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Wednesday, April 1

"Christians" on American Idol

Ok so I have heard people say they are voting for Danny Gokey or Kris Allen because they are Christians. I am not going to get into the discussion of whether they really are Christians or not but I am assuming people think this because Danny is a youth music director at a church and maybe because someone read this about Kris. I hope they both are and think it is GREAT. However I want to share this info about my boy Matt Giraud... for those of you who might be interested check out Matt's CD on Amazon that is a christian/gospel CD.... Hmmmmm?!?!?!

Does this change your opinion at all??? Just curious.


Ben B said...

Such a desperate ploy for votes SB. I'm disappointed in you! Go Kris!

Sarah Beth said...

Not a desperate ploy for votes I just thought it was cool that he had a gospel cd out there. No comment about my rankings this week?

Baby Huffstetler said...

I still am very much a Kris fan... however I loved Matts performance last night. I thought he did the best job out of anyone and I did not agree with judges.