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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, September 30

Trying to Keep Up!

I am trying so hard to keep up with all my shows and all the new gossip but I keep falling behind a day or two which means it just piles up really fast...I still haven't watched One Tree Hill from last night but I am excited to see how the episode turned out. Here is the news for now.

Gossip Girl:
Ok so I am simply loving GG more and more with each episode that passes...There were so many great things about last nights episode. Of course I am so biased at this point, but I love the direction that things are moving with Chuck (I feel the same way about Alex on Grey's). We got a little peek at who Chuck is last night and where some of his anger or distance comes from. I love how we got just a taste and now we are going to see some awful things come out of him. D better watch out bc no one wants an enemy like Chuck Bass! Another great thing about last nights episode was NO Vanessa, I am sorry but her character simply annoys me, however I did miss Nate in last nights episode. I love the story line right now between Blair and Serena - I want them to be friends but having the two Queen B's fighting for the title makes for much better drama! You know it is good TV when the entire show you are going back and forth between sides. I found myself jumping on B's team and S's team at various points in the show...Ultimately I am TEAM B (mainly bc I am Team CHAIR) but Blair was such a B**** last night and I loved every minute of it. I also love that J and B may have formed their own little bond at the end of the episode...but what is Jenny going to do just quit school??? Hmmm I am not sure how I feel about this story line yet. Also I am so curious when Jenny's new friend played by Willa Hollard is going to enter the picture... I am ready for her to come and cause some drama! Until next week....XOXO

Thoughts and Comments

Prison Break:
You would think it might get old watching Michael Scofield save the day over and over again..but it DOESN'T. Once again Michael thought of the greatest plans to get another card holder and get Mahone out of Jail...I was feeling bad for Mahone at first, I at least want him to kill Wyatt before he dies (which is funny bc usually I am not a supporter of the death penalty but on TV I say kill him). Anyways I loved the horse racing scene and can't wait till next weeks episode when T-Bag and Scofield are working together...what is Michael going to do???

Are you tired of watching Michael save the day over and over again?

The Hills:
Oh goodness! Is Spencer serious?? He must be putting it on for the Camera...surely no one is that rude and disrespectful to the parents of their significant other...SURELY! Do we think Holly and Heidi's mom are trying to get rid of Spencer??? I think we all hope so! Stephanie was so annoying this week, she just kept lying left and right... I am sure she was getting confused in her own web of lies! It is so funny bc if she had just asked Lauren if she could go to dinner with Doug she probably wouldn't have minded at all. Next week Holly, Heidi and Spencer have a face off and I sure hope Holly wins...Also we find out that it is true that Lauren and Heidi won't be able to mend their friendship while Spencer is still in the picture. At this point I think that Heidi is going to choose Spencer over her family and friends but maybe one day soon she will come to her senses. Also we know Audrina moves out so I am counting down the days until that episode airs.

Do you think Lauren and Heidi are ever going to become friends again?

Desperate Housewives:
The big premiere was this past weekend and it was very interesting to see where the characters were 4 years later... I was dying the entire episode to find out what happened to Mike...I knew he didn't die and I figured that the other woman in the accident died but I wasn't sure about the Child or Why that caused Mike and Susan to break up.... Obviously eventually they will get back together but the question is what drama will they endure before that day comes? I loved the part of the show where Tom kicked off the mirror of the car but had already placed an order for another mirror that was a classic moment!!! I am also sitting on the edge of my seat to find out who Edie's new husband is after...Any ideas??? I have been really thinking about it, obviously it has to be one of the main characters, right? So to me that would be Bree, Susan, Lynette, Gabbie, or Katherine...I guess it is possible that it could be Carlos, Tom or Mike but I highly doubt it so now the question is what story line could they have that would pin him against one of those characters??? I honestly am not sure... I would love any thoughts ya'll might have.

Brothers & Sisters:
So MUCH drama on B&S this week lets break it down:Tommy and Holly fire Kevin and his Law firm even though Sarah and Soul told them they didn't agree with the decision: the quote that really stood out in this situation was when Kevin told Tommy "Don't you think Dad wanted me to be part of the family business when he hired me." At first I felt a little bad for Tommy bc I know the company is struggling financially and it must be hard to make that decision but what Tommy needs to realize is that his dad started this business as a family business, to keep all the family involved... And his dad would not fire Kevin I almost think he might let the company fall before he made that decision. As far as Kitty and Sarah's fight I think it was blown up way too much. I think Sarah should have been up front with Kitty but it shouldn't cause so much anger between the two. Next Rebeca and Justin- I agree with Justin they just need to go for it bc it might be worth it in the end.

Monday, September 29

I heart Sophia Bush

This is an article from Health Magazine:

Body image means a lot to Sophia Bush, who is careful about what she sees and projects.
"It's weird: In our business, I'm a size 2 and considered curvy," the One Tree Hill actress, 26, tells Health magazine for its October issue, on sale Tuesday. "It's important to remind young women, 'Listen, even skinny girls have cellulite, even Halle Berry has cellulite, and what you see in photos isn't totally real.' "
Staying fit, she says, is "the reason I'm not a smoker or a big drinker, and it's why I'm getting more active. For me, fitness isn't about wanting to be rated with Jessica Alba on the 'Hot 100' list. I want to be able to hike the mountains of California with my grandkids."
And yet, it was not always this way. "You can look up old episodes of my show and see when I was being far too friendly with the craft-services table. Because I'm 5'4" and athletically built, if I gain five pounds it looks like a lot."
In the same vein, "I'm not a waify girl and never will be," she says. "I think it's healthy when fitness experts encourage fitness rather than getting a certain body shape. And I'm Italian – I love food. I'm not going to cut out bread and pasta and wine to be thinner."

