down his face as he said “I am here Izzie.” I also loved when he crawled in bed with her and his conversation with Meredith in the on call room. Who still doesn’t like Alex???? I also wanted to say that the moment after Denny died and Alex scooped Izzie up into his arms and held her was one of my all time favorite Grey’s Anatomy scenes! (See below)

Other great Izzie/Alex Moments:

The next part of the episode I want to discuss is Cristina and Owen, I may be the only one but I really like the two of them together. What I love about Cristina is that she truly believes in the men she loves, she is always there to support and encourage them (sometimes she is a little too pushy –like when she pushed Burke to do surgery too soon). Owen is obviously struggling with some really deep issues and needs counseling. I loved how they called his issues a wound from the war, and it is. I can’t imagine going to war and then coming back and being the same, and obviously he had some really traumatic things occur while he was there. When Owen first arrived at Seattle Grace I was annoyed by him, and now I can’t wait to find out more about him. The scene where he was strangling Cristina was intense and really great TV, I thought both actors did a great job with the sensitive scene. I agree with Cristina when she told Meredith if he lost his arm, or leg I would stand by him this is a war wound too! However I really felt for both of them when they were laying in the on call room and Cristina said it wasn’t going to work because she was scared to fall asleep in his arms. I believe these two really love each other and they will find a way to work through it which is why Owen finally went to Derek for help, they will figure it out.

Some of you may want me to talk about the proposal but as most of you know I really don’t care much for the MerDer story lines…glad he proposed (it was semi-cute, but he still should have got on one knee). That is really all I have to say about that!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you love Alex as much as I do? Do you think the “big wedding” in the 100th episode will be Alex & Izzie?

Thursday, March 26

Top 10 Motown Week:

My run down from best to worst performances from Motown week:
1. Allison – Papa was a Rolling Stone – I must say that when she started I was not too impressed but by the end of the song she hit it out of the park! She has such a strong voice and stage presence for ANY age. For some reason that I can’t put my finger on she isn’t connecting with the viewers. I think she is the Carly Smithson of this season but Carly was my favorite last season and Allison is definitely not my favorite of the season but she was last night!!

2. Adam – Tracks of My Tears – I love love love this song! So Adam is slowly winning me over, I am not sure at what point I stopped loving Adam…I know when he auditioned for American Idol I loved him, he sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” and it was wonderful, but somewhere along the way he lost me. I think it was all the crazy performances… But last week I thought vocally he was very strong and this week he again hit notes that were crazy. The reason I have Adam so high this week is because he surprised me…he slowed it down, took of the make-up and crazy faces and we saw pure Adam sing and I liked it. .. Don’t get me wrong I kind of hope we see the old Adam back next week because that is who he is but it was nice to see the range he has as a performer. He is definitely working his way up my list!

3. Matt – Let’s Get it On – We all know I love Matt Giraud this season! I thought Matt did a solid job last night, not as good as last week but I enjoyed that he got up from the piano and showed off his vocals…However I prefer him behind the piano, he is just smooth when he is back there. A lot of polls have Kris ranked ahead of Matt this week but I personally love the soul to Matt’s voice so that is why he is ranked higher on my list. (Please comment below if you disagree with me).

4. Kris – How Sweet It Is- Kris is a solid performer, week after week he is going to bring solid performances..I have no doubt. I think he has a smooth voice that is easy on the ears…Also I love when he is behind the guitar…The only complaint I have about Kris is that I don’t feel him…when he sings I don’t hear his soul… I know that might sound weird but contestants like Matt, Danny, Adam, Allison, Alexis, even Anoop it is like I can feel the passion they have and it just burns through the TV but I don’t get that with Kris…I am just hoping one of the weeks coming up Kris will bring that to the table. (Once again please comment below if you disagree).

5. Danny – Get Ready – This performance was the same as any Danny performance there wasn’t anything unique to it. Danny needs to slow it down and do something that shows off his vocals…I was really wanting him to do Boys II Men last night (End of the Road) or something.. But Danny is definitely one of the competitors that is in it to win it so I think we will see some more sides to Danny coming up if not I believe the viewers might start to get bored.

6. Anoop – Ooh Baby Baby – I thought Anoop’s voice was very good and he hit some great notes but I agree with Simon that it felt like he was going to sleep on stage… It was boring to watch and listen to. Just because it is slow doesn’t mean it has to be boring, Anoop did a great slow song last week and kept my attention. I agree with Randy now that Anoop needs to pick it back up and show us the soul, voice and fun side all together.

7. Lil – Heat Wave- Lil has a good voice no denying it but she is getting lost in the competition. She isn’t showing anything special. I just don’t LOVE her but she is good.

