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Friday, February 27


I am so upset today because my boy Matt Giraud didn' t make it through last night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he makes it through to the next round. There are so many great things about Matt and I think he is exactly what the producers and judges of American Idol want...HE WOULD SELL RECORDS... In his three auditions that we saw he showed us three different sides to him. Please watch the three videos below and then tell me that Kris Allen should have made it over him...Really?!?!

Kris Allen fans before you start hating on me I want you to know I like Kris Allen right now and think he did sound good the other night but I just don't think he is nearly as good as Matt but he may surprise me. Hopefully the judges will see in Matt what I see which is potential and money for them!

What are your thoughts on last nights elimination??

Thursday, February 26

American Idol Group 2

It is so interesting how American Idol works out… Last week I thought the group was filled with some of the best and then they sang and I had a hard time picking three to move forward. Then this week I saw the list and felt only a couple had a shot and when they sang I walked away confused as to who would get put through. It is pretty obvious in my opinion that the top girl and boy going through tonight is Adam Lambert (ugh) and Allison Iraheta. I think the third spot is a little trickier. Let’s review the performances:

Jasmine – Love Song

I liked Jasmine in the beginning and I know she has a lot of fans out there but I thought she was definitely forgettable. I couldn’t even remember what she sang and had to look it up which is really bad because I usually remember what EVERYONE sings! Anyways I didn’t think it was awful but it wasn’t very good either. I think she is out tonight for good. The first one on my personal top 12 list that I feel is OUT.

Matt Giraud – Viva La Vida
When he started the song I thought he sounded pretty good and I can tell if he was sitting at his piano singing that part he would have rocked it but then it went all over the place. I agree with the judges somewhat that his vocals are suited for more soulful songs HOWEVER I believe if he had picked a different Coldplay song that wasn’t as high energy that he may have done really well. I think America likes him and will remember “Georgia on My Mind” from Hollywood, and if they don’t the judges WILL!! His journey is not over yet!

Jeanine Vailes – This Love

We had no idea who she was going into last night and I don’t think anyone is impressed. Not getting any screen time can kill you this year due to the new set up BUT some people have proven why they were chosen for the top 36 (Kris Allen and Ricky Braddy) she did not. Jeanine is definitely gone tonight.

Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle) – “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”
WOW WOW WOW!!! It was definitely entertaining!!! When he went in front of the judges and hugged on the American Idol sign I couldn’t take it - hilarious! One thing is for sure he gives it his all and like the judges said he is a performer. He has a lot of fans and might shock America and win the third spot but I doubt it. Norman Gentle made us laugh while it lasted but I think he is going home.

Allison Iraheta – Alone

I said before she is the girl getting put through tonight for sure. She did a great job with the song, and her stage presence was outstanding. I of course am somewhat partial to Carly’s version of Alone from last season but I loved her. I think Allison could be really great or she could fall apart when they get to themed weeks, we will see!

Any excuse to plug my girl!

Kris Allen – Man in the Mirror

Ok so this is a tough one…. I think he sang the song well, he hit the notes and put himself fully into the song BUT when you do a Michael Jackson song you better rock it!!! Last year when David Cook sang Billie Jean it went down as quite possibly the best performance in American Idol history, which is what you have to do if you choose Michael Jackson. However Kris can sing and I think Simon is right that the girls are going to love him. If for some reason he makes it through tonight or with the wild card it is possible that he will take over the teen girls votes, which we all know can take you far, cough cough David Archuletta.
Megan Corkrey – Put Your Records On

She picked the perfect song for her! I thought the beginning of her performance was great and I completely agree that she is relevant. Her “style” is very popular right now with Amy Whinehouse, Duffy, etc. and I think the judges really like that, it means she could sell records. I agreed with Simon that she was screaming towards the end of her song. She has a shot at the third place spot but I think the judges will keep her around for the Wild Card Show.
Matt Breitzke – If You Could Only See

I love this song but I agreed with the judges BORING. I had high hopes for Matt and even had him on my “ones to watch” list but I am afraid he is gone after tonight.

