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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, June 26

What Are Your Thoughts??

Great Actors, Bad Movies:

Michael and I were talking about how there are some incredible actors that have hit some all time lows with some really bad movies.... I have listed some below:

Matt Damon = Stuck on You
George Clooney= Solaris
Susan Sarandon= Shall We Dance
Cuba Gooding Jr.= Daddy Day Camp
Who are some other great actors that made bad movies????

Best Comedic Actors of Our Generation:

On the same note who do you think are among the best comedic actors of our generation??? I say our generation bc if I said of all time it would be so difficult to narrow down we all know that Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, John Belushi etc helped pave the road to comedy today but who will we always remember???

My List:
***Chris Farley*** Loved him!!!
David Spade (best side kick of all time)
Adam Sandler
Will Farrell
Vince Vaughn
Steve Carrell

Do you agree or have more thoughts????

So You Think You Can Dance:

I have to start by saying that I really enjoyed last night overall. But ofcourse my top few are staying at the top again this week (maybe I am biased). Here is my break down of last nights performance from best to worst:

1. Chelsie Hightower and Mark: Hip-hop
I am going to start off by saying these two are contemporary and ballroom dancers!!! I thought knowing the story behind the moves helped tremendously bc we felt every movement they did, we understood what was happening. I loved every single move!!! Chelsie's facial expressions and emotions in this dance were incredible, there is definitely a reason I put her as the top girl in this competition yesterday! LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!

2. Joshua and Katee: Samba
Ok once again we have to remember that these are hip hop and contemporary dancers. Joshua really does have such great movement to the music. They both looked great and drew me in, usually these dances aren't as fun to watch but they made it one of my favorites of the night. Loved them both they had such great chemistry once again.

3. Courtney and Gev: Rumba
These two are creeping higher and higher up my list each week. They had great chemistry on stage and made the dance look so easy and effortless. When you watch the technique of this dance it was so difficult and they pulled it off beautifully.

4. Kourtni and Matt: Contemporary
This was not my favorite routine but it was pretty good. I thought Kourtni and Matt did a much better job than the last few weeks but they SHOULD have because this is there style. I wasn't blown away by the routine but I was entertained.

5. Twitch and Kherington: Hip-hop
Ok so I know a lot of people may have this dance higher on the list but I am sorry I wasn't impressed with this at all. I guess I was pleasantly surprised with Kherington (she didn't smile the entire time). I think that Tabitha and Napoleon are really good with the emotional hip hop routines but when it comes to the hard hitting stuff they just aren't gangster enough to pull it off. This was too soft for what it was suppose to be. They did a pretty good job with what they were given.

6. William and Jessica: Disco
Ok so each week the judges go off about how wonderful Will is (can we say "judges favorite") and don't get me wrong I think that technically he is probably one of the best if not the best in the competition but I still haven't really been drawn in by him. It could be the dances he has been given but something is missing for me. I think when he does his solos it is amazing but I have yet to be blown away by him or Jessica during one of their partner routines. Disco is never one of my favorites and I am not sure why but they did a pretty good job. They had mistakes that even I could see which is not speaking well of their performance.

7. Comfort and Chris: Jazz
Unlike Twitchington which was given an ok dance and performed it well, Comfort and Chris were given an amazing routine and did not perform well. Comfort and Chris were given this raw amazing routine with jungle passion and they performed it almost like there own styles. Chris performed it like a contemporary routine and made it too soft and over exaggerated. Comfort performed it like hip hop which is probably why the judges thought that she did better than Chris. Hip hop is a little more hard hitting and edgy but it still isn't what this piece called for. These two are in trouble for sure. I will be surprise if Chris doesn't get sent home.

8. Chelsea and Thayne: Quickstep
This routine fell very very flat. Nigel was right on when he said they had pasted smiles on their face I felt like they were counting out each move...this did not look effortless at all it really looked like they were trying really really hard. We knew they weren't uncomfortable which is going to probably put them in the bottom three again tonight. They are both in trouble tonight.

