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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Wednesday, July 30

News for Now

I am going to be out of commission for the next few days, I am going to miss "So You Think You Can Dance" recap and opinions tomorrow....which I am sad about but I can go ahead and tell you I think that Mark and Courtney are probably gone this week.

Desperate Housewives:

Creator and producer Marc Cherry said that the show will end after its seventh season. Marc said that he wants to go out while people still like them. Desperate Housewives is going into its fifth season this fall so don't get too sad yet we have three years left to love the drama on Wisteria Lane.

Tuesday, July 29

Top 6 Power Rankings

So You Think You Can Dance:

Power rankings according to buddytv:

6. Twitch
5. Courtney
4. Mark
3. Chelsie
2. Josh
1. Katee

Ok so I disagree with Mark & Twitch.... I think the reason Mark wasn't in the bottom last week was because he was in the bottom the week before and this always gives fans a boost to vote more. I think the same will happen this week for Twitch. I think unless Mark does something simply amazing this week he is going home.

Here is my rankings:

6. Mark
5. Courtney
4. Twitch
3. Chelsie
2. Josh
1. Katee

I think that if things keep progressing the way they are it will probably come down to Katee or Joshua winning, but I wouldn't count Chelsie out yet!

He is taken...for Now:
All you lovely ladies that were hoping that you could hunt down Graham or that he would be the next Bachelor, he is taken. He is currently dating soap star Chrishell Stause from All My Children. They made their public appearance together at the premiere of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. **(Thanks Shelley for the email)

Monday, July 28

The Dark Knight vs. Titanic


The continuous talk about "The Dark Knight" and its record breaking opening had me thinking.... Are these amounts adjusted over the years to inflation and the rise of ticket prices??? You would think it would be easier for the industry to just announce how many tickets were sold bc this would be a more standard number over the years.... People have always said that "Titanic" was the highest grossing movie of all time the time it was out it grossed over $600 million. No movie has ever grossed that amount of money and it looks like "The Dark Knight" might break that record, but if "Titanic" was released today would it have grossed more than "The Dark Knight"? I found the link below and it listed the top grossing movies adjusted for ticket price inflation and here is what the new top 10 list looks like:
1. Gone with the Wind - $1.4 billion, ($198 million in 1939)
2. Star Wars - $1.2 billion ($460 million in 1977)
3. The Sound of Music - $1 billion ($158 million in 1965)
4. ET - $1 billion ($435 million in 1982)
5. The Ten Commandments - $927 million ($65 million in 1956)
6. Titanic - $908 million ($600 million 1997)
7. Jaws - $906 million ($260 million in 1975)
8. Doctor Zhivago - $878 million ($111 million in 1965)
9. The Exorcist - $782 million ($232 million in 1973)
10. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs - $771 million ($184 million in 1937)

So you will notice "The Dark Knight" would have to gross at least $771 million to break into the top 10 of all time but if it grosses over $600 million it will technically be the highest grossing. The weird thing to me is some sucky movie could come out 50 years from now and gross more money but does that truly mean that more people went to see it or that is was a great movie??? My answer is no! I do find it interesting that there are NO movies with in the last ten years in the top 10. What are your thoughts???

To look over the top 100 click on the link below.

Pam: Girl on the Loose
So the celebrity reality shows continue this time with Pam Anderson, of course I am sure I will watch this at least once, I am intrigued. This show will take the time slot of Denise Richards:It's Complicated which aired its last episode last night. Pam: Girl on the Loose will begin this Sunday at 9:00pm on E!
To watch the preview click below:

The Island: The RW/RR Challenge

Word on the street is that the challenge will begin on Wednesday Sept 17 at 9:00pm...Mark your calendar!!!

Friday, July 25

The Bachelor's Matt & Shayne Split:Is anyone really surprised by this news.... the two have been together for several months "riding the PR wave" and said they tried to make it work but their lives were headed in two different directions. I (along with most of America) thought from the beginning that Shayne was just in it for Publicity, who knows for sure if that is true I guess time might tell. The only question left is will DeAnna and Jesse really make it down the aisle?