Jessica Langseth – Bette Davis Eyes

I can’t get a good read on her, sometimes I love her attitude and sometimes it rubs me wrong but overall I liked her song choice but I am not sure America did. I definitely think she is in the fight for the third spot but I am worried if she doesn’t get the third spot that the judges may not keep her around.

Kai Kalama – What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

BORING BORING BORING! I really likes Kai’s attitude but this guy picked the wrong song. He sang it well but it definitely wasn’t memorable. He is gone.

Mishavonna Henson – Drops of Jupiter

I really liked her rendition of this song! I thought her voice sounded cool and different but I think with the judges comments America is not going to agree with me and she will have to hope to stay around for the Wild Card round.

Adam Lambert – Satisfaction

OVER-RATED!!!! I think he is definitely the boy making it through to the next round tonight. I thought he gave a good performance and the last few lines of the song were really good but I agree with Simon some parts in the beginning were not good. Also I agree with Cara that he probably has done to much Broadway because every time he takes the stage I feel he is VERY theatrical and it is uncomfortable to watch. I think he will fall sooner than people think.

Run Down:

Girl – Allison Iraheta
Boy – Adam Lambert
Third – Jesse Langseth, Matt Giraud, or Megan Corkrey

Wild Card Possibilities:

Who do you think will make it through to the top 12?

Happy Watching

Wednesday, February 25

Oh What A Night!!

Tonight two of my favorite shows “right now” are coming on..YAY!!! American Idol and Lost are both new tonight and since the presidential address took over Idol’s time slot last night we are watching the next 12 perform tonight.

American Idol:
Tonight the following 12 are performing for YOUR votes:

Matt Breitzke
Kris Allen
Kai Kaiama
Jeanine Vailes
Nick Mitchell
Matt Giraud
Allison Iraheta
Jessica Langeth
Mishavohna Henson
Megan Corkrey
Jasmine Murray
Adam Lambert

Out of those 12 I originally picked Matt Giraud, Megan Corkrey, Jasmine Murray and Nick Mitchell to make it to the top 12. However I hope that Nick Mitchell does not make it because even though I think he is entertaining his voice just isn’t good enough to take him to the top 12 and I think I will get sick of him really fast. Also I have Matt Breitze and Adam Lambert on my “Ones to Watch” list because depending on how they do tonight they may win over America or the Judges for a wild card. It should be interesting to see which ones rise and which ones fall.


Who are your picks for tonight?


I don’t write much about Lost on my blog because frankly it overwhelms and intimidates me. I read all these other blogs about Lost and these people are way smarter than I am so once in a while I will post a link to their blog. But I do want to say that as much as I don’t like the “time travel” right now I am so intrigued by the parallels the writers are throwing at us. In the beginning I hated the whole “faith vs. science” but now that we are digging deeper into the faith side of things I love it so much more. I usually hate sci-fi and think it is silly BUT I think it is a great way to show people what faith is…"believing in something you can’t see” and frankly something that doesn’t make “scientific” sense. It is much easier for me to watch the “smoke monster” when in some way I can relate it to demons in our lives that are trying to keep us from our ultimate goal. I have no idea if that is what the smoke monster is suppose to symbolize but I am just saying that learning some of the meanings behind the writing are starting to make the random “sci-fi” things easier to stomach.

If you aren’t a lost watcher then you should definitely rent season one and get started because it is a great show that will keep her mind guessing and thinking!


The CW has officially renewed the following 6 shows for next season:




Gossip Girl

America's Next Top Model

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill may be returning without Chad Michael Murray bc his contract is still up in the air. I for one would not be very sad if his character did not return because I don't really like him BUT I don't know what the show be like without him since he is the central character of the show.

Privileged is still on the bubble of renewal and has not been officially canceled or renewed. Here is hoping that this sticks around for a second season!

