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Tuesday, July 1

This just in...


Ok the final list has not been announced (will be announced July 17) but some front-runners from last year are no where to be found including Terry O'Quinn (Locke) from Lost. Terry won best supporting actor in a drama series last year and this year got looked over. Terri Hatcher was the only main "housewife" to get snubbed as all three other leading ladies are up for a possible nomination. Among possible candidates for this year is Naveen Andrews (Sayid) "Lost", TR Knight (George) "Grey's Anatomy", Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) "Lost", Sarah Silverman "The Silverman Project", and Christina Applegate "Samantha Who?". Some favorite shows that are up for possible nomination:

Best Comedy: Not complete list
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
30 Rock
Ugly Betty

Drama Series: Not Complete list
Boston Legal
Grey's Anatomy
For a more complete list of possible candidates click the links below.

LC has made a good impression on one of the editors of Glamour Magazine. Petra says LC is shy, sweet and well spoken. Read more about the interview by clicking below.


Nick M. said...

Tough call on some of the show choices:
I would definitely pick either The Office or 30 Rock for comedy, and Drama in my opinion should definitely be LOST, but I really like House a lot.

As for the individual awards. I think it will be a shame if Michael Emerson doesn't win. He is so good at being bad!

Sarah Beth said...

Great comments... Although I prefer Naveen Andrews (Sayid) over Michael Emerson but both are great!!! :)