Friday, September 26

This Weeks Shows:

Grey's Anatomy:
GA premiered last night (as I am sure most of you know). I thought the episode was kind of boring....usually during Grey's I am hooked to the screen and can't wait for the next moment. I felt the episode was kind of anti-climactic. Rose being pregnant was made into this huge deal and it was a joke that had us going for about 1 second.... And I think Rose made her final exit last night when she apologized to Derek and got on the elevator (at least she didn't fall down the elevator shaft for her exit). Next, in the preview we saw Meredith crying out and saying no... this ends up being a short dream at the beginning of the episode (which I thought was kind of stupid and mellow dramatic). Next we have Denny's return, this has been talked about all summer and once again what a let down....Maybe that won't be the last we see of him but I was extremely disappointed overall with the episode. Finally of course I am disappointed with how things went down with Alex & Izzy. I do love Alex and his misunderstood soul but I am ready for him to face his past and let us all in on who he really is.... keeping my fingers crossed this season brings more out of him.

Oh and how about the couples name being "Sarah Beth & Michael" that was random....

What did you think of the highly anticipated premiere?

Gossip Girl:
Wow I waited a long time to write about my Monday shows.... Loved it loved it loved it! I love that Serena and Dan are at war, as much as I want them to be a couple and in the end they will, it makes for a more entertaining show! Not nearly enough "Chair" in this last episode but right now I am wondering why Chuck so badly wants Blair dethroned from her spot has Queen B? Does he just want to hurt her or does he want her to need him in some way?? Hmmm still figuring that one out. Next weeks episode looks really good with Fashion week BUT the writers need to be careful with how far off the edge Serena falls bc she is suppose to be the lovable character of the show and she isn't too far from being hated (In my opinion)! S better watch her back though bc hell has no fury like Queen B's revenge! :)

Side note: Did everyone hear how Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) was caught making out with Drew Barrymore....Interesting!

One Tree Hill:
I know that the loss of Q was very tragic and we shouldn't just skim over it quickly but then again I don't want to walk away from every episode of OTH depressed so I am ready for it to pass over (only bc he is a character, obviously if he was a real person I wouldn't say to get over it, but how often we forget they aren't real). Anyways I am glad that Brooke finally opened up about her attack I just wish she would open up to her "family" about it. I was so SUPER bored with the Peyton story line this week, I am going to be honest I DON'T CARE if that guy is her dad or not.... They have dragged on Peyton's parents story lines for 4 years now and I just DON'T care!! Deb and Skills make me sick, seriously why is this even a story line??? I absolutely loved the face off between Brooke and Victoria.... The best quote "Victoria your dream came true now you have your own business and no daughter." Loved it, GO BROOKE!!! We didn't see much of Nanny Carrie and Dan this week but after the preview for next weeks episode I think we will be seeing a lot more of them. Lets talk about the preview for next week: SERIOUSLY!!!! It looked like a crummy (really crummy) horror flick, I hope it isn't as cheesy and stupid as the preview made it look... I guess we will find out soon!

Prison Break:

Ok so I am so ready for Wyatt (Bailey's Husband from Greys) to die! He is annoying to me and is just cruel. This weeks episode was pretty good.. and awesome how they got the card, Michael Scofield always has the best ideas! Ok so pretty awesome that Gretchen escaped but I don't understand what information they think she is holding, maybe info about Alex Mahone working with the Company and still being alive? Also did anyone else catch when The General was talking about Gretchen's escape he said "She always comes home" I thought maybe she is his daughter??? Maybe? Also it still weirds me out to see Lindsey from the OC on the show and playing such a scandalous secretary to T-bag, I have a feeling this is not going to end pretty for her! (See photo below of her and Ryan at Chrismukkah)
Thoughts and Comments

The Hills:
Loved Lo this episode!!! I know people are probably tired of hearing me praise Lo but now that she has gotten all the bad press I am really watching her interaction with people on the show and listening to her in interviews and I am still very much TEAM LO. This episode when Audrina and Lo run into Heidi at the club Audrina was all chatty with Heidi and she even met up with her the next day! Lo stuck up for her friend and felt very uncomfortable with the whole situation. Also Lo and Audrina went to the club together and from what we saw Audrina totally turned her back to Lo and ignored her. I understand that Audrina and Heidi were friends and she has the freedom to be nice to Heidi, I don't really have a problem with that...what I do have a problem with is that when she is with Heidi she talks down about Lauren (she isn't positive, too much drama etc.) then when she is with Lauren she talks about how she doesn't really like Heidi.... Don't like this at all.... I think she is just trying to stay in the drama to keep her pay checks coming.... Meanwhile Lo is truly Lauren's best friend and has Lauren's back during all the chaos!Now lets break down the whole Stephanie saga.... I don't think it is the end of the world for her to go on a date with Doug, since it seems Lauren and Doug's relationship wasn't that intense...HOWEVER...Stephanie should have definitely ok'd it with Lauren first and maybe waited longer (however...we don't really know how much time passed in between).... I think this is extremely sketchy on Stephanie's part, plus saying oh if Lauren finds out we will just tell her we are friends (HELLO you are being filmed, stupid). Anyways it will be interesting to see how Stephanie climbs out of this hole.

