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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Friday, January 30

Lauren Graham!

Let it Go:Lauren Graham is making a return to the small screen in a comedy called Let it Go. It will air on Thursdays on ABC. I am not sure when it will start but I am assuming not until the summer or fall since ABC's Thursday night is packed right now with Grey's, Private Practice, and Ugly Betty. I know Gilmore Fans around the world will be excited to see Lauren make her return to our living rooms :)

Click here for more information!

Wednesday, January 28

Not About The Bachelor :)

I started looking through my latest posts and realized that all I have been talking about lately is The Bachelor (it is such a guilty pleasure)! I know soon the only thing I will be blogging about will be American Idol (Once we get past the Hollywood round). BUT there are other things going on in the TV World so lets look at a few:

Grey's Anatomy:
WOW!!! This past weeks episode was pretty intense. Do we really think Izzy is going to die??? We knew the entire time that one of the likely reason that Izzy was seeing Denny was that she was sick but I must admit I never thought he would be there "for here." It seems like he was there to "take her home." Very interesting but this really doesn't explain everything that went down between them but I really really hope that she doesn't die. I like Izzy's character but more so for Alex. He finally found someone he really loves and he has been through so much I just really want for him to be able to be happy for at least a few months! This will be interesting to see the story line unfold. Will Izzy get to finally meet her daughter??? Will we meet her mother???
The story line with the PDR and the boy was pretty intense I felt myself going back and forth with the story line. I really find it silly to think if this man is pretty much dying and he will for sure be killed in 5 days and WANTS to sacrifice himself not to let him to save the young boy. Before you go crazy let me explain a couple things...I am actually AGAINST the death penalty (I am sure there are some gasps out there) BUT in this situation he was going to be killed nothing I can do about that (ultimately I wouldn't want that). I don't really understand saving a man's life just so the families could see him tortured! It seems if the families knew his organs were saving a young child they would want to do that!!! RIGHT??? Plus it is highly unlikely that another person would be on life support in the hospital for them to use their organs. The writers created the ending they wanted which appeased all, the boy lives and the PDR was still executed as planned. The other part of this story line was interesting to me...Meredith's compassion for this man. I really related to her in this story line (might be the first time in history). I know he murdered a bunch of people, I know this BUT I don't see how I could be in a room with someone that I knew everyone hated, everyone wanted to die, and knew he was going to be executed in 5 days and NOT have compassion on him. Is he not still a human being?? Is he not still a child of God??? I think what Meredith did was great! I think her going to his execution was the right thing. I am going to get off this topic now bc this is definitely a heated discussion! There are some of you that might stop reading my blog. I wish you wouldn't, I wish you would share your thoughts?

There were some other great story-lines through out the last couple episodes that were great:

Derek's mom coming to visit, meeting Meredith and giving Derek her engagement ring! That is so powerful that was her ring from her husband that was killed. That is pretty huge for her to be giving it to Derek to give to Meredith (when she clearly didn't give it to him to give to Addison).

Mark & Lexie relationship heating up... and causing BIG problems. It was a nice break from the intense story lines when Mark "broke a bone." Plus I love the end when Lexie crawls into bed and rubs his hair. The writers are winning me over on this couple.

Cristina & Meredith- I loved the way Cristina and Meredith came together in this episode. Sometimes it does take something big to make us realize how stupid our fights and priorities can be, I loved the moment that Derek took Meredith to her! (Oh and I didn't say it but I loved that Derek went to the prison and waited for Meredith).

I am so excited about upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I feel like the show is getting good again. We are really exploring the characters and that is what I love about the show. I am excited to see Private Practice and Grey's Cross Over, I have been waiting for more interaction with Addison and Derek. I also am excited to see where the Izzy story line goes now that Denny is gone (for NOW) and we can find out what is going on with her, and I want to see how Alex reacts.

Gossip Girl:

I have not loved the episodes lately of GG, probably because it doesn't seem to have as much drama and there aren't many episodes with Chuck and Blair together! However I am excited to see some upcoming events. Georgina is coming back soon and the rumor is she comes back bc B & S are in trouble and have no one else they can turn to...hmmm interesting. Also an old couple that "people weren't fond of" are getting back together and we are promised it is not Chuck and Blair or Nate and Jenny. I am thinking that maybe Nate and Blair are getting back together...any thoughts????

