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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, June 5

Prison Break:
Prison Break's newest cast member is one that might look familiar to Grey's Anatomy fans. The actor who played Bailey's husband (not looking good for her marriage) will take on a new role as an employee of "The Company" on Prison Break. Prison Break is set to return on August 25...Mark your calendar to see the badest bad *** in TV return (Michael Scofield ofcourse-I know some of you may for fight for Jack Bauer but I give bonus points to Scofield for looking good while he is doing it).

Just my opinion on some things...Jin is definitely NOT dead I don't believe it. Also I think that something will happen "sci-fi" with Locke and he won't really be dead or the Island will bring him back to life, since he is the chosen one. I think Michael is dead forsure! Daniel's boat picks up Jin and are lost between the Island and the exploded pieces of the boat.... They may be on another Island now. I am so glad that the people on the Island might still be alive...I HEART Sawyer. Ok that is it for now....

According to 90210 alum Jeannie Garth the new show will push the envelope and tackle issues that 90210 has never dealt with....This is interesting to me bc lets review what they dealt with shall we:
Drug Addiction
Relationships with Teachers
Relationships with Teachers Wives
Cheating (including breaking in to school to change grades)
Burned in a house fire
Getting drunk at the school prom and almost not being able to graduate
Tackling Gun Issues
Child Molestation
Much Much More.....

I am not sure what else they can cover but I am sure they will think of new aliens....:)
View Trailer below:

The Bachelorette:
I have one thing to say...How is Twilley still there??? Oh 2 things.... Next weeks episode looks like so much DRAMA. YAY, isn't that why we all watch this show :)


It is a good thing I can tivo two things at once. Here are my overlapping shows (bc I am sure you are interested) Are you frustrated with the way some of your shows fell in the schedule??
Prison Break/One Tree Hill
Grey's Anatomy/The Office

Wow after looking over the schedule I really don't have many overlapping shows :) Mainly bc a lot of shows I loved (Cashmere Mafia, October Road, Beauty and the Geek) all got canceled. I am on the hunt for some new shows and I think that Tuesday's I will be watching 90210 and Surviving the Filthy Rich. I am also thinking about getting into Boston Legal, Heroes (I already have two shows taping at this time so it is highly unlikely right now), and maybe Eli Stone...Anyone want to try to convince me to watch one of those shows????

On TV Tonight:
So You Think You Can Dance
The Real World: Hollywood
She's Got the Look - Premiere

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