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Monday, April 20

Allison Irahetta - Copy Cat?

Ok so I started to notice that Allison picks a song every week that someone has done on American Idol before (a lot of them pretty recently) and MOST of the time I don’t think she does as well! Since the top 36 she has only done two songs that I don’t know anyone that has performed the song yet, does anyone else find this strange? Check out the youtubes below and see who you think sang it better and leave your comments.

Top 36: “Alone”

Top 10: “Papa was a Rolling Stone”

Top 9: “Don’t Speak”

Top 8: “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

A couple others sang this song: Constantine and Carrie Underwood

Top 7: “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

The only one that I thought she definitely out-sang was Chris Richardson on Don’t Speak… There are a couple others that are debatable but I find it interesting in years past I prefer the other people singing the same songs over Allison.


Michael said...

Have you tried this theory on any of the other contestants. I would imagine that some others may be guilty of the same thing...

Sarah Beth said...

I am working on a list and yes there are many repeats but so far not as many as her. Matt has three and only 1 might have been better
"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" Chris Daughtry
"Part Time Lover" Kevin Covias (does this really count)
"Who's Lovin You" Lisa Tucker

Chris Daughtry's might have been better than Matt's, he hits all the notes.