Ask-Elizabeth: Elizabeth Berkley to have her own tv show on MTV.
The show will center around Berkley conducting self-esteem workshops around the country with adolescent girls. The show will not only show the work shops but the girls in their hometowns...the show is still a working progress but has been confirmed. I have one thing to say "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm just so scared."

Top 10 Hollywood "Bromances":
This is quite amusing to me bc I just had a discussion about this word last night over dinner with friends....I don't believe this are in any particular order:

Brad Pitt & George Clooney
Vince Vaughn & Jon Favreau
Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire
Ben Affleck & Matt Damon
Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly
Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson
Lance Armstrong & Matthew McConaughey
Ryan Seacrest & Simon Cowell
Seth Rogen & Johah Hill
Tom Cruise & Will Smith

So You Think You Can Dance:
So lets talk about it. First off I agree with girls 100% Comfort and Courtney probably deserved to be in the bottom two and it was definitely Comforts time to go home. Will & Twitch were definitely some what of a surprise but I have always said that on shows like these if someone is in the bottom one week and they don't get sent home they have a better shot at staying the next week because their fans will be voting like crazy to keep them safe. That being said I wasn't completely in shock that Mark wasn't in the bottom two, however he probably did deserve to be in the bottom two over Twitch or Will, in fact he probably deserved to go home. All that being said I was rather satisfied with last nights results show bc I think next week Twitch fans are going to save him since he was in the bottom, and I seriously doubt Mark will out last Joshua. Also I believe even though Courtney was in the bottom the chances are pretty good that she will be going home next week. If I am right and Mark & Courtney go home next week then the finale will be just like I want it Twitch, Josh, Katee & Chelsie and I honestly don't think I will care who wins, I love them all.... Looking over this seasons results shows Comfort was in the bottom 6 out of the 7 weeks (crazy that she made it through so many times huh?) Will was in the bottom 3 out of 7 times. Out of the contestants remaining Courtney and Twitch have been in the bottom two times, Mark has only been in the bottom once, and Katee, Chelsie, and Joshua have NEVER been in the bottom (that is because they ROCK)!!!! Looking forward to next week!!!
Happy Watching

Thursday, July 24

Top 8 Performance Rankings

So You Think You Can Dance:

Ok so last night was really good!! There were only a couple that I didn't like and only a one that I really disagreed with the judges on but overall I thought the dancers did a great job. Here is my run down.

1. Katee & Twitch - Contemporary
This dance was so wonderful, it is amazing to me that these choreographers can come up with fresh great ideas over and over - I guess that is why they are "creative". I hate that I love Mia's choreography so much bc I think she is kind of full of herself but she keeps bringing great routines to the show plus she picks wonderful music. I watched the dance twice and loved it so much each time, it was VERY entertaining! One of my favorites of the season thus far.

2. Katee & Twitch - Broadway
I think that Katee is probably the best in this competition bc every week she ranks the highest and she brings out the best in her partner. This number was fast and difficult but they pulled it off!

3. Chelsie & Josh - Argentine Tango
I think this routine was under rated by many it was very difficult and very good. These two are performers!!!

4. Courtney & Will - Samba
I thought Courtney out shined Will in this number but the pair of them did wonderful.
*couldn't find good video

5. Comfort & Mark - Hip Hop
This is not my favorite kind of hip hop but they did a great job and really hit it, I was proud of Mark for keeping up with Comfort. I agree with Nigel 100% when he said her solos aren't very good but when she is given the hip hop choreography she nails it.

6. Chelsie & Josh - Disco
I am never a big fan of Disco not sure why, maybe bc it is usually cheesy and I usually hate the music but this routine was great...Josh & Chelsie nailed each lift and I felt for him at the end of the routine bc you know he was tired.