8. Michael – I actually thought Michael did ok and I just LOVE his attitude…he is such a sweet guy that seems so grateful to be there. However I don’t think he has the chops to make it much further…It is quite possible that tonight Michael will say goodbye. The reason I have him above Scott and Megan is because he didn't make me want to fast forward and the other two did!

9. Scott – You Can’t Hurry Love- I hate to say it, really I do but Scott definitely needs to go ASAP. Scott doesn’t have great vocals or “artistry.” I would not go buy his record…nor do I know anyone who would. I really like Scott and I am glad he made it on tour because I think he deserves that but his road must end very soon.

10. Megan – For Once in My Life – This song was so out of Megan’s RANGE… as I have said before Megan only has about 6 notes that she sings well and none of those notes were in this song…My husband makes fun of me and is like “Which six notes?” The truth is I don’t know but there is a certain range that she sings very well and has cool tone but when she isn’t singing those songs it isn’t pretty… When Kara said she should have sung My Girl I was like “YES that would have been perfect.” Megan is in trouble this week but will probably make it through so she needs to start picking better songs to keep her around.

Overall I really enjoyed last night’s episode and I actually think that my bottom three this week will be the bottom three tonight (I think America will get it right). I think Scott is in danger tonight but it could be any of the three. Did anyone else notice that every contestant “Blew Smokey Away.” :)

Who was the best last night?? Who is going home???

Tuesday, March 24

The Duel 2: (RW/RR Challenge)

Get excited because the challenge returns Wednesday April 8. I am so excited because there are some great people returning that I can’t wait to see.

The REAL VETS returning are: RUTHIE, CT, Evan, Mark, Rachel, Adam, and Katie (WOW that is the most true VETS we have had on a season in a while). Then we have the “new Vets” Aneesa, Paula, Robin, Ryan, Diem, Brad, Jenn, Eric, and Davis. Finally we have the “fresh meat” which are the people that have only done one challenge or have never done a challenge: Brooke, Derek, Isaac, Dunbar, Landon, Brittani, Nick, Kimberly, Shauvan, and Tori.

I am not that excited about the any of the people they brought on that have never done a challenge…. Shauvon, Kimberly, Nick, Brittani, or Isaac. They all annoy me but maybe Isaac will bring something to the table. I am VERY excited about Ruthie basically because she kicks ***!!!! I also am excited that Mark is back but I am sure that is going to cause some drama with Robin (drama usually followers her anyways). I was also super pumped to see that CT and Diem made it back to the show (I am pretty sure they are no longer an item) but then when I saw the trailer (see below) it looks like CT may not be with us very long. I wonder after he throws the punch if they kick him out and bring in someone to take his place and if so WHO WILL IT BE???? People that I miss that are on this season: I love WES and always want him to be back on the show, he provides great TV. Also of course I am always going to miss Derek but I think that he is probably done with the show now that he is married with a child and since he went out with a bang last season. Ok so after reviewing the videos I think it is pretty obvious that MJ will be taking CT’s spot. MJ is all over the videos yet he is not listed as a cast member this season. CT could be a great competitor if he could just keep his temper in check…oh well that is why we love him right?!?!?

Here is the run down off of of how the show will go down:

“Twenty-six competitors are headed to New Zealand to compete in one of the most intense Real World/Road Rules Challenges ever: The Duel 2. What makes this season different? There will be no teams. That's right; it's every man and woman for themselves. This time around, players will be pushed past their limits as they compete in nine extreme challenges leading up to an epic finale where the winners will split a purse of $300,000.

As has become the norm for every Real World/Road Rules Challenge, expect to see the Challengers plot, scheme and stab one another in the back as they put everything on the line to win!

Who's in? Thirteen men and 13 women -- all veterans of The Real World or Road Rules, and some of the Challenge itself -- will step up to try to claim their share.

The men throwing their hat into the ring are Eric, Nick, Brad, Dunbar, Adam, Mark, Landon, Davis, Derek, Evan, Isaac, CT and Ryan.

The ladies trying their luck in this Real World/Road Rules Challenge are Kimberly, Ruthie, Diem, Katie, Aneesa, Jenn, Tori, Robin, Brooke, Paula, Rachel, Brittani and Shauvon.

Here's how it will work:

After each week's challenge, the Challenger ranks will be thinned as players are sent into The Duel --- a no holds barred, head-to-head battle between two competitors, where one man and one woman will be eliminated. The rules of "The Duel" are simple: win at all costs and send your opponent packing. The winner stays and continues to fight for the money. The loser goes home empty handed ... end of story.

Staying out of The Duel depends on how well players do in the weekly challenges. After each grueling challenge the male winner and the female winner will be safe. These two must then agree on one person to save from The Duel. That person, in turn, will chose someone of the opposite sex to save, and so on down the line. The last man and woman standing are automatically sentenced to The Duel. But they're not out of the game yet, because each will get to choose a same-sex Duel opponent and battle it out until only one is left standing.

