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Tuesday, April 28

Rat Pack Week : Top 5

American Idol's theme this week is Rat Pack, meaning songs by Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. or Dean Martin. There are a number of possibilities in this genre but I see that it could make for a great week or a really really bad week. When I first heard the theme I immediately thought this could be a great week for Matt but I really hope he doesn't blow it picking an awful song and singing it in falsetto. We will see what songs they end up picking but here are a few possible choices:

That's Life - Frank

Ain't That a Kick in the Head - Dean

My Funny Valentine - Sammy

I Get a Kick Out of You - Frank

That's Amore - Dean

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank

Come Fly with Me - Frank

New York New York - Frank

Candy Man - Sammy

What Kind of Fool Am I? - Sammy

Luck be a Lady - Frank

Who do you think will shine tonight?

The Hills

The Hills has officially announced that it will return in the fall without Lauren. Audrina, Justin, Lo, Stephanie and ofcourse Heidi and Spencer will all be returning with a new season of The Hills. Also expect to see Kristin Cavallari return to the reality scene for several episodes, can't wait to see what drama she will cause.

For more info click below:

Friday, April 24

The Finales are Beginning:

It is a sad time of year where all our favorite shows are coming to an end and many of us are anxiously awaiting to know whether if some of our favorites will get picked up for the fall. Here is a rundown on finale dates so far:

Heroes: April 27
Private Practice: April 30
Scrubs: May 6
Lost: May 13
CSI: May 14
Grey's Anatomy: May 14
The Office: May 14
Desperate Housewives: May 17
24: May 18
Dancing with the Stars: May 19
NCIS: May 19
90210: May 19
American Idol: May 20
CSI NY: May 20
Breaking Bad: May 31

Don't get too sad about the shows ending SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE PREMIERES ON MAY 21!!!

Thursday, April 23

Early Renewals Announced

ABC has announced it’s early renewal of 12 shows:

Brothers & Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Ugly Betty
Dancing with the Stars
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Wife Swap
The Bachelor
America’s Funnies Home Videos

No big surprises here especially since they cut several bubble shows before the spring (Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone). Some shows are still on the bubble for next season including new comers: Castle, The Unusuals, Better off Ted, and Cupid. The other show that I know people are anxious to find it's fate is Samantha Who? No word yet but I will pass it along as soon as I hear something.

Are there any other ABC shows you are waiting to hear about?

Wednesday, April 22

Top 7 (again) Disco Night:

I have to say last night’s dreaded Disco theme wasn’t as bad as it could have been I really liked 3 performances (Kris, Adam, Danny), 2 performances had me a little frustrated (Matt, Allison) and I disliked 2 all together (Anoop, Lil). Let’s get to it:

1. Kris – I am giving Kris the highest ranking for really one reason, his arrangement! I debated on whether to give the top spot to Kris or Adam because vocally I think Adam was MUCH better but the arrangement that Kris put together for “She Works Hard for the Money” was GREAT! In my opinion this was his best performance of the season because he really pulled a David Cook and took a song and made it sound completely different from the original and maybe better! The only negative I can say about him is that his vocals probably land him about 4 or 5 in the competition BUT his arrangements, song choice, and overall likability make him a strong contender to win the competition.

2. Adam – Like I stated above I had a hard time putting Adam at number two this week because I really enjoyed his vocals and he is a very talented artist. I also enjoy how he always gives credit to the band and the people behind the scenes that help him, I think this shows that maybe he has been the one behind the scenes before. Adam is definitely in the competition to stay.

3. Allison – Above I wrote that her performance frustrated me and here is why. I think Allison’s vocals are wonderful, seriously she is a terrific singer however she is lacking the thing that is helping Kris so much, likability and a connection with the audience. Week after week I don’t feel connected with Allison as a person, yes she has great vocals but we all know that is not what it takes to win this competition you have to really connect with the viewers and Allison has yet to do that which is why I think she is in danger tonight!

4. Danny- I thought Danny did a great job vocally, I think he has such a cool voice. I think Danny lacks the ability to change up the music and really make it his own he depends on his unique voice to do that for him which could hurt him eventually in the competition but I believe he is safe tonight.

