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Friday, February 13


Grey's Anatomy:Shondra Rhimes is "setting the record straight" saying that Heigl and Knight are not leaving Grey's and that the rumors are laughable! I guess only time will tell if she is trying to cover up future plot lines on the show or if this really is just a rumor.

What do you think, are heigl and knight leaving the show???


TBG said...

so what do you think about Sadie leaving? honestly, i was proud of george for calling her out and expecting some integrity from her... i didnt care for her too much, so i'm not upset she's gone...

i'm not sure if i think izzy and george are leaving... i think that Sadie mixed up the blood samples for izzy and that lady.... meaning, izzy has the cancer markers and the lady was anemic... i'm interested to see what happens... also think that izzy has a tumor in her brain pressing on optic nerve or something b/c she didnt see the scissors and her depth perception was off when alex was handing her the tape. thoughts??

Sarah Beth said...

Taylor love all your thoughts.. great insight!!! I definitely think Izzy is gone and I believe George is probably gone as well...As I said before I think Izzy will be more permanente but George will leave with a door open to return. My experience in these kinds of things is that usually a rumor doesn't start from nothing, USUALLY!!!

I think Sadie's character brought nothing exciting to the story was time for her exit. I really don't have much to say about her...but you definitely are on to something with her mixing up Izzy and the other womans labs...hmmm.