7. Courtney & Will - Hip Hop
This is the routine is the only routine that I completely disagreed with the judges on.... I thought they lacked chemistry and real emotions this was another routine that I couldn't help but wonder what if Chelsie & Mark or Katee & Josh had performed this routine would I have liked it more. The concept was wonderful and I thought for sure the dance was going to move me but I didn't believe it at all.... I think this might be Will bc I never have believed him in a emotional dance yet...Maybe he is cheesy or too technical to feel the routine.... That is what I like about Josh "he dances from the inside out".

8. Comfort & Mark - Foxtrot
This dance was the only one of the night that seemed very armature. They looked awkward...well to me Comfort looked really awkward and Mark didn't seem too bad, but what do I know.


1. Will
2. Katee
3. Josh
4. Courtney
5. Twitch
6. Chelsie
7. Mark
8. Comfort

Wednesday, July 23

The Olsen Face

Many of you know what I mean when I say "the Olsen face" I think this was first coined by Laura Jeff McFee. This has become a tradition among my friends to take pictures making the olsen face. For those of you who are in the dark let me fill you in.... Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen seem to always make the same face when being photographed by the paparazzi... Laura sent me a text the other day that said classic Olsen face on the cover of Star Magazine and I wanted to share it with ya'll along with a few other classic Olsen pics... The pictures say it all:

I find this so amusing even though it is not about TV!!! :)

Top 8 Power Rankings

So You Think You Can Dance:

I am going to list a couple power rankings from sources and then ofcourse MINE. Tell me your thoughts and comments.

TV Guide:

8. Comfort
7. Courtney
6. Twitch
5. Mark
4. Chelsie
3. Josh
2. Katee
1. Will

Buddy TV:

8. Comfort
7. Mark
6. Courtney
5. Chelsie
4. Twitch
3. Katee
2. Josh
1. Will

Happy Watching:

8. Comfort
7. Mark
6. Courtney
5. Twitch
4. Will
3. Chelsie
2. Katee
1. Josh

The Match Ups:

On Buddy TV they did a match up from the dancers last season and this seasons show...I have listed the match-up and who they said was the winner along with my comments (in yellow). What are your comments??? Who do you think are clear winners?

Sara vs. Comfort: Winner- Sara AGREED

Neil vs. Mark: Winner - Neil AGREED

Courtney vs. Jamie: Winner - Courtney DISAGREE I think this is a tie...does anyone remember Jamie's great lines and how great she even did with hip hop, plus she had the best routine of the show last year, too close to call a clear winner!

Chelsie vs. Lacey: Winner - Lacey COMPLETELY DISAGREE, I was never on the Lacey band wagon last year...I did not feel a connection with her and Cameron (which buddytv talks about) I think the CLEAR winner hear is Chelsie she has not had a bad number yet!

Twitch vs. Hok: Winner- Twitch AGREED but I love me some Hok.

Josh vs. Dominic: Winner - Tie DISAGREE as much as I love Dominic I think Josh is the clear winner here, he has shown so much more technique over the season. Winner Josh.

Katee vs. Sabra: Winner - Katee DISAGREE I think it is atleast a tie...Sabra was so wonderful last season we were all routing for her but Katee might be a stronger dancer...I love them both for me it is a tie.

Will vs. Danny: Winner - Will AGREED this is a no brainer for me Danny was so cocky last year it made me sick.

On a completely different note in a recent interview Josh said he was "seeing someone" I wonder if him and Katee are seeing each other. If not I feel bad for the girl he is seeing given how he talks about Katee..."Isn't she gorgeous, she is beautiful" etc etc plus he has planted a couple kisses on her check and I don't think it was always part of the routine....It leaves one to wonder...hmmm???