Also I am on pins and needles waiting for everyone to find out that Rufus and Lilly's long lost child is in fact still alive. This might be months away though.

The other big question on Fans minds is now that Senior year is coming to a close ....what does that mean for Gossip Girl??? New York City is such a huge part of the show, are we going to change locations??? Are they all going to end up in New York City??? Will GG start writing about new high schoolers?? Or will they pull a One Tree Hill and leap forward years??? I guess "Only Time Will Tell..."

The City:

Whitney Port and her fellow cast mates have been picked up for a second season. I am not nearly as into The City as I first was The Hills... but both shows aren't great to me any more yet they still find a spot on my TiVo!

Best TV Couples of 2008: (According to BuddyTV)
18. Lucas & Brooke (One Tree Hill) They aren't together in 2008 but people love brucas and the fact they have survived as close friends after all the drama they have been through.
16. Callie & Mark (Grey's Anatomy -interestingly the only couple to make the list)
15. Sawyer & Kate (Lost)
14. Jim & Pam (The Office)
10. Nathan & Haley (One Tree Hill)
9. Jack & Kate (Lost)
6. Chuck & Blair (Gossip Girl)
3. Lucas & Peyton (One Tree Hill- UGH)
1. Michael & Sara (Prison Break)

For a complete list click the link below:


Ok so the big premiere of Lost was last week and don't think I have forgotten about it... honestly it is too complex for me to get into right now. But I am not a big fan of the time traveling, I wish it would stop. However after reading my friend Mary's blog I am intrigued by some of the story lines. Read her blog to get detailed recaps and discovery's:

I also am not at ALL convinced that Jin is dead. He is definitely still alive.
I came across this today and thought it was great:

The Bachelor's Jason:

I know I said I wasn't going to write anything about the Bachelor but I have had some people ask for me to find out some information about Jason, I guess I could just call Shannon ;)
Question 1: Is he really wealthy?

This doesn't tell us everything but he is probably not REALLY RICH!

Q: Can you tell us about your house?

A: Oh, I live in not a very big house. I mean, it might be 1,200 square feet, three bedrooms. It’s big enough for Ty and me to hang out and play. One of our pieces of furniture is a big bean bag instead of a couch.

Question 2: How Long Was He Married?
Q: How long were you married?

A: We dated for five years and were married for three years. It’s part of my life experience. You know, I would never get married and think it was ever going to end and it wasn’t my choice for the marriage to end. But there’s a lot of things in life that are out of your control and you just have to deal with them.

Click the link below to read in detail about how they met, their wedding, etc.

Question 3: Does he have custody of Ty?
This definitely makes it sound like he does have custody. However, I believe they share custody.

Q: Will you remain in Kirkland?

A: Yeah, there’s no way I’m moving away from the Kirkland area because that’s where I am with Ty and I would never take him away from his mom.

"He was previously married to Hilary Buckholz-Monrean, but the couple divorced in 2006. They share a three year old son, Ty. Ty is a central part of his life, as his ex-wife travels a lot with her job and he, therefore, spends a lot of time with his son."

Question 4: What is Jason's Occupation?

About Jason
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
Profession: Insurance
Current Car: Nissan Maxima

Tuesday, January 27

The Rose

The Bachelor:

Last nights episode of the Bachelor did not disappoint with as many twists and turns as ever.

The Songs:

I really thought overall the songs were pretty good for having 30 minutes to write the song and perform it (oh and this isn't American we shouldn't expect much). My favorites were Molly, Jillian, and Melissa (maybe that is bc they are my favorites). But I thought Lauren's was good but I think she thought it was a LOT better than it was, we didn't really get to see Naomi's or Megan's. Nikki's was way to serious and had nothing to do with Jason, and Stephanie - well I was embarrassed for her partly for her outfit. Seriously I don't understand her style but she is really sweet so it is hard to say too many negative things about her.

