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Wednesday, June 25

There are Still 24 hours in a Day


The seventh season of 24 will still consist of 24 episodes contrary to rumors that the season will only consist of 22 due to the two hour TV mini-movie to premiere in the fall. Fox confirms season seven of 24 will have all 24 hours accounted for excluding the mini-movie.

Criminal Minds:

Attention 90210 fans Luke Perry will be guest starring in an episode of Criminal Minds in the beginning of the fall season. Luke Perry will not be playing a heart-breaker in the show but a "baddie" says TV Guide.


New Mommy Nicole Richie will guest star on the NBC's Chuck in the fall.

Heidi Montag:

Click below to listen to Heidi's new single...I think it is awful...I mean really really bad. What do you think??
Arrested Development:

Is filming for its big screen release next year. Jason Bateman confirms that the film is schedule to release next year which is great news for Arrested Development fans that thought the sitcom was cut off to soon. :)
Samantha Who?
The show will have a guest appearance by Mary-Kate Olsen in the should be interesting for sure.


Areta said...

Heidi's song:

If you think the song sounds bad you should really check out the lyrics, they are even worse!

Sarah Beth said...

Wow those are really bad lyrics...everyone should look at them! AWFUL.

Mary said...

Worst movie; great actress:
Diane Keaton = Because I Said So

Arrested Development movie: YAYAYAYAY

Sarah Beth said...

Mary thanks for commenting...however I must say I LOVED because I said so.
I would say Diane Keaton= Hanging Up or Look Who's Talking Now(voice)