Wednesday, February 18

Whoo Hoo!!!

I am so excited because I just read an article that said that two of my VERY favorites from last season (maybe the two best vocalists) will be singing a duet tonight on the idol elimination, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns. I can't wait to hear them, it is nice to have them back!

Happy Watching

Who's Coming Out On Top???

American Idol:

I have so much to say about American Idol I don't even know where to begin... America is sending three contestants through each week:

1. Girl With the Most Votes
2. Guy With the Most Votes
3. Overall 3rd Most Votes (could be guy or girl, we don't know yet if the judges will try to even it out with the Wild Cards)

Last Night's Performances:

Jackie - A Little Less Conversation
I don't get her, but for some reason the judges and maybe America really like her so it is possible that she gets a Wild Card but I don't think anything about this performance was great. Her stage presence was good but that is something that usually does improve with contestants as they get use to the process. Overall I don't think she gets voted through but she might be up for the Wild Card depending on how the other weeks progress.

Ricky - A Song For You
I feel kind of bad for Ricky because he has had NO face time thus far. He is the only one in this group that we haven't seen anything on. Vocally he may be the best of the night, but the song choice was somewhat boring in my opinion. I definitely don't think America is going to vote him through right now since there are so many early favorites in his group but he definitely has a shot at the wild card.

Alexis - Never Loved a Man
She might be may favorite girl of the season! I love how she is this tiny little girl with a great big voice... She clearly takes what the judges say to heart ("dirtying herself up") which really could work in her advantage. I didn't love her song choice but I think she is 100% the girl getting through this week.

Brent- Hicktown
The song says it all!! I am not a big country fan so maybe the "country fans" will appreciate this performance but I thought it was awful...vocally he was ok but it was very boring and didn't show us much. This is the week where you come out a bring everything you got to the table and this song choice didn't do him any favors...I originally had him as an alternate for my top 12...I take it back, he is gone tonight.

Stevie - You Belong to Me
Poor Stevie, I honestly have no idea what she was thinking. She was definitely an early favorite among the girls and last night she fell apart. The song choice was awful and her vocals weren't great either. I hate to say it but she didn't get America's vote and I think that performance lost her a chance in the Wild Card spots.

Anoop- Angel of Mine
Anoop is such a interesting guy to me...his vocals are good and he is a sweet, lovable guy. I love the way he presents himself, so well mannered. I think America really likes him and so even though his vocals weren't great he has a chance at the "3rd most votes" spot. If he doesn't make it through on votes this week I am worried that the judges won't save him. But you never know some more of the early favorites might fall apart in weeks to come and Anoop might rise to the top.

Casey - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Awful...the worst of the night for sure. She is a pretty girl but I don't think that was enough to get her through. Plus her facial expressions were awkward and uncomfortable to watch. She is done!

Michael - I Don't Wanna Be
I really hated this song choice for him bc I really like him. However the judges were right that is a popular song that people like but his vocals didn't wow us. HOWEVER he is one of the few contestants that has already had a couple opportunities to prove his vocals. I think him and Anoop are going to duke it out for the "3rd most votes" and if Anoop wins Michael still has a shot at the Wild Card spot.

Anne Marie - Natural Woman
I am going to give Anne Marie props for actually coming out and laying it all on the line. This is a huge song and her vocals didn't quite measure up but she held her own. I think she definitely gave it her best shot. I don't think her comments towards Kara at the end will help her gain any votes. I believe she is done as well but she gave it her all which I can respect.

Please watch the clip below of Kelly Clarkson's performance of Natural Woman:

Stephen - Rock With You
He was 100% forgettable last night. I don't have much to say except he was given a second, third, ...chance and blew it.

Tatiana - Saving All My Love for You
Do we think she is crazy?? Or bi-polar??? I am so confused and intrigued by this girl. I am almost at a complete loss of is very erry. All that being said her vocals aren't bad and the song choice was probably just right for her. Overall I don't think America is buying it and she won't receive the votes to get through. The judges might still see potential in her and drama which makes for good tv....who knows?