My prediction for the bottom three:

Chelsea and Thayne
Comfort and Chris
Kourtni and Matt (maybe William and Jessica)

What are your thoughts on last nights performances???

American Idol:

AI has announced the cities it will be coming to for auditions starting July 17. Of course there aren't any cities that are close to Birmingham. Click below for listing.

The Real World: Hollywood

Ok so did anyone catch this episode last night?? I really have never found myself in tears watching The Real World but I was holding them back last night. I was just watching the show and all of the sudden it was a surreal moment. Just curious if anyone else was taken back by last nights episode?

Wednesday, June 25

There are Still 24 hours in a Day


The seventh season of 24 will still consist of 24 episodes contrary to rumors that the season will only consist of 22 due to the two hour TV mini-movie to premiere in the fall. Fox confirms season seven of 24 will have all 24 hours accounted for excluding the mini-movie.

Criminal Minds:

Attention 90210 fans Luke Perry will be guest starring in an episode of Criminal Minds in the beginning of the fall season. Luke Perry will not be playing a heart-breaker in the show but a "baddie" says TV Guide.


New Mommy Nicole Richie will guest star on the NBC's Chuck in the fall.

Heidi Montag:

Click below to listen to Heidi's new single...I think it is awful...I mean really really bad. What do you think??
Arrested Development:

Is filming for its big screen release next year. Jason Bateman confirms that the film is schedule to release next year which is great news for Arrested Development fans that thought the sitcom was cut off to soon. :)
Samantha Who?
The show will have a guest appearance by Mary-Kate Olsen in the should be interesting for sure.



Wild Sweet Orange is going to be on the David Letterman Show this Friday night!!! Get excited and get your TiVo's ready to record.

Visit their myspace page by clicking below:

Shows that can't be deleted from the DVR:

Shows that got stuck on my DVR: The Prom Grey's episode definitely got stuck on my DVR for a long time mainly bc I loved the moment between Izzie and Alex when he lifted her up and just held her. Also the finale of Grey's two seasons ago when Burke left Christina at the altar...That was such a great acting job and I was in awe of how the whole thing played out. So you think you can dance when Dominic and Sabra did the hip hop routine. I also always keep the season finales of the previous season so before the new season begins I can go back and watch every moment again to get ready :) We have the entire last season of lost on our DVR still not sure why but we can't bring ourselves to delete them!

What shows are forever stuck on your DVR??? (post your comments below)

Ok so that is the buddytv list here is mine:

8. Chris
7. Matt
6. Thayne
5. Gev
4. Mark
3. William
2. Josh (he is my favorite though)
1. Twitch

8. Jessica
7. Chelsea Traille
6. Comfort
5. Kourtni Lind
4. Courtney Galiano
3. Kherington
2. Katee S.
1. Chelsie Hightower

What are your thoughts??? Who is the top dancer to you or who is just your favorite???
What to Watch Tonight:
So You Think You Can Dance (Obviously)
The Real World: Hollywood
Wife Swap
Top 20 Behind the Scenes Scandals:
Happy Watching,
Sarah Beth

Tuesday, June 24

Info NOT about the Bachelorette :)

One Tree Hill:
Lindsay from One Tree Hill has been cast in next seasons Law & Order: SVU which means Lucas probably didn't ask her to Las Vegas :)

Best Beach Themed shows:

The Bachelorette: Graham

Ok so my stomach is still turning after last nights most dramatic rose ceremony to date :) (seriously though this one was!). Ok so we all know by now that I love me some Graham but last night just made me love him more. I have known this whole time that Graham could not handle the cameras. I think when he signed up for the bachelorette he thought "What the hey I will just give it a try" and did not know what to expect. I have said this a million times but I think Graham was the most real person on the show, he never put on a show and always expressed he was uncomfortable with the situation. Last night after DeAnna said things like "he is the sexiest guy", "I can't keep my hands off him" and "he is the one I am falling in love with" she sent Graham packing. During the emotional good bye between the two you felt for Graham bc he was so uncomfortable and you could tell he had so much to say but did not know how to say it. She was so angry with him bc she truly did love him and didn't feel he loved her in return and I am sure when she looked at him and said "I am sending the only guy I am falling in love with home" he was about to jump out of his skin. The moment that gave me chills was when he stood up and handed her the letter saying "I knew I wouldn't be able to say everything I wanted to say this is for you, not some show not anyone else just you." I think this is who Graham is he isn't into letting America know all his business and it is hard enough to express his feeling to one single person much less in front of the world. Plus he truly had feelings for her it wasn't about the show and he felt like he was acting if he let the whole world in, it makes since to me. My heart honestly broke for him bc you could see how both of them knew this might be a mistake. And for the first time that I ever remember on the bachelor, in the limo ride after the rose ceremony no words were spoken just panning into Graham's eyes as they welded with tears.

Side note: I definitely pressed pause as they panned over the letter as DeAnna read it and here are the words I could make out "Where to start? I want to apologize....way I ....realize.....circumstances...." Ok I know that isn't much but like I said earlier I think he was telling DeAnna he was so sorry he couldn't say what she wanted him to say on Camera but the circumstances made it to difficult for him.

I can't wait to see next weeks the men tell all. Graham will be back and it will be interesting to see him and DeAnna's interaction.

still TEAM GRAHAM!!!!

Happy Watching,

Sarah Beth

Thursday, June 19

So You Think You Can Dance Rankings:

Ok so here are my rankings of last nights routines... My top three couples stayed the same :) I attached the youtube links below each dance so you can watch if you are completely in the dark about all of this....

1. Twitch and Kherington - Viennese waltz
Ok so I went back and forth between these two and Katee and Josh for who should rank first.... It is hard for me to judge the technical part of the routines (not sure which one was more on point) but I thought that the emotion, music and lighting of Twitchington's routine gave them an upper hand on Katee and Josh. This was probably the first Viennese Waltz that I really enjoyed. The emotion behind the number obviously helped draw us all into the routine more but I thought that the two performed the dance wonderfully. Twitch really surprised me with his arms and flow of his body...HE DID GREAT. I think that Kherington is a beautiful dancer and probably will master anything they throw at her...I somewhat agreed with Mia Michaels that she smiles the entire time...I actually noticed this in her auditions, she never stops smiling during her numbers...I would love to see a different type of emotion elude form her. I think when they get a contemporary number we will HOPEFULLY see a different side of her. BUT OVERALL GREAT JOB!!!!

2. Katee and Josh - Broadway
I love this couple, they are my very favorite!!!!! Katee has just caught on fire, it is funny bc I actually think she had a lot of people that didn't like her when the competition started bc when it was down to her and her friend for the top 20 there was some drama. BUT she has come on the show full force. Josh and Katee have such great chemistry and connection together on stage...they are always SO together. I love it...Last night they really did so great...I loved how the judges gave them a standing ovation.....I think Josh is going to surprise everyone through out the competition....I could watch it over and over loved it!!!!

3. Chelsie and Mark - Argentine Tango
Ofcourse this is Chelsie's style but I thought they executed it perfectly...I completed agree with Mia Michaels when she said they are a combination of beauty and quirkiness which is wonderful. I truly love them together. The foot work in this dance was very complicated and fast and I thought they both did great!!! They drew me in and made it look easy.

4. Courtney and Gev- Contemporary
Can we say Awkward!!! I thought is was so awkward how Gev kind of poured out his heart on his feelings for Courtney when he knows she had a boyfriend that whole part was kind of weird. Anyways I thought that they did the dance very well....I actually really liked Courtney's performance the best....She really drew me in and made me believe she was in love. The judges gave more props to Gev probably bc he is a b boy so they were impressed with the transformation. Gev did do a good job of pulling this style off. I give it two thumbs up.