Molly wins bc she involved Jason and got him to sing with her and bc she is super cute and volunteered to go first. Molly gets a one on one date with Jason at his place. I must admit I agree that this is the best kind of date bc it is a little more relaxed than some of the other dates. However I don't believe it was a "typical" Saturday night date. Seriously does anyone normally build fires, toast smores, and sleep under the stars together??? Maybe my husband and I are just super boring! Some people I am sure gasped when Molly slept over with Jason but I had to step back and think 1. we have no idea what happened(I am giving them the benefit of the doubt) 2. when you are in this situation alone time is EVERYTHING so take advantage of any time you can get together. I don't blame her for spending the night the only thing that sucks is that America watched and I am sure a lot of judgements were made. Molly gets a rose and at this point I am happy :)

Group Date: General Hospital

Megan, Melissa, Naomi, Shannon, Lauren, and Jillian all went to the set of General Hospital to "play doctor." I hated this for many reasons:

1. Awkward ...for EVERYONE. This was awkward for all the girls watching each other make-out with Jason. Awkward for Jason having to make-out with girls he doesn't feel a connection with. Awkward for the girls to have their first kiss with Jason in a skit. Awkward for all of us watching to see Megan grab Jason and attack him with her lips!
2. It was stupid! There was no real conversations, no good interactions. I can think of a lot of other things to do to see if the ladies can open up and have fun!
3. It caused tension for the rest of the day. Jason seemed surprised that night that the girls weren't ready to party BUT seriously did he not understand what just happened that day! The only conversations Jason really had with the girls was comforting them after the days events.
Most uncomfortable moments of the Group Date:

Megan's crazy kiss (of course)
Naomi's 30 takes (seriously uncomfortable for the other girls...but I thought it was great that they were kidding with Lauren to get her lines right)
Shannon's conversation with Jason and random kiss. I have to say I agree that she got denied!
LAUREN- Her conversation with Jason was so uncomfortable, she told him he had to give her the rose or she would be mad.. I don't know if she thinks that is cute or something but you could actually see how uncomfortable Jason was and it looked like he wanted to run the opposite direction screaming.

Two-on-One Date:
Stephanie and Nikki are picked to go on the two-on-one date. Nikki is extremely upset that she is going to have to go against Stephanie and has been a baby this entire episode. She is annoying me even more than usual. However I didn't really care that much about this date, usually it is so dramatic and I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see who stays and who goes, BUT I didn't really care if either of these girls stayed. Don't get me wrong I like Stephanie and think she is a super cute girl BUT the more I see her and Jason together the more awkward it seems and the less likely I see any real chemistry forming. For her sake I believe she needs to be cut soon. However I was happy to see Nikki go since she is VERY annoying.

The Rose Ceremony:

Once again there are some uncomfortable moments with the girls, Megan tries to pull Jason in for a kiss and gets denied (even when she pouts). Lauren gets mad at Jason for not giving her the rose on the group date and pretty much buys her plane ticket home.

Melissa and Jillian are as cute as ever. Jillian remains as calm as a cucumber and Melissa is cute in her affections to Jason and her jealousy with the other girls.

At the ceremony Molly, Stephanie and Naomi already have roses which means there are three more roses to give out. Jason gives the first two roses to Melissa and Jillian and then picks up the third rose and stops, "I can't give out this last rose"... gasp the girls jaws hit the floor. If you are a viewer you had to see this coming after the preview for this weeks episode. I was glad that he made the decision he made. When I was looking at the final three standing that could receive a rose... Megan, Lauren and Shannon... I thought well Shannon would probably be the one taking home the rose even though it is obvious he has no connection with her and he would just be leading her on. I applaud him on this decision.

Oh and I have been trying to support Shannon and say it is probably the editing that makes her look so crazy but she lost my support when she said she was going to go home and "french kiss" her dog! Done and done...
I must say I think this is the first time in Bachelor history that I have liked all the remaining contestants. Like I said before I don't think Stephanie is a good fit for Jason but I still like her and want good things for her. Also in the next couple weeks I might find out more about the ladies to make me not like another one but RIGHT NOW I really like all of the remaining 5!

UGH!! (I don't give ANY spoilers)

So I know a lot of people don't read spoilers but I do and often times they are just simple things that are given away, this is who gets the one on one date or this person kisses this person usually if I am reading a spoiler about any of my shows it isn't a BIG spoiler like finding out a character that dies or anything. Plus ALOT of times the spoilers you read on the Internet are WRONG.

Having said all this I read/watched a spoiler the other day for The Bachelor and this guy had broken down one of the previews paused it in several places and basically showed us who ends up with Jason in the end. I must say it is hard to dispute the evidence so I am saddened by the fact that I am 95% sure that I know who steals Jason's heart in the end. It makes watching the show that much less dramatic. Oh well next season I will know not to read spoilers, this was bound to happen eventually.