5. Matt- Oh Matt why do you pick such awful songs!!! I love Matt’s voice, simply adore it!! I think he has so much soul and depth to his voice but he picks the absolute worst songs. Matt could really make it far as an artist but someone will have to help him pick out music that fits his voice. Also I am not a big fan of falsetto all together but I really think Matt struggles with his and yet he keeps incorporating it into his songs…STOP! I also think Matt really lets his nerves get to him he always looks so nervous on stage. Once again I think Matt is in trouble tonight.

6. Anoop- I agree with Simon that he sounded mediocre and it is definitely time for him to leave the competition. He should not make it to the top 5 but it is a possibility.

7. Lil – The problem with Lil is that everyone wanted her (including herself) to be this big voice of the season so she keeps singing these diva songs and sounds like a third rate version. She doesn’t blow us away and the way she always talks back to the judges should send her packing but I have this bad feeling in my stomach that she will be with us longer. UGH!

If you are interested you should check out this week for predictions of who’s going home. At this point it looks like it is anybody’s guess.

Monday, April 20


I need to publish a retraction of my last blog. I am going to leave it posted for you to look at the past contestants performances but Allison is definitely not the only one singing repeat after repeat this year. I think since it is season 8 the song book must be getting thinner and thinner.

Here is the rundown of repeat songs:

Danny Gokey (6 repeats)
Hero – Brooke White
PYT – Justin Guarini
Jesus Take the Wheel – Lakisha Jones
Get Ready – Sarah Mather (season 4 semi-finalist)
Stand by Me – David Archeletta
Endless Love – Ricky Smith and Chris Sligh

Allison (5 repeats listed on the blog below )

Anoop Desai (3 repeats)
Always on My Mind – Fantasia
True Colors – Haley Scarnato
I Do It For You – David Cook (audition)

Lil Rounds (3 repeats)
Independence Day – Carrie Underwood
Heat Wave – Jennifer Hudson
I Surrender – Kelly Clarkson

Matt Giraud (3 repeats)
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman – Chris Daughtry
Part Time Lover – Kevin Covias (Still not sure this counts, ha)
Who’s Lovin You – Lisa Tucker

The Awards for Song Choice Must go to Kris and Adam for picking original songs that we haven’t heard before on the show.

Kris (1 repeat)
How Sweet It Is – Charles Grigsby


Ofcourse my research may have holes and I could have missed some past idol performances but I wanted to apologize for singling out Allison when it is clear it is a trend to sing the same songs as past performers. Don’t you wish they had a little more variety from which to choose?

Allison Irahetta - Copy Cat?

Ok so I started to notice that Allison picks a song every week that someone has done on American Idol before (a lot of them pretty recently) and MOST of the time I don’t think she does as well! Since the top 36 she has only done two songs that I don’t know anyone that has performed the song yet, does anyone else find this strange? Check out the youtubes below and see who you think sang it better and leave your comments.

Top 36: “Alone”

Top 10: “Papa was a Rolling Stone”

Top 9: “Don’t Speak”

Top 8: “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

A couple others sang this song: Constantine and Carrie Underwood

Top 7: “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

The only one that I thought she definitely out-sang was Chris Richardson on Don’t Speak… There are a couple others that are debatable but I find it interesting in years past I prefer the other people singing the same songs over Allison.

Friday, April 17

Judges Save!!

As most of you can imagine I was pretty pumped on Wednesday night when the judges decided to use their one and only save on Matt! However I know that they introduced the Judges Save this year and it would have been very anti-climactic for them to not use it at all this season. I almost think they felt they had to use it because they only had one week left to use it and they were worried "oh no what if Lil gets eliminated next week and we don’t ever get to use the Judges Save". Also I read a blog by a guy that was at the show and he said the energy in the studio was crazy! He said even the crew was shouting “Save, Save, Save!!”

I think Matt is a good guy and also I think he is the comedian of the group and keeps everyone laughing. You could tell when the judges decided to save him that all the other contestants were genuinely happy for him. The first person to run and bear hug him was Adam and next up with a huge grin on his face was Kris, not to mention that Danny was yelling for him before he performed and during his performance! I think this shows that Matt is a really good guy and is good friends with all the diverse people there.

