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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, September 9

I LOVE Mondays!!!

That is a sentence I never thought I would say... It is such a great thing that I have wonderful shows on Mondays so I can look forward to the beginning of the week :)

Gossip Girl:
So I am already sick of the "will they, won't they" plot line between Serena & Dan...Just get together for a little while before someone comes and breaks you up, which we all know it is going to happen. So we knew from the preview for this week that Catherine was the dutches and Marcus's mom (step-mom), but what we did not know was how quickly Blair would find out about Nate and Catherine's affair.... I did find it a little strange that Blair wasn't more disturbed by the situation but in Blair like fashion she used the scandal to further her own scheme. I love that Chuck is simply pining for Blair, I am so interested to see what he will do next to get Blair's attention or will he give up soon (not according to the preview for next week). The preview for next weeks episode makes me wish it was MONDAY again today!!! If you missed the preview or would just like to watch it again and again click the link below.

Are you on Team Chair (Chuck/Blair) ??

One Tree Hill:
SO MUCH DRAMA THIS WEEK!! So I just want everyone to find out about Brooke so badly so they can rally around her and help her through this hard time.... Brooke has rallied around so many of her friends and helped them out:
Helped Peyton fight off Stalker Derek
Threw Rehearsal Dinner for Nathan & Haley
When Haley came back to Tree Hill after touring she let Haley move in with her and befriended her when everyone else was mad at her
Gave Peyton record label
Stood by Rachel with Drug Problem
Threw the "party" for Lucas after school shooting and Keith Died

Just to new a few.... She deserves to have her friends rally around her and help her through this time in her life and I am ready for her to let them! Next: Psycho Nanny Carrie, it really does feel like I am watching an episode of Passions when they start with this story line.... She is crazy, I mean crazy and I am ready for someone to find Dan, the question is will Dan get away or will he be found? And will Carrie ever get the chance to steel Jaime? Next weeks episode looks like Dan gets out of the house but how far will he make it and where will he go? Next we have "Q" which I am very sad that they killed him, not sure why they needed this story line...there has been so much drama did they really need to add this in? As if seeing Brooke beat up and Dan kidnapped wasn't enough drama they had to throw this in.... Seriously last nights episode was so over the top with Drama, I can only imagine what next weeks episode is going to be like.

What did you think of all the drama last night on OTH?

Prison Break:
Since we are on the subject of DRAMA, lets talk about last nights episode of Prison Break. This show makes everything that could possibly go wrong, go wrong. When Michael and computer wiz got trapped in that room during the fire drill I thought seriously?? Of course Lincoln wasn't having any of that and showed up in the nick of time with an ax. The hardest part of last nights episode was Mohan's story is so depressing watching this man fall apart and we have been doing it for years but now they have pushed him so close to the edge by killing his son, my heart hurts for him (I know it is just a show but you know what I mean, real people go through these kinds of things). He did such a great job last night portraying his emotions. I am so glad that Lincoln overheard his conversation bc I thought it was important that someone know what was going on with him, and it was appropriate for Lincoln to hear since he was the one that has been worried about his son for the past year. Also how creepy is T-bag, well he has always been creepy but I am so excited about next weeks episode and the encounter between T-bag and Michael, I have been waiting for it all season. So far I have been impressed with the episodes this season I hope they continue to entertain me!
Are you excited to see T-Bag and Michael's face to face?

The Hills:
Don't have much to say about The Hills: Glad Lauren & Audrina finally talked it out, I agree that Audrina doesn't "seem" to try very hard at their friendship. Spencer is a jerk and needs to get over himself, Heidi should definitely kick him to the curb but we all know she won't. Still very much TEAM LO!!!!!

What did you think of this weeks episodes?
Project Runway:

Jennifer Lopez is going to be the guest judge on the finale of Project Runway. I am not a big fan of JLo but I am pretty excited to see her on the show.


Shelley said...

It's a good thing I am on these work trips. I have plenty of time to catch up with my shows. I think the OC has pulled me back in with all that drama. And guess who started to watch Gooooossip Girl?! I think I will like it. I am getting bored with the Hills....

And is it bad that I think the Dad on the OC is hottest guy? WOW

Love the new layout, SB!

Sarah Beth said...

Thanks Shelley! Ok so you really need to start Gossip Girl from the beginning but if you have already started watching get ready to be hooked. Give it 4 episodes and you will never miss another one. Let me know if you want to borrow the first season on DVD. The Hills is boring right now, no real drama. Also how did The OC pull you back in, soupnet??? Got to love The OC!!

Shelley said...

OOPS. Not the OC. The Dad on 90210!!! WHOOPS. TOO many shows to keep up with!

Sarah Beth said...

The Dad on 90210 is definitely a hottie! :) I was wondering if you thought Sandy Cohen was a hottie? To each his own ;)