In order to ensure survival, players will form alliances and pair up, keeping their friends close and their enemies closer. But make no mistake about it, in the end, friendships will be tested, hearts will be broken and blood will be spilled as players must ultimately stand alone in order to be crowned champions of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2!”

Drama on this season:

Trailer for this season:

Wednesday, March 18

Top 11:

Once again I am going to list them in order from BEST to WORST performance:

1. Matt – Seriously I don’t think there is much to say but it was by far the best performance of the night. He showed how much potential he has and the great tone in his voice, not to mention how he can play the keys. I can’t wait until each week to hear what he sings. I agree with Simon when he said “I don’t think we have given you the praise you deserve.” AGREED!

2. Anoop – Great decision by Anoop to slow it down and show us what he could do. I agree with the judges that it was a great performance and one of the best because it was unexpected and it showed us a new side of Anoop. However the bar may have been set low so it surprise viewers next week will be a hurdle for Anoop (he better choose his song wisely).

3. Kris – I prefer Kris with the guitar but a lot of people loved this performance. I thought it showed us Kris has great vocals however I prefer him with strings in his hands.

4. Danny – This was a big undertaking bc it was Carrie Underwood (one of her most famous songs) and it had a lot of big moments in it. I thought Danny did great with the big parts but the slow parts he struggled a little but overall I enjoyed his performance and I enjoy him. Also I think he is so respectful and doesn’t TALK BACK to the judges which I hate.

5. Megan – Ok performance, she definitely has a unique tone that I enjoy but she really only can sing a hand full of notes. I am giving her a small break and some props for singing while sick.

6. Allison – She did a pretty good job vocally but she is becoming very forgettable.

7. Adam – Ok so I want to start by saying that Adam does have a very strong voice and he can hit very high notes. This version of Ring of Fire was a disaster!!! I absolutely hated every minute of it, the eyes and everything. I just don’t enjoy his style at all and I don’t see him selling records.

8. Alexis – I was super sad that Alexis fell so far this week and I am a little worried about her safety this week. When she started all I could think of was when Brooke White sung this song last year. Brooke White by no means is a better singer than Alexis but her version of Jolene was much more pure and the arrangement flowed. I loved Brooke White doing this song last year and I thought Alexis’ version felt forced and she missed a lot of notes. I really hope she hangs on for another week so we can see her try again.

9. Lil – I am so bored with Lil! I don’t think her vocals were bad but I don’t think she was good either.

10. Scott – Scott is a pianist and a great one but his vocals just don’t measure up!

11. Michael - This was not really even singing just talking fast…I know he wanted us to see his fun side but I don’t think he is going to last much longer no matter what.

My Prediction for the bottom three:


I hope Michael goes home but I honestly don’t have any idea. I don’t think the judges will be using their save tonight so it is bye bye someone!

What did you think of last nights performances?? Who's going home???

Tuesday, March 17

Why All the Dying???


I am going to warn my readers that I am going to talk about a lot of different shows in this blog involving characters dying. Some of these plots are already out in the open example Dr. Izzie Stevens but some are NOT!! So if you don’t want to know what shows are killing characters off DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS POST!!!! HOWEVER IF IT IS NOT IN THE OPEN I DON’T KNOW WHO IS DYING TI JUST KNOW SOMEONE IS DYING.

Many of my shows are so dark right now with so much death surrounding them, it is crazy that it all hit at one time. It started last week when Bill sacrificed himself on 24, and then it was followed by Izzie being diagnosed with a deadly cancer and now Peyton (One Tree Hill) will most likely die if she carries her baby full term. I know that some of these shows have had hype surrounding them about the stars not wanting to continue on the show, Katherine Heigl, TR Knight, Hillarie Burton, and Chad Michael Murray to name a few. Not surprising that the story lines on Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill are starting to pave a road for an easy exit for all of these characters but the question remains will all these characters really leave??? I think it is inevitable that Izzie Stevens is leaving. I hate that she has to die though because I love Alex and hate that his character will have to overcome such extreme heartache. Will Peyton really die??? And if she does will Lucas leave town because he is so depressed OR are the writers opening a path for him and Brooke to find love again??? I personally think it would be weird for Brooke and Lucas to get back together after Peyton dies. Anyways we don’t know for sure that any of these characters will die but it seems pretty evident at this point.