Do you think Stephanie was wrong going out with Doug?

Project Runway:
Seriously Kenley has to GO!! I know some of you are big fans of hers and majority of the time I really enjoy her designs but she is so arrogant and rude! Someone told me she is just confident and that is what it takes to be a designer BUT there is a big difference in being confident and just being a B****! On next weeks episode when she said "I wasn't trying to be elegant Heidi" WHAT!!! I really want her to get kicked off ASAP. I really like Leanne and Jerrell, Corto is not my favorite bc she always seems annoyed and tired but I usually really like her designs. Oh and I hated this weeks theme....Just because I really didn't like any of the outfits!!! Boo for the music theme.

Who is your favorite?

America's Next Top Model:

Isis is out! I agree with the judges 100% on this one.... her pictures have been average and like I said last week when she is in the room she doesn't present herself/himself like a model. I think this was the right decision. I was a little sad to see Hannah go, bc I liked her but her walk was terrible! I think my favorite is Analeigh but I also like Samantha and Laurens pics thus far!

The Island:
The other day I was seems most of the people these days on the challenges that call themselves "Vets" aren't Vets to me and I started to wonder why? Well Here is what I came up with: the original Vets or cast consisted of people like: Beth, Veronia, Rachel, Mike, Mark, Julie, Coral etc.... These people are truly Vets to me and that is bc they started doing the Challenges anywhere from 6-10 years ago (that is a long time)....During the first years of the show it would air once every year and sometimes just every other year so a lot of time passed between challenges....Ever since 2004 they have been doing 2 Challenges a year which means some people now have done 4 challenges in 2 years which make them technically a "Vet" even though they still seem like fresh meat to me! Does that make sense??? Plus I am just sad to see the torch being passed from the previous Vets to the "new vets" including: Johnny, Kenny, Robyn, Tina, CT, Diem, Brad etc. I would love to see a return from Timmy, Coral, Mike, Mark, Veronica, or Alton. This season I was behind the true Vets to me which included: Abram, Rachel, and Derrick... but two of them are already gone so I am pulling for Derrick!!! Also I would love to see a return of Wes to the Challenge especially if Johanna was on it bc I think that would cause lots of Drama and we all know that is what the show is about!!! Get to work MTV that is what we are hoping for next go round.

On to the episode...I was sad to see Rachel go...Robyn is all talk and always has been... she always fronts like she is a big competitor but never proves it in the challenges (I consider her kind of the new "Beth") next I can't believe Kelly Ann beat Rachel...Rachel has always been so hard core but Kelly Ann is small and limber which I think helped her in this competition. Rachel's presence on this season gauntlet was so low key....she is usually in the center of all the drama...I guess she has grown up a lot since her days with Veronica. I bet this was Rachel's last time to compete.... Bye Rachel, another Vet bites the dust!

Monday, September 22

Monday's Thoughts

I haven't written in days... this will all stop very soon since MOST of my shows will be back on by the middle of next week!!! I have a few thoughts to share from some shows last week that I haven't shared yet.

Ok so last week I wrote a post of this subject and somehow it got deleted! By now hopefully everyone is caught up and knows that Dylan is the babydaddy! I was excited to hear this news but in no way shocked. It would have been weird and disappointing for it to be anyone else. The sad part about it is that Luke Perry is refusing to return to the show, boo! We can still keep our fingers crossed that they will find his buying price! As far as the rest of the episode goes...pretty boring, I am not drawn into the story lines just yet.
Also Annie and Silver are being attacked for their weight by producers and co-stars. The rumor is that their co-stars are going to have a sit down with the girls about their weight. Also the other rumor is that the producers are going to ask the girls to gain weight. Also Penn Badgely (Dan Humphry- Gossip Girl) has said he thinks they are too thin and that he appreciates the girls on Gossip Girl who have curves and are beautiful!
What do you think, are the girls too thin??

The Island: RW/RR Challenge:

This episode was kind of crazy to me for a couple reasons:

1. Abe gets attacked by wasps (which I have enclosed pictures of, simply crazy)..I was hurting for him and he acted like he wasn't even really in pain... We all new Abraham was pretty bad a** but seriously!!!

