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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Friday, June 13


Ok so I just finished this long write up on the Bachelorette and my email went crazy and deleted it (ugh), so this may not be as long as I wanted it to be.

The Bachelorette:

I am definitely TEAM I read comments on the internet about him I am finding a lot of people really aren't liking him bc he "doesn't seem into DeAnna" or bc he didn't want to kiss her. I think these are both kinda silly. I think he is the most real one of the show. He isn't willing to fake emotions and feelings just bc a camera is there. I don't think this means he isn't into her I think it means he was feeling awkward and uncertain about the situation and voiced that to DeAnna. I respect the fact that he didn't kiss her it seemed more real than most moments on the bachelorette... he was weirded out by the other men standing there watching them, and rightfully so, I give him major props for being honest with her. DeAnna has said since the very beginnig that she wants someone who is real and doesn't lead her on I think that Graham is the most sincere guy left on the show....(I really like Jason too). But most of the time you just see people swept away in this fairy tale and I like the fact that Graham is staying grounded and saying look I am not going to get drawn into that, I want to see what is really there and share MY emotions with you. Plus I think he is really cute!

Ok now lets take a look at the others....

WHY IS TWILLY STILL THERE??? I find him awkward and weird, but to be honest we really haven't seen much of him. He must be doing something right off-camera! The Fred/Robert date.... Well I thought Robert had it coming he was too cocky and he could not take a joke. As far as Fred goes I think it was pretty obvious that DeAnna wasn't feeling a physical attraction to him, However I give props to Fred for one of the classiest exits in Bachelor history. :) As for Brian (the one that got the boot this week) I really didn't feel we ever really got to know him... he seemed like a nice guy but obviously DeAnna wasn't feeling the chemistry.

I think the top four right now are Jeremy (whom I don't like- I think he is kind of a snake), Jason (I like him but I think he seems a little too sweet and shy for her), Sean (who I don't really know yet) and Graham (TEAM GRAHAM). But don't count Jesse out bc I think he might sneak in. :)

What are your thoughts??? Are you a TEAM GRAHAM????


Jon Voight (aka Angelina Jolie's Dad) has signed on to be the nemesis of Jack Bauer in season 7... he will play on team terrorists.

The Office Spin Off:

The Spin Off has cast there first office member.... Aziz Ansari of MTV's Human Giant. There have been no other hires as of now. It is highly unlikely that any current cast members of the office will be cast in the spin off, however look for some of the cast members of the spin off to start off on The Office before the mid season premeire.

So You Think You Can Dance:

Lets start by giving a big YAY!!!!!! As Michael and I watched the opening number we were very giddy bc we knew that dance MUST be choreographed by non other than Wade Robson... And it was!!! We love Wade and his wacky mind, hope this means he has many more dances in store for us this season. :)

I definitely understand why these two went home but I must admit I feel a little sorry for them bc I think they got the short end of the stick, which is just the way it goes sometimes. We really didn't get to know these two very well during the audition sequence which is always a downfall. Also I thought the music to there dance was AWFUL!!! It made the dance forgetable, which is not their fault.

What did you think about so you think you can dance this week????

Just for Fun:
Favorite TV Dads (some of my very favorites made the list)... Who are your favorite dads that didn't make the list or did?? My favorites are Dan Connor (Roseanne), Sandy Cohen (The OC), and Tim Allen (Home Improvement).

Sexiest shows of all-time (I don't really agree with this list).... What do you think are the sexiest shows???

Happy Watching,

Sarah Beth