Danny - Hero
He is the favorite of the night. America loves him, and his back story is so touching. He has a great ear for music and I think we are going to find him making smart song choices week after week. He knows his vocals and he knows what he is capable of, I am excited to see him in this competition. He definitely will be America's favorite boy this week.

1. Danny- Boy
2. Alexis - Girl
3. Michael or Anoop

Still have hope for Wild Card:
Michael (if he doesn't beat Anoop)

The Bachelor:
We are down to the final two on The Bachelor and there are no big surprises that Molly and Melissa are the final two. However Chris Harrison left us on the edge of our seats last week.... I think all of America is wondering what is going to go down on the finale. I am pretty sure we all know that he isn't going to pick DeAnna, right? I also was pretty confident that I knew who he was going to pick after seeing some spoilers on the Internet, duh! But now I am all confused...and I am sure ABC is loving it! Here is what I know forsure:

February 23 (Next Week) - 2 hour "The Women Tell All"
On this episode they are bringing back some of the "most memorable" bachelorettes for the season which is always a lot of drama and fun to watch. Also they are going to be interviewing some of the old bachelor and bachlorette favorites from past seasons... could be interesting. Finally Chris is going to be sitting down with Jason and asking him the questions that "America" really wants to know.

March 2 - The Bachelor Finale & After the Final Rose (immediately following the finale)
We know he proposes to someone right?? They definitely show him getting on knee and proposing...Also he has said in recent interviews that he IS engaged. So what is all the drama?? I myself am so confused.

The After the Final rose will air after the finale and their is NO studio audience...

“What you are about to witness is so dramatic and emotionally difficult, we decided that out of respect to the parties involved, to keep the taping of tonight’s show as intimate as possible.”

...HMMM I am intrigued forsure...ABC you have my attention. I hope you aren't reading this looking for answers bc I am just as lost as you are....

March 3 - Another After the Rose???
One of my friends (Thanks Laura!) forwarded me Chris Harrison's blog and it is very interesting this week...however it doesn't explain everything.

Do any of you have any guesses to what all the drama could be??

Where are all the CW shows and when are they going to start airing new episodes??? I have the run down below:

Gossip Girl - New episodes returning March 16...Ahh I can't wait to see what goes down between Dan and Mrs. Car.

One Tree Hill - New episodes returning March 16 (I am just guessing this one I haven't seen a date yet).

90210 - New episodes return March 31

Privileged - Season Finale February 24 (We don't know forsure that it will return next season).

Monday, February 16

American Idol - TOP 12

Don't worry this isn't a spoiler of any sort - obviously since we haven't even started voting yet BUT I have been working on my top 12. I must admit that this was a difficult list to make due to screen time, background info, and performances. There are about 16 people that I could see making it to the top so I had to narrow it down. PLUS this list is not a reflection of my PERSONAL top 12 but who I think American will vote for OR who will win wild cards if they aren't voted in by America:

1. Michael Sarver:

2. Matt Giraud (One of my early favorites)

3. Junot Juyner

4. Danny Gokey (One of my early favorites)

5. Alexis Grace (One of my early favorites)

6. Megan Corkrey

7. Jasmine Murray

8. Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle)

9. Anoop Desai

10. Scott McIntyre

11. Arianna Afsar

12. Lil Rounds

Here are my "alternates" for the top 12, if I missed one I think one of these three will take their place. Also you will notice I have 5 girls and 7 guys listed above, since we don't know the layout this year I am just picking straight up the top 12. Next you see NORMAN GENTLE on my list...this one is up in the air for sure I have heard so many people talking about how much they love him and how much he adds to the show BUT are these the people that will actually pick up the phone and vote. Only time will tell.....