5. Jessica and William - Hip Hop
I really didn't enjoy this dance very much it was ok...I also didn't enjoy the costumes (not sure why, maybe they were too baggy?). During the performance I actually enjoyed Jessica's performance more than Williams...I think that Will is a great dancer and technically might be the best in the competition but I didn't buy this style on him...he was a little too cheesy. Ofcourse the judges don't agree with me and said that they didn't even notice Jessica on stage...hmmm I think they definitely have some favoritism there :)

Couldn't find youtube link

6. Kourtni and Matt - Foxtrot
They did better than last week, Michael thought they did really well...I just hate that I find them awkward and uncomfortable with everything they do. The dance was pretty good I guess but I honestly think they look so uncomfortable up there...especially her. I can't wait till they get Contemporary and see if they do better with it.

7. Comfort and Chris- Krump
I am going to be honest and say I am not sure I have ever really loved a Krump routine. They definitely didn't hit it hard enough. I though Comfort did well but I honestly didn't enjoy the choreography, it was blah along with the music. Chris actually surprised me and hit it harder than I thought he would. Overall it wasn't very memorable and it was a so-so performance.

Couldn't find youtube link

8. Chelsea and Thayne- Jazz
This dance probably did have potential but I never got drawn in, I guess that means I never bought it. I think Mia was very accurate when she said that we never bought that he was a king and that she was his forbidden mistress....I never felt that through out the dance...the music was good though.

9. Susie and Marquis- Salsa
They really had to work at this dance...I felt exhausted for them the entire routine...they didn't make anything look easy. I felt bad for her bc she over heard Jon Marc saying she wasn't really a Salsa dancer... That probably was hard to hear. I agree with the judges though she should have brought more...I definitely think they are in trouble tonight especially her bc if she lands in the bottom three they may say that this was her style and she should have been in the very top not the bottom....but we will see what America thought tonight!

Couldn't find youtube link

Here is Buddy TV's rankings of last nights performances (mine is slightly different):

Lipstick Jungle:
Mary Tyler Moore has been cast on the second season of Lipstick Jungle. She will be appearing on multiple episodes...will she bring more viewers to this low rated show???

Happy Watching,
Sarah Beth

Wednesday, June 18

Power Rankings


Top 9 Females : According to Buddy Tv which I actually think I agree with this 100%...what about you????

9. Jessica King

8. Kourtni Lind

7. Courtney Galiano

6. Chelsea Traille

5. Comfort Fedoke

4. Susie Garcia

3. Kherington Payne

2. Chelsie Hightower

1. Katee Sheen

I can't wait to see the dances tonight!!!! I love Wednesdays :)

Happy Watching,

Sarah Beth

Tuesday, June 17


Possibley Strike to occur in July which could affect shows...Please click on link below for more information....

What to watch this week:

Ok so I am a day behind....


The Bachelorette
Secret Diary of a Call Girl


America's Got Talent
Hell's Kitchen
Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood


So You Think You Can Dance
Wife Swap
The Real World: Hollywood


America's Next Best Dance Crew
So You Think You Can Dance
Last Comic Standing
My Boys

So You Think You Can Dance:


Top 9 Guys:

9. Thayne
8. Chris
7. Matt
6. Gev
5. William
4. Marquis
3. Mark
2. Twitch
1. Joshua

They have not posted the power rankings for the girls yet but I will update you when I find out!

Desperate Housewives:

Dana Delany (Katherine Mayfair) says that Edie will be back next season. We thought we may have seen the last of her after her sudden departure in the second to last episode but never fear Dana says you need the character (Edie) for the show.

One Tree Hill:

It has been confirmed by OTH creator Mark Schwahn that Lindsay will be back for the 6th season...Boo I am so very bored with this story line. Lucas needs to pick someone and be done, they have been dragging this out for years (hate it). I know that ALL shows have the central couple that the show revolves around that they taunt you with but usually the characters have other things going on from time to time so you aren't endlessly week after week watching them squirm. I am done with Lucas lets move on already!