Friday, January 23


Top 100 Shows of the last 20 Years: (according to Buddy TV),-100-76.aspx

My favorites that made the list:

98. Will & Grace
95. Felicity
94. Home Improvement
87. Real World/Road Rules Challenge (YES!)
80. Weeds
71. Project Runway
67. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
65. In Living Color
64. Sex & the City
62. The OC
59. Everybody Loves Raymond
57. ER
52. American Idol (Can't believe this isn't further up on the list)
37. The Real World
25. 24
23. Gilmore Girls
18. The Office
16. Friends (hmmm it seems like this should be higher)
9. Lost
1. Seinfeld

**I have to say I don't agree with there top 10 at ALL!!! I think Seinfeld is a good choice for 1 and the Sopranos and The Simpsons both deserved to be up there but I would put Lost and Friends further up the list.

MY TOP 40 Shows of the last 20 years:

Rules for my list: The had to have started in 1988 or later and I had to have watched them (making them one of MY top 40).

40. Weeds
39. The Real World
38. Doogie Howser
37. Melrose Place
36. Quantum Leap
35. America's Next Top Model
34. Sisters
33. Everybody Loves Raymond
32. The Bachelor
31. Home Improvement
30. Laguna Beach (Season 1)
29. Project Runway
28. Sex & the City
27. Seinfeld
26. Real World/Road Rules Challenge
25. ER
24. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
23. Life Goes On
22. Will & Grace
21. Gossip Girl
20. October Road
19. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
18. 24
17. Prison Break
16. Roseanne
15. The Wonder Years
14. Brothers & Sisters
13. Desperate Housewives
12. Felicity
11. One Tree Hill
10. Gilmore Girls
9. The Office
8. So You Think You Can Dance
7. Beverly Hills 90210 (The Original)
6. Grey's Anatomy
5. The OC
4. American Idol
3. Dawson's Creek
2. Lost
1. Friends

**What shows are your favorites of the last 20 years?? What shows do you think I left off???

Tuesday, January 20

I love bears!!!

The Bachelor:Ok this weeks episode was HILARIOUS!!! I am only uncertain about a couple girls now as the ladies start to show their true colors. Before I jump into anything I am going to go ahead and skip to the date Jason had with Natalie. We haven't seen too much of Natalie yet in the show but we saw a lot of her tonight! I was trying not to stereotype her as anything but she let me down. She told Jason she hated to be Stereotyped but she didn't break the stereotype all night long. She loves to shop and buy things (which most girls don't mind a new pair of shoes or jewelry) BUT you have to find other things to talk about. When Jason said I know you love to shop and sports but tell me more about you... This was a great opportunity to talk about her job, her passions, her family, her faith, ANYTHING and she chose BEARS!!!! While watching this my jaw literally dropped to the floor and I had to rewind my TiVo did she just say bears???? Jason proceeded with this uncomfortable answer to ask, What kind of bears, Kahlua bears??? Natalie with a completely serious look on her face said "all kinds of bears." I think this was ultimately the moment that Jason thought "RUN, RUN." Later after Natalie did not get a rose she opened up more to America and told us all how great she was, she is beautiful and has a lot to offer the world... come on SHE LOVES BEARS!!!!! Ok so we can all take a deep breath and say we are glad we don't have to listen to any more about of Natalie's passions.

*Skip to 4:30 on the video below and watch the humiliation when Natalie tells Jason she likes bears.

Ok so now lets look at ALL the other things that happen during this two hour episode!!! Stephanie got the other one on one date and Jason had a special day planned for when he surprised her with Sophia. They all had a great day together. I really like Stephanie and think she is really sweet, BUT I honestly don't see them together. She seems SO much older than him and it just seems awkward. Also I don't mean to be rude but her clothes are distracting..She wears the weirdest things and chooses poor hairstyles... I think she is a cute girl that doesn't do herself justice. She will make a great wife to someone but I don't see her with Jason. What do you think???