Highest Paid TV Actors:

Among the highest were Charlie Sheen ($20 mil) for his role in Two and a half Men and Katherine Heigl ($13 mil) her her role in Grey's Anatomy. Movie actors ofcourse put these numbers to same highest paid male actor Will Smith ($80 mil) and female Cameron Diaz ($50 mil). For other celebs that ranked high click on the link below.

Tuesday, July 22


I am so excited that it is almost August which means that the shows are about to start up again with new seasons... YAY I will have so much more to blog about when all the new shows start, I can't wait! Ok so here are dates that some of the most popular shows are returning...GET EXCITED:
Prison Break*- Monday Sept 1 (this one got moved back originally was August 25)
Bones* - Wednesday Sept 3
Fringe* - Tuesday Sept 9 (this one got moved back as well originally August 26)

House - Tuesday Sept 16

Dancing with the Stars*- Monday Sept 22
Boston Legal- Monday Sept 22
Ugly Betty- Thursday Sept 25
Grey's Anatomy* - Thursday Sept 25
Desperate Housewives - Sunday Sept 28
Brothers & Sisters - Sunday Sept 28
Pushing Daisies- Wednesday October 1
Private Practice- Wednesday October 1
Dirty, Sexy, Money- Wednesday October 1
Samantha Who?- Monday October 6
Eli Stone - Tuesday October 14

Gossip Girl - Monday Sept 1
One Tree Hill - Monday Sept 1
90210* - Tuesday Sept 2
America's Next Top Model*- Wednesday Sept 3
Smallville - Thursday Sept 18
Supernatural- Thursday Sept 18
Survivor - Thursday Sept 18
CSI: Miami - Monday Sept 22
Without a Trace - Tuesday Sept 23
CSI:NY - Wednesday Sept 24
The Amazing Race - Sunday Sept 28
Cold Case - Sunday Sept 28
The Ex List - Friday October 3
CSI- Thursday October 9
Heroes* - Monday Sept 22
Lipstick Jungle - Wednesday Sept 24
ER - Thursday Sept 25 (FINAL SEASON)
My Name is Earl - Thursday Sept 25 (One Hour Premiere)
The Office - Thursday Sept 25 (One Hour Premiere)
Chuck - Monday Sept 29
30 Rock - Thursday October 30

Other Stations:

HBO :Entourage - Sunday Sept 7
MTV: The Island: RW/RR Challenge - Wednesday's this fall
MTV: The Hills - Monday August 18

*2 Hour Season Premiere

Shows Returning in 2009:

24 - January
Lost - I am assuming January but not confirmed
Friday Night Lights - February
American Idol - January

The Office:
As I previous reported Amy Poehler has been picked up by NBC to be the lead in one of their new comedies. However it is NOT the Office spin off she will be part of, she will be on another comedy that does not take place in an office but has similar comedic timing. The Office spin off is still in the works and may involve Jim's previous love interest Karen (Rashida Jones). Nothing is official yet but I will keep you up to date. For more info about this click the link below:

The Hills:

Newest trailer includes Stephanie going after Laurens Boy and Heidi & Spencer fighting over Heidi's sister coming to live with them....hmmm Looks interesting!

Monday, July 21


Shannen Doherty is BACK!!!! It's official Shannen will be back on 90210 in the fall. This is great news for 90210 fans even if you hate Brenda you want her love to hate her! I wonder if Brenda & Kelly will have any crazy encounters. Now this will definitely be on my fall schedule!

Friday Night Lights:

The 411 on the third season. There will be 13 new episodes in October 2008 on Direct TV (channel 101) then those same 13 episodes will play on NBC starting February 2009. The show will fast forward 8 months from the season finale. For more info click on the link below.

Grey's Anatomy Denny's Back??

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning to Grey's Anatomy for the season premiere in the fall (September 25). Some hope that his return means they are killing off Izzie and he will whisk her away (due to her earlier comments) BUT producer of the show says that is not the case, Izzie will not be leaving the show. The most probable story line is some sort of dream sequence or flash back sequence that would involve Denny. I think that since Izzie was given the Clinic dedicated to Denny in the series finale this might open some "Denny" windows plus you know they can't keep Izzie and Alex together :( I wish they would.