Another show that will have a main character death is Desperate Housewives; they have been playing this one up for weeks. We know now that Edie will die and now the question is how, I think it is pretty clear that her husband, Dave will kill her but will it be an accident or will it be in cold blood? Also I am pretty sure we are going to find out soon that he is after the wrong person which I think means that Susan might have been driving the car the night of the accident OR that Mike is still in love with Susan (come on we all know this is true)! This Sunday we will see how the entire drama unfolds and the question on my mind is how sad will the residents of Wisteria Lane be when Edie passes??? If she had died a couple seasons ago I would say that the town would not feel much sorrow but Edie has made amends and I think it will hit Wisteria Lane hard.

Now I am going to move on to deaths that are somewhat spoilers however I don’t know any specifics on who will die but that someone will. Let’s start with the most popular: Lost! Many bloggers are spreading the news that 2 characters will die before the season is over one will be a major death and the other semi-major. My first instinct would be Desmond and Penny…Ben killed them! But everyone who watches Lost knows things are not always as they seem so I am thinking maybe Sun, Juliet, or Hurley dies, but I have nothing to support that. I am pretty confident that Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke, and Jin are all going to make it through the season. The only reason I think that Jin is safe is because why would they have everyone sitting on the edge of their seat all summer and bring Jin back just to Kill him, that would be stupid. But how sad would it be if Hurley or Sun died??? I for one would not be that devastated if Desmond or Penny died, I know that is awful but if we have to make sacrifices those are easy ones to let go.

Next Prison Break: I have read that at least 2 main characters will die before the series ends…I personally think this sucks!!! These people have worked so hard on getting their lives back and helping others I hate for it to end in death for any of them. However now that I think about it I am sure T-bag will be one of the characters they kill off at the end, everyone has wanted his character to die since day one but secretly loved to hate him! I heard a dirty little spoiler that Michael will have to choose between Lincoln and Sara to save!?!?! Ugh I don’t like this AT ALL!!!!

So now the main question is why all the death??? And is it just a coincidence that ALL of my shows decided to kill off the characters at once??? I am thinking that part of it is timing….. Most of my shows have been around for several years and I think a few things are happening:

1. The actors are getting burnt out and ready to move on
2. The shows are trying to keep up ratings
3. It has always been part of the story line

What do you think about all the death??? Are you enjoying the story lines or does it make you want to stop watching??

A Little Bit Country

American Idol's theme tonight is "Grand Ole Opry" which is basically just country. I personally hate this theme night... Don't get me wrong I like Country music I listen to it from time to time and there are several Country singers that I really respect as artists: Rascal Flats, Martina McBride, The Dixie Chicks etc. However I think for the MOST part Country Music/Singers don't show much true talent. Most country music has a very similar sound and somewhat twangy I think it is proven in season's past that Country singers have a hard time singing anything but country but most "other" singers can probably sing country. I know that many American Idol fans will say "What about Carrie Underwood??" and she might be the exception to this rule, however I am still not completely SOLD on her talent. Anyways I am not looking forward to hearing tonight's song choices but the show must go on so here are my predictions for who will shine:

I think the "judges" favorites for the most part will do well: Danny, Alexis, and Lil
I think that the ones that will struggle will be: Anoop, Adam, Allison, and Scott

Ones to Watch tonight: Michael Sarver (this will be right up his ally), Megan (she could pull out some Allison Kraus or Dixie Chicks and could end up really shining), Matt (I feel like Matt could always really shine or he could bomb, so I will definitely be interested to see his pick), Kris (he has made good decisions since America has been voting and i think his voice is pretty "normal" which means he could probably cross genres easily).

I am definitely partial to some and don't like some, which plays into my opinions as much as I try to not let it sway my thoughts. I think that Adam and Allison have been way over hyped and I am ready for it to dye down... I think it definitely will in weeks to come but now I worry if they do get eliminated that the judges will "save" them. Also I think the judges really love Megan but I am not worried about her bc online polls say she is already one of the least favorites among America.

What are your thoughts on tonight's theme? Who do you think will shine?

Oh and no doubt someone will make the dreaded mistake of singing a Carrie Underwood song, which I can't see being a positive thing.

Wednesday, March 11


Someone asked me not to long ago what songs Kara wrote or produced.. Here are a couple: Ain't No Other Man, Walk Away, and Sober. Also I am inserting what her Bio says on the AI website so you can see all her accomplishments and why she is such a creditable judge.

"One of the industry's most sought after songwriters and producers, Kara DioGuardi's songs have appeared on more than 100 million records. They have been recorded by Grammy award-winning artists, including Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, and many more.

Over the last four years, she has been awarded 10 BMI Pop Awards for having written the most performed songs on radio. From her catalog of several hundred songs, over 264 have been released on major labels worldwide; and over 165 have appeared on multi-platinum selling albums. Kara co-owns Arthouse Entertainment, where she develops and mentors fellow hit writers, producers and artists."


