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Wednesday, January 28

Not About The Bachelor :)

I started looking through my latest posts and realized that all I have been talking about lately is The Bachelor (it is such a guilty pleasure)! I know soon the only thing I will be blogging about will be American Idol (Once we get past the Hollywood round). BUT there are other things going on in the TV World so lets look at a few:

Grey's Anatomy:
WOW!!! This past weeks episode was pretty intense. Do we really think Izzy is going to die??? We knew the entire time that one of the likely reason that Izzy was seeing Denny was that she was sick but I must admit I never thought he would be there "for here." It seems like he was there to "take her home." Very interesting but this really doesn't explain everything that went down between them but I really really hope that she doesn't die. I like Izzy's character but more so for Alex. He finally found someone he really loves and he has been through so much I just really want for him to be able to be happy for at least a few months! This will be interesting to see the story line unfold. Will Izzy get to finally meet her daughter??? Will we meet her mother???
The story line with the PDR and the boy was pretty intense I felt myself going back and forth with the story line. I really find it silly to think if this man is pretty much dying and he will for sure be killed in 5 days and WANTS to sacrifice himself not to let him to save the young boy. Before you go crazy let me explain a couple things...I am actually AGAINST the death penalty (I am sure there are some gasps out there) BUT in this situation he was going to be killed nothing I can do about that (ultimately I wouldn't want that). I don't really understand saving a man's life just so the families could see him tortured! It seems if the families knew his organs were saving a young child they would want to do that!!! RIGHT??? Plus it is highly unlikely that another person would be on life support in the hospital for them to use their organs. The writers created the ending they wanted which appeased all, the boy lives and the PDR was still executed as planned. The other part of this story line was interesting to me...Meredith's compassion for this man. I really related to her in this story line (might be the first time in history). I know he murdered a bunch of people, I know this BUT I don't see how I could be in a room with someone that I knew everyone hated, everyone wanted to die, and knew he was going to be executed in 5 days and NOT have compassion on him. Is he not still a human being?? Is he not still a child of God??? I think what Meredith did was great! I think her going to his execution was the right thing. I am going to get off this topic now bc this is definitely a heated discussion! There are some of you that might stop reading my blog. I wish you wouldn't, I wish you would share your thoughts?

There were some other great story-lines through out the last couple episodes that were great:

Derek's mom coming to visit, meeting Meredith and giving Derek her engagement ring! That is so powerful that was her ring from her husband that was killed. That is pretty huge for her to be giving it to Derek to give to Meredith (when she clearly didn't give it to him to give to Addison).

Mark & Lexie relationship heating up... and causing BIG problems. It was a nice break from the intense story lines when Mark "broke a bone." Plus I love the end when Lexie crawls into bed and rubs his hair. The writers are winning me over on this couple.

Cristina & Meredith- I loved the way Cristina and Meredith came together in this episode. Sometimes it does take something big to make us realize how stupid our fights and priorities can be, I loved the moment that Derek took Meredith to her! (Oh and I didn't say it but I loved that Derek went to the prison and waited for Meredith).

I am so excited about upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I feel like the show is getting good again. We are really exploring the characters and that is what I love about the show. I am excited to see Private Practice and Grey's Cross Over, I have been waiting for more interaction with Addison and Derek. I also am excited to see where the Izzy story line goes now that Denny is gone (for NOW) and we can find out what is going on with her, and I want to see how Alex reacts.

Gossip Girl:

I have not loved the episodes lately of GG, probably because it doesn't seem to have as much drama and there aren't many episodes with Chuck and Blair together! However I am excited to see some upcoming events. Georgina is coming back soon and the rumor is she comes back bc B & S are in trouble and have no one else they can turn to...hmmm interesting. Also an old couple that "people weren't fond of" are getting back together and we are promised it is not Chuck and Blair or Nate and Jenny. I am thinking that maybe Nate and Blair are getting back together...any thoughts????

Also I am on pins and needles waiting for everyone to find out that Rufus and Lilly's long lost child is in fact still alive. This might be months away though.

The other big question on Fans minds is now that Senior year is coming to a close ....what does that mean for Gossip Girl??? New York City is such a huge part of the show, are we going to change locations??? Are they all going to end up in New York City??? Will GG start writing about new high schoolers?? Or will they pull a One Tree Hill and leap forward years??? I guess "Only Time Will Tell..."

The City:

Whitney Port and her fellow cast mates have been picked up for a second season. I am not nearly as into The City as I first was The Hills... but both shows aren't great to me any more yet they still find a spot on my TiVo!