Emmy list was announced on Thursday morning and there wasn't too many surprises...the biggest surprise might be that Grey's Anatomy wasn't nominated for Best Drama Series, some think Katherine Heigl's comments might have caused the show to be over looked. It should also be noted that three dances from last years "So You Think You Can Dance" are up for Emmy's:

1. Hummingbird & the Butterfly: Wade Robson (one of the best dances on the show to date)
2. Transformers / “Fuego” - Shane Sparks (this was not my favorite of his dances)
3. Table / “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” - Mandy Moore (Great Dance)

For a complete list of nominees click the link below:

Shows Not To Miss This Week:

Legally Blonde- I know it is cheesy and a lot of high squeals but I can't get enough of it and tonight is the finale. (although the person I wanted to win was sent packing last week, Lauren).

Big Brother 10: comes on Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Project Runway: Wednesday night on Bravo

My Boys

So You Think You Can Dance: We are down to 8 and this will probably be the hardest cut yet the obvious choices are Comfort and Mark to leave us this week but you never know and I really love 6 of the people left so it is so hard to pick (my 6 are: Joshua, Chelsie, Katee, Twitch, Courtney & Mark).

Wednesday, July 16

Really Old News:

Ok so my husband had to have a minor surgery yesterday so I have been out of commission. Sorry this news is old I started it the other day and didn't post. I will post new info SOON!!

So You Think You Can Dance:

TV Guide's Top 10 Power Rankings:

1. Will
2. Katee
3. Joshua
4. Chelsie
5. Twitch
6. Mark
7. Kherington
8. Courtney
9. Gev
10. Comfort

I disagree with this list!!! The following is my list:

1. Joshua
2. Chelsie
3. Katee
4. Twitch
5. Will
6. Mark
7. Courtney
8. Gev
9. Kherington
10. Comfort

What are your thoughts??? Which list do you agree with or do you have your own list???

The Office:

Amy Poehler is in talks with NBC to be in the spin-off of the Office to debut in February of 2009. Amy is pregnant and due in the fall which could factor in to her decision. I don't think that Amy is subtle enough to play this role (I am assuming it is suppose to be a female verision of Steve Carrell's character on The Office). I think what makes Michael Scott so funny is the subtle remarks and nothing is done over the top I don't see Amy Poehler this way but maybe she will surprise me.

Tuesday, July 15

Yesterday's News

Jessica is OUT; Comfort is back IN: So You Think You Can Dance I know crazy right? Well Jessica is hurt (no details have been released but Jessica will announce on Wednesday way she can't return to the show), and since she can't dance they have asked Comfort to rejoin the cast. We will all no more about this on Wednesday but nothing like this has ever happened before on so you think you can dance. Last year Jesse got hurt and had to leave but they just cut her during elimination and didn't have to bring someone back...very interesting. Also Nigel let it slip during the press conference that Joshua and Courtney will be paired up this week (I think I like it).

What are your thoughts???

October Road: We will get CLOSURE:

For all the October Road fans out there the creators of October Road are planning on wrapping things up for its loyal fans. They plan on filming a 15 minute piece that will start at Hannah & Big Cat's wedding and flash forward 7 years to tie up all loose ends and answer the shows most intriguing questions. The 15 minute addition will most likely be added to the season 2 DVDs and possibly online. I will keep you up to date with where this is release. :)

Prison Break:

Prison Break will have a 2 hour premiere on August 25, which is the first big fall premiere. It will be set month after the final episode and SPOILER Sara & Michael will see each other in the first episode (so we don't have to wait a long time). The producer said the hardest cast member to keep on this season (due to lack of story lines) was T-bag but don't worry the slimy character is definitely in this season, which is why he found the "bird book" that belonged to Whistler in the final episode. I am so excited!!!

