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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, July 21


Shannen Doherty is BACK!!!! It's official Shannen will be back on 90210 in the fall. This is great news for 90210 fans even if you hate Brenda you want her love to hate her! I wonder if Brenda & Kelly will have any crazy encounters. Now this will definitely be on my fall schedule!

Friday Night Lights:

The 411 on the third season. There will be 13 new episodes in October 2008 on Direct TV (channel 101) then those same 13 episodes will play on NBC starting February 2009. The show will fast forward 8 months from the season finale. For more info click on the link below.

Grey's Anatomy Denny's Back??

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning to Grey's Anatomy for the season premiere in the fall (September 25). Some hope that his return means they are killing off Izzie and he will whisk her away (due to her earlier comments) BUT producer of the show says that is not the case, Izzie will not be leaving the show. The most probable story line is some sort of dream sequence or flash back sequence that would involve Denny. I think that since Izzie was given the Clinic dedicated to Denny in the series finale this might open some "Denny" windows plus you know they can't keep Izzie and Alex together :( I wish they would.


Emmy list was announced on Thursday morning and there wasn't too many surprises...the biggest surprise might be that Grey's Anatomy wasn't nominated for Best Drama Series, some think Katherine Heigl's comments might have caused the show to be over looked. It should also be noted that three dances from last years "So You Think You Can Dance" are up for Emmy's:

1. Hummingbird & the Butterfly: Wade Robson (one of the best dances on the show to date)
2. Transformers / “Fuego” - Shane Sparks (this was not my favorite of his dances)
3. Table / “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” - Mandy Moore (Great Dance)

For a complete list of nominees click the link below:

Shows Not To Miss This Week:

Legally Blonde- I know it is cheesy and a lot of high squeals but I can't get enough of it and tonight is the finale. (although the person I wanted to win was sent packing last week, Lauren).

Big Brother 10: comes on Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Project Runway: Wednesday night on Bravo

My Boys

So You Think You Can Dance: We are down to 8 and this will probably be the hardest cut yet the obvious choices are Comfort and Mark to leave us this week but you never know and I really love 6 of the people left so it is so hard to pick (my 6 are: Joshua, Chelsie, Katee, Twitch, Courtney & Mark).


Robyn said...

Okay, minor responses:

1. RAH for Army Wives being renewed already.

2. BOO on Brothers and Sisters starting October 28th. Not a fan of late starts.

3. BOO on October Road having a 15 minute excuse for tying up loose ends. Whatever.

4. RAH for Friday Night Lights, but potential BOO for different episodes showing on DirecTV and NBC. That might make me upset.