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Wednesday, February 24

Ranking the Top 12 Girls

This is just my opinion of the girls last night, but overall I think they did not perform well. There were so many girls that I was excited about and most fell below what I expected. Here is how I would rank the performances from last night:

12. Haeley Vaughn- I Wanna Hold Your Hand
I thought she was very off key for majority of the song and I agree with Simon about her smiling through the entire song. Overall not good, I think she has slowly gone down hill after her first audition.

11. Ashley Rodriguez- Happy
Once again I thought Ashley was off key and I haven't been impressed with her yet.

10. Janell Wheeler- What About Love
I really like Janell and think she has a cool tone to her voice but I hated this song choice for her. Janell has more of a "Brooke White" voice and Heart is definitely more of a "Carly Smithson" song. I think it was way to big for her vocal range. I was very disappointed.

9. Paige Miles- All Right Now
I thought Paige did well on the BIG vocal parts but on the melody her voice didn't sound smooth. We don't know anything about her and she was first so it is possible that she could be in danger.

8. Lacey Brown- Landslide
I really like Lacey's tone but once again I hated this song choice. I love the Dixie Chicks version of this song and it is a great song but just doesn't fit her voice. I hope she stays around because I really like her. Unfortunately she is at the bottom of a lot of online ranking lists so she could be in danger.

7. Katie Stevens- Feeling Good
Katie has a big voice and is clearly an early favorite of the judges. I actually thought she sounded good but it was a "old" song for a young girl but they say that every year.

6. Michelle Delamor- Falling
For taking on an Alicia Keys song I thought Michelle did a great job. When she said she was singing Falling I was worried but Alicia is one of the best from this generation and she has a big voice. I thought Michelle did a great job and changed it up enough to fit her voice.

5. Siobhan Magnus- Wicked Games
I wasn't a huge fan of this song choice but she sang it really well. Siobhan was someone I was excited to see bc she is unique and her last audition really caught me off guard. I can't wait to hear more from her.

4. Didi Benami- The Way I Am
I loved her voice on this song but I didn't think she did anything that WOWed us. She sounded great but it seemed to be very easy.

3. Crystal Bowersox- Hand in My Pocket
I love her voice and her style. She is so unique to the show and I love seeing different styles on American Idol. She didn't WOW us just like Didi but I love her voice and this song so for me it was a great mix.

2. Katelyn Epperly- Oh Darling
When she made it to the top 12 I really didn't think she deserved to be in the top 12 but I was pleasantly surprised. She did have great control and her voice sounded smooth through out the entire song.

1. Lilly Scott- Fixing a Hole
Loved loved loved her voice on this song. I am not a big Beatles person (I know it is a sin) so I am not really familiar with the original but I know Beatles fans probably hated it. I think Lilly is great and completely original and confident in who she is, love her!

Monday, February 22

Top 24

American Idol's Top 24 take the stage this week for America's votes. Let's review who is in the top 24 and who the early favorites might be:

Top 12 girls:

Ashley Rodriguez
Crystal Bowersox
Didi Behami
Haley Vaughn
Janell Wheeler
Katelyn Epperly
Katie Stevens
Lacey Brown
Lilly Scott
Michelle Delamor
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus

My favorites so far are Crystal Bowersox and Didi Behami. I think AI's early favorites are Didi Behami and Katie Stevens. Who is your favorite?

Top 12 guys:

Aaron Kelly
Alex Lambert
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Jermaine Sellers
Joe Munuz
John Park
Lee Dewyze
Michael Lynche
Tim Urban
Todrick Hall
Tyler Grady

My favorite is Andrew Garcia by far and AI's favorites are Andrew and Casey James. Who is your favorite?

Tune in as the top 12 girls take the stage on Tuesday singing the top 10 tunes from Billards Hot 100 from the years 1958-1972 and 2004-2010.