Best TV Couples of 2008: (According to BuddyTV)
18. Lucas & Brooke (One Tree Hill) They aren't together in 2008 but people love brucas and the fact they have survived as close friends after all the drama they have been through.
16. Callie & Mark (Grey's Anatomy -interestingly the only couple to make the list)
15. Sawyer & Kate (Lost)
14. Jim & Pam (The Office)
10. Nathan & Haley (One Tree Hill)
9. Jack & Kate (Lost)
6. Chuck & Blair (Gossip Girl)
3. Lucas & Peyton (One Tree Hill- UGH)
1. Michael & Sara (Prison Break)

For a complete list click the link below:


Ok so the big premiere of Lost was last week and don't think I have forgotten about it... honestly it is too complex for me to get into right now. But I am not a big fan of the time traveling, I wish it would stop. However after reading my friend Mary's blog I am intrigued by some of the story lines. Read her blog to get detailed recaps and discovery's:

I also am not at ALL convinced that Jin is dead. He is definitely still alive.
I came across this today and thought it was great:

The Bachelor's Jason:

I know I said I wasn't going to write anything about the Bachelor but I have had some people ask for me to find out some information about Jason, I guess I could just call Shannon ;)
Question 1: Is he really wealthy?

This doesn't tell us everything but he is probably not REALLY RICH!

Q: Can you tell us about your house?

A: Oh, I live in not a very big house. I mean, it might be 1,200 square feet, three bedrooms. It’s big enough for Ty and me to hang out and play. One of our pieces of furniture is a big bean bag instead of a couch.

Question 2: How Long Was He Married?
Q: How long were you married?

A: We dated for five years and were married for three years. It’s part of my life experience. You know, I would never get married and think it was ever going to end and it wasn’t my choice for the marriage to end. But there’s a lot of things in life that are out of your control and you just have to deal with them.

Click the link below to read in detail about how they met, their wedding, etc.

Question 3: Does he have custody of Ty?
This definitely makes it sound like he does have custody. However, I believe they share custody.

Q: Will you remain in Kirkland?

A: Yeah, there’s no way I’m moving away from the Kirkland area because that’s where I am with Ty and I would never take him away from his mom.

"He was previously married to Hilary Buckholz-Monrean, but the couple divorced in 2006. They share a three year old son, Ty. Ty is a central part of his life, as his ex-wife travels a lot with her job and he, therefore, spends a lot of time with his son."

Question 4: What is Jason's Occupation?

About Jason
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
Profession: Insurance
Current Car: Nissan Maxima


TBG said...

GREAT synopsis of Grey's! I am so curious about the Izzy situation.... I know she's been wanting off the show or something, so it's an easy out, but I, like you, like her with Alex and don't want her to go... maybe she wont go?? they have basically ruined denny for me. i used to adore him and bawled when he died... but now i'm glad he's not on there anymore.. for not, at least. maybe i just need a break after he was such a turd and didnt just tell Izzy what was up... he waited so long, probably allowing her "sickness" to progress. bleh. i also had compassion for the PDR. I dont know how i feel about death penalty necessarily, but i do think it was silly that people, esp shepherd couldnt get over his bitterness for his father's murder to let this guy, who was being killed in 5 days, die at the hospital and give his organs to the boy. lol... ok, i'll stop. great review. i'm also looking forward to PP/GA combo next week. should be very entertaining!

Carrie said...

I loved Grey's last week too. It was a return to the character depth like you said and the story line with the prisoner did make one uncomfortable but Meredith's compassion did shine and make me think. I love you commentary! Can't wait to see more next week. I'm sad about Izzy she is my favorite.

Whitney said...

I really enjoyed the story on Grey's last week with the PDR. It really made you think. I found myself debating with myself! I guess the one thing that kept me from feeling 100% like they should let him die is the question, "Where does this 'choice' for a doctor stop?" Basically, if you can justify killing this patient does the line get a blurred the next time a patient is dieing? Not that a choice like that has to be made often, but I guess it makes things a little less black and white.
I was also excited that Derek's mom gave him the ring and such a glowing review of Meredith. I was worried that with all of Derek's intense feelings about the PDR situation, they would get in a huge fight or break up in their usual fashion. I was so thankful that they had a normal, sweet moment!

Sarah Beth said...

These were all such great comments!! Grey's definitely delivered an emotional episode that made us all think. I agree that as a doctor Derek probably shouldn't have made the decision to kill him but the attitude he took towards Meredith I guess is what bothered me. And I think the episode reminded me of how broken I am for people that no one loves (even if they are murders). If you loved the intensity of this episode you should rent "Dead Man Walking" It is a great movie about a man on death row... Eye opening, yet probably won't sway anyone to believe differently than they currently do.