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Thursday, June 12


So You Think You Can Dance:

Top 20 dancers danced for the first time in there new pairings...Here is my semi run down:

1. Joshua and Katee - This was my favorite dance of the night. I always really like the Hip Hop dances that have a good meaning behind them. I thought they hit every move together and I honestly felt like she DID hold her own with Joshua (he obviously was going to be great). I was a little disappointed when I figured out that Shane Sparks probably wont be on the show this year since America's Next Best Dance Crew is coming on during the same time period. Shane always puts out one of my favorite numbers of the season (Dominic and Sabra - "We Got to Make it Work" and Ivan/Allison Umbrella dance) but I think that Tabitha and Napoleon are better than I thought they would be...although I hated the first song they choose but this one was perfect. Oh and Joshua and Katee had the BEST chemistry of the night I thought.

2. Chelsie and Mark - I loved this dance, "Tim Burton's Wedding" Mia always puts out some great routines and last night was no different. I really enjoyed watching this and I really like both of these people. Mark did a great job pulling it off after all the negative things they were saying. GREAT JOB! It was no park bench (Heidi and Travis) put lets be honest will anything ever be that good!

3. Twitch and Kherington "Twitchington" - I had a lot of fun with this routine and I think it proved just how great both dancers are, they can do a variety of things. I am so excited for Twitch and I think he is MOST people's favorite right now. He has such a great attitude and seems like the choreographers would love working with him bc he is such a hard worker. I really like Kherington a lot too and she seemed to really be supportive of Twitch which made her that much more likable. I think this will be a great pairing.

4.Thayne and Chelsea - Chelsea obviously shine more in this one and it could have been her lack of clothing but they did a great job.

5. Susie and Marquis - Susie is not my favorite but I was surprise at how well she floated across the floor...she did make it look pretty effortless. They lost it at the end but overall they did a pretty good job give this is not there style.

6. Rayven and Jamie - Ok so I played this back bc the first time I HATED the music and I think it really distracted me from the dancing.... I watched it a second time still hated the music but watching the moves if they had put this dance to different music they would have hit it out of the park. They weren't quite as in synch as Josh and Katee but they did a great job.

7. Will and Jessica - I have to admit they may be further down my list just bc I am not a big fan of Jessica but I really like Will. His first try out was really good and sticks with me bc it was so moving. They did a good job with this dance especially him, she was kind of wobbly and looked uncertain.

8. Kourtni and Matt - I really liked Kourtni coming into this and I still do but last night was so so ...they looked awkward and awkward together. They will have to step it up.

9. Chris and Comfort - I thought they got a lot of praise for a so so performance. I thought he out shined her (but that is not what the judges thought). I thought that she looked so uncomfortable up there. Probably bc I don't see her as someone who wears heels a lot or such little clothing. But overall i guess it was pretty good considering.

10. Courtney and Gev - Well I must admit I am never really a fan of the disco numbers. They don't really do it for me. Last year the b boy (Dominic and Sabra) started off with disco and the judges didn't like it...they landed in the bottom three and danced for there lives... Needless to say Dominic landed in the top 5 guys and Sabra WON!! So this doesn't necessarily mean the end for them. It is kinda funny that the b boy this year started off the same.....We will see.

Ok so the most disappointing part about last night was the lack of the best choreographer on the show....WADE ROBSON!!! I am just hoping that he will be on future shows but I have this bad feeling that he is not returning this year. I kinda always thought he didn't like being put in a "box". I think he is a choreographer that loves to make statements with his routines..ever since "Waiting on the World to Change" they haven't used him as much. There was so much controversy surrounding that and I am not sure if it is his decision or the shows but I would guess his. I think he doesn't want to be held down. I hope this is ALL wrong and he will be on the show next week!

UPDATE I found this interview with Mary Murphy back in May so maybe there is hope:
Which choreographers are returning?MM: Well, as far as I know, we're going to be seeing Mia Michaels, Wade Robson. Of course, Shane [Sparks] is on another dance show right now (MTV's (America's Best Dance Crew), so I'm not sure we're going to see him because of exclusive rights or whatever. But we're going to see all the choreographers back. And you'll see some new, exciting ones that I hear are in the works that have been doing a lot of the dance movies that are out there right now. So that will be exciting. I can't wait to see what celebrity judges they put in next to me

What are your thoughts about this weeks dances???? And on Wade Robson????


Hills Spin-Off: MTV has announced that a new spin off of the Hills featuring Whitney Port is in the works. The show will follow Whitney Port to New York as she works for People's Revolution and befriends a new group including Olivia Palermo. Whitney is denying this saying no one has spoken to her about the show...only time will tell.

Katherine Heigl has taken her name out of the hate for an Emmy this year. Heigl won a Emmy last year for best supporting actress in a drama. She is quoted as saying "I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination," WOW that is a dig at the writers/producers for sure. Makes me wonder if she is trying to get out of her contract of being on the show since there were rumors before of her not wanting to do the show any more but is being forced to bc of her contract...Hmmmm.

90210: Jason Priestley may be returning to Beverly Hills to join other cast members Jeannie Garth and Tori Spelling for the new spin off. But don't except to see him in the episodes he is in talks with the CW to direct some episodes.

LOST: In a recent interview with Cynthia Watros (Libby from lost) she said this: Do you feel the producers have left the door open for you to return again?Watros: I know I get a lot of people coming up to me asking, "What was Libby's deal? Why was she in a mental institution? What was her relationship with Hurley about?" I don't know if [the writers] want to answer those questions or not, but people want to know.


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