2. Abe decides he needs to go home and tells everyone in the elimination to send him home. Ok so I guess they did the "noble" thing sending him home but as far as strategy goes this one went over my head. Here are my thoughts: Johnny and Abe are both good competitors which will be hard for a girl or another guy to eliminate during the challenges. If they had voted Johnny off then that would have left Abe on the show (which he is a better competitor and you would want him in your boat for sure) or if Abe felt that strongly he would have had to quit...which means Johnny and Abe are both out of the competition, good news for the rest of the Island... Am I right??
Hmm I thought for sure they were still going to vote Johnny home... ahh well... I guess next week it is going to be all girls going in, bring out the nails ladies it is going to be a fight for sure!
I didn't get to watch much of the Emmy's last night and I forgot to TiVo them so all I know is what I read today. The hosts are getting blasted for a poor show. The shows that got most of the praise I don't watch so I don't have much to comment on...
Big Winners of the night:
Tina Fey - 30 Rock
Alec Baldwin - 30 Rock
30 Rock - Best Comedy
Mad Men - Best Drama
Jeremy Piven - Entourage
Jean Smart - Samantha Who?
Amazing Race - Best Reality Competition
John Adams took home I think 13 Awards.....
Thats all I really have to say about that!
I am so excited because it is Monday and a great night for TV!!!
Happy Watching

Wednesday, September 17

Will They Or Won't They??

It has taken me a little while to post about all of my shows but I got behind and needed an extra day to catch up. I felt like the theme of all my shows this week was "Will They or Won't They." Let us begin...

Gossip Girl:
Serena and Dan - Will they are won't they push aside their petty differences and realize that those small things don't matter? During this episode once again I was pretty annoyed by them.... I don't know why I don't ever seem to gravitate towards the central couple of a show but maybe it is more predictable than the other couples of the show...We all know when the series ends that Serena & Dan will be together, now the only question is what plot lines with the writers come up with to keep pulling them apart until that day comes? I thought the story line between these two was tired and boring, haven't we seen this one before?? But next week looks pretty intriguing,Will Serena turn back to her old self for Dan to see?

Blair and Chuck "Chair"- Will they are won't they ever admit to their true feelings? We all know that Chuck loves Blair and it has been so great watching it unfold before our eys. I absolutely adore this side of Chuck and I always love seeing our "misunderstood" characters become so volunerable, it makes them so much more charming. It is also obvious that Blair has strong feelings for Chuck but is trying to ignore them bc she doesn't want to be attracted to someone like him unless she knows she can change him. Will Blair be the girl that breaks Chuck of his wicked ways???

The Hills
Heidi and Lauren - Will they are won't they be friends again? MTV did a great job last night trying to make us believe their is hope for Lauren and Heidi to rekindle there friendship. As far as I can tell Heidi and Lauren probably will have a difficult if not impossible time minding their friendship as long as Spencer is still in the picture. And as we all saw in recent photos of Heidi's incredibly "real" birthday with Spencer they are still very much an item. So will Heidi and Lauren ever give their friendship another chance? My guess is not any time soon!

Lauren and Holly - Will they are won't they be able to rekindle their friendship? Last nights episode some what surprised me that Heidi didn't seem that bothered by Holly wanting to friends with Lauren again... I think that Heidi is starting to see that Lauren isn't the only one that Spencer alienated. You would have to be blind to see how Spencer ran off Lauren, Brody, his own sister and now Heidi's sister. Is Heidi finally realizing what if I upset Spencer will he be so mean to me, will he spread vicious rumors about her?? I think the answer is YES he would!!! But back to Holly and Lauren can they ever really be friends with all the drama that surrounds them?

I also must mention that I loved next weeks preview when Audrina and Lo ran into Spencer and Heidi it made me love Lo more, the look of disgust on her face when Spencer and Heidi sat down...Priceless!! TEAM LO!!!

One Tree Hill:
The episode was, hopefully, the depressing episode of the season. For some reason OTH always loves to have atleast one episode each season that is very depressing and maybe a little too real for the viewers. In years past there was Ellie and Keith deaths not to mention Luke's coma and Karen's coma...The crash with Rachel and Nathan's Uncle. The love sorrowful drama on OTH.

Peyton and Lucas - Will they or Won't they ever get married? With this central couple now planning on gettting married will there be many dramatic stops on the way to the altar or will we finally see this couple say I do?

Brooke- Will she or won't see tell her friends what she is going through? Righ now Brooke really needs support system - we all know she doesn't have her family and her friends have always filled that void for her will she open up to them? And who will she open up to first? I am so ready for her to tell everyone the truth.

I am super sad about Q's death and really didn't understand why the writers felt this was necessary. My guess is they ran out of good story lines for Q and now the gang is going to fix another adolescent teen, Samantha. Oh and lets give it up for OTH and it's tasteful shout out to Jesus Christ, I loved the words of Q's mother - there was so much truth in them!!

Prison Break:
The Gang - Will they are won't they be able to get all 6 cards? Ofcourse they will it is Michael Scofield- he can pretty much do anything. But new elimante was added at the end of this weeks episode... will they be able to work as well on the run or will they just kill the guy who is after them?

T-bag and the gang - Will they are won't they be working on the same team by the end of the season? I believe that the building that T-Bag is working in and has the key to is the building that Michael and the gang will have to break into so this means they will need T-bags help with the final steps of the take down. I believe they will let T-Bag in on the deal and he will try to take down the company in broad daylight...the question is do we feel confident putting the outcome of this entire operation in the "hand" of T-Bag??? I don't and I think this will probably happen about 1/2 way through the season and then Michael will have to come up with a new plan. Just my guesses....

Monday, September 15


Ok so I am so excited about tonight, lots of great TV!!!

