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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, August 22

Will there ever be another LOST?

My husband and I are in a TV lull. We can’t find a TV show that we both love! Ok well that is not entirely true. We both love Parenthood and Modern Family, A LOT! However we want to get back into a show we will be able to watch on DVD. We don’t want to have to wait a week to watch each show. Here are the problems we are having finding a show we can both enjoy:

1. I have A LOT of shows! As boring as some of my current shows are, I don’t give up on watching shows. I am really weird and once I start a show I finish it. Since fall TV is about to start back up I don’t want to add anything to my list unless I am going to LOVE it. Right now I will be watching: Desperate Housewives (final season), Brothers & Sisters, 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Parenthood, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Office and other shows rotate in like American Idol, The Bachelor, SYTYCD, Mad Men, and The Challenge.

2. Plot Lines – Michael tends to want to watch shows like “The Wire” “The Sopranos” “Breaking Bad”…. Do we see a trend here? I want to watch shows like, well the ones I listed above. I broke down and finally agreed on watching Mad Men and it has been pretty good. It is slow and the characters took me a while to have any connection with but after 4 seasons I am finally there. I started The Wire and I can appreciate it as good TV but it isn’t something I am on the edge of my seat to see. I mean I haven’t watched an episode in like 3 or 4 weeks and frankly I don’t miss it. I like to watch shows where I feel a real connection to the characters, where I feel for them. I also like there to be something that is up lifting. When a show is centered on the drug ring I just have a hard time watching those children get swallowed up in that life, knowing that it really happens. I know that LOST’s characters had flaws and very dark sides but there was something redeemable about each character.

3. High Expectations – Michael and I have really loved two shows together: LOST and Prison Break. We got really into Prison Break when we first got married. We would come home from work, fix dinner and sit and watch literally like 6 episodes of Prison Break. WE LOVED IT and couldn’t make ourselves stop watching. We would count down the hours until we got to see the next episode. Then when we caught up with Prison Break came LOST. LOST had been on for several years before we were introduced to it. We enjoyed watching Prison Break together and wanted another show we could both really enjoy. LOST did not disappoint. It was even more addictive than Prison Break. Prison Break’s first season was one of the best seasons of TV ever (in our opinion) but it slowly went downhill after season 1. We were invested enough in the characters to still be intrigued by the plot lines but season 1 was so good, it was hard to get past. LOST however never really disappointed us. There were dull episodes here and there but each season brought HUGE new developments, new mysteries, and new layers to the characters. They kept us on the edge of our seats until the very end. I think we are actually still waiting in anticipation, for nothing?!?! We invested a lot time in these two shows in our first years of marriage and we had so much fun watching them together. Now we want another show that we can both enjoy like these.

4. Disappointments: We have tried to watch other shows together, mainly dramas: B&S, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, The Wire, Weeds, and Arrested Development. None of them have caught both of our attention enough to make us both want to keep watching. Ok so we have had a couple shows that we both liked and watched together: Friday Night Lights and Mad Men. One is over and the other isn’t coming back until 2012! Neither of them is comparable to the way we felt about LOST or even Prison Break.

So the question is, will there ever be another show like LOST? A show we will both love, where there is enough action and suspense to keep us coming back for more, we feel such a strong connection to the characters, we can’t wait to see the next episode, we want to curl up on the couch all weekend and watch episode after episode???

Here are some shows that have been mentioned to us that we are still thinking about (none of them make BOTH of us excited):

The Good Wife

The Wire (not completely off the table yet)

The Sopranos

The West Wing

Breaking Bad

Big Love

Please share your thoughts on these shows or any others you think we NEED to watch!