Just For Fun:

15 Hottest TV Dads

Happy Watching!

Sarah Beth

Friday, June 13


Ok so I just finished this long write up on the Bachelorette and my email went crazy and deleted it (ugh), so this may not be as long as I wanted it to be.

The Bachelorette:

I am definitely TEAM I read comments on the internet about him I am finding a lot of people really aren't liking him bc he "doesn't seem into DeAnna" or bc he didn't want to kiss her. I think these are both kinda silly. I think he is the most real one of the show. He isn't willing to fake emotions and feelings just bc a camera is there. I don't think this means he isn't into her I think it means he was feeling awkward and uncertain about the situation and voiced that to DeAnna. I respect the fact that he didn't kiss her it seemed more real than most moments on the bachelorette... he was weirded out by the other men standing there watching them, and rightfully so, I give him major props for being honest with her. DeAnna has said since the very beginnig that she wants someone who is real and doesn't lead her on I think that Graham is the most sincere guy left on the show....(I really like Jason too). But most of the time you just see people swept away in this fairy tale and I like the fact that Graham is staying grounded and saying look I am not going to get drawn into that, I want to see what is really there and share MY emotions with you. Plus I think he is really cute!

Ok now lets take a look at the others....

WHY IS TWILLY STILL THERE??? I find him awkward and weird, but to be honest we really haven't seen much of him. He must be doing something right off-camera! The Fred/Robert date.... Well I thought Robert had it coming he was too cocky and he could not take a joke. As far as Fred goes I think it was pretty obvious that DeAnna wasn't feeling a physical attraction to him, However I give props to Fred for one of the classiest exits in Bachelor history. :) As for Brian (the one that got the boot this week) I really didn't feel we ever really got to know him... he seemed like a nice guy but obviously DeAnna wasn't feeling the chemistry.

I think the top four right now are Jeremy (whom I don't like- I think he is kind of a snake), Jason (I like him but I think he seems a little too sweet and shy for her), Sean (who I don't really know yet) and Graham (TEAM GRAHAM). But don't count Jesse out bc I think he might sneak in. :)

What are your thoughts??? Are you a TEAM GRAHAM????


Jon Voight (aka Angelina Jolie's Dad) has signed on to be the nemesis of Jack Bauer in season 7... he will play on team terrorists.

The Office Spin Off:

The Spin Off has cast there first office member.... Aziz Ansari of MTV's Human Giant. There have been no other hires as of now. It is highly unlikely that any current cast members of the office will be cast in the spin off, however look for some of the cast members of the spin off to start off on The Office before the mid season premeire.

So You Think You Can Dance:

Lets start by giving a big YAY!!!!!! As Michael and I watched the opening number we were very giddy bc we knew that dance MUST be choreographed by non other than Wade Robson... And it was!!! We love Wade and his wacky mind, hope this means he has many more dances in store for us this season. :)

I definitely understand why these two went home but I must admit I feel a little sorry for them bc I think they got the short end of the stick, which is just the way it goes sometimes. We really didn't get to know these two very well during the audition sequence which is always a downfall. Also I thought the music to there dance was AWFUL!!! It made the dance forgetable, which is not their fault.

What did you think about so you think you can dance this week????

Just for Fun:
Favorite TV Dads (some of my very favorites made the list)... Who are your favorite dads that didn't make the list or did?? My favorites are Dan Connor (Roseanne), Sandy Cohen (The OC), and Tim Allen (Home Improvement).

Sexiest shows of all-time (I don't really agree with this list).... What do you think are the sexiest shows???

