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Tuesday, January 6

She's BACK!!!!!

The Bachelor:Last nights episode of the Bachelor was a pretty normal start to another season of the show. The one twist was when each bachelorette had to vote for one bachelorette to "leave". After all the votes were calculated Megan was voted to leave, which ended up meaning leaving with a rose, WHICH WAS STUPID!!! But I guess they have to throw some twists in here and there to keep it interesting. The biggest twist came in the preview for this season.... DeAnna is coming back!!!! I really need some feed back on this one, I have to know what ya'll are thinking about this. I never was a big DeAnna fan (especially with everything that went down with Graham) but this seems over the top. If she really had feelings for him after the show you would think she would just call him and talk to him about it.... But this feels like she is missing the spot light and attention and wants it all back on her.... Hmmmm.

On to my early favorites:

Lauren, Molly, Jillian

The girls that I am undecided about are:

Shannon, Stephanie, Melissa, Kari, Nikki, Lisa, Naomi, Natalie

Rubbing me the wrong way, already!

Erica, Megan, Raquel, and Sharon

Who are your early favorites?? And what do you think about DeAnna's return?

Gossip Girl:
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this show!!! So after a long break they are back at it and new drama seems to keep unfolding. We finally found out the BIG secret that Lilly has been keeping and I must admit it was quite the let down... I really thought it was going to be bigger drama than Lilly giving up their child for adoption. However it definitely does open up some new twists and turns in the drama. Can Serena and Dan date any more and if it is weird now then will it ever seem ok for them to date??? Could this be the end of the happy couple for good??? Also is their any hope for Rufus and Lilly since she has been keeping this HUGE secret from him for all these years, could he ever bring himself to trust her again?

Oh Chuck Bass, how intrigued I am by you. I love his character (which is odd since he isn't the nicest of guys, I guess that is what is so intriguing). Anyways, I love the fact that he hasn't said I love you yet to Blair...I don't want him to say it right now...I don't think this is the time. He is mourning and not himself...I want him to say it when he is "in his right mind." I love the relationship between Chuck and Blair and how she is being so forth coming with her emotions for him. She is really showing her true feelings as he is going through this rough time. I am interested in what Blair did with Jack Bass on New Years that she wants to keep a secret but it better NOT mess up the future of CHAIR!!!!


Ok so seriously as I prepare for the fall premieres and returning shows I am looking over my schedule and getting nervous!! My DVR will record two shows at once and that is it...with new shows returning and some shows being moved I am trying to figure everything out in my head... I am going to give you my run down and maybe it will help you too!!

Sunday: (I am in the CLEAR)
7 - Extreme Makeover Home Edition
8 - Desperate Housewives
24 - One Week ONLY
9 - Brothers & Sisters
24 - One Week ONLY
Monday: AHHHH (Monday is the new "Must See TV" Night)

7 - Gossip Girl
The Bachelor
24 - One Week Only
8 - One Tree Hill
The Bachelor
Bromance (this is on MTV and I can watch every other hour)
9 - Mommas Boys
The City

*Some of you have to add House and Heroes to your Monday night schedule!! Also Prison Break is returning in the SPRING, BUT The Bachelor my be over by then!

Tuesday: (I am in the CLEAR)

7- 90210
American Idol
8- Privileged
American Idol

Wednesday: (I am in the CLEAR)
7 - American Idol
Lost - One Week ONLY
8 - American Idol
9 - The Real World
Lost - One Week ONLY

* Also whenever they air the final episodes of Dirty, Sexy, Money!!

Thursday: (I am in the CLEAR)

8- The Office
Grey's Anatomy
9- Private Practice

As you can see my DVR is pretty much at max capacity!!!! I hope that I am able to keep up with all my shows and keep you all updated as well...

Happy Watching!!


juliemcmakin said...

Bach... I haven't seen the premiere yet, but Stephanie is the girl I know from Huntsville. She is pretty amazing, so I'm interested to see how she is depicted on the show. I'm hoping she moves into your faves rather than your losers :)


Shelley said...

I am thinking now MAY be the right time for me to buckle and buy DVR!

I was ok with the Bachelor season opener UNTIL they added the clips of DeaAnna showing up. If they do that, I WILL turn off the tv.

That is how I feel. :)

Michael said...

Deanna is a tramp just like the rest of these girls. Who cares if she comes back? It just means that one more tramp gets in the limo and embarrasses herself in front of the camera by crying and acting like she really felt loved. These girls don't know what love is or they would go on National TV to find their husband, only to give themselves up and get dumped. Thats why we watch...