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Wednesday, September 17

Will They Or Won't They??

It has taken me a little while to post about all of my shows but I got behind and needed an extra day to catch up. I felt like the theme of all my shows this week was "Will They or Won't They." Let us begin...

Gossip Girl:
Serena and Dan - Will they are won't they push aside their petty differences and realize that those small things don't matter? During this episode once again I was pretty annoyed by them.... I don't know why I don't ever seem to gravitate towards the central couple of a show but maybe it is more predictable than the other couples of the show...We all know when the series ends that Serena & Dan will be together, now the only question is what plot lines with the writers come up with to keep pulling them apart until that day comes? I thought the story line between these two was tired and boring, haven't we seen this one before?? But next week looks pretty intriguing,Will Serena turn back to her old self for Dan to see?

Blair and Chuck "Chair"- Will they are won't they ever admit to their true feelings? We all know that Chuck loves Blair and it has been so great watching it unfold before our eys. I absolutely adore this side of Chuck and I always love seeing our "misunderstood" characters become so volunerable, it makes them so much more charming. It is also obvious that Blair has strong feelings for Chuck but is trying to ignore them bc she doesn't want to be attracted to someone like him unless she knows she can change him. Will Blair be the girl that breaks Chuck of his wicked ways???

The Hills
Heidi and Lauren - Will they are won't they be friends again? MTV did a great job last night trying to make us believe their is hope for Lauren and Heidi to rekindle there friendship. As far as I can tell Heidi and Lauren probably will have a difficult if not impossible time minding their friendship as long as Spencer is still in the picture. And as we all saw in recent photos of Heidi's incredibly "real" birthday with Spencer they are still very much an item. So will Heidi and Lauren ever give their friendship another chance? My guess is not any time soon!

Lauren and Holly - Will they are won't they be able to rekindle their friendship? Last nights episode some what surprised me that Heidi didn't seem that bothered by Holly wanting to friends with Lauren again... I think that Heidi is starting to see that Lauren isn't the only one that Spencer alienated. You would have to be blind to see how Spencer ran off Lauren, Brody, his own sister and now Heidi's sister. Is Heidi finally realizing what if I upset Spencer will he be so mean to me, will he spread vicious rumors about her?? I think the answer is YES he would!!! But back to Holly and Lauren can they ever really be friends with all the drama that surrounds them?

I also must mention that I loved next weeks preview when Audrina and Lo ran into Spencer and Heidi it made me love Lo more, the look of disgust on her face when Spencer and Heidi sat down...Priceless!! TEAM LO!!!

One Tree Hill:
The episode was, hopefully, the depressing episode of the season. For some reason OTH always loves to have atleast one episode each season that is very depressing and maybe a little too real for the viewers. In years past there was Ellie and Keith deaths not to mention Luke's coma and Karen's coma...The crash with Rachel and Nathan's Uncle. The love sorrowful drama on OTH.

Peyton and Lucas - Will they or Won't they ever get married? With this central couple now planning on gettting married will there be many dramatic stops on the way to the altar or will we finally see this couple say I do?

Brooke- Will she or won't see tell her friends what she is going through? Righ now Brooke really needs support system - we all know she doesn't have her family and her friends have always filled that void for her will she open up to them? And who will she open up to first? I am so ready for her to tell everyone the truth.

I am super sad about Q's death and really didn't understand why the writers felt this was necessary. My guess is they ran out of good story lines for Q and now the gang is going to fix another adolescent teen, Samantha. Oh and lets give it up for OTH and it's tasteful shout out to Jesus Christ, I loved the words of Q's mother - there was so much truth in them!!

Prison Break:
The Gang - Will they are won't they be able to get all 6 cards? Ofcourse they will it is Michael Scofield- he can pretty much do anything. But new elimante was added at the end of this weeks episode... will they be able to work as well on the run or will they just kill the guy who is after them?

T-bag and the gang - Will they are won't they be working on the same team by the end of the season? I believe that the building that T-Bag is working in and has the key to is the building that Michael and the gang will have to break into so this means they will need T-bags help with the final steps of the take down. I believe they will let T-Bag in on the deal and he will try to take down the company in broad daylight...the question is do we feel confident putting the outcome of this entire operation in the "hand" of T-Bag??? I don't and I think this will probably happen about 1/2 way through the season and then Michael will have to come up with a new plan. Just my guesses....


Amelia said...

Hi! It's Areta's friend, Amelia. First, let me say that when you say you watch a lot of TV that's quite an understatement!! WOAH! You're so out of my league! Second, I love love love your blog & WILL be checking it regularly & finally, I just set my DVR according to your premire calendar...thanks to you I won't miss a thing (& will probably be adding some new shows to my repertoire!)

Sarah Beth said...

Yay! Glad that I can help. I hope you will be watching some of my shows so you will enjoy the blog. You really should catch up on Gossip Girl it is a great one but takes about 5 episodes to really be hooked!