Happy Watching,

Sarah Beth

Thursday, June 12


So You Think You Can Dance:

Top 20 dancers danced for the first time in there new pairings...Here is my semi run down:

1. Joshua and Katee - This was my favorite dance of the night. I always really like the Hip Hop dances that have a good meaning behind them. I thought they hit every move together and I honestly felt like she DID hold her own with Joshua (he obviously was going to be great). I was a little disappointed when I figured out that Shane Sparks probably wont be on the show this year since America's Next Best Dance Crew is coming on during the same time period. Shane always puts out one of my favorite numbers of the season (Dominic and Sabra - "We Got to Make it Work" and Ivan/Allison Umbrella dance) but I think that Tabitha and Napoleon are better than I thought they would be...although I hated the first song they choose but this one was perfect. Oh and Joshua and Katee had the BEST chemistry of the night I thought.

2. Chelsie and Mark - I loved this dance, "Tim Burton's Wedding" Mia always puts out some great routines and last night was no different. I really enjoyed watching this and I really like both of these people. Mark did a great job pulling it off after all the negative things they were saying. GREAT JOB! It was no park bench (Heidi and Travis) put lets be honest will anything ever be that good!

3. Twitch and Kherington "Twitchington" - I had a lot of fun with this routine and I think it proved just how great both dancers are, they can do a variety of things. I am so excited for Twitch and I think he is MOST people's favorite right now. He has such a great attitude and seems like the choreographers would love working with him bc he is such a hard worker. I really like Kherington a lot too and she seemed to really be supportive of Twitch which made her that much more likable. I think this will be a great pairing.

4.Thayne and Chelsea - Chelsea obviously shine more in this one and it could have been her lack of clothing but they did a great job.

5. Susie and Marquis - Susie is not my favorite but I was surprise at how well she floated across the floor...she did make it look pretty effortless. They lost it at the end but overall they did a pretty good job give this is not there style.

6. Rayven and Jamie - Ok so I played this back bc the first time I HATED the music and I think it really distracted me from the dancing.... I watched it a second time still hated the music but watching the moves if they had put this dance to different music they would have hit it out of the park. They weren't quite as in synch as Josh and Katee but they did a great job.

7. Will and Jessica - I have to admit they may be further down my list just bc I am not a big fan of Jessica but I really like Will. His first try out was really good and sticks with me bc it was so moving. They did a good job with this dance especially him, she was kind of wobbly and looked uncertain.

8. Kourtni and Matt - I really liked Kourtni coming into this and I still do but last night was so so ...they looked awkward and awkward together. They will have to step it up.

9. Chris and Comfort - I thought they got a lot of praise for a so so performance. I thought he out shined her (but that is not what the judges thought). I thought that she looked so uncomfortable up there. Probably bc I don't see her as someone who wears heels a lot or such little clothing. But overall i guess it was pretty good considering.

10. Courtney and Gev - Well I must admit I am never really a fan of the disco numbers. They don't really do it for me. Last year the b boy (Dominic and Sabra) started off with disco and the judges didn't like it...they landed in the bottom three and danced for there lives... Needless to say Dominic landed in the top 5 guys and Sabra WON!! So this doesn't necessarily mean the end for them. It is kinda funny that the b boy this year started off the same.....We will see.

Ok so the most disappointing part about last night was the lack of the best choreographer on the show....WADE ROBSON!!! I am just hoping that he will be on future shows but I have this bad feeling that he is not returning this year. I kinda always thought he didn't like being put in a "box". I think he is a choreographer that loves to make statements with his routines..ever since "Waiting on the World to Change" they haven't used him as much. There was so much controversy surrounding that and I am not sure if it is his decision or the shows but I would guess his. I think he doesn't want to be held down. I hope this is ALL wrong and he will be on the show next week!

UPDATE I found this interview with Mary Murphy back in May so maybe there is hope:
Which choreographers are returning?MM: Well, as far as I know, we're going to be seeing Mia Michaels, Wade Robson. Of course, Shane [Sparks] is on another dance show right now (MTV's (America's Best Dance Crew), so I'm not sure we're going to see him because of exclusive rights or whatever. But we're going to see all the choreographers back. And you'll see some new, exciting ones that I hear are in the works that have been doing a lot of the dance movies that are out there right now. So that will be exciting. I can't wait to see what celebrity judges they put in next to me

What are your thoughts about this weeks dances???? And on Wade Robson????


