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Friday, April 17

Judges Save!!

As most of you can imagine I was pretty pumped on Wednesday night when the judges decided to use their one and only save on Matt! However I know that they introduced the Judges Save this year and it would have been very anti-climactic for them to not use it at all this season. I almost think they felt they had to use it because they only had one week left to use it and they were worried "oh no what if Lil gets eliminated next week and we don’t ever get to use the Judges Save". Also I read a blog by a guy that was at the show and he said the energy in the studio was crazy! He said even the crew was shouting “Save, Save, Save!!”

I think Matt is a good guy and also I think he is the comedian of the group and keeps everyone laughing. You could tell when the judges decided to save him that all the other contestants were genuinely happy for him. The first person to run and bear hug him was Adam and next up with a huge grin on his face was Kris, not to mention that Danny was yelling for him before he performed and during his performance! I think this shows that Matt is a really good guy and is good friends with all the diverse people there.

Ok now on to next week! After the excitement wore off and I stopped jumping up and down for joy I thought about next week, ugh. I am definitely nervous for Matt, they are sending home two next week and Matt is on the chopping block for sure. Matt needs to blow it out of the park next week, only problem is that it is disco week. Why oh why does American Idol do this to us?? I don’t want to hear anyone sing disco, quite frankly I don’t want to hear them sing Country either, I want the themes to be current and stay with a theme that will really help the contestants shine, or atleast give them a chance. I know that I am speaking too soon and maybe this weeks show will blow me out of the water but I am never a fan of disco. I don’t really enjoy disco music, movies, or dances. Whenever someone pulls disco out on “So You Think You Can Dance” it is going to be a boring night for that couple. All that being said the good thing is that I think it will be a hard week for most of the contestants. If I had my way Lil and Anoop would be going home next week (or maybe Allison). I know that many of you like Anoop and I DO TOO, but he has made it to the top 7 and do we really think he has the chops and stage presence to make it to the top 5?!?!? As far as Allison goes I think she is a great singer and has a cool edge to her voice but something is missing from her, something about her personality doesn’t draw me in so I wouldn’t be sad to see her go.

Well my Tuesday night is planned I will be watching the show and for 2 hours dialing for my boy Matt!!! I just hope his performance will be worthy of all the votes!

I thought you might like to hear Matt’s studio version of “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”:

What did you think of the judges save? Are you looking forward to disco week?


Michael said...

In the spirit of Matt, I would like to tell my wife that she is wanted, she is the one, and it will last forever!

Laura said...

SO GOOD! yeah for Matt! i think i could hear you squealing all the way in Montgomery!