PS Just looking at this picture of T-bag creeps me out.

Army Wives: RENEWED for Third Season

Before the end of the second season Lifetime has announced that Army Wives will be back for a third season. :)

Entourage: Returns September 7 with Fully loaded cast
Entourage has announced several of its guest stars for this season they include: Jaime Lynn Sigler, Lukas Haas and Giovanni Ribisi (playing aspiring screenwriters) and Fran Drescher and Kevin Pollak (as an obnoxious Beverly Hills couple), Leighton Meester (reprising her role from Season 1, as a pop tart), Bow Wow (as Charlie, a new client of E's) and Eric Roberts, Jeffrey Tambor, singers Tony Bennett and T.I., golfer Phil Mickelson, film critic Richard Roeper, network exec Ben Silverman, the hosts of The View and (whew) Mark Wahlberg (aka Entourage's creator/exec producer).

Reality TV Awards: AOL

Click the link below to vote for all your favorites. You know I did!!!

Reality Shows:

There are going to be 172 new reality shows this year!!1 Crazy huh?? 32 new reality shows will air on broadcast networks and the other 140 on cable this trend ever going to end??? I love my reality shows but this seems a little ridiculous but I guess the networks make so much money bc they don't have to pay a typical cast.... If people keep watching (like myself) then I don't see an end in sight.

Top 10 Unbreakable TV Shows: Longest Running
10. The Simpsons - 19 yrs (I thought this would be number 1)
9. Cops - 19 yrs
8. America's Most Wanted - 20 yrs
7. Gunsmoke - 20 yrs (older show)
6. 48 Hours - 20 yrs
5. The Red-Skeleton Show - 20 yrs (older show)
4. The Ed Sullivan Show - 23 yrs
3. 20/20 - 30 yrs
2. Monday Night Football - 38 yrs
1. 60 minutes - 40 yrs

CSI: (A Friend Sent me this news)

Big news, CSI fans!
Entertainment Weekly reports that William Petersen's character on CSI, Gil Grissom, will be gone by mid-season.
"Billy is leaving," confirms the show's executive producer, "But he will remain throughout the run of the series an executive producer. And he will, whenever CBS asks, come back. I don't think you've seen the last of Gil Grissom."
Petersen tells the mag, "I'm in a great place in terms of knowing that I'll be more free to make choices. And I'm responsible enough to not do it in a way that would hurt [the show]. I want it to work for the writers, I want it to work for the cast, and, MOST importantly, I want it to work for the audience. I don't want them to abandon the show."
It's always good to spread your wings a bit.
He has been on the show 8 years!! He's made all the money he needs.
Now, the question is: does anyone care that he's leaving the show???

Monday, July 14

New Shows

Ok so Michael and I are trying to get into a few new shows..I know crazy right, like we don't have enough already? Well right now we only have 1 real show we watch each week, our TiVo may see things differently bc it tapes (Denise Richards, Living Lohan, Regis & Kelly, & Legally Blonde) but the only show that both of us ARE really into is So You Think You Can Dance. All that being said we want to get into some shows that we have heard great things about over the years. We are currently in the process of catching up with 24 (we are on season 5), and last night we added a new show to our list. We rented Weeds the showtime series, does anyone out there watch this? Mary Louise Parker has received rave reviews over the years for this show and won multiple awards. Michael and I watched 2 episodes last night and were pleased with them, but I hope the depth of the show continues to grow. If you are a weeds fan, let me know. Some other shows we are thinking about starting:

Arrested Development
The Wire
Boston Legal
We can't start all of these right now, does anyone have any feedback to which show we should start watching??? Or is there another show out there that we should get into??? I am really wanting feedback to decide our next show.

Shows Starting Tonight:

Saving Grace & The Closer both return to TNT tonight. Both of these shows have received rave reviews. For more information about the premieres click the links below:

On the same note Big Brother started last night and will air Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday of each week.