Matt Breitzke:

Stevie Wright

Brent Keith

Friday, February 13


Grey's Anatomy:Shondra Rhimes is "setting the record straight" saying that Heigl and Knight are not leaving Grey's and that the rumors are laughable! I guess only time will tell if she is trying to cover up future plot lines on the show or if this really is just a rumor.

What do you think, are heigl and knight leaving the show???

Thursday, February 12

Let's Break it Down- Joanna's OUT!!!

American Idol:

The top 36 were announced last night on American Idol, the list is below:

Matt Breitzke
Michael Sarver
Kris Allen
Anne Marie Boskovich
Kai Kalama
Jeanine Vailes
Nathaniel Marshall
Tatiana del Toro
Jackie Tohn
Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle)
Stephen Fowler
Brent Keith
Jorge Nunez
Matt Giraud
Junot Juyner
Ricky Braddy
Danny Gokey
Allison Irahetta
Jessica Langeth
Lil Rounds
Scott McIntyre
Alexis Grace
Kristen McNamara
Kendall Beard
Joanna Pacitti (disqualified - see UPDATE below)
Stevie Wright
Michavonna Henson
Megan Corkey
Casey Carlson
Arianna Afsar
Jasmine Murray
Taylor Vaifanua
Adam Lambert
Alex Wagner-Truman
Von Smith
Anoop Desai

I know some people really hated the sing offs and at some points I did but overall I think it was a good mix up on American Idol's part. However most of the people that were in sing offs I didn't really care if either made it except Matt Breitzke (construction worker) and Michael Sarver (Oil rig guy). I really liked both these guys and am glad they both made it...if I had been keeping count I would have known at the end that they both made it. There were definitely some hits and misses last night....MOST of my early favorites made it to the top 36 the only two that I liked at the beginning that didn't make it are Jamar and Frankie. I thought both of them deserved to make it over several that they put through, however when Frankie made her comments about "are there really 8 girls that are better than me?" It made her sound really cocky and I hate to break it to Frankie but there are eighteen girls better....I should probably watch that back, maybe that is what she said...Anyways overall there aren't many that I really thought should make it that didn't HOWEVER there are several that did make it that I really thought SHOULD NOT: Kristen McNamara, Kendall Beard (I believe she definitely made it on looks), Von Smith, and of course TATIANA del TORO....I have no idea what the judges were thinking putting her through she is probably the most annoying person to ever be on American Idol. Maybe the producers think Tatiana adds drama but I believe and HOPE she will be gone after next week. If Tatiana is still around after next week I think it will back fire on Idol and more people will tune out than tune in...ESPECIALLY if she gets on "VOTE FOR THE WORST" it will be bad!!!!

Now lets talk about next week, I am very sad!!! I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I am not happy with AI going back to the old way of voting for the top 12, and after looking at the first group I am extremely unhappy!!!

Group 1:

Michael Sarver
Anne Marie Boskovich
Tatiana del Toro
Jackie Tohn
Stephen Fowler
Brent Keith
Ricky Braddy
Danny Gokey
Alexis Grace
Stevie Wright
Casey Carlson
Anoop Desai

I really like 4 people in this group: Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace, Anoop Desai and my favorite Danny Gokey! There are others in this group that I think should make it passed next week over others.... I don't know what was wrong with splitting up the guys and girls and eliminating two each week...that way the bottom people get cut each week!!! I don't like cutting 8 each week! That is will be very interesting to see how this plays out. The first group is 12 which seems to mean that there will be three groups of 12... The following is the only explanation I found as to how the top 12 will be picked (maybe 3 from each group and then 3 wild cards???). I am nervous!

"A bigger semi-final round. Instead of having the top 24 contestants, the show will instead showcase the top 36 contestants, if only to focus further on the better singers this year. Also, the wild card round will return, which means singers eliminated from this round still have a chance to make it to the top 12. As Fox executives pointed out, it's to add a bit of unpredictability."