This week some other shows are starting back, I don't watch any of the following but I know they are pretty popular:

The Biggest Loser: Tuesday Sept 16
House: Tuesday Sept 16
Smallville: Thursday Sept 18
Supernatural: Thursday Sept 18

Happy Watching

Thursday, September 11


Ok so I am some what disappointed in Television last night. I don't have a lot of shows on Wednesday's right now (until Private Practice & DSM start back) and I was going to go on a run but it was raining, and I was going to clean but my house is actually pretty clean right now, I have no money right now to go do anything so I sat down in front of the TV (surprise surprise). My husband and I flipped through stations and decided we couldn't find anything on that we both wanted to watch so we went to separate rooms (this is quite abnormal in our family, we love to watch TV together). Husband watched baseball in the other room while I sat down to enjoy girly shows and was disappointed.

ANTM: (America's Next Top Model)
Ok so I have caught up on this show (since last night was only the second episode)... I really like Hannah, Analeigh and Joslyn....However I don't understand where all the hatred for Hannah came from... I didn't think her comments sounded racist at all... I think she didn't mean to push Isis but just stop her from falling on her (at least that is what it looked like to me). Also saying "I am the whitest white girl"or stereotypical white girl" didn't seem offensive to me I think of that like - I am shy, can't dance, no rhythm etc... I don't think she meant it negatively towards other races.... I was very surprised by the reaction from all the other ethnic girls.... As far as the Isis thing goes bc I know everyone is talking about it...I thought her pictures have been middle of the pack... not great but not bad...I did think that when they showed her pics from last season as a back ground model she looked great. I think that she doesn't portray model when you see her in person so I think that is where she is going to fail.

What do you think?? Do you think Hannah's remarks were racist?? Do you think Hannah is just overwhelmed being from such a small town???

Project Runway:
I wasn't extremely disappointed with PR last night... the show was good and the drama was good. I just thought they should have sent home Kenley (she got on my last nerve and I think she is so over the top cocky). Also I thought Lea Anne or Joe should have won the competition...I thought they had the most innovative and interesting designs. I am a little partial bc Lea Anne is my favorite!!!

Do you think the right people went home and won last night?

90210: Brenda's Out
We all knew Shannen and Jeannie just signed on for a few episodes but Jeannie has signed a 5 episode extension and Shannen did not. Shannen has already wrapped her last episode and it out for the rest of the season. It is possible that they will ask her back next season (probably only if they need viewers). Hate to see her character go but I haven't seen much out of her so far...I think they hired her just to bring viewers in but she will never have real plot lines.... I just hope we know who's the baby daddy before Jeannie is out!

Are you sad to see Brenda go?

The Island: RW/RR Challenge

Ok so My husband and I have been looking forward to this show for weeks and were somewhat disappointed with last nights episode. The show is all about the challenges and they took them out!!! WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS...I hope that the "eliminations" will serve as challenges for us. Also I didn't see much drama starters last night just lots of hook ups.... When will the **** hit the fan?? Will we see the Rachel from previous season's return or will she stay so even tempered through out the season??

What did you think of last nights episode?

Wednesday, September 10


RW/RR Challenge:

YAY it is TONIGHT!!!!! The challenge begins tonight if you just can't wait until tonight watch the dailies on the link below.

Baby Daddy - Dylan vs. Brandon

90210:Ok so I think the question on everyone's mind is "Is it Dylan or Brandon's baby boy?" OK so I think they are trying to slip things in that make us think that it might be Brandon's like Brenda making comments about Brandon saying "she's beautiful" and Kelly talking to Brandon at 3 am and later saying that the baby's daddy has been trying to get back into her sons life. HOWEVER, I think that if Brandon is the father it would be an unbelievable story line (they would have to do a lot of work to convince me). Brandon was the "good-guy" from the original series and those of us that know Brandon well know he would never run from his fatherly duties, he wouldn't walk out on Kelly much less his child. Also Kelly says "his father and I have a lot of history from high school." It is true that Kelly and Brandon knew each other in high school and were friends but they didn't technically date until college...Dylan was her high school love. I believe Dylan is the logical choice for his father, he always runs when there is a problem, he doesn't like to face things. The only other option here to me is Steve....which would kind of be crazy and I think the writers will definitely have it be Brandon or Dylan.

Who do you think is the Baby's Daddy?

Tuesday, September 9

I LOVE Mondays!!!

That is a sentence I never thought I would say... It is such a great thing that I have wonderful shows on Mondays so I can look forward to the beginning of the week :)

Gossip Girl:
So I am already sick of the "will they, won't they" plot line between Serena & Dan...Just get together for a little while before someone comes and breaks you up, which we all know it is going to happen. So we knew from the preview for this week that Catherine was the dutches and Marcus's mom (step-mom), but what we did not know was how quickly Blair would find out about Nate and Catherine's affair.... I did find it a little strange that Blair wasn't more disturbed by the situation but in Blair like fashion she used the scandal to further her own scheme. I love that Chuck is simply pining for Blair, I am so interested to see what he will do next to get Blair's attention or will he give up soon (not according to the preview for next week). The preview for next weeks episode makes me wish it was MONDAY again today!!! If you missed the preview or would just like to watch it again and again click the link below.