90210: No David Silver

In a recent interview with TV Guide Brian Austin Green said that he has not been approached by the producers of 90210 to return and probably wouldn't. He basically said he is still thought of as David Silver and is trying to get away from that, poor boy :)

Dark Knight:

I know this is not TV but I thought it was note worthy. The Dark Knight hits theatres this weekend. This is definitely the most talked about release in a really long time (maybe since Brokeback Mountain). The movie was going to be big no matter what but due to Heath Ledgers untimely death the movie has had more press than any movie this summer. The following article talks about the movie and gives it great reviews. They gave all the key players great feedback except Maggie Gyllenhaal. They said Heath's role is amazing but so are the others in the movie. They also said it was too long (it is 2 and 1/2 hours long). I am so excited to see this movie!!! :)

What do you think about Dark Knight are you going to see it or skip it?

The Hills:

Rumors were stirring over the weekend that Audrina had moved out of the house she shared with Lauren & Lo because there was reportedly a fight between two females at the house that caused the police to show up & a moving truck at their house. Audrina & Lauren both deny that Audrina has moved out. Lauren said the fight was between her stylist & neighbor and the moving truck was really a delivery truck delivering new furniture. For more info on the situation read the article below. Also for all latest news on The Hills read my friend Areta's blog at

Are you looking forward to the Hills return in August?

Thursday, July 10

The Bachelorette:

The Bachelorette:

DeAnna and Jesse have created a website for America ("Friends & Family") to be able to keep up with their lives. Very interesting, well atleast this way we will be able to see if they make it down the aisle.

I am so EXCITED!!!

The Island: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Returns

As I watched the final episode of the Real World my stomach started turning as I knew that usually the end of The Real World means the beginning of The Challenge. As I waited for the episode to finish I couldn't wait to see if there would be a preview for the next Challenge and there was. YAY!!! If you don't watch this show you really don't know what you are missing it is a combination of serious drama with great competition. Ok so here is what I saw on the preview (which you can click on the link below to watch) they are starting a new Challenge called "The Island" it will be an individual competition, every man for himself. The best news is that DERRICK (the heart) is BACK!!!! Derrick had said that he was done with the competition but I guess he spoke too soon and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are all VERY EXCITED!!!

Others on the show this season (confirmed by source linked below):

Ashli Robson (The Real World: Sydney)
Kelly Anne Judd (The Real World: Sydney)
Colie Edison
Johanna Botta
Robin Hibbard
Tonya Cooley
Jennifer Grijalva ("Jen")
Evelyn Smith
Paula Meronek
Rachel Robinson
Ryan Kehoe
Cohutta Lee Grindstaff (The Real World: Sydney)
Dunbar Flinn (The Real World: Sydney) I actually am curious if he is still with his woman.
Johnny Devenanzio
Dan Walsh (The last seaon of The Road Rules)
Derrick Kosinski (The Heart: YAY)
Dave Malinosky (The Real World:Hollywood)
Kenny Santucci
Tyrie Ballard
Abram Boise (what what, he's back...the last time we saw him was the season he sent Timmy HOME)

So it seems like "Sydney" might be the new "Austin" meaning there are a lot of cast members from that season and they are all new! This actually might be a good thing for Dave he is a new cast member fresh off the Hollywood cast but he might slip under the radar since there are 4 members from the same cast on the show....BUT lets not forget there might be some major drama between those four given who they are (Cohutta & Kelly, who were still together at the reunion show of there season, doesn't look like they are still together now. And Dunbar and Ashli who apparently hooked up on the show and definitely had some major fall outs) this might create more drama then camaraderie. We are definitely missing some of the key players this time around lets take a second to remember those:


Those key players usually brought drama and hard core competition and some of them probably will never be on the show again they will just rest in our minds with "Rachel, Veronica, Mike(The Miz), Mark & Theo) aah the good ole days. I hope some of these new comers will bring drama and serious COMPETITION to the show. The show is set to air Wednesday's at 9:00 in the "fall" aah when is that??? I will let you know as soon as I find out!!! Get excited!!! I think I am team Paula and Team Derrick right now!!!