Ok now on to next week! After the excitement wore off and I stopped jumping up and down for joy I thought about next week, ugh. I am definitely nervous for Matt, they are sending home two next week and Matt is on the chopping block for sure. Matt needs to blow it out of the park next week, only problem is that it is disco week. Why oh why does American Idol do this to us?? I don’t want to hear anyone sing disco, quite frankly I don’t want to hear them sing Country either, I want the themes to be current and stay with a theme that will really help the contestants shine, or atleast give them a chance. I know that I am speaking too soon and maybe this weeks show will blow me out of the water but I am never a fan of disco. I don’t really enjoy disco music, movies, or dances. Whenever someone pulls disco out on “So You Think You Can Dance” it is going to be a boring night for that couple. All that being said the good thing is that I think it will be a hard week for most of the contestants. If I had my way Lil and Anoop would be going home next week (or maybe Allison). I know that many of you like Anoop and I DO TOO, but he has made it to the top 7 and do we really think he has the chops and stage presence to make it to the top 5?!?!? As far as Allison goes I think she is a great singer and has a cool edge to her voice but something is missing from her, something about her personality doesn’t draw me in so I wouldn’t be sad to see her go.

Well my Tuesday night is planned I will be watching the show and for 2 hours dialing for my boy Matt!!! I just hope his performance will be worthy of all the votes!

I thought you might like to hear Matt’s studio version of “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”:

What did you think of the judges save? Are you looking forward to disco week?

Wednesday, April 15

Top 7 Songs from the Cinema

I have been out of touch for a while and I don’t have time to write much but I wanted to give you my brief rundown from last night:

I hate the 2 judges commenting…I always want to hear what Simon says and I think it could have really effected the voting.

I didn’t agree with many of the comments the judges made. I wasn’t blow away by any of the contestants but I didn’t think anyone was awful either. I don’t think it was anyone’s best performance or even in their top 2 except maybe Anoop (that’s not saying much).

Here is my rundown: (I am sure I will get some hate comments after this)

1. Danny – I really liked his voice and passion
2. Anoop- This actually was one of Anoops best, he didn’t miss a note but he is still lacking something
3. Allison – It was good, not great
4. Matt – He definitely had some pitchy parts but when he was on it was beautiful and soulful
5. Kris – I was somewhere in between the judges on Kris, he definitely had some rocky parts and the beginning was a struggle. Once he hit the end he got into a groove but the reason Kris landed below Matt is because they both had rocky parts but I enjoyed the parts where Matt was on better than the parts where Kris was.
6. Adam- I thought Adam did a good job and technically I probably should have ranked him higher but I have enjoyed some of his other performances much more!
7. Lil – It was one of her best but it still didn’t move me, she should go home tonight but I am worried she won’t.

I think it is possible that the judges would save someone tonight if it is anyone but Anoop or Lil I honestly don’t think they would save either one.

Who do you think is going home?

Thursday, April 9

The Duel 2: Episode One - The Fight

The Duel:

I know I don’t have a lot of readers that watch this show but I LOVE it! The first episode was very dramatic, loved every minute. I think we can all agree that CT is crazy. I don’t know what Adam was thinking when he kept going back, come on Adam really?!?!? I honestly feared for Adam’s life, not really because I know those people would not let it get to that, but good thing they weren’t just hanging at a normal person’s house because Adam would be VERY HURT. If you watch that scene back notice how many guys (and these aren’t average guys, they are big dudes) were trying to hold back CT and couldn’t, that boy is an Ox.

Now let’s move on once CT and Adam got kicked off the show they brought in their replacements, MJ and Nehemiah, BORING. I am not excited about either of these two, MJ is cocky and the last challenge he was on he didn’t live up to the hype. As for Nehemiah all I see when I look at him is BETH.

The Challenges should be good this time around but I wasn’t a big fan of the first challenge it was somewhat boring and they just let who they wanted to win win. Of course they are going to go after Ruthie she is a much bigger threat than Robin. I am glad that Nick is gone because I am indifferent to him and I hope that Shauvon goes home because she annoys me.