Are you on Team Chair (Chuck/Blair) ??

One Tree Hill:
SO MUCH DRAMA THIS WEEK!! So I just want everyone to find out about Brooke so badly so they can rally around her and help her through this hard time.... Brooke has rallied around so many of her friends and helped them out:
Helped Peyton fight off Stalker Derek
Threw Rehearsal Dinner for Nathan & Haley
When Haley came back to Tree Hill after touring she let Haley move in with her and befriended her when everyone else was mad at her
Gave Peyton record label
Stood by Rachel with Drug Problem
Threw the "party" for Lucas after school shooting and Keith Died

Just to new a few.... She deserves to have her friends rally around her and help her through this time in her life and I am ready for her to let them! Next: Psycho Nanny Carrie, it really does feel like I am watching an episode of Passions when they start with this story line.... She is crazy, I mean crazy and I am ready for someone to find Dan, the question is will Dan get away or will he be found? And will Carrie ever get the chance to steel Jaime? Next weeks episode looks like Dan gets out of the house but how far will he make it and where will he go? Next we have "Q" which I am very sad that they killed him, not sure why they needed this story line...there has been so much drama did they really need to add this in? As if seeing Brooke beat up and Dan kidnapped wasn't enough drama they had to throw this in.... Seriously last nights episode was so over the top with Drama, I can only imagine what next weeks episode is going to be like.

What did you think of all the drama last night on OTH?

Prison Break:
Since we are on the subject of DRAMA, lets talk about last nights episode of Prison Break. This show makes everything that could possibly go wrong, go wrong. When Michael and computer wiz got trapped in that room during the fire drill I thought seriously?? Of course Lincoln wasn't having any of that and showed up in the nick of time with an ax. The hardest part of last nights episode was Mohan's story is so depressing watching this man fall apart and we have been doing it for years but now they have pushed him so close to the edge by killing his son, my heart hurts for him (I know it is just a show but you know what I mean, real people go through these kinds of things). He did such a great job last night portraying his emotions. I am so glad that Lincoln overheard his conversation bc I thought it was important that someone know what was going on with him, and it was appropriate for Lincoln to hear since he was the one that has been worried about his son for the past year. Also how creepy is T-bag, well he has always been creepy but I am so excited about next weeks episode and the encounter between T-bag and Michael, I have been waiting for it all season. So far I have been impressed with the episodes this season I hope they continue to entertain me!
Are you excited to see T-Bag and Michael's face to face?

The Hills:
Don't have much to say about The Hills: Glad Lauren & Audrina finally talked it out, I agree that Audrina doesn't "seem" to try very hard at their friendship. Spencer is a jerk and needs to get over himself, Heidi should definitely kick him to the curb but we all know she won't. Still very much TEAM LO!!!!!

What did you think of this weeks episodes?
Project Runway:

Jennifer Lopez is going to be the guest judge on the finale of Project Runway. I am not a big fan of JLo but I am pretty excited to see her on the show.

Monday, September 8

Sunday Night TV


Last nights VMA's were hosted by Russell Brand (who I must admit I have no idea who he is, I looked him up today to find out why he is famous), he was almost funny.... the almost being the key word.... He took things to the extreme and all of his jokes were on two & republicans. He took several shots at the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings and "saving themselves for marriage". Seriously there aren't many great role models out there for young children today, do we feel the need to tear down the few we have??? Jordan Sparks took the stage later to present an award and voiced her opinion on the matter (she herself wears a purity ring)...she said that it is not a bad thing to wear a purity ring and not all guys and girls want to be SLUTS. Wow I commend her for standing up for the Jonas Brothers and her own could tell she was visibly angry at the comments made.... Russell came back later to apologize (somewhat...but kept on with the sexual jokes). On to other events of the night...Britney Spears was the big winner last night, she took away three moonmen (her first ever win at the VMA's). I think this was "America's" way of saying we are behind you just get back on track, which is a positive thing. I wish her the best and hope she can continue to make good decisions, for her children's sake. Other note worthy events...Rhianna stole the show with two great performances. The Jonas Brothers had a great performances with teenage girls squealing through the last minutes of the performance. Pink also did a great job!

What did you think about the VMA's??? Did you feel Russell's remarks were inappropriate?

The Hills:

Last nights episode was pretty funny, sometimes boys are just great, they are so honest! So Lauren and the crew went to Los Vegas to celebrate Frankie's bday, bound to have drama. It was so obvious that MTV sent them all there, especially Audrina and Justin (who invited them, oh MTV). So the trip began on an awkward note with Brody's comment about having Stephanie there was almost as good as having Spencer there (clearly a knock at Steph). Next at dinner Stephanie decides this would be a good time to ask Brody about his feelings towards her, Brody is very irritated with the timing of the question, but doesn't hesitate to answer it honestly. He says she is crazy and that he told Lauren to be careful! Stephanie is confused by his comments and has to leave the table due to her tears....Brody is frustrated that this drama is being started on Frankie's bday. Once the tears are dried Stephanie and Lauren return to the party and all seems well for the night. Audrina and Justin Bobby show up and don't seem to talk to anyone.... Except Audrina and Lo have some words (I must say Lo seemed to be the bigger person here...if you listen to their conversation Lo is the one initiating). Audrina is uncomfortable being there and leaves....Oh and Spencer has issues with Holly (Heidi's sister) moving in with them and deleting his TiVo'd shows and laying around.

