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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Friday, September 26

This Weeks Shows:

Grey's Anatomy:
GA premiered last night (as I am sure most of you know). I thought the episode was kind of boring....usually during Grey's I am hooked to the screen and can't wait for the next moment. I felt the episode was kind of anti-climactic. Rose being pregnant was made into this huge deal and it was a joke that had us going for about 1 second.... And I think Rose made her final exit last night when she apologized to Derek and got on the elevator (at least she didn't fall down the elevator shaft for her exit). Next, in the preview we saw Meredith crying out and saying no... this ends up being a short dream at the beginning of the episode (which I thought was kind of stupid and mellow dramatic). Next we have Denny's return, this has been talked about all summer and once again what a let down....Maybe that won't be the last we see of him but I was extremely disappointed overall with the episode. Finally of course I am disappointed with how things went down with Alex & Izzy. I do love Alex and his misunderstood soul but I am ready for him to face his past and let us all in on who he really is.... keeping my fingers crossed this season brings more out of him.

Oh and how about the couples name being "Sarah Beth & Michael" that was random....

What did you think of the highly anticipated premiere?

Gossip Girl:
Wow I waited a long time to write about my Monday shows.... Loved it loved it loved it! I love that Serena and Dan are at war, as much as I want them to be a couple and in the end they will, it makes for a more entertaining show! Not nearly enough "Chair" in this last episode but right now I am wondering why Chuck so badly wants Blair dethroned from her spot has Queen B? Does he just want to hurt her or does he want her to need him in some way?? Hmmm still figuring that one out. Next weeks episode looks really good with Fashion week BUT the writers need to be careful with how far off the edge Serena falls bc she is suppose to be the lovable character of the show and she isn't too far from being hated (In my opinion)! S better watch her back though bc hell has no fury like Queen B's revenge! :)

Side note: Did everyone hear how Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) was caught making out with Drew Barrymore....Interesting!

One Tree Hill:
I know that the loss of Q was very tragic and we shouldn't just skim over it quickly but then again I don't want to walk away from every episode of OTH depressed so I am ready for it to pass over (only bc he is a character, obviously if he was a real person I wouldn't say to get over it, but how often we forget they aren't real). Anyways I am glad that Brooke finally opened up about her attack I just wish she would open up to her "family" about it. I was so SUPER bored with the Peyton story line this week, I am going to be honest I DON'T CARE if that guy is her dad or not.... They have dragged on Peyton's parents story lines for 4 years now and I just DON'T care!! Deb and Skills make me sick, seriously why is this even a story line??? I absolutely loved the face off between Brooke and Victoria.... The best quote "Victoria your dream came true now you have your own business and no daughter." Loved it, GO BROOKE!!! We didn't see much of Nanny Carrie and Dan this week but after the preview for next weeks episode I think we will be seeing a lot more of them. Lets talk about the preview for next week: SERIOUSLY!!!! It looked like a crummy (really crummy) horror flick, I hope it isn't as cheesy and stupid as the preview made it look... I guess we will find out soon!

Prison Break:

Ok so I am so ready for Wyatt (Bailey's Husband from Greys) to die! He is annoying to me and is just cruel. This weeks episode was pretty good.. and awesome how they got the card, Michael Scofield always has the best ideas! Ok so pretty awesome that Gretchen escaped but I don't understand what information they think she is holding, maybe info about Alex Mahone working with the Company and still being alive? Also did anyone else catch when The General was talking about Gretchen's escape he said "She always comes home" I thought maybe she is his daughter??? Maybe? Also it still weirds me out to see Lindsey from the OC on the show and playing such a scandalous secretary to T-bag, I have a feeling this is not going to end pretty for her! (See photo below of her and Ryan at Chrismukkah)
Thoughts and Comments