Here are my favorites so far this season:

I am on the fence about Paula and Diem (sometimes I like them sometimes I don’t)

Calling all DUEL fans you definitely need to check out they have the “Aftershow” where they talk to cast members about the last episode. This week they had CT, Diem, Brooke, Adam, Evan and Shauvon. Mark is hosting the show and since he is one of the cast members he knows what questions to ask. Also apparently CT’s brother had recently passed away and he definitely had some anger bottled up when he came on the show. Watch the aftershow for some juicy clips!

Wednesday, April 8


ABC has finally announced when they will air the final episodes of the three big shows that got cancelled this past season:

Pushing Daisies: Saturday May 30 at 9pm
Their final three episodes will air until June 13

Eli Stone: Saturday June 20at 9pm
They will take over the spot to air their final 4 episodes wrapping up on July 11

Dirty Sexy Money: Saturday July 18 9pm
Finally they will fill the saturday night spot until ending on August 8

At least we are getting some closure on the story lines : (

Top 8 Performance Rankings

Ok so obviously BuddyTV's list was not right and I am sorry that I mis-led you I will not be posting their predictions again, anyways on to last night. I wasn't really blown away by anyone last night. I thought half the people gave solid performances, a couple gave ok performances and the bottom two were exactly what we have come to expect, disappointing.

Here is MY breakdown:

1. Matt & Adam:

I thought both of these guys gave solid performances but neither was my favorite performance by either guy. I thought Matt did a great job without his piano and showed what a great voice he has. I am not a big fan of the song so I didn't love it but i thought overall he did a great job (he showed a little of his JT side last night). Adam's version of Mad World was good, it was somewhat boring to me but I am not really familiar with the song so that may have had an effect on me. I think Adam is a solid talent and he obviously can sing well. I like the range of the song it wasn't as high as he sometimes sings and I enjoyed hearing that side of his voice.

3. Allison:

I thought Allison did a great job with the Bonnie Rait song. She sounded good but it sounded original mainly because Allison and Bonnie's voices are pretty much night and day. I kept waiting for Allison to take it up a notch and wow me but she didn't. She played it safe and it was a solid performance.

4. Anoop:

Here is the deal with Anoop he sings these slow ballads great but then he tries to pick up the beat and it goes off. My question is can someone just sing slow ballads and do well in the industry, and the answer is yes! I put Anoop in a similar category as Boys II Men (don't get me wrong they aren't in the same league, Boys II Men were incredible) they sang mostly slow ballads, they had a couple fast songs but were known for their slows tunes. Anoop could sing some R&B stuff and show everyone his vocals and every now and then throw a fun song in but he needs to be known for his slow songs. All that being said I thought this was a great song choice, he really shined. Plus I loved his green sweater!!

5. Danny & Kris

Danny's performance wasn't as good as the judges said it was and Kris's performance wasn't as bad as they said! I thought Danny did good but not nearly as good as he has been in the past, I really didn't like the arrangement and in the beginning I felt he was off with the music but maybe that is the way it was suppose to sound. However I think Danny has good vocals and showed off his ability to slow it down in the beginning of the song. Kris made the same mistake that Matt made last week singing in the crowd, not sure why this turns out bad for the contestants, maybe it is distracting. I thought Kris sounded ok nothing really bad nothing really good but I lost the depth that he brought last week, this performance was flat for me. However I still think Kris is good and I agree with the judges that he has a likability that should help him make it through this week.

7. Lil:

Completely agree that it sounded Karaoke, it was a good Karaoke but not great! At this point in the game if you are just copying a song it should at least be GREAT! I still think Lil is lost in the competition and will be gone with in the next few weeks.

8. Scott:

This was just a bad performance! Poor Scott missed more notes than he hit. I feel bad for him because he is such a sweet guy but he has got to go. Oh and the electric guitar was ....interesting.

I think that Scott and Lil will be in the bottom three and the third to join them will probably be Kris, Matt or Allison just because Danny and Adam seem to have a pretty good fan base and Anoop was in the bottom last week which usually gives them a boost for the next week.