What are your thoughts and comments???

So You Think You Can Dance:

I will start off by saying two things 1) I did not really enjoy last nights show, none of the dances/performances blew me away 2) This is MY opinion so I know a lot of people out there will view the list differently, and I would love to hear from you.

1. Katee & Josh - Bollywood
2. Gev & Courtney - Cha Cha
3. Gev & Courtney - Jazz
4. Chelsea & Mark - Broadway
5. Chelsea & Mark - Salsa
6. Jessica & Will - Contemporary
7. Katee & Josh - Viennese Waltz
8. Comfort & Thayne - Hip Hop
9. Kherington & Twitch - Krump
10. Kherington & Twitch - Tango
11. Comfort & Thayne - Contemporary
12. Jessica & Will - Quick Step

Ok I am not going to talk about each routine but here are some overall thoughts from last nights show.... Katee, Joshua, Chelsea, Mark, Courtney, and Gev are great performers even if the routine they are given isn't the most fun to watch they make it fun and energetic. I honestly feel they leave 100% on the floor EVERY night!!! Alright I am going to talk about the contemporary routine performed by Jessica & Will, this performance might be the most over-rated of ALL time! I watched it twice last night trying to see if I missed it. I thought Tyce created a beautiful, intense, and emotional routine BUT the performance lacked the passion it needed or deserved. I can only think if one of the other three couples i mentioned danced this routine I might have been BLOWN away. I honestly don't feel ANY connection or chemistry between the two of them and what I do see if forced and fake. On the note of Jessica & Will how about Mia's extremely harsh comments to Jessica after their second routine.... "Will you look tired, you look like you are tired of carrying your partner this entire season, you need a new partner." WOW this was blunt and rude, and then Cat asked Will what he thought about that...As if there was a good response to that statement. I really don't have much to say about the other routines I feel the same as I always do about them. Twitch and Kherington are good but not as good as the other top three couples, although I will be extremely interested to see what happens when they change partners. Comfort and Chris have NO CHEMISTRY once again I thought the dance they were given by Mandy Moore was a really good routine but they did not pull it off. Here is who I think will be in the bottom three this week:

1. Comfort & Thayne
2. Jessica & Will
3. It will either be Chelsea & Mark (they definitely DON'T deserve to be there) OR Twitch and Kherington (after last night this would be my vote)

The people going home will be Thayne and probably Comfort but they could send Jessica home.

What are your thoughts on this weeks routines?? Who do you think is going home?

Wednesday, July 9

Chemistry 101: TV couples that heat up the Screen

TV Couples that Heat up the Screen:

A friend of mine put this on her blog and I thought it was fun so here is my version. The following are my favorite on screen couples with AMAZING chemistry.

Joey & Pacey (Dawson's Creek)

Seth & Summer (The OC)

Alex & Izzy (Grey's Anatomy)

Ross & Rachel (Friends)

Sawyer & Kate
Dylan & Kelly (Beverly Hills 90210)

Who would you put on your list?

90210: Nat's Back

For all you avid 90210/Peach Pit lovers Nat is going to be on the 90210 spin off airing in September. He says he is unsure if he will be in multiple episodes but it depends on if people remember Nat...Oh we remember you Nat!!! :)

Prison Break: Sucre is ALIVE!!!

So on the season finale of Prison Break we saw Sucre being buried alive!!! Ahh this was a very sad moment bc I love Sucre. Watch the preview below for the new season of prison break and you will notice Sucre is ALIVE!!!! I was pretty pumped.

Ali Lohan's New Single: It isn't bad but it isn't great either, a pretty good beat.

What do you think??