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Tuesday, March 31

A Dog, Really?!?!?

One Tree Hill:

I have to mention the craziest scene I think I may have ever seen on TV and surprise surprise it was on One Tree Hill. OTH often consists of cheesy, silly, and often stupid scenes but this one took the cake. Two episodes ago Dan was sitting in the hospital waiting on his heart transplant… Seriously if he was waiting to get a transplant would he be waiting in the waiting room or getting prepped for surgery??? And the Medic trips over a dog leash and drops the heart on the floor, in the waiting room, where a dog proceeds to eat the heart!?!?! And I repeat SERIOUSLY A DOG, REALLY????

I love OTH and have watched every single episode and I am an avid fan even through all the cheesy story lines but come on writers this is simply ridiculous. I hate when people watch shows and say “oh that would never happen” or “that is so unrealistic” but I have to say it this time THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!!

Calling all doctors: Would they seriously be running a heart through the waiting room??? Would a dog really be allowed to sit in the waiting room??? Would a medic not be watching so carefully where he was going when carrying a heart??? Would Dan not be getting prepped for surgery??? These are only a few of the obvious questions that need to be asked.

Now I understand that the story line is suppose to be stupid. Dan was so evil that he doesn’t get a heart because a dog eats it…ha ha take that Dan! However this was simply elementary and I felt dumper for watching it!

Also, I am ready for this Dan/heart thing to be done. I know it sounds evil but either kill him or give him a heart and let’s move on!

What are your thoughts on the transplant story line? Did you enjoy when the dog ate Dan’s heart?


Laura said...

...ummmm....YUCK! sb i was hoping you had gone off the deep end and were getting a dog....turns out it was just a sicko post! this confirms why i should not ever watch OTH! haha!

Baby Huffstetler said...

I have also watched OTH from the very begining..... this part was SO stupid and would never happen. I want the Dan part to be over, I want Peyton to live, I want Julian to come back and be with Brook--- I think he is SO CUTE, and I want everyone to live happily ever after...