My opinion on the drama:

  • Brody shouldn't have made the comment on the plane in front of everyone about Stephanie
  • Stephanie should not have brought up the drama at Frankies bday (and ruined dinner)
  • Audrina & Lauren both need to just talk it out and stop being childish and ignoring each other
  • Spencer needs to understand that is Heidi's sister (and remember he slept on his sisters sofa when he didn't have anywhere to go).
  • Spencer needs to leave the apartment more

Best Quotes from this weeks show:

"Get out of the house or something maybe you shouldn't be there so much." - Heidi to Spencer

"You did not just call me down here about the TiVo" - Heidi to Spencer

"You are a little bit crazy" - Brody to Stephanie

Take a sneak peek at tonight's episode:

Prison Break:

I took this little quiz to see "Which Prison Break Character I am?" I know it is silly bc seriously i am none of those Characters but I thought it would be fun, I got Michael... I am pretty bad A***. :) Take the quiz to find out what character you are.

Which character did you get?

The Island:
Is anyone else as excited about this shows premiere as I am??? Click the link below and take the quiz...I missed one (the wrestling ring one).

How many did you get right?

Thursday, September 4

Gossip Girl vs. The OC

Gossip Girl:

GG is adding two new students Aaron (John Patrick Amedori) and Agnes (Willa Hollard). Agnes is a model/bad influence who will befriend Jenny and push her to start her own clothing line. Look for Aaron to cause some tension between Serena and Dan, don't get too sad you knew it was coming..... This will be the couple that is together and torn apart through out the entire series...The real question is will Blair & Chuck ever be together again and if they do then will it last more than a single episode? Ok you know I had to bring it back to those two!!! Oh and you may recognize Willa Hollard from the former popular teen drama The OC...which brings me to another point: everyone compares GG to The OC I just don't see it.... They ARE all rich children who go to school and it appeals to teen groups but other than that I don't see the resemblance....

Thoughts and Comments about the new characters? Do you think Gossip Girl is the new "OC"?

Grey's Anatomy: Rose is Pregnant?
Ok so in the preview on the link below Rose tells Patrick she is carrying his baby.... BUT Shanda Rimes promises that Rose is not pregnant....but it looks like something is going on here.... Could she be lying to Derek to get his attention? Or does she think she is pregnant? Or is it something completely different??? Could Shanda be lying to us to cover up a story-line, somehow I don't think so......

What do you think about Rose saying she is with child??

The Hills:
What, what?? Holly & Doug?? Apparently they are just "hanging out". He did go as Holly's date to the event but Doug says "There are no romantic sparks. She is a great girl. We just came out here"... after that quote, for her sake I hope they are just friends!


Lauren was spotted faking an emotional scene with Whitney.... we can only assume this is the scene where Whitney tells Lauren she is moving to New York (as if she didn't already know that Whitney was starting her own show).

MTV: Music Awards
The VMA's are this Sunday night at 7:00pm (The Hills will have a new episode before the show begins). Britney Spears will open the VMA's this year BUT she will not be performing...I guess she will just be saying hi or presenting the first award. Interesting fact: Britney Spears has been nominated 17 times for VMAs but has never won, crazy I would have thought for sure she won one in the late 90's or 2000.

Wednesday, September 3


Stars in High school:

It is amazing to me how when you flip through these pictures how normal people look, they totally could have been my friend. Don't get me wrong a lot of the girls especially were still cute/pretty but they still look NORMAL.... Cindy Crawford looks the prettiest to me.

90210: Were my expectations to high???

Ok so don't get me wrong I thought that it was a pretty good episode...a bit too long. I think that they made some parts super cheesy trying to reflect the original... Which I somewhat appreciate being the Beverly Hills: 90210 fan that I am. Things I liked that gave us flashbacks: The school news anchor being Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez(Andrea's daughter) and then the teacher saying "what is she thirty?" That was kind of funny. Kelly & David's younger sister being one of the main characters(I think that was a wise decision)...I love Kelly so any role she has is great (although lets not bring up the love triangle again, Brenda said "Brandon wanted me to tell you, you're beautiful"....seriously it has been 8 eight years at least, I am sure he has moved on) and the original theme song gets me super excited. I think the show has probably won't push the envelope as much as Gossip Girl but should keep us entertained.

Now lets talk about the moment of the show all of the old 90210 fans were waiting for... The encounter between Brenda & Kelly lacked luster and fell short of any expectations I had....I will be interested to see if they address any old tension the girls had on the show.... Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on last nights episode? Is 90210 going to save the CW like they had hoped??