Judges Save:

So the judges only have three more weeks to use the judges save, remember they can't use it once we hit the top 5. So if for some reason, Kris, Danny, Adam, Matt or Allison get the boot before then I think any of them have a great shot at being saved. It will come down to how they do the week they are voted off or how they have done overall... Those of you who are worried about Kris since he was at the bottom of dialidol, I honestly think the judges would save him if he got the boot. The question is at this point do we think the judges will end up not using the judges save??? It is possible that they won't use it because if Scott and Lil both get the boot in the next couple weeks I don't know that they would use it. The other contestants are all so close that I am not sure they would find it valuable, UNLESS ofcourse Adam gets the boot before the top 5 but sorry Adam haters I seriously doubt that happens.

What did you think of last nights performances???

Tuesday, April 7


I got this information from BuddyTV and I have never seen them list the songs before so I am not sure if it is 100% accurate but here they are: (Your, Welcome Michael!)

Kris Allen: "Heaven" by Bryan Adams

Lil Rounds: "Let's Hear it for the Boy" by Deniece Williams

Adam Lambert: "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks

Scott McIntyre: "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago

Anoop Desai: "Who's Johnny" by El DeBarge

Matt Giraud: "Part Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder

Allison Iraheta: "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton

Danny GoKey: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen

For more info click here:

Monday, April 6

The Hills

The Hills final season (I say that loosely, it is Lauren's last season) premieres tonight. Tonight will be Lauren's Birthday party and Heidi comes, oh boy there will be drama. Check out how cute Lo looks in here photo above! Yes I am still Team Lo! Enjoy the clips below of bits from this season of The Hills:

Top 8: Song Predictions

American Idol:

This week’s theme on AI is songs from the year you were born. Each contestant was born in the 80’s except Allison. Here is a list of Possible Song Predictions I found on… enjoy!

1. Danny – 1980
• This Is It – Kenny Logins
• Stand by Me - Mickey Gilley (this would be a great choice)

2. Adam - 1982
• Tainted Love – Soft Cell (can totally see this)
• Centerfold – J. Geils Band

3. Lil – 1984
• Let’s Hear it for the Boy – Deniece Williams
• What’s Love Got to Do With It – Tina Turner

4. Matt – 1985
• Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears
• Take on Me – A-Ha

5. Kris – 1985
• Heaven – Bryan Adams
• Careless Whisper – Wham!
• Crazy For You – Madonna
• The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and The News

6. Scott – 1985
• The Search is Over – Survivor

7. Anoop – 1986
• Broken Wing – Mr. Mister
• Kiss – Prince and The Revolution

8. Allison – 1992
• Free Your Mind – En Vogue (I am obsessed with this song and would love is she sang it)

What other songs do you think would be good choices??

Taylor Hicks

Kent this is for you! I have gathered some of my favorite youtubes of Taylor Hicks and you should listen to all of them before deciding to hate him. PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to the youtube of him singing “Ain’t No Sunshine” before he was even on idol (he rocks the harmonica) and the video of him singing “Hell of a Day” this was a song he wrote before he was on idol. I must say I think Taylor is one of the only Idols that really held his ground and stayed 100% true to himself. His first CD didn’t sell that many copies but he put HIS music on it and didn’t let them cheese him up as much. I think he is happy just making a living playing music.



You Are So Beautiful:

Before he was on Idol singing at a bar in Alabama “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Taking it to the Streets: (I had to put one upbeat performance on here just to show Taylor’s crazy dancing)

Hell of a Day:

What do you think of Taylor Hicks??

Thursday, April 2

Megan Joy

Ok so I decided to do something for my husband who really enjoyed Megan. Here are some great performances she has had this season on American Idol:

First Audition:

Top 36:

Wild Card:

Grand Ole Opry:

When she picked the right song for her voice she really was great!

Wednesday, April 1

"Christians" on American Idol

Ok so I have heard people say they are voting for Danny Gokey or Kris Allen because they are Christians. I am not going to get into the discussion of whether they really are Christians or not but I am assuming people think this because Danny is a youth music director at a church and maybe because someone read this about Kris. I hope they both are and think it is GREAT. However I want to share this info about my boy Matt Giraud... for those of you who might be interested check out Matt's CD on Amazon that is a christian/gospel CD.... Hmmmmm?!?!?!

