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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, November 24


The Hills Wedding:
Heidi & Spencer Eloped last week. The news hit Perez Hilton and now is all over the press. Us Magazine is releasing exclusive pics in their mag which I am sure will hit the Internet soon.

What do you think of the news??

Mass Confusion:
Also there has been some confusion this week about what shows are airing new episodes and what shows are re-runs or not on at all.... Here is what I know:
Gossip Girl - No new episode - An Old OTH will run in its place
One Tree Hill - New episode at normal time
The Hills - New VERY DRAMATIC episode.
Prison Break - New -normal time
Privileged - no new episode (movie playing in place)
90210 - no new episode (movie playing in place)
Private Practice - NEW
Dirty Sexy Money - NEW (and there won't be many left)
Grey's Anatomy - re-run

These are my big shows for the rest of the week so let me know if there is another show you are interested in and I will try to find out the dirt :)

Oh and if you are curious why I didn't write anything about the 24 movie, well I haven't watched it yet. I have a few episodes to watch to catch up before I watch it. Hope it was great!!!

Also on the AMA last night did anyone else LOVE pink???

Happy Watching

Friday, November 21

3 Shows get AXED!

No More Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies or Eli Stone:

ABC confirms that the 13 episodes of each show will be their last. Pushing Daisies has already filmed all 13 episodes and DSM is in the process of filming it's 13th episode. There is always a slim chance that if the ratings improve dramatically on the last few episodes that they could get picked up but highly unlikely. The good news maybe we will receive some closure for each series. And like I mentioned earlier the producer of Pushing Daisies will finish off the story in a form of comic books! I am a sad sad girl bc I love Dirty Sexy Money!!!

Wednesday, November 19

Sexiest Man Alive

Two of My Favorites "Old" and "New" made the list:

My "Old" crush from Dawson's Creek (Joshua Jackson) and my new crush from Gossip Girl (Ed Wistwick) both made the cut.

Neither of them won the coveted award of "THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE" but they were among the top 25. It is weird bc neither of them at first glance are that attractive to me but something about their presence is very attractive. I don't agree with most of the list I saw and I definitely don't think Hugh Jackman is the Sexiest Man Alive but he is however attractive.

What are your thoughts on the list???

Top 10 Break-Out Stars of 2008: (According to

Either I am really old or they picked some random people, most of the people on the list I haven't even heard of, see what you think:

  • Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter & Twilight)
  • Demi Lovato (Singer, Camp Rock)
  • Russell Brand (Awful VMA's host)
  • Estelle (Singer)
  • Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of An American Teenager)
  • David Cook (American Idol)
  • Tristan Wild (90210)
  • Kat Dennings (The House Bunny, Nick and Norah's infinite playlist)
  • Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately)
  • Angel (Chihuahua - yes a dog!),,20152943_20153287_20240558,00.html

Entertainers of the Year: (according to

I agree more with this list:

  • Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
  • Leona Lewis (Singer - "Bleeding Love")
  • Michael Phelps
  • Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers & Burn After Reading)
  • Katy Perry (Singer -"I kissed a Girl")
  • Facebook
  • Jon Hamn (Mad Men)
  • Kid Rock
  • Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin and Sun from LOST)
  • Elizabeth Banks (Zack & Miri Make a Porno & Role Models)
  • Coldplay
  • Wall-E (from the movie Wall-E)
  • James Franco (Pineapple Express & Milk)
  • The Stars of Bravo (Real Housewives, Project Runway, Top Chef etc.)
  • Meryl Streep (Mama Mia! - yep shes still got it)
  • The Talking Heads (The View, Fox News, CNN etc.)
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • The Women of Sex & the City
  • Rock Band
  • Lil Wayne
  • Stephanie Meyer (Author of Twilight and The Host)
  • The Gossip Girls (Serena and Blair)
  • Cast & Crew of The Dark Knight
  • Tina Fey
  • Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man & Tropic Thunder)

I would say the only person really missing from this list is Rhianna since she sings about 50 songs that they play over and over again on the radio.,,20152943_20153287_20239984,00.html

America's Next Top Model:
Tonight is the finale of America's Next Top Model and I don't know about ya'll but I REALLY want Analeigh to run away with it. I really don't like the other two girls left, I know that is harsh but they have bad attitudes. Analeigh is so sweet, genuine and takes great photos.

Who do you want to win?

Monday, November 17

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Ok so I was just browsing Christmas movies trying to think of what movie to watch Thanksgiving night (my family always watches a Christmas Movie on Thanksgiving Night). Anyways when I was browsing through the selection I started to think what are my favorite Christmas Movies?? And since I love LISTS here it goes... these are MY personal favorites:

10. The Family Stone
9. It's A Wonderful Life
8. The Santa Clause
7. Miracle on 34th Street (I actually like the remake...I know my sister thinks I am crazy too).
6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon)
5. A Charlie Brown Christmas
4. Elf
3. Christmas Vacation
2. Home Alone
1. A Christmas Story

What do you think of my list??? Did I forget your favorite??? Perhaps you prefer A Christmas Carol, White Christmas, The Nutcracker, The Grinch, Or Polar Express....What are your favorites??