I read the following on Buddy TV today:

As this article was published, Fox released a statement confirming that Felicia Barton is, indeed, part of American Idol's top 36. "It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition," it said. Sources have told the Los Angeles Times that the decision was made to "avoid the appearance of impropriety"; tabloids have reported of a private relationship between Pacitti and executives of 19 Entertainment.

What do you think about the top 36?? Did your favorite get eliminated last night?

Desperate Housewives:
Edie Britt is leaving Wisteria Lane. Nicolette Sheridan's reps said she had a great time on the show and is excited about future projects. Her last episode will air in April but the season finale is not until May. No word yet on how she will be exiting the show.

Lost has a lot of stuff going on right now and some story lines I love and can't wait until they play out but overall I am ready for the 6 to go back to the Island and I hope it doesn't take several more episodes for us to see it play out. The previews for next week look like they will start the adventure back so will we see them on the Island next week??? Probably not but I sure hope so. Also I was so excited that Locke finally turned the "wheel" to get off the Island...I am ready for that part to play out. I am so looking forward to the Sun/Jin reunion and the Sawyer/Kate reunion. I know that the Sun/Jin reunion won't happen for a while so I am trying not to get to anxious but it is hard.
Check out my friend Mary's blog for a detailed review of Lost episodes:

Are you enjoying the "time travel" on Lost?

Tuesday, February 10


Grey's Anatomy:

Katherine Heigl and TR Knight are officially out!!!! Izzy Stevens and George O'Malley's characters are reaching an end. Perez Hilton reports that the two are officially leaving Grey's to pursue other things in their carrers. I must say I don't see how the show is going to take their loss.... it will definitely be a hard loss to recover from. At this point it seems they may actually kill Heigl's character but then she can't come back so I am not sure they would want to do something that drastic as for George I imagine he will just "change hospitals". It is a sad day at Seattle Grace Hospital.

For more details read below:

Thursday, February 5

It Feels Good to be Right!


I just wanted to share with you the post I wrote last season after the finale of Lost. I know I was wrong about some things (mainly bc I didn't realize that there would be all the time travel which overall I am getting use to but don't LOVE).....

Posted June 5, 2008:
Lost: Just my opinion on some things...Jin is definitely NOT dead I don't believe it. Also I think that something will happen "sci-fi" with Locke and he won't really be dead or the Island will bring him back to life, since he is the chosen one. I think Michael is dead forsure! Daniel's boat picks up Jin and are lost between the Island and the exploded pieces of the boat.... They may be on another Island now. I am so glad that the people on the Island might still be alive...I HEART Sawyer. Ok that is it for now....

Happy Watching

Wednesday, February 4

Catch UP!!

So today I am playing catch up on a few shows......

The Bachelor:
Bye Bye Stephanie! We all knew it was coming we just weren't sure when. I don't think there is a single person out there that truly believed that Jason was going to end up with Stephanie. I loved what he said to her in the end and I think all the viewers agreed... Stephanie was probably the sweetest person on the show but there was NO chemistry between the two. This past week was somewhat boring because all the "drama" girls are gone. Like I said last week I really like all the girls that are left but of course I have my favorites. You can tell that the girls really do like each other and that is nice to see on this show. Now that the girls won't be living together anymore I think the drama between them is over. We just have to wait and see what drama DeAnna causes and ofcourse the families this week are sure to bring some drama. Also don't believe all the spoilers you read out there bc I read one early in the season that said Stephanie was one of the final four bc cameras were spotted in her home town, obviously this was not true.

Ok now on to the four left.... I am going to try to forget the spoiler I read of who wins and judge as a clueless viewer....

Molly - It seems she is now in the front running, however she didn't get much alone time with Jason but up until now there has been obvious chemistry between the two in my opinion she will be one of the final two.

Naomi - I don't see as much with her as I do the other girls and from the looks of next weeks preview her family isn't going to help her case. I think she is probably gone after this week. We haven't seen a strong bond form between these two.