Hills Spin-Off: MTV has announced that a new spin off of the Hills featuring Whitney Port is in the works. The show will follow Whitney Port to New York as she works for People's Revolution and befriends a new group including Olivia Palermo. Whitney is denying this saying no one has spoken to her about the show...only time will tell.

Katherine Heigl has taken her name out of the hate for an Emmy this year. Heigl won a Emmy last year for best supporting actress in a drama. She is quoted as saying "I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination," WOW that is a dig at the writers/producers for sure. Makes me wonder if she is trying to get out of her contract of being on the show since there were rumors before of her not wanting to do the show any more but is being forced to bc of her contract...Hmmmm.

90210: Jason Priestley may be returning to Beverly Hills to join other cast members Jeannie Garth and Tori Spelling for the new spin off. But don't except to see him in the episodes he is in talks with the CW to direct some episodes.

LOST: In a recent interview with Cynthia Watros (Libby from lost) she said this: Do you feel the producers have left the door open for you to return again?Watros: I know I get a lot of people coming up to me asking, "What was Libby's deal? Why was she in a mental institution? What was her relationship with Hurley about?" I don't know if [the writers] want to answer those questions or not, but people want to know.


Just for Fun:
20 Most Outrageous "The View" Moments:

Happy Watching,
Sarah Beth

Thursday, June 5

Prison Break:
Prison Break's newest cast member is one that might look familiar to Grey's Anatomy fans. The actor who played Bailey's husband (not looking good for her marriage) will take on a new role as an employee of "The Company" on Prison Break. Prison Break is set to return on August 25...Mark your calendar to see the badest bad *** in TV return (Michael Scofield ofcourse-I know some of you may for fight for Jack Bauer but I give bonus points to Scofield for looking good while he is doing it).

Just my opinion on some things...Jin is definitely NOT dead I don't believe it. Also I think that something will happen "sci-fi" with Locke and he won't really be dead or the Island will bring him back to life, since he is the chosen one. I think Michael is dead forsure! Daniel's boat picks up Jin and are lost between the Island and the exploded pieces of the boat.... They may be on another Island now. I am so glad that the people on the Island might still be alive...I HEART Sawyer. Ok that is it for now....

According to 90210 alum Jeannie Garth the new show will push the envelope and tackle issues that 90210 has never dealt with....This is interesting to me bc lets review what they dealt with shall we:
Drug Addiction
Relationships with Teachers
Relationships with Teachers Wives
Cheating (including breaking in to school to change grades)
Burned in a house fire
Getting drunk at the school prom and almost not being able to graduate
Tackling Gun Issues
Child Molestation
Much Much More.....

I am not sure what else they can cover but I am sure they will think of new aliens....:)
View Trailer below:

The Bachelorette:
I have one thing to say...How is Twilley still there??? Oh 2 things.... Next weeks episode looks like so much DRAMA. YAY, isn't that why we all watch this show :)


It is a good thing I can tivo two things at once. Here are my overlapping shows (bc I am sure you are interested) Are you frustrated with the way some of your shows fell in the schedule??
Prison Break/One Tree Hill
Grey's Anatomy/The Office

Wow after looking over the schedule I really don't have many overlapping shows :) Mainly bc a lot of shows I loved (Cashmere Mafia, October Road, Beauty and the Geek) all got canceled. I am on the hunt for some new shows and I think that Tuesday's I will be watching 90210 and Surviving the Filthy Rich. I am also thinking about getting into Boston Legal, Heroes (I already have two shows taping at this time so it is highly unlikely right now), and maybe Eli Stone...Anyone want to try to convince me to watch one of those shows????

On TV Tonight:
So You Think You Can Dance
The Real World: Hollywood
She's Got the Look - Premiere

Just for Fun:
AOL's Best & Worst of TV this year:
2008 Cliffhangers: (See which shows left us on the edge of our seats)