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Wednesday, April 22

Top 7 (again) Disco Night:

I have to say last night’s dreaded Disco theme wasn’t as bad as it could have been I really liked 3 performances (Kris, Adam, Danny), 2 performances had me a little frustrated (Matt, Allison) and I disliked 2 all together (Anoop, Lil). Let’s get to it:

1. Kris – I am giving Kris the highest ranking for really one reason, his arrangement! I debated on whether to give the top spot to Kris or Adam because vocally I think Adam was MUCH better but the arrangement that Kris put together for “She Works Hard for the Money” was GREAT! In my opinion this was his best performance of the season because he really pulled a David Cook and took a song and made it sound completely different from the original and maybe better! The only negative I can say about him is that his vocals probably land him about 4 or 5 in the competition BUT his arrangements, song choice, and overall likability make him a strong contender to win the competition.

2. Adam – Like I stated above I had a hard time putting Adam at number two this week because I really enjoyed his vocals and he is a very talented artist. I also enjoy how he always gives credit to the band and the people behind the scenes that help him, I think this shows that maybe he has been the one behind the scenes before. Adam is definitely in the competition to stay.

3. Allison – Above I wrote that her performance frustrated me and here is why. I think Allison’s vocals are wonderful, seriously she is a terrific singer however she is lacking the thing that is helping Kris so much, likability and a connection with the audience. Week after week I don’t feel connected with Allison as a person, yes she has great vocals but we all know that is not what it takes to win this competition you have to really connect with the viewers and Allison has yet to do that which is why I think she is in danger tonight!

4. Danny- I thought Danny did a great job vocally, I think he has such a cool voice. I think Danny lacks the ability to change up the music and really make it his own he depends on his unique voice to do that for him which could hurt him eventually in the competition but I believe he is safe tonight.

5. Matt- Oh Matt why do you pick such awful songs!!! I love Matt’s voice, simply adore it!! I think he has so much soul and depth to his voice but he picks the absolute worst songs. Matt could really make it far as an artist but someone will have to help him pick out music that fits his voice. Also I am not a big fan of falsetto all together but I really think Matt struggles with his and yet he keeps incorporating it into his songs…STOP! I also think Matt really lets his nerves get to him he always looks so nervous on stage. Once again I think Matt is in trouble tonight.

6. Anoop- I agree with Simon that he sounded mediocre and it is definitely time for him to leave the competition. He should not make it to the top 5 but it is a possibility.

7. Lil – The problem with Lil is that everyone wanted her (including herself) to be this big voice of the season so she keeps singing these diva songs and sounds like a third rate version. She doesn’t blow us away and the way she always talks back to the judges should send her packing but I have this bad feeling in my stomach that she will be with us longer. UGH!

If you are interested you should check out this week for predictions of who’s going home. At this point it looks like it is anybody’s guess.


Michael said...

The thought of Lil Rounds in the Top 5 is very discouraging. It validates how ridiculous the show is. If it was a singing competition she would have been gone weeks ago. I think Adam will eventually fall victim to the David Archapoopa syndrome. People will get tired of all the acting and drama and he will begin to wear on everyone like he has on me and so many others. Kris continues to do well but it does not appear that he is has been at the top in voting. Although dialidol does not include the text voting. Who knows? Let's hope Lil and Anoop go home! Enough is enough!

Laura said...

i do not like adam AT ALL...i don't get it...

Kimmie said...

my FAVORITE is danny! i agree with your comments SB...hopefully danny can not be so "clumsy" next week. yes, i agree that adam is amazing...BUT, he belongs on a broadway stage...not on a radio station. i mean seriously, would you buy his CD and listen to every song with a little scream in it??

hope we can see eachother soon! you need to meet steven jr.:)