Does this change your opinion at all??? Just curious.

itunes Night: Top 9

Congratulations Ben! I know many of you don’t understand this but I have a friend that has been pushing Kris Allen on me (much like I have been pushing Matt on you) and he finally had the best performance last night so congratulations.

Last night should have been great, the contestants basically could choose almost any song and show us what they got, but it was NOT! Motown week was so good and I loved many of the performances, so I was pretty disappointed in this week’s performances.

Let’s get down to it:

1. Kris Allen – Kris is definitely playing his cards right and pulling out the right performances each week. Last week I said I wanted Kris to bring passion and soul to one of his performances and that is what I felt he was lacking week to week. This week he brought it!! I really like Kris and think he is a great musician, however his entire performance I was just thinking “what if Matt had done this song, it would have been AMAZING.” I know I know I am partial and Kris did well but seriously ya’ll think about Matt’s soulful voice on this song… WOW.

2. Adam Lambert – Once again Adam sang wonderful, he is just a good singer. However this performance was a little more boring for me, I don’t know if it was just predictable or what but I love when Adam wows me and this one didn’t do that but I can’t take away from his vocals because they were on par.

3. Danny Gokey- The judges really liked this one huh??? I don’t think this was Danny’s best performance I actually liked one of his auditions best (see below) and I liked when he sang Hero but he definitely did a good job on the rascal flats song and showed that he is “current” as Simon likes to say.

4. Allison Irehetta – I was really excited when they said Allison was singing No Doubt and thought it would fit her perfectly but I was somewhat disappointed. I thought the first part of the song was awesome but agree with Simon that towards the end she was yelling (but it was still in tune).

5. Matt Giraud – I know a lot of people wouldn’t rank him this high and YES I am partial to him but I think the reason we all think Matt did so badly is because we expect so much from him. We ALL know he could have brought more if he would have only sang Gavin DeGraw, One Republic, Justin Timberlake or even Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone, but I actually didn’t think it was as bad as the judges made it out to be. The beginning was REALLY bad but once he got into the song I thought he did well and the piano was awesome. I think Matt needs to understand what he does well (AWESOME) and stick to it!

6. Anoop Desai – Once again I didn’t think he was that bad. His vocals were pretty good and I like his stage presence but I am just going to be honest these last few contestants are in a different playing field than the other five. Anoop can’t hang with Kris, Adam, Danny or Matt, but I like him as a person and think American will keep him around a couple more weeks.

7. Lil Rounds – Is anyone else super bored with her??? This song was “old fashion” and boring! Also I thought she sounded flat almost the entire song.

8. Scott McIntyre – I might should have ranked Scott higher but even though it was one of Scott’s best performances I didn’t think it was a good performance overall. Scott just doesn’t have the chops to stick around but he is probably safe tonight.

9. Megan Joy Corkrey – Megan frustrates me so badly for a couple reasons: She picks awful songs, last night was her night to sing Amy Whinehouse, Duffy, Adele, or even Gwen Stefani and she choose Bob Marley???? I don’t think Megan understands her instrument at all, she keeps picking songs out of her range and where it seems so forced. Megan is in trouble tonight and should be. The other thing that annoys me is her remarks “my fans liked it” “the audience felt it”…I hate those kind of comments she should say “I hope my fans liked it” It just sounds arrogant and rude.

I am definitely worried tonight about my boy Matt. For some reason America is not taking to him and last night he picked a bad song which won’t help him. However I think maybe since he was in the bottom last week, he may have sparked more people to vote this week (I SURE DID). I also think Megan, Allison and Anoop are on the chopping block. It is definitely possible for Scott to be in the bottom again tonight but I doubt he goes home.

FYI: Buddy TV's Ranking (which obviously I disagree with but atleast they had Matt higher)

1. Kris

2. Adam

3. Allison

4. Matt

quote from website:

The judges are dumb. There's nothing wrong with Matt going back and forth between genres. If he stayed in one, the judges would ask him to switch things up. It's no-win for Matt. He better not go home tonight.

5. Megan

6. Anoop

7. Lil

8. Danny

9. Scott

Who do you think should pack their bags? Who had the best performance last night?