Let's talk more about the twist tonight:

The same people that produce American Idol produce So You Think You Can Dance and I was thinking maybe the BIG twist with the Judges is that the bottom three will have to "sing" for their life and that the judges will be selecting who goes home. Or maybe the judges just have the option to save someone (each judge has one save during the season).

Anyone else have any thoughts??? I really want to know what ya'll are thinking!

Catch UP!!

I have gotten very behind on my blog in general but especially on several of my shows out there, let me take a minute to catch up!

Gossip Girl Spin Off – “Lily”
The Spin-off is in full swing. Casting is going great for the show so far they have had several great people sign on for the show:

Lily will be played by Britney Snow (American Dreams)
Lily’s Father – Andrew McCarthy (Lipstick Jungle)

Keith Van der Woodsen – Matt Barr (One Tree Hill – Peyton’s Stalker)
Keith is set to play a love interest of Lily’s and judging by the last name my end up being the father of Serena (which is great casting by the producers because I would totally believe Matt as Serena’s father).

Dancing with the Stars:
I don’t watch this show but much like many other viewers I tuned into to see the heartbroken Melissa dance. Melissa did a great job given that she only had two days to rehearse, I definitely think Melissa is going to last a while in the competition. I believe it will be harder for her later in the season when some of the “Bachelor” drama dies down. I don’t think I will be watching again because this show irritates me, I am not invested in any of the people on the show and I don’t think they are very good dancers.
Melrose Place:
Melrose place is also in full swing with casting. So far they have cast:
Ashlee Simpson
Michael Rady (Greek)

Katie Cassidey (Supernatural)

And to most fans excitement Heather Lockler will MOST likely be reprising her role as Amanda for atleast a few episodes. Also there are still rumors that Mischa Barton might join the cast.

Are you excited about the Melrose remake??

American Idol:

I am going to start listing them in order from best performance to worst performance of the night as I critique them:

1. Adam
Let me preface by saying I am NOT an Adam fan and I was NOT blown away by his performance if anything it made me so angry! The judges praise Adam as if he was actually Michael Jackson, I am so annoyed by the OVER praise they give him. However all that being said if I just watched his performance without listening to the judges praise him I think I would have agreed that overall he gave one of the best if not the best performance of the evening. He didn’t seem quite as dramatic last night as usual and he sounded better than past performance (I didn’t feel like he was screaming AS much). Also I am going to give him props on a great song choice…this is a familiar song to viewers but it is not as untouchable as “Beat It” “Bad” “Thriller” etc… Also from other articles I have read this performance was much better in person. So I give Adam the top spot this week but TRUST me he will not receive it week after week!

2. Matt
I am biased already and it is just week one of the finales but I can’t get enough of Matt on stage. I think he is so naturally talented. I love the tone to his voice and when he plays the piano while singing there isn’t anyone on the show that can touch him. I wanted to put him first on my list because I actually enjoyed his performance more than rest but I am trying to be impartial. I think Matt can SELL records he has a Justin Timberlake vibe to him but with a little more blues and less pop! I can’t wait to see more performances from him.

3. Danny
I was not familiar with this song (PYT) but I loved how it showed off Danny’s scratchy voice. Danny is extremely lovable and he will be here for a while. I want to also note that he did not discuss his wife tonight and American Idol didn’t say anything about it either…I think they are going to be extra careful about it now because of all the controversy however it makes me a little sad for Danny that he is unable to grieve the way that he may want to! But I am glad that American Idol has backed off a little. I loved Danny’s performance and I thought the dancing was endearing.

4. Alexis
I definitely think the judges didn’t give Alexis the praise she deserved she rocked Dirty Diana…I agree with Paula that she has to watch “over singing”. She has a big voice but she needs to make sure it is a controlled voice. I love Alexis and can’t wait to see more of her.

5. Lil
I am not sure what it is about Lil but she rubs me the wrong way…All that being said I thought she started off the show strong. It may have been a safe performance but I have to admit when given the challenge of Michael Jackson it isn’t a bad thing to lean towards “safe”. Good Job Lil but I hated her “mom” pants.

6. Kris
Well I am going to be the first to admit that I got a bad taste in my mouth during the top 36 because honestly I felt he had taken Matt’s place! However now that they are both in the top 13 I am glad! I liked Kris’ performance last night and I am glad that he brought out his guitar (I don’t know what it is but for some reason when someone plays an instrument I feel like they have more creditability) it really made his performance much better. Kris seems much more at ease with his guitar than before. Kris is definitely the heart throb for the tweens this season!

7. Allison
Allison has a great voice and I thought she handled the song well...I am not familiar with this song choice so I don't know what to compare it to but I think she did good. Allison hit a peek last week and it will be interesting to see if she has already given her best performance...