The Hills:
Loved Lo this episode!!! I know people are probably tired of hearing me praise Lo but now that she has gotten all the bad press I am really watching her interaction with people on the show and listening to her in interviews and I am still very much TEAM LO. This episode when Audrina and Lo run into Heidi at the club Audrina was all chatty with Heidi and she even met up with her the next day! Lo stuck up for her friend and felt very uncomfortable with the whole situation. Also Lo and Audrina went to the club together and from what we saw Audrina totally turned her back to Lo and ignored her. I understand that Audrina and Heidi were friends and she has the freedom to be nice to Heidi, I don't really have a problem with that...what I do have a problem with is that when she is with Heidi she talks down about Lauren (she isn't positive, too much drama etc.) then when she is with Lauren she talks about how she doesn't really like Heidi.... Don't like this at all.... I think she is just trying to stay in the drama to keep her pay checks coming.... Meanwhile Lo is truly Lauren's best friend and has Lauren's back during all the chaos!Now lets break down the whole Stephanie saga.... I don't think it is the end of the world for her to go on a date with Doug, since it seems Lauren and Doug's relationship wasn't that intense...HOWEVER...Stephanie should have definitely ok'd it with Lauren first and maybe waited longer (however...we don't really know how much time passed in between).... I think this is extremely sketchy on Stephanie's part, plus saying oh if Lauren finds out we will just tell her we are friends (HELLO you are being filmed, stupid). Anyways it will be interesting to see how Stephanie climbs out of this hole.

Do you think Stephanie was wrong going out with Doug?

Project Runway:
Seriously Kenley has to GO!! I know some of you are big fans of hers and majority of the time I really enjoy her designs but she is so arrogant and rude! Someone told me she is just confident and that is what it takes to be a designer BUT there is a big difference in being confident and just being a B****! On next weeks episode when she said "I wasn't trying to be elegant Heidi" WHAT!!! I really want her to get kicked off ASAP. I really like Leanne and Jerrell, Corto is not my favorite bc she always seems annoyed and tired but I usually really like her designs. Oh and I hated this weeks theme....Just because I really didn't like any of the outfits!!! Boo for the music theme.

Who is your favorite?

America's Next Top Model:

Isis is out! I agree with the judges 100% on this one.... her pictures have been average and like I said last week when she is in the room she doesn't present herself/himself like a model. I think this was the right decision. I was a little sad to see Hannah go, bc I liked her but her walk was terrible! I think my favorite is Analeigh but I also like Samantha and Laurens pics thus far!

The Island:
The other day I was seems most of the people these days on the challenges that call themselves "Vets" aren't Vets to me and I started to wonder why? Well Here is what I came up with: the original Vets or cast consisted of people like: Beth, Veronia, Rachel, Mike, Mark, Julie, Coral etc.... These people are truly Vets to me and that is bc they started doing the Challenges anywhere from 6-10 years ago (that is a long time)....During the first years of the show it would air once every year and sometimes just every other year so a lot of time passed between challenges....Ever since 2004 they have been doing 2 Challenges a year which means some people now have done 4 challenges in 2 years which make them technically a "Vet" even though they still seem like fresh meat to me! Does that make sense??? Plus I am just sad to see the torch being passed from the previous Vets to the "new vets" including: Johnny, Kenny, Robyn, Tina, CT, Diem, Brad etc. I would love to see a return from Timmy, Coral, Mike, Mark, Veronica, or Alton. This season I was behind the true Vets to me which included: Abram, Rachel, and Derrick... but two of them are already gone so I am pulling for Derrick!!! Also I would love to see a return of Wes to the Challenge especially if Johanna was on it bc I think that would cause lots of Drama and we all know that is what the show is about!!! Get to work MTV that is what we are hoping for next go round.

On to the episode...I was sad to see Rachel go...Robyn is all talk and always has been... she always fronts like she is a big competitor but never proves it in the challenges (I consider her kind of the new "Beth") next I can't believe Kelly Ann beat Rachel...Rachel has always been so hard core but Kelly Ann is small and limber which I think helped her in this competition. Rachel's presence on this season gauntlet was so low key....she is usually in the center of all the drama...I guess she has grown up a lot since her days with Veronica. I bet this was Rachel's last time to compete.... Bye Rachel, another Vet bites the dust!


Shea said...

I knew I would get a post from you! lol And, I do agree that Grey's didn't hook me to the screen like it usually does, but I'm pretty easy to please and still enjoyed it. But, what I was going to say is how funny about that couple! I did catch that it was Sarah Beth (although her friend was completely not putting the inflection were she should), but I didn't catch that her hubby was Michael! Y'all must be meant to be! =)