Group date: Nikki, Melissa, Jillian, Kari, Megan, Erica, Naomi, and Shannon. The date was actually kind of cool...some parts were made more "sexual" then I thought necessary but I guess that is what the show is all about. I loved the idea of doing something for a cause. Lets break down each girl:
Nikki: Is anyone else so tired of her and her fake breasts??? She just talks on and on about how all the other girls aren't ready for Jason, I think she should spend less time worrying about the other girls and more time concentrating on conversation topics. Her conversation with Jason was like a train wreck...she said the same thing like 50 times "I loved what we did today" and then just an awkward silence. I thought and hoped she would be a goner this week but no she survived one more week, it was probably that dress she wore to elimination.

Melissa: I still really like her!!! She hasn't done anything yet to turn me off. I thought her conversation with Jason seemed pretty easy and there seems to be a real chemistry between them. I am not 100% sure that sharing her "secret" about her breast reduction was a great topic for a second date but it didn't seem as awkward as it could have been! Plus it is always nice to see girls making them smaller instead of bigger.

Jillian: In my opinion she is still the front runner! Her conversations with Jason are seamless and effortless. At first she was just all fun but now she is opening up more to Jason which I think is the right way to do it... You don't want to lay it all out the first night! She seems fun, easy going, and tends to stay out of the drama.

Kari: We didn't ever find out to much about Kari which is probably why she is gone. We did find out this week that her step sister has breast cancer so I am glad she was able to participate in this date before she left. She seemed sweet but just didn't stand out.

Megan: At first with Megan I was pretty indifferent to her and couldn't really figure out if I liked her or not... now I know, I don't! During her and Jason's alone time she talked about her charity work but I left the conversation feeling like she did the charity work more for herself then for the people she was helping. She kept saying I liked to be praised and such.... I felt like she was really trying to push "see I am a nice person." If you truly are a nice person you shouldn't have to try so hard to prove it. Also during her interviews she always is very nasty about the other girls and has a foul mouth so she has moved way down my list. I knew she was going to make it to next week but I hope she is out next!

Erica: I don't have much to say except DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!!! Glad she is gone. Now we will have to see who causes drama... I think Lauren and Megan are going to be at the center of all of it!

Naomi: At this point I am not in love with Naomi but I still really like her and she hasn't fallen off my radar yet. I want to see more of her and I believe I just might next week.

Shannon: She is one of the few that I just can't figure out!!! She seems crazy I know, and some of you might think i am crazy for not immediately thinking she is! But hear me out... we know the producers cut this so it will be good TV. Shannon obviously does know a lot about Jason (we all know a pretty good bit) and if you were going on a show and knew who the guy was don't you think you would goggle him??? However I think Shannon is like me in the way that she lays it all out there... it is hard to hold it back if you know all this info. I am not sure yet if I think she is crazy or just really open maybe to a fault. I did think the comments she made about watching him with DeAnna were overboard BUT lets be honest I heard so many girls last season say "He is so great, I want to go find him" or something along those lines. However MOST of us have a filter and know what NOT to say to guys...even though we may think it or KNOW it. I bet Shannon isn't the only girl that googled Jason and knows why more about him that is comfortable. BUT I did love the out-takes at the end of the episode that I think gave us a better glimpse of Shannon's personality, when she was imitating all the girls on the show...funny :)

*skip to 6.24 on the video below and watch Shannon imitate the other girls it is sad they cut her off...but she did make fun of a couple other girls on the reel last night.
Ok now on to the girls that didn't get a date this week:

Molly: Sometimes I think she is a little aggressive or cocky. But overall I like her personality and think she is a cute girl.

Lauren: She started out high on my list but fell hard and fast. She is very involved in all the other girls business and is extremely needy. I don't think she had ever watched the bachelor before she came on the show because she hates not having all the attention. However I agree with her that the girls were a little obnoxious about Natalie leaving they probably shouldn't have been so vocal about their opinions of her on National TV.

**Note I was wrong in my last post about the bachelor that Lauren stays overnight with Jason and comes home in his clothes it is clearly Molly.

In the end Jason sent home Natalie, Kari, and Erica.
My Prediction of the final four are: Melissa, Jillian, Lauren, and Molly

Who do you think is the next to leave????

Tuesday, January 13

Prison Break OVER

Prison Break:Michael and the gang will be able to rest easy after May... The series will be coming to an end after this season. Fox's president said there isn't much left to tell.. and that they want to end on a high note. The final 6 to 8 episodes will air starting FRIDAY April 17!!! (yes it is moving to Friday).

