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Wednesday, July 23

Top 8 Power Rankings

So You Think You Can Dance:

I am going to list a couple power rankings from sources and then ofcourse MINE. Tell me your thoughts and comments.

TV Guide:

8. Comfort
7. Courtney
6. Twitch
5. Mark
4. Chelsie
3. Josh
2. Katee
1. Will

Buddy TV:

8. Comfort
7. Mark
6. Courtney
5. Chelsie
4. Twitch
3. Katee
2. Josh
1. Will

Happy Watching:

8. Comfort
7. Mark
6. Courtney
5. Twitch
4. Will
3. Chelsie
2. Katee
1. Josh

The Match Ups:

On Buddy TV they did a match up from the dancers last season and this seasons show...I have listed the match-up and who they said was the winner along with my comments (in yellow). What are your comments??? Who do you think are clear winners?

Sara vs. Comfort: Winner- Sara AGREED

Neil vs. Mark: Winner - Neil AGREED

Courtney vs. Jamie: Winner - Courtney DISAGREE I think this is a tie...does anyone remember Jamie's great lines and how great she even did with hip hop, plus she had the best routine of the show last year, too close to call a clear winner!

Chelsie vs. Lacey: Winner - Lacey COMPLETELY DISAGREE, I was never on the Lacey band wagon last year...I did not feel a connection with her and Cameron (which buddytv talks about) I think the CLEAR winner hear is Chelsie she has not had a bad number yet!

Twitch vs. Hok: Winner- Twitch AGREED but I love me some Hok.

Josh vs. Dominic: Winner - Tie DISAGREE as much as I love Dominic I think Josh is the clear winner here, he has shown so much more technique over the season. Winner Josh.

Katee vs. Sabra: Winner - Katee DISAGREE I think it is atleast a tie...Sabra was so wonderful last season we were all routing for her but Katee might be a stronger dancer...I love them both for me it is a tie.

Will vs. Danny: Winner - Will AGREED this is a no brainer for me Danny was so cocky last year it made me sick.

On a completely different note in a recent interview Josh said he was "seeing someone" I wonder if him and Katee are seeing each other. If not I feel bad for the girl he is seeing given how he talks about Katee..."Isn't she gorgeous, she is beautiful" etc etc plus he has planted a couple kisses on her check and I don't think it was always part of the routine....It leaves one to wonder...hmmm???

Highest Paid TV Actors:

Among the highest were Charlie Sheen ($20 mil) for his role in Two and a half Men and Katherine Heigl ($13 mil) her her role in Grey's Anatomy. Movie actors ofcourse put these numbers to same highest paid male actor Will Smith ($80 mil) and female Cameron Diaz ($50 mil). For other celebs that ranked high click on the link below.


John Pond said...

HAHAHAA, seriously! You watch WAY TOO much tv!!! But your still cool, kinda... Hope to see you and the guy that always makes fun of my high school mullet in New Wind!

Johnny Pondzie

Sarah Beth said...

YAY John Pond!!!! I am the coolest!!!

Sarah Beth said...
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katie said...

i am commenting because i love you sarah beth! i like your SYTYCD rankings and i am ready for comfort to go home!