Melissa - I think this is the other one that there is obvious chemistry with, they have had a lot of one on one time and Jason seems to be smitten with her and he let her see Ty which at this point is a big step for him. I think she will be the other one in the final two.

Jillian - She seems to be the rock in the group which could prove to be a deciding factor for Jason. Jillian seems like someone who could take on things and not get crazy overwhelmed or stressed out which would be key to moving to a new city and starting a new family. However I think it is obvious that Jason has some doubts about her and how strong her feelings are for him. She is the wild card for me if Melissa or Molly get the boot I think this is the girl that takes their place.
Right now I really like Molly, Melissa, and Jillian and each week my favorite changes... I love Jillian's cool demeanor and I think Melissa is absolutely precious.

Who are your favorites??? Who do you think Jason will give the final rose to?


My husband and I just caught up with 24 on Monday and are loving this season thus far... I can't even express my excitement of bringing the "Dream Team" back together!! For those of you who are living under a rock I am talking about: Jack, Tony, Chloe, and Bill. I think this was a brilliant idea to bring these four lovable characters back since the 6th season of 24 lacked luster and viewers, mixing it up has really taken us back to the first few seasons of 24 that we loved! I am so excited to see how things play out this season. Tony was one of my favorite characters of all time and when his character "died" it was so disappointing to me, I am so excited to have him back. I think the Janis character at the FBI is kind of dump, they are trying to hard to make her just like Chloe and we all know there is only one Chloe and she is the best. There is going to be some face to face encounters between the two later in the season and I can't wait to see how it goes down, we all know Chloe is going to dominate! I also think it was great to have Bill back leading the team... It was a shame last season he was fired and I think he is a great leader to the bunch, all though we all know who really calls the shots JACK BAUER!!!!!

How are you liking this season of 24 thus far???

Gossip Girl:
Just when I was starting to get bored with Gossip Girl this weeks episode came along and reminded me why I love this show so much...DRAMA! I was getting so bored with S & Lonely Boys on again off again relationship with all the mellow dramatic plot lines. I thought his relationship with Ms. Car was inappropriate from the very start.... And when they went to have coffee after the rumors were already swirling and she cried to him, CROSSED the line of inappropriate for sure! So when Blair sent the picture to the board I didn't feel to bad for Ms. Car bc it wasn't a professional way to behave but NOW that they have decided to keep her on staff after more consideration this is where the drama BEGINS!!!! They end the episode with Dan sleeping with Ms. Car (or so we are suppose to assume) and now that she hasn't been fired they will have to pretend it didn't happen or sneak around which I am so intrigue to see how it plays out. Will this be the end of S & Lonely boy forever? Also we know that Georgina is back at some point this season and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what trouble she stirs up. I am really not that intrigued by Chucks story line right now which is disappointing since he is one of my favorites! I don't really care what Bart was into in the past but maybe once it is revealed I will be pull in. Also I am ready for Nate and Vanessa to break up they are super boring and their relationship adds nothing to the show!

American Idol:

AGH!!! I don't understand how the "bikini girl" made it through I am so annoyed by her it will ruin the show if she makes it through.... Is anyone else as annoyed by her as I am??? I just don't like how she "thinks" she is so great- her attitude is awful!!!

Here is quote I found on Buddy TV about her:

"This is why I don't like Bikini Girl - she is not a good singer, she is incredibly arrogant, and she's really not that good-looking when, you know, she's dressed up"
Anyways some of my favorites so far made it through to the next round... The church choir teacher who lost his wife (Danny) and his friend (Jamar), the mom who sang like Amy Winehouse (Frankie), the blind guy (Scott), Anoop Desai, and Michael Castro (Jason's brother).


Does anyone know if Asa Barnes got cut last night??? There was one shot that looked like he did...He was the band teacher that sang Michael Jackson during his audition in Kansas City. I really liked him and hope he didn't already get cut!
Happy Watching