For more info please click on link below:

Grey's Says Goodbye to ANOTHER Character:
This time we will be saying farewell to Sadie... Just when we thought Sadie and Callie were going to make a connection she is being written off the show... Her exit will be brief and "cool"... she is in the middle of taping her last episode this week.
What do you think of Sadie leaving the show??? Are you getting tired of the constant merry go round of characters on Grey's?

Making the Band : Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey is going to be on the cover of Playboy... Anyone surprised???

This Season on The Bachelor

This season on The Bachelor: (Preview with DeAnna clips)

Ok so after watching this clip a few times I wrote down some things that I noticed (kind of give-aways to this season) even though ABC always tries to confuse you it seems to me there are few things you can definitely take away from this preview….


People that are going to have one-on-one dates before they are cut (which means that if they aren’t having a one-on-one date this week they are probably safe)…. I guess there is always a chance they are just having alone time on a group date so keep your eye out for that as well:

Natalie – something with a plane, oh and some sketchy stuff it looks like on a balcony or elevator.. .hmmm
Lauren- She spends the night with him and "comes home in his clothes"
Melissa – again, red blanket in the grass… (not the same date as last night as far as I could tell)
Stephanie – I know she has a one-on-one date coming up but the one in the preview is her in a gold ball gown dancing with Jason so if it isn’t that then I think she gets another one.

Megan is going to have a passionate “soap opera” kiss with Jason

Naomi - will go horseback riding with him and ride in a plane with him before she leaves

Girls that will still be around when DeAnna returns (which I doubt is next week since they didn’t have it on the preview):

Shannon - Or she could just be talking about when she saw him on TV with DeAnna which would fit into her craziness right now.


Melissa and Jillian are my two favorites right now... But I also like Stephanie (she just seems so much older then him) and Molly (except for the fact that she stole Jason from Megan when she already had a rose).

Middle of the pack:
Naomi - she is growing on me, look for her to move up to my favorites
Shannon - can't decide if she is crazy or cute!
Megan - I go back and forth with her I definitely think the girls are out to get her but can't tell if it is deserved or not...
Kari - I kind of forget about her

Least Favs:
Nikki - I am not sure why but she rubs me the wrong way
Natalie - she is way to immature
Lauren - I think she was one of my favs last week but she is getting on my nerves now
Erica - Drama starter!!!

I think that Jason disagrees with me and Nikki and Megan have impressed him.

Who are your favorites right now??? Who do you think has an early lead???

Monday, January 12

Countdown to American Idol


1 MORE DAY until American Idol is back and my fingers will be tired for sure ;) I love to write about American Idol... Not sure why but maybe it is because it is a show that I am 100% suppose to have an opinion about!!! I love to watch it and make that sounds really bad... but isn't that what the show is all about???

I have made myself a promise this year that I will not fall in love with a contestant before the top 12!!! The last two years my favorites did not make the top 12 and this was pretty annoying to lose your favorite so quickly... so this year I am going to try to really get warmed up to them before picking my favorite, how many people think this is actually going to happen???

Here is a look back at my two favorites from the last two years that got cut before their time:

2007: Sundance Head

His Audition that won me over:

His performance that lost it for him:

2008: Josiah Leming

His two performances that won me over:

His performance that lost it for him:

I would like to throw out there that Carly Smithson was another one of my favorites from auditions and she did make it to the top 12 last year so it wasn't all bad!

Buddy TV:

Ok so had a fun ranking this week... Top 100 Episodes of 2008!

Buddy TV’s 100 Best Episodes of 2008:

Here are the episodes that made it of my favorite shows:

99. “Greatness Achieved” – Prison Break
Bellick’s heroic sacrifice

84. “Welcome to Kanagawa” – Desperate Housewives
The aftermath of the tornado

81. Top 12 Perform – American Idol
Beatles night and Brooke White nails “Let it Be”

76. “Quiet Riot” – Prison Break
They Break into the Vault

68. “For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know” – One Tree Hill
The library episode

66. Scylla – Prison Break
The season premiere

65. Never Been Marcused – Gossip Girl
Blair tries to impress the Duchess and finds out about her and Nate

62. “The Shape of the Things to Come” – Lost
Ben’s daughter Alex gets shot

48. “Confirmed Dead” – Lost
We find out how the freighter people got to the Island

37. “All About My Brother” – Gossip Girl
Eric Van der Woodsen is outed

27. “Goodbye Toby” – The Office

25. “Freedom” – Grey’s Anatomy
Season 4 Finale

22. “New Heaven Can’t Wait” – Gossip Girl
Trip to Yale

15. “Selfless” – Prison Break
Don Self turns on them

9. “The Becoming” – Grey’s Anatomy
Cristina starts a downward spiral after seeing that Burke won an award.

