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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, July 7

We won't see a reunion of Dylan & Kelly :(


Don't expect to see Dylan McKay on the 90210 spin off. He said on Regis & Kelly he has done that and will not go back. So even though there will be a return of Kelly Taylor who in the series finale of BH 90210 got back together with Dylan much to the delight of viewers we will probably not see the two together in the spin off. Dylan did say in a recent interview with TV guide that he is not surprised that Shannen Doherty is thinking of returning...he said "If Shannen wants to work I think that is a good place for her." Is that a jab or a compliment??

Desperate Housewives:

On the series finale of Desperate Housewives we fast forwarded 5 years and saw that Mike & Susan were no longer together (gasp), but don't get too sad bc Mike is not gone from Wisteria Lane for good. James Denton confirms that his character will be back, he is not sure to what extent but Mike is not out of the picture for good. YAY

So You Think You Can Dance:

The following is TV Guides Power Rankings: (Note: I don't agree with this 100% but some of it is right on).

1. Joshua
2. Twitch
3. Will (I don't really agree with this one)
4. Mark (I think he would be one spot lower for me)
5. Katee (I would put her third)
6. Chelsie (way to far down for me I think she is atleast number 2 maybe tied for the top spot)
7. Kherington
8. Gev
9. Courtney (I would put Courtney above Kherington and Gev)
10. Thayne
11. Jessica
12. Comfort

I think I confused you above so the following would be my list:

1. Joshua (tie)
1. Chelsea (tie)
3. Katee
4. Twitch
5. Mark
6. Will
7. Courtney
8. Kherington
9. Gev
10. Jessica
11. Thayne
12. Comfort

What does your list look like???