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Wednesday, February 18

Who's Coming Out On Top???

American Idol:

I have so much to say about American Idol I don't even know where to begin... America is sending three contestants through each week:

1. Girl With the Most Votes
2. Guy With the Most Votes
3. Overall 3rd Most Votes (could be guy or girl, we don't know yet if the judges will try to even it out with the Wild Cards)

Last Night's Performances:

Jackie - A Little Less Conversation
I don't get her, but for some reason the judges and maybe America really like her so it is possible that she gets a Wild Card but I don't think anything about this performance was great. Her stage presence was good but that is something that usually does improve with contestants as they get use to the process. Overall I don't think she gets voted through but she might be up for the Wild Card depending on how the other weeks progress.

Ricky - A Song For You
I feel kind of bad for Ricky because he has had NO face time thus far. He is the only one in this group that we haven't seen anything on. Vocally he may be the best of the night, but the song choice was somewhat boring in my opinion. I definitely don't think America is going to vote him through right now since there are so many early favorites in his group but he definitely has a shot at the wild card.

Alexis - Never Loved a Man
She might be may favorite girl of the season! I love how she is this tiny little girl with a great big voice... She clearly takes what the judges say to heart ("dirtying herself up") which really could work in her advantage. I didn't love her song choice but I think she is 100% the girl getting through this week.

Brent- Hicktown
The song says it all!! I am not a big country fan so maybe the "country fans" will appreciate this performance but I thought it was awful...vocally he was ok but it was very boring and didn't show us much. This is the week where you come out a bring everything you got to the table and this song choice didn't do him any favors...I originally had him as an alternate for my top 12...I take it back, he is gone tonight.

Stevie - You Belong to Me
Poor Stevie, I honestly have no idea what she was thinking. She was definitely an early favorite among the girls and last night she fell apart. The song choice was awful and her vocals weren't great either. I hate to say it but she didn't get America's vote and I think that performance lost her a chance in the Wild Card spots.

Anoop- Angel of Mine
Anoop is such a interesting guy to me...his vocals are good and he is a sweet, lovable guy. I love the way he presents himself, so well mannered. I think America really likes him and so even though his vocals weren't great he has a chance at the "3rd most votes" spot. If he doesn't make it through on votes this week I am worried that the judges won't save him. But you never know some more of the early favorites might fall apart in weeks to come and Anoop might rise to the top.

Casey - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Awful...the worst of the night for sure. She is a pretty girl but I don't think that was enough to get her through. Plus her facial expressions were awkward and uncomfortable to watch. She is done!

Michael - I Don't Wanna Be
I really hated this song choice for him bc I really like him. However the judges were right that is a popular song that people like but his vocals didn't wow us. HOWEVER he is one of the few contestants that has already had a couple opportunities to prove his vocals. I think him and Anoop are going to duke it out for the "3rd most votes" and if Anoop wins Michael still has a shot at the Wild Card spot.

Anne Marie - Natural Woman
I am going to give Anne Marie props for actually coming out and laying it all on the line. This is a huge song and her vocals didn't quite measure up but she held her own. I think she definitely gave it her best shot. I don't think her comments towards Kara at the end will help her gain any votes. I believe she is done as well but she gave it her all which I can respect.

Please watch the clip below of Kelly Clarkson's performance of Natural Woman:

Stephen - Rock With You
He was 100% forgettable last night. I don't have much to say except he was given a second, third, ...chance and blew it.

Tatiana - Saving All My Love for You
Do we think she is crazy?? Or bi-polar??? I am so confused and intrigued by this girl. I am almost at a complete loss of is very erry. All that being said her vocals aren't bad and the song choice was probably just right for her. Overall I don't think America is buying it and she won't receive the votes to get through. The judges might still see potential in her and drama which makes for good tv....who knows?

Danny - Hero
He is the favorite of the night. America loves him, and his back story is so touching. He has a great ear for music and I think we are going to find him making smart song choices week after week. He knows his vocals and he knows what he is capable of, I am excited to see him in this competition. He definitely will be America's favorite boy this week.

1. Danny- Boy
2. Alexis - Girl
3. Michael or Anoop

Still have hope for Wild Card:
Michael (if he doesn't beat Anoop)

The Bachelor:
We are down to the final two on The Bachelor and there are no big surprises that Molly and Melissa are the final two. However Chris Harrison left us on the edge of our seats last week.... I think all of America is wondering what is going to go down on the finale. I am pretty sure we all know that he isn't going to pick DeAnna, right? I also was pretty confident that I knew who he was going to pick after seeing some spoilers on the Internet, duh! But now I am all confused...and I am sure ABC is loving it! Here is what I know forsure:

February 23 (Next Week) - 2 hour "The Women Tell All"
On this episode they are bringing back some of the "most memorable" bachelorettes for the season which is always a lot of drama and fun to watch. Also they are going to be interviewing some of the old bachelor and bachlorette favorites from past seasons... could be interesting. Finally Chris is going to be sitting down with Jason and asking him the questions that "America" really wants to know.

March 2 - The Bachelor Finale & After the Final Rose (immediately following the finale)
We know he proposes to someone right?? They definitely show him getting on knee and proposing...Also he has said in recent interviews that he IS engaged. So what is all the drama?? I myself am so confused.

The After the Final rose will air after the finale and their is NO studio audience...

“What you are about to witness is so dramatic and emotionally difficult, we decided that out of respect to the parties involved, to keep the taping of tonight’s show as intimate as possible.”

...HMMM I am intrigued forsure...ABC you have my attention. I hope you aren't reading this looking for answers bc I am just as lost as you are....

March 3 - Another After the Rose???
One of my friends (Thanks Laura!) forwarded me Chris Harrison's blog and it is very interesting this week...however it doesn't explain everything.

Do any of you have any guesses to what all the drama could be??

Where are all the CW shows and when are they going to start airing new episodes??? I have the run down below:

Gossip Girl - New episodes returning March 16...Ahh I can't wait to see what goes down between Dan and Mrs. Car.

One Tree Hill - New episodes returning March 16 (I am just guessing this one I haven't seen a date yet).

90210 - New episodes return March 31

Privileged - Season Finale February 24 (We don't know forsure that it will return next season).


Dana said...

Hey Sarah Beth! Since you joined in the convo on our blog, I'm joining yours! American Idol killed me last night! Coming in, I thought "how could they send how 9 of these people?" Now I think, how could they keep 3? I thought Danny did the best of anyone, but there are others I like a lot, so I'll hope they pull through despite the songs. The only girl I liked was Ann Marie, but even she wasn't that great. Am I wrong for liking Tatiana a little after last night? Poor thing...she was trying so hard to recover from her pre-semifinals personality, and she sang great!

Bravo to you for so thoroughly discussing them...I'm not so great at that. :)