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Thursday, July 3

My Top 14 Performance Rankings:

Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance:

Last nights show was pretty good... not as good to me as weeks past but I think that I only REALLY enjoy a few choreographers this year and so if they don't all hit on the same night then it isn't as good for me personally. That being said Mia Michael's choreographed two of the routines last night and needless to say those two routines landed at the top of my list....

1. (TIE) Josh and Katee- Contemporary... I actually think I enjoyed this piece a little better than Twitchington bc it had more technique to it and maybe bc I like Josh and Katee better. There were so many lifts that seemed so difficult but they made it look so easy. I agree 100% with what Nigel said to Katee... She almost didn't make the top 20 and it would have been an injustice to the show and America for her not to be there! Josh and Katee are what make this years competition so good!!!
Kherington and Twitch - Contemporary - Mia Michael's really does come up with interesting ideas...I loved the idea of this dance and thought it was performed really well especially by twitch. I don't always believe Kherington, her facial expressions are a little over board and feel forced but her technique is great. Although I don't think Kherington was forced to do as much in this routine (she threw flower petals a lot) but over all the concept and performance made this number a hit!

3. Chelsea & Mark - Jazz To me this is the other couple that makes this show so incredible. I agreed with Tabitha it doesn't matter what they are given they know how to make what ever it is come to life...they tell the story perfectly. I loved seeing them do something so fun and energetic. Seriously what can these two not do???

4. Katee & Josh - West Coast Swing OK so this routine was not as good as the routine Benji made up last year. However I thought once again Katee and Josh showed there versatility and chemistry. I enjoyed the performance.

5. Chelsea & Mark - Fox Trot this dance is usually not very fun to watch but they did a great job of entertaining us and made it look fairly effortless. I thought they handled themselves very well and you would not have known that Mark was probably very uncomfortable doing the routine.

6. Courtney & Gev - Broadway They really were believable and told this story very well. They were very animated and did the choreography perfectly. I could totally see this number on Broadway.

7. Jessica & Will - Lyrical Jazz OK so I really liked this dance and thought the shirt idea was great. Mandy Moore was able to come up with some really great moves with that shirt who knew? I started this competition not a big fan of Jessica and to be honest I am still not a big fan but COME ON they have been riding her so hard week after week. I actually thought she did a great job in this number, she was believable to me. Every time her and Will dance they sing his praises and completely tear her apart. I am feeling a little like I did about David A. in American Idol this year, the judges are pushing for Will so hard and I know he is talented (more so than David A. was on AI) but come on it is so obvious he is the judges favorite...

8. Courtney & Gev - Hip Hop I thought they were really hard on Gev last night I agree that Courtney drew your attention but lets not forget she is New York Knicks dancer this is exactly the kind of dancing they do and they are picked bc they can entertain with it. Gev is a break dancer that is much different from hard hitting hip hop. I thought they both did a great job of entertaining.

9. Kherington & Twitch - Paso Doble OK so they did a pretty good job with this once again I hated Kherington's facial expressions they were way to forced and just over the top. Also I think back to last years Paso Doble with Sabra and Neil it blew me away and this once was just good...not great.

10. Comfort & Thayne - Smooth Waltz OK so I hated hated the music I thought it was so boring it really made me want to fast forward through the dance but I didn't and I am glad. The lift in the middle of the dance was so great he held her for what seemed like an eternity and did it with ease. I thought there were some really strong moments in this dance but overall probably NOT enough to keep them out of the bottom three tonight.

11. Jessica & William - Jive To be honest I don't remember much about this performance which is NOT good. It means it probably wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. What I do remember for sure was that the judges LOVED Will and hated Jessica, surprise surprise.

12. Kourtni & Matt - Hip Hop AWKWARD. I swear these two always look uncomfortable and awkward through out there routines. I think that they are both really good in there own genre's especially Kourtni but I think there time is wearing thin.

13. Kourtni & Matt - Mambo I thought the same thing as the previous dance awkward and missed some steps. I was bored.

14. Comfort and Thayne- Broadway I hate to say it but these two are really in trouble tonight. I thought they did an OK job but I agree with Nigel that it is too far in the competition to be saying "That was good for a Hip Hop dancer" it should just be good no matter what, and it wasn't.

OK so Michael and I were talking last night and when it gets down to the final 6 or so it will probably be the best top 6 So You Think You Can Dance has ever had. YAY....


My Bottom three prediction:

Kourtni and Matt
Jessica and Will
Comfort and Thayne (these two I believe are probably going home)

How are you routing for??? Who do you think had the best/worst performances last night??

90210 Update:

Shannen Doherty in talks to return to the famous zip code. Shannen is in talks with network/producers to reprieve her role of Brenda Walsh... apparently it is going to take a lot of money and good story lines for her to be on board but the amount of viewers it will bring in might be worth it. As far as the feuds between Shannen and follow cast mate Jeannie Garth, Jeannie says they are adults now and she is completely fine with Shannen returning to the zip code. This could be a great reunion. Also Tori Spelling was set to reprise her role as Donna Martin, her debut has been pushed back due to the fact that she just had a C-Section a few weeks ago but don't worry Donna will be returning in later episodes.

The Bachelorette:

OK so I am going to just copy this straight from Buddy TVs website bc it is so interesting to me. Jeremy did an interview and this is a tid-bit of what he had to say:

He (Jeremy) claims that DeAnna was different when they saw each other again at the taping. “She's normally really sweet with everybody,” he said. “Something was very off on ‘The Men Tell All’. Maybe she was bitter or maybe she's ready for it to be over." He said that he saw some things that America didn’t, during the taping, but was asked by ABC not to elaborate. Jeremy was asked who he thought would win next Monday but he only gave this cryptic answer: "I have a good idea. It's pretty clear to me. She all but told us. Some of the comments she made about the [final two] guys made it painfully obvious as to whom she was picking … and I do mean painfully."

I really don't like DeAnna and think she is so cocky and all about herself. I think she is going to pick Jesse next week but then again they always try to confuse us so who knows??

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Shelley said...

Let me start of by asking "WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY MAKING CAT DEELEY WEAR?" To me, the outfits she had the last two shows are so terrible they are distracting. First, it was the bed ruffle. And now, the clown costume? She is a beautiful, thin, and tall girl. I would hate to imagine what they would put me in!

I am a HUGE HUGE Chelsea/Mark fan. I could watch a whole show of just them. I agree, SB. There are only a few coreographers I enjoy. Mia is one of them (even though I am not crazy about her sometimes). I am still in love with the Leona Lewis routine she did last week! I think the bottom 3 are:
Kourtni and Matt
Comfort and Thayne
Jessica and William

I don't know what to think about the Bachelorette. I think two sweet guys are left and I hate to see Deanna with either of them. It's hard to say who she will pick because it is so deceiving. The cameras have full control. Of course I swore last year after Brad that I would never watch the show ever again. (I only did that with one other show, Big Brother, but have managed to keep true to that one.)

LMilky said...

I was a big Deanna fan in the beginning but now I'm just so "meh" about her. I agree she has gotten cocky. She is so in love with the idea of being in love that maybe she is being TOO careful or controlling. I hate when girls break up with a guy because he is "too perfect" such as Jeremy. I understand that she doesn't want to confuse the both losing a parent bond with real love but I just can't believe she let him go just based on that... I mean doesn't that bond mean something more than just coincidence. Whatever... I think she is should pick Jesse because Jason can find someone better... sorry De and no offense Jesse.