8. “Jin Yeon” – Lost
Sun gives birth … Flash forwards and Flashbacks

3. “The Constant” – Lost
Desmond and Daniel find their constant

Tuesday, January 6

She's BACK!!!!!

The Bachelor:Last nights episode of the Bachelor was a pretty normal start to another season of the show. The one twist was when each bachelorette had to vote for one bachelorette to "leave". After all the votes were calculated Megan was voted to leave, which ended up meaning leaving with a rose, WHICH WAS STUPID!!! But I guess they have to throw some twists in here and there to keep it interesting. The biggest twist came in the preview for this season.... DeAnna is coming back!!!! I really need some feed back on this one, I have to know what ya'll are thinking about this. I never was a big DeAnna fan (especially with everything that went down with Graham) but this seems over the top. If she really had feelings for him after the show you would think she would just call him and talk to him about it.... But this feels like she is missing the spot light and attention and wants it all back on her.... Hmmmm.

On to my early favorites:

Lauren, Molly, Jillian

The girls that I am undecided about are:

Shannon, Stephanie, Melissa, Kari, Nikki, Lisa, Naomi, Natalie

Rubbing me the wrong way, already!

Erica, Megan, Raquel, and Sharon

Who are your early favorites?? And what do you think about DeAnna's return?

Gossip Girl:
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this show!!! So after a long break they are back at it and new drama seems to keep unfolding. We finally found out the BIG secret that Lilly has been keeping and I must admit it was quite the let down... I really thought it was going to be bigger drama than Lilly giving up their child for adoption. However it definitely does open up some new twists and turns in the drama. Can Serena and Dan date any more and if it is weird now then will it ever seem ok for them to date??? Could this be the end of the happy couple for good??? Also is their any hope for Rufus and Lilly since she has been keeping this HUGE secret from him for all these years, could he ever bring himself to trust her again?

Oh Chuck Bass, how intrigued I am by you. I love his character (which is odd since he isn't the nicest of guys, I guess that is what is so intriguing). Anyways, I love the fact that he hasn't said I love you yet to Blair...I don't want him to say it right now...I don't think this is the time. He is mourning and not himself...I want him to say it when he is "in his right mind." I love the relationship between Chuck and Blair and how she is being so forth coming with her emotions for him. She is really showing her true feelings as he is going through this rough time. I am interested in what Blair did with Jack Bass on New Years that she wants to keep a secret but it better NOT mess up the future of CHAIR!!!!


Ok so seriously as I prepare for the fall premieres and returning shows I am looking over my schedule and getting nervous!! My DVR will record two shows at once and that is it...with new shows returning and some shows being moved I am trying to figure everything out in my head... I am going to give you my run down and maybe it will help you too!!

Sunday: (I am in the CLEAR)
7 - Extreme Makeover Home Edition
8 - Desperate Housewives
24 - One Week ONLY
9 - Brothers & Sisters
24 - One Week ONLY
Monday: AHHHH (Monday is the new "Must See TV" Night)

7 - Gossip Girl
The Bachelor
24 - One Week Only
8 - One Tree Hill
The Bachelor
Bromance (this is on MTV and I can watch every other hour)
9 - Mommas Boys
The City

*Some of you have to add House and Heroes to your Monday night schedule!! Also Prison Break is returning in the SPRING, BUT The Bachelor my be over by then!

Tuesday: (I am in the CLEAR)

7- 90210
American Idol
8- Privileged
American Idol

Wednesday: (I am in the CLEAR)
7 - American Idol
Lost - One Week ONLY
8 - American Idol
9 - The Real World
Lost - One Week ONLY

* Also whenever they air the final episodes of Dirty, Sexy, Money!!

Thursday: (I am in the CLEAR)

8- The Office
Grey's Anatomy
9- Private Practice

As you can see my DVR is pretty much at max capacity!!!! I hope that I am able to keep up with all my shows and keep you all updated as well...

Happy Watching!!