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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Friday, February 25

AI Top 24

Here is a run down and a few thoughts:

Ashthon Jones
Brett Loewenstern
– I already have a love/hate relationship with this guy. He seems really nice and some of his performances have been amazing. However sometimes his voice sits wrong with me and he is a little over the top, uhmmm, weird.
Casey Abrams – by far my favorite in the top 24!
Clint Jun Gamboa – He has a good voice but he didn’t do himself any favors during group week when he ousted Jace from his group.
Haley Reinhart – there is something about this girl that I like.
Jacob Lusk- I am undecided on him but the boy can sing some soul
James Durbin – Sorry but I don’t get him. I think he is an Adam Lambert want to be and he just isn’t as good.
Jordan Dorsey – Don’t like him at all! He seems SOOOO COCKY!
Jovany Barreto
Julie Zorrilla
Karen Rodriguez
– I like her!
Kendra Chantelle
Lauren Alaina
- One of my early favorites, but what was up with that dress?!?!?
Lauren Turner
Naima Adedapo
Paul McDonald
– I really like his voice but I am not sure it is big enough to make it on Idol…I would love to be wrong!
Pia Toscano
Rachel Zevita
– I really like her!
Robbie Rosen – He seems like a nice guy but I don’t see him making it very far
Scott McCreery – I don’t know if it is because he is a good ol’ boy or what but I really like him! I am not even a big country girl but I think he is sweet and has a great tone to his voice.
Stefano Langone
Tatynisa Wilson
– I wasn’t very impressed with her
Thia Megia
Tim Halperin
- I really liked when he played the piano (don’t we all love when the contestants play instruments)

Who is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 22

The Bachelor - FINAL THREE

I am going to just fill ya’ll in on few of my opinions on the Bachelor (because I know you are dying to know). We are down to the final three (Ashley, Chantal, & Emily) but let’s take a couple steps back. Aren’t we glad he finally got rid of Michelle?!?!? I thought that girl was crazy and stuck up. She has a movie coming out now….totally makes sense right. Do we actually think she was ever in it for love? I guess the real question is how many of them actually are in it for love??? I liked the final four he ended up with. There were moments throughout the season that I really didn’t like Chantal (she seemed abrasive) but now I almost just feel sorry for her because out of all the girls she seems to have really fallen for Brad. I actually think Shawntel was my favorite, she just seemed like the person I would most enjoy being around and I thought she was really pretty. However I knew she was going home this week because the other three clearly had more of a connection with Brad. So now we are down to the final three and let’s discuss each one of them:

Chantal – I already hit on her a little. She really seems to have fallen in love with Brad and seems really insecure in this situation. Can you blame her??? She looks great but around those other little stick people she looks bigger than she is and you could tell during the SI photo shoot she was feeling the pressure. Anyways I think her insecurities run deeper than just her appearance. She is the only one left that has been through a divorce and I am sure that makes you feel a certain way when competing for a guy. I haven’t read any spoilers of who wins but for some reason some of the news articles I have read lead me to believe she might win or atleast be one of the last two standing! I guess we will see this week!

Emily – I hope I ya’ll don’t hate me after I write what I think about this. Ok so Emily is no doubt SUPER sweet and has been through A LOT! I definitely feel badly for her and we will never really know the full story with her. However I have heard rumors that she has definitely dated some other Nascar drivers since the death of her finance and ABC is making this story appear different than I think it is. But that is not Emily’s fault. Also her look is typically not the look I like (it looks very fake- even if it isn’t). Anyways something about her doesn’t draw me in as much as it has the rest of America. However I will say again I think she is really sweet and probably very genuine but something is off to me. Maybe it is just something doesn’t sit right with her and Brad, I just don’t see them together. But the way he talks about her makes you feel like he puts her on a pedestal and that he doesn’t think he is good enough for her, is that a good or a bad thing for a relationship??? I am undecided!

Ashley – In the beginning I liked Ashley she was bubbly and sweet and seemed like the girl next door. Then somewhere in the middle she was a little crazy/whiny (the group hot tub scene was awkward for everyone). But now I kind of like her again and I actually think her and Brad make the most sense. However Brad seems a little turned off by her insecurities sometimes, but maybe that is what ABC wants us to think :) The only thing that makes me think that she might not make it through next week is the fact that I feel like most TV gossip sites have picked Chantal and Emily as the final two! Who knows but if I hadn’t read any of the sites, I would say she really had a shot at being the final one standing. What do I know????

Who do you think will be the last one standing?

Monday, February 21

AI Hollywood Rounds : )

American Idol Hollywood Rounds Break My Heart Once again…

It is no secret that in the past I fell for contestants during the audition portion of AI and they were CUT way too early! I wrote about it back in 2009. Why do I do this to myself?!?!?! Anyways this year is no different my favorites have already been cut. I tried hard this year to avoid getting too attached to people early but once again I found myself really pulling for Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks (yes the ex-couple from Nashville). I kept telling my husband, I really only care if Rob and Chelsee make it! DOH!!! Why oh why can't I just wait to have a favorite!

I LOVE when they sang together and for some reason he just drew me in because it felt like he really loved/loves her, you know I am a sucker for a good love story. Something about their connection was so appealing and just warmed my heart. I almost feel sorry for Chelsee’s current boyfriend because you know all of America is routing for these two to get back together. I hope one day we will see that they are married and dueting together! Also they seemed like real musicians and the type of people I would go to workplay (local venue) to hear. If you are like me, you have already searched and found Rob and Chelsee’s music and love it! Here are some links to their music:

So now that they are gone : ) I am routing for:

Casey Abrams (he is an awesome!)
Chris Medina (who can route against him with a back story like that)
Lauren Alaina (she is ubber talented for 15 and she seems extremely likable)

Who are you routing for this season? Has your favorite already gotten the boot?