To my loyal readers once again I have become very lazy with my postings. I am trying to play catch up so make sure you read ALL the new postings!!

TV Round UP: (see what shows have already been cancelled)

It's that time of year where new shows are getting eliminated or picked up for a full season. Also we are finding out what shows are on the bubble of getting cancelled if not mid-season, after this year. Here is what we know so far:

Lip Stick Jungle
My Own Worst Enemy
Do Not Disturb
Easy Money
The Ex List
Opportunity Knocks

Saved for the season:
Kath & Kim (I have no idea why, I think this show is ridiculous)
Knight Rider
The Mentalist
Private Practice

On the Bubble: (this is where it gets bad)

Pushing Daisies
Dirty Sexy Money
Eli Stone
Eleventh Hour
Gary Unmarried
Life of Mars
Prison Break
Worst Week

There are a lot of great shows on this list and I hope they are picked up for another season.

All the info I know

Pushing Daisies has completed all 13 of its season two episodes which may be “all she wrote”. Series creator says he may finish out the stories in comic books.
Privileged: The show is one of MANY new shows on the CW, the freshman show is super cheesy but is held together by a very lovable main character, Megan. The show will try out a Monday time slot in December (I am assuming it will take the spot of One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl for a couple weeks to see if it can pull in some of their viewers.)

Prison Break: Basically this show has outlasted what any critics thought it would given the original plot line (what happens after they break out of prison??) Well this season has done better thus far then last season but may still wrap up Michael’s journey in 2009.

Eli Stone: The only word I get on this is TV only has so much room for courtroom shows and this one isn’t pulling in the viewers like Boston Legal does.

Dirty Sexy Money: The people that watch this show LOVE IT but there just isn’t enough of them.

A small piece of positive news is that since the economy is doing so poorly shows won’t be axed so quickly because it is more costly to start up a new production than to continue on with a current one. Basically I read this like if the show isn’t doing HORRIBLE they will probably keep it :)


The Hills will be back for a 5th season even after most of the stars of the show denied it for a while and said they were done with the show. Apparently MTV offered them enough money to make it worth their wild.

Grey's Anatomy:
Ok so I just watched last week's episode last night and let me tell you that I am not a big fan of the Denny story line... Why?? Well a couple reasons it is unrealistic for him to be back (which I don't believe he is) and the other possible plot line is that Izzy is hallucinating which makes me sad for her and for Alex bc every girl he is with ends up a little crazy. I am interested to see how this plot line plays out because Shondra is a good writer I will have a little faith but it is going to be a tough one. Next weeks episode looks super intense with them trying surgery on one of the other interns, are they crazy???

Monday, November 10

Cast Your Vote!!

People Choice Awards:

The nominees are out and it is our time to vote for our favorites. Among the nominees include Heath Ledger, Britney Spears, Grey's Anatomy and many more...

Many of my favorites were missing :( Oh well.

Monday, November 3



Ok so lately I have had so many random things I have wanted to share with ya'll but can't stay focused long enough to write them all down... So I think I am going to start to randomly update this little bits at a time....This means I might update it sometimes several times in a day and other times wait a few days.

New Couple Alert:
Sophia Bush & James Lafferty are dating!!! Yay this makes me so happy since I love Sophia Bush so much and I can't stand Chad Michael Murry so I like that she is dating someone on the set that can maybe make Chad Jealous... plus I really like James Lafferty too!
Break-Up Alert:
In other dating news DeAnna Pappas has broken her engagement off with Jesse.... Apparently he is very heartbroken. DeAnna told Jesse she loved him but was not IN LOVE with him. In an exclusive interview with EXTRA Jesse was very emotional (crying and such) when talking about the recent break up. Is anyone surprised by the recent news???

A Sad Good-Bye - Prison Break:

I am not going to go into this too much bc I don't want to spoil it for those who may not have watched this episode yet OR for any of you who would like to watch it in the future (AND YOU SHOULD), BUT I am extremely sad at last nights episode. Don't get me wrong it was a great episode and well done but I hated to see what of the original cast members die. I do love that he died a hero and that he will be remembered as such but it was so hard for me to watch. What did you think of last nights episode?

Grey's Anatomy:
In other breaking news... Dr. Hahn will be leaving Grey's Anatomy. Shonda Rhimes was been quoted saying it has nothing to do with her lesbian story line. However she was let go from the cast very suddenly and Brooke thinks Shonda's arms were tied by the network to cut the story line. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Since you are in the voting Mood PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes and vote for Jeff the information is below. Jeff sang in my wedding and is simply amazing... Please take the time to vote!!

You can't read the page I attached so let me break it down for you:

  • Log on - create a password and ID
  • Once you have logged on in search que type "damaestro" and click search
  • click Jeff's profile and at the top you can add him to your favorites
  • After that you can click vote next to his picture (you can also check out his music)
  • You can vote once a day so go back daily to vote!!!

It seems like a lot of steps but it is SUPER EASY!!!!