8. Anoop
Ok so I know that “Beat It” is Iconic, but I actually thought Anoop did really well!! I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. It was upbeat and fun and he had so much passion in his performance. I disagree with Kara that it felt disconnected…I felt that he connected with the audience. America loves Anoop and he will be around for a while.

9. Michael
Michael had a pretty good vocal performance but I felt it was pretty boring and forgettable. I don’t agree with Randy that it was the best of the night I am pretty sure Danny went before him and Lil and I thought both of them out shined Michael. I think Michael could be in trouble tonight and if not tonight definitely in weeks to come.

10. Megan
When Megan started singing I thought this was one of the smartest song choices of the night!!! I was so curious how Megan was going to pull off a MJ song but this was a great song for her to sing. I actually give her props for going out of her 5 note range and showing us something different, I was happy to hear it! However all that being said it wasn’t a great vocal and her whole appearance felt fake. I think she will make it through to next week but she needs to be careful the people that love her probably love her for her unique voice that she didn’t show much of last night.

11. Scott
I hate that I don’t love Scott because I think he is a really sweet guy and has overcome a lot in his life but I just don’t think he has the chops. I think he plays the piano beautifully and it is definitely a joy to watch him in his element but I don’t see him vocally competing with any of the top 7 on my list. He may make it through several more weeks but there will definitely be an exit for Scott in the future.

12. Jasmine
As most of you know I am not a big Jasmine fan. I really don’t like when girls come on the show and sing ballad after ballad. The one time that she sang an upbeat song it was AWFUL!! I think this shows she doesn’t have much depth to her vocals. She always feels like she is not quite on top of each note and that it is a struggle to hit any notes. She is young so I will cut her some slack but she doesn’t deserve to be in the top 12.

13. Jorge
So bored that I didn’t even watch the entire performance, it was on but I completely zoned out. I think Jorge hit his peek last week and he probably will be going home tonight. If he makes it through tonight I don’t think we will see much longer.

At the end of the show Ryan announced that there would be a twist tonight on the elimination and I haven’t seen any rumors about what this might be…he said it has to do with the judges. This has me very intrigued. Some are speculating that two contestants will be sent home but I don’t see how that changes everything so dramatically! Any ideas??

This is how Buddy TV Ranked their performances last night:

1. Adam
2. Matt
3. Danny
4. Alexis
5. Allison
6. Lil
7. Kris
8. Megan
9. Jorge
10. Scott
11. Anoop
12. Jasmine
13. Michael

What do you think of the rankings?? Who do you think was the top performer??

Tuesday, March 10

Michael Jackson

American Idol

Ok so tonight's American Idol's theme is Michael Jackson. I have a bad feeling about this theme. Michael Jackson is such an Icon, maybe the King of all Icons... It is going to be a rough night I predict. However we know that some people have rocked some Michael Jackson songs in the past. My usual source has not been posting the song lists lately...I am waiting to see if he will post it before tonight's show (I will keep ya'll updated).

Here is Buddy TV's predictions:
Adam Lambert - Beat It (maybe bc that is what we all want him to do)

Michael Sarver - Billie Jean (I think this one will be hard to do after David Cooks wonderful rendition last season)

Danny Gokey - Heal the World

Kris Allen - Smooth Criminal (Too bad he sand Man in the Mirror already huh?)

Megan Corkrey - P.Y.T

Alexis Grace - The Way You Make Me Feel (I like this pick)

Anoop Desai - Beat It (I guess they are saying it is a toss up)

Allison Iraheta - Wanna Be Startin Something

Matt Giraud - Will You Be There

Lil Rounds - Bad

Jasmine Murray - Rock With You

Jorge Nunez - Remember the Time

Scott MacIntyre - She's Out of My Life

Also most websites agree that Michael Sarver and Jasmine Murray are predicted to be at the bottom of the pact this week. Ofcourse this always depends on the song choices and the performances that night but Michael and Jasmine need to really rock it tonight to have a fighting chance!

Friday, March 6

Wild Card Results

American Idol:

So I am going to run down last nights episode later but I wanted to go ahead and post the final results from last night. I posted the clip below of them announcing the final two into the top 13!! If your TiVo did like mine it cut off the end of the show bc they ran over and my TiVo has way to many things recording so it jumped to another station... DOH!

Top 13:

1. Danny Gokey
2. Michael Sarver
3. Alexis Grace
4. Adam Lambert
5. Kris Allen
6. Allison Iraheta
7. Scott MacIntyre
8. Jorge Jimenz
9. Lil Rounds
10. Jasmine Murray
11. Megan Corkrey
12. Anoop Desai
13. Matt Giraud!!!!! (YAY)

As you can tell I have an early favorite!!!! It will be interesting to see who goes home first my pre-performance guess would be Jasmine Murray or Michael Sarver but as we all know it just depends on the song choices!!!