Happy Watching

Tuesday, September 2

So Many Shows, So Little Time!! :)

So I must admit I am not the most well rested person today! Three of "my shows" premiered last night, plus we still had a new episode of The Hills to enjoy... lets jump right in:

Gossip Girl:
Spotted B & S with all their friends on a brand new episode of Gossip Girl last night on the CW. :) So I thought last nights episode was simply wonderful. I love Chuck & Blair (C & B) together, I think Blair brings out something wonderful in Chuck. The question is will Chuck ever be man enough to say those three words (8 letters) that we ALL know he is feeling. He did tell Nate
earlier that he was in love with her so will he be able to tell Blair??? I sure hope so. I am not feeling the new guy that Blair is with "Lord James" maybe I am just partial to the crazy chemistry between Blair & Chuck. Serena & Dan get back together which is not a surprise to anyone, they will be the steady couple of this show.... I am sure some drama will unfold soon that will tear them apart again. (I hear they are bringing in a new man for Serena to possibly lust after). PS I love how Dan got caught in his game....he was so quick to judge Serena for kissing Nate but SERIOUSLY he has been making out with girls all summer. The gag story line of the night was Nate and his married mistress! Ugh I hate this story line but I guess every teen soap has one. Nate was one of my favorite characters last season so I hope he snaps out of this phase fast! Jenny is really redeeming herself from last season and I can't wait to see what story lines follow her (I just realized that Jenny was Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch).... Also have we seen the end of "G" (Georgina)??? Or will she be back to cause some more chaos and bring out more dirty laundry? Is anyone else wondering what Dan meant on the finale last season when he said "We might as well have had sex"?? Will this come back to haunt him??? Where is Vanessa??? I am pretty sure she has some story lines this season, so when will she be making her return? Oh and major props to grandma.... Interesting how she made a complete 180 from who she was last season, is she truly a changed woman?

Thoughts & Comments from last nights episode.

XOXO - Gossip Girl (sorry I just had to do it)

One Tree Hill:

Ok so we left OTH last season with Dan being hit by a car (his beeper going off) and Lucas calling "someone" asking them to marry him. The beginning of the season premiere got me a little confused (not sure why they showed Lucas picking each girl...I guess they were trying to throw us off for a minute). Anyways parts of this episode were very predictable but there were a couple twists that had me on the edge of my seat: Brooke getting first thought is "PLEASE TELL ME HER MOTHER WOULDN'T DO THAT." I think it is suppose to be our assumption that her mother hired someone to attack her, crazy woman! The next big twist is Nanny Carrie is back and the psycho has been plotting against Dan since we last saw her.... seriously she is CRAZY.... Is it weird that I am starting to feel a little bad for Dan???? Who would have ever thought there would be someone crazier than Dan on the show??? So my other big question with this plot line is WILL DAN MISS HIS OPPORTUNITY AT A NEW HEART??? His pager was going off when he was hit so does this mean they gave the heart away??? (I don't think they hold on to them for days or anything). I am sure most of the OTH fans are happy that Lucas picked Peyton (finally) I am happy just to move on to another story line. However I have a sneaking suspicion that this won't be the end of the love triangle...I see Lindsey coming back in the near future. Will Brooke run into the hot doctor that she was flirting with last season at the hospital when she is admitting after being attacked??? Also the tearful scenes with Mouth saying goodbye lead me to believe he is leaving the show, could this be true? Did they run out of good story lines for the innocent good boy??? Hmmm until next week.....

Prison Break:
WOW!!! So much drama in last nights episode, they are really trying to reel us back in.... Season three of prison break in my opinion was the worst season and I worried how they would keep the show moving forward and they get MAJOR props for thinking of great story lines and for the way they brought Sarah back...We didn't have to wait long. It almost felt like a great suspense movie I was watching last night and it just kept getting better..... I love that they brought everyone back in the mix! YAY Sucre is back and kicking.... LOVED IT. I also loved the interaction between Sarah & Michael given they haven't had much time together on the show period. I think last night was probably only the third or forth time we have seen them kiss over the past four seasons..... Michael and Lincoln are bad a** and I wouldn't mess with them! The Company is going DOWN!!!

The Hills:
Last nights episode was so disappointing! No drama, no fun! Audrina and Lo both missed out on the big bucks this week, since neither were in the episode. But don't worry Heidi wasn't missing out on her $65,000 so she made a brief appearance in last nights episode. I believe last night they were trying to get us ready for Whitney's spin off show...Not sure many of the details on this but we know it is suppose to take place in New York with a new group of friends....I love Whitney and all but she is going to have to spice it up a bit bc last nights clips with her were pretty boring..... I honestly didn't care much about Lauren dumping Doug....We didn't see much of them to begin with, so that story line lacked appeal.... Same old story with Stephanie and Spencer.... Are we going to keep playing that same game over and over..... I am ready for next weeks episode... Come on MTV show us some DRAMA!!!!
Here is a quote I read this morning:

Where's The Hills we all know and love and does MTV really have to resort to promoting fake situations to try to get us to watch?
I agree 100%... MTV keeps showing us previews full of drama but episodes that fall short of any real fireworks....MTV we are on to you!


Tonight is the night I have been counting down the days until..... I used to simply love 90210 when I was younger and part of me is just super excited to see Kelly & Brenda walking the halls of West Beverly again.... But I am also excited to embark on a new generation of Beverly Hills kids. I also always love Lori Laughlin, so tonight's episode should be very enjoyable to me!

Are you excited about 90210? What are you most looking forward to?

Other shows to look out for this week:

The Shield - Tonight

America's Next Top Model- Wednesday

Bones - Wednesday

Happy Watching