Wednesday, March 4


American Idol:Going into last night performances there were a lot of familiar faces: Lil, Scott, Nat, Kristen, Kendall, Arianna, etc…. However I left the show feeling very unimpressed. Last night as I watched Idol my husband went to play in a softball game so for the first time I got out a notepad and made notes as the show went along…. I wondered if my notes would match the judge’s comments and sometimes they did and others they did not. Here is my run down of each contestant. I will put my thoughts during the performance in italics.


My TV once again messed up and cute out his performance (don’t worry the satellite people are coming TODAY to check out our problem). I thought the short play back sounded ok but he still screams too much for my liking. However the run downs I am readying today are all saying he controlled his screaming much better last night so he may have a chance.

Good during the chorus she shined but the beginning was rough. This is the best look for her, love her leggings. She struggled with breathing at points. Overall it didn’t blow me away. Simon said it was generic. Agreed.


Good personality! Awkward dance moves and stage presence. Started off good, smooth but then he started screaming a little. I think he is trying to be too cool with the grunting noises. He should have kept the song simple and not tried so hard. America could feel sorry for him and pick up the phone but I doubt it.


Sounds good, shows maturity…Boring song not exciting to watch. She missed some notes in there including the last one. Big voice big song did not equal good! Simon said it was gloomy… agreed.


He is singing the same song he sang in Hollywood. Good voice, love the song…not giving us much personality. He did give some personality after his song was over. I hope he sticks around.


Jordan Sparks sang this song for her first performance in the top 24 and rocked it. Will Kristin do the same? NO SHE DIDN’T!!! She is going too fast…slow down! It sounds like she is speeding through the song to be done. I can’t get a good feel of her voice as she speeds past each note. I hate the arrangement! The judges didn’t say anything about this awful arrangement…they mainly talked about her image. I don’t get it!!! Please listen to Jordin Sparks singing this song at the same stage in the competition.


Doesn’t show great vocals… How can someone with so much color be so boring? I think America will love him or hate him. Simon said it was uncomfortable to watch…agreed!

This needs to be a strong performance because America doesn’t really know her and we are all trying to figure out if she deserves a spot in the top 36. This is the song I heard her sing on a youtube video and I thought she did better on the youtube. She has great vocals but missed some notes. Not sure if she did enough to make it through to the top 12!


Good not great vocals. He is real and passionate about the music! I think he might get through because America feels for him. I am not on the Scott band wagon yet though…maybe when we see more of him at the piano.


Can she sing?? The beginning actually sounded good, the middle part went south fast. This song is for a big voice and she doesn’t have it…it was really hard to listen to parts. I really hope America didn’t put her through.


He has a good voice, it is a big song and he sang it very well. The judge’s love him, don’t count him out!


Well we know Lil Rounds was the judge’s favorite since she was last for the evening. She sang very well but for some reason I was bored. She is the only one that I feel extremely confident is through to the next round!

To sum it up Lil Rounds will be the girl put through. The boy put through will most likely be Scott but Jorge or Ju’Not could get through. I think the third spot will be between Ju’Not, Felicia and unfortunately Kendall.

Who do you think is going through from this mediocre group?


Ok so now let’s discuss the Wild Card show again…I am so anxious to figure out how it is going to play out are they going to try to even it out with boys and girls???

In doing some research on season 1-3 (which were all done in this format) I have found some interesting things. Seasons 1 and 2 were both even with boys and girls BUT season 3 offered me great hope for my boy Matt! Let’s talk about Season 3. They were split up into 4 groups of 8 and 2 people were put through each night. When all 4 nights were done 6 girls had been put through and only 2 boys. For the Wild Card show the judges brought back 8 contestants (5 girls and 3 boys). The wild card show brought back 3 people from group 1, 3 people from group 3 and 2 people from group 4, which means none were brought back from group 2. Hopefully this means the judges brought back truly the contestants with the most talent and were not concerned about groups, gender etc. YAY!! The final 12 on season 3 consisted of 8 girls and only 4 boys!!!! YAY that means that it is possible that Matt gets through and maybe even Anoop!!! Who would be excited about that??? Also in previous wild card shows each contestant does sing a song. Now if they judges truly pick the best that were missed here is what I am thinking:

1. Ricky Braddy
2. Anoop Desai
3. Matt Giraud
4. Jessica Langeth
5. Megan Corkrey
6. Jorge Jimenz
7. Mishavonna Henson
8. Ju’Not Juyner
9. Nathaniel Marshall
10. Jackie Tohn
11. Arianna Afsar
12. Kristen McNamara

I pulled this explanation about the Wild Card round:

“In the Wild Card round, the fourth-place finishers from each of the three semifinal rounds will return, along with other eliminated semifinalists who are chosen by the judges. 12 previously-eliminated contestants will be chosen to compete in the Wild Card round. The judges will pick the 3 performers left that they consider the best. No voting by the public will be done at this stage.”
Thoughts and comments???

Also I wanted to say that I watched Reality Chat: American Idol last night and Jason Castro was the guest. He sang his new song Love Uncompromised and it was GREAT!!! I am a huge fan of his.

Tuesday, March 3


The Bachelor:My head is going crazy right now, full of thoughts! The ONLY clear thoughts that I have right now are I like Melissa and Molly and I don’t like Jason!

Like many of you out there I fell into the temptation and read spoilers before last night’s show. However I tried hard not to read too many details but I definitely knew he was going to propose to Melissa and then change his mind and pick Molly. However I was not aware that Jason was going to dump Melissa on last night’s show OR that he would tell her that he wanted to pick Molly!!!! I have never been a huge Jason fan I think he is cheesy and over the top with the “good guy” routine. I think last night showed that he may not be quite the good guy that America had hoped.

I know, I know he signed a contract saying he would air all his relationship woes but I have to call BS on that!!! I think Jason could have waited until After the Final Rose to call things off with Melissa. I actually don’t blame him for the sparks dying after the camera stopped rolling I think this is something that happens a lot on the show… Let’s face it the real world is very different than the fantasy world they have been living in. I don’t even blame him for wanting to give his relationship with Molly a second shot BUT how he did it was just plain AWFUL!!! No matter what he says he COULD have just played it out with Melissa and broken it off with her after the final rose or broken up with her on the phone before hand and told her he was having doubts on his decision. SERIOUSLY he didn’t HAVE to do it that way…I am not buying it!

I am so sick of him right now that I don’t really even want to watch the second after the final rose tonight. I am pretty sure we are going to see Jason shed some more tears and try to convince America that he IS a good guy but for now I agree with Melissa “You are such a B******”

What did you think of all the drama on last night’s Bachelor?

Oh and did anyone see Jimmy Kimmel last night? I didn’t but I heard about it, Evangeline Lilly wouldn’t even sit next to Jason!!! You go GIRL!

Reality Steve’s INSIGHT on The Bachelor:

Ok so after I wrote my entire blog above I read reality Steve’s comments about last night’s show…if you haven’t already done so please click on the link below and see what he has to say. I can’t even go into everything he talks about but he has sources that told him the following facts:
Jason wanted to pick Molly from the very beginning (when there was 5 bachelorette’s remaining) and was talked into picking Melissa only to dump her on the After the Rose.
Melissa and Molly did not know about the scheme during the show. Melissa didn’t find out until the After the Rose last night.

Jason called Molly a few days after giving Melissa the final Rose to fill her in and let her know he picked her!

Jason moved up the “After the Rose” because he knew that Melissa was really falling for him and didn’t want to drag it out any longer.

ALL previous and current Bachelor/Bachelorette’s have signed a lifetime confidentiality agreement which essentially states that you can never give away the show secrets or else you can get sued for $5 million.

There are many more interesting bits on his website so check out the link below.

What effect do you think this will have on the future of The Bachelor?

America Idol:
The final 12 are performing tonight for a spot in the top 12! I am still pretty bummed out this week after Matt Giraud’s elimination so forgive me if I don’t seem as enthusiastic about this weeks performers. Lets look at the contestants:

Nathaniel Marshall – So DRAMATIC I am already tired on him.
Jorge Nunez- I don’t believe he has a shot at this point.
Ju’Not Juyner – He has had some great moments but his personality has not jumped off the screen. I picked him for my top 12 but I might be having second thoughts…
Lil Rounds – She is an early fan favorite. I am not a huge fan of hers yet she sings to loud for me but we will see.
Scott McIntyre- He is definitely talented but I am not sure he is as talented as many of our other contestants.
Kristen McNamara – ANNOYING!!!
Kendall Beard – I honestly think she just made it on because she is cute and I hope that America doesn’t vote for her based on that.
Felicia Barton – She took Joanna’s place (boo I really wanted to see her in the competition) but I have watched a couple YouTube’s of Felicia singing and she is actually better than a lot the of the contestants we have heard thus far.
Ariana Afsar – I am extremely interested to see her perform . She is young, cute and has great vocals. Will she fall apart on stage?
Taylor Vaifanua- Bored with her….
Alex Wagner-Truman- I don’t think he has a chance at this point.
Von Smith – TOO LOUD!

Ok so those are my brief thoughts on each contestant for this round. I think that the girls will be between Ariana, Lil, and Felicia and the Boys will be between Scott and Ju’Not.

What do you think???