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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, October 27

Yay it is Monday

I am super excited about all of Tonight's shows!!! I loved Desperate Housewives last night and will probably write more on it later but here are a few note worthy things for right now:

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Read even if you don't watch the show!

Last nights Makeover had be crying the entire episode the precious little boy on the show stole my heart and his family's faith moved me. I walked away feeling awful for this precious boy but also feeling blessed and wanting to do MORE with my life and for this boy!!! The little boys name is Job and the family named him this for a reason (even though they had no idea what obstacles their son would face). I have attached some verses about Job that they quoted and please click on the link below to learn more about Job and his story. I encourage you to keep this wonderful family in your prayers!! They have touched my heart so deeply!!! :)

"There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job and that man was perfect and upright and one that feared God and eschewed evil." (Job 1:1)

"so the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning... and Job lived to be old and full of days." (Job 42:12,17)

Danity Kane:
This just in Shannon has left the band :( I am pretty sad about this because I think it is pretty clear Danity Kane is over... I mean if it isn't then it will just be the name with all new girls. At this point I could see Diddy starting a new Danity Kane with just Dawn. As much as I like Dawn it won't be the same with just one girl remaining... I guess we will have to wait and see what comes of the Making the Band group.

One Tree Hill:
Attention Leyton lovers!! If you are a Peyton/Lucas supporter get ready for some rocky roads ahead. A new character, Julian Baker, movie producer for Lucas' new movie will stir up some drama in Tree Hill. During the five years we didn't see of Peyton's life apparently she and Julian had a thing. Also there may be some love interest with Brooke in the future as well.... Hmm this could get interesting (they need some new story lines in Tree Hill, so I am pretty excited).

Friday, October 24



Woo Hoo!! If you read my blog you know that last night I was SUPER excited with how the episode played out. I heart Alex and I love him and Izzy together! Last night we pealed another layer off Alex and I like what I am seeing.... I also loved when Izzy came into his room and repeated "I care about you, I care about you, I care about you..." Alex needs someone to really love him and not leave him (from what I have gathered thus far). So right now I am super super excited!!! I also love the story line of Lexie and makes me so happy to see Lexie do things like decorate George's locker because it seems so real!!! I love it! I loved how at the end she told George he was a jerk for not noticing her...I think he needed to hear it! Yay for me last nights episode was pretty good!

In a recent interview Patrick Dempsey hinted that their might be a wedding soon for Meredith and Derek... For all those MerDer fans out there this is big news! I would be extremely happy if they got married and ended that saga.... Let's move on the other characters.... I want to find out more about Mark Sloan, Lexie, Cristina etc..... But this season I love the focus on Alex!!!

Gossip Girl:
This weeks episode of Gossip Girl also made me extremely happy much like Grey's. I love getting to know Chuck Bass more and more and I loved the end when he told Blair to say those three little words, three syllables, eight letters... It is so obvious that they both love each other but are too scared to admit it... But it is what makes the show so intriguing. Next I love the story line developing between Nate and Dan... I think that will be a great friendship, also I have always wanted Jenny and Nate to be together and I think this is going to open that door. Next weeks preview looks pretty interesting, hopefully we will still like Jenny when it is over but I am excited to see Willa on next week's episode. Serena has been getting on my nerves lately so I think that her character needs a revamp or new story lines.... What are your thoughts?

Thanks to my friend Mary I have attached the preview for LOST!!! Get excited the new season doesn't start until January but this preview looks awesome! :)
(scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the preview)

Monday, October 20


For my loyal blog readers I am sorry I have been M.I.A. for the past week or so... I have been sick and well frankly without words. I am back and ready to spill the gossip....

Gossip Girl:

Ok so there are many rumors floating around right now about Gossip Girl (some of these might be considered SPOILERS but since I don't know if they are true I am going to share them). First rumor is about Vanessa and Chuck hooking up or at least getting flirty in episodes to come, this was kind of given away in the last preview but I am against it completely! As all of you know I am a huge "CHAIR" fan and I really don't like Vanessa so I hope this comes to an end quickly. Next there will be a funeral on the show, which obviously hints to a death. I am thinking the death will probably come to a "not needed" parent but will cause some drama. I think possibly Bart Bass (but I am not sure about that since we just discovered some about Chucks past I don't think they would kill him right now but who knows) or Allison Humphrey. What is your guess?? It has been hinted that there is a love triangle forming between Vanessa, Nate and Jenny (I actually enjoy the idea of Nate and Jenny). Also Jenny's new friend is suppose to enter the picture in the next couple episodes... YAY I am ready for Kaitlin Cooper :)
PS I love how they are setting it up for all the characters to go to Yale, except for Jenny but I am sure they will find a way for her to design nearby.

Ode to Chuck's scarf:

One Tree Hill:

I am so relieved that Brooke finally opened up to Peyton about her attack, I have been waiting for it. I am a little bored with the Nathan basketball story line... Let him play or don't but that is not the drama I want to watch. Also is anyone else really wanting Chase (Stephen Coletti) to come back and be with Brooke??? I don't have much to say about this show bc frankly it is getting boring.
Attention all Dawson's Creek fans: James Van Der Beek is returning to NC to play a director interested in doing a movie based on Lucas book.... Interesting. The character seems to be very similar to the character James played on Dawson's Creek. I am excited to see James on OTH, I would love to see other alums of Dawson's visit the show. For those of you who don't know OTH is filmed in the same city as Dawson's Creek. On the link below you are asked which teen drama you think is better Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill, it was a tough one but I had to go with my first love Dawson's Creek...Which do you prefer?

The Hills:
Wow there is so much going on right now with the Hills... Lauren has been saying this is the final season of the hills but MTV is claiming that all the main characters will be in the next season of the Hills (which I think they are already filming, not sure). So Yay I think there will be at least one more season of the Hills but I will let you know when I know for sure. Next at Lauren's fashion show Lauren and Heidi were spotted having a heart to heart conversation, does this mean they made up? All I have to say is I hope the cameras were there to catch the interaction or at least they reenact it for the fans to see!!! I think if they are friends again then Spencer will have to keep his distance while Lauren is around. Audrina and Heidi have been spotted multiple times together lately so are they new besties??? Finally Whitney has started filming her new show The City so her departure from The Hills must be soon. Will you watch The City??

Here is a sneak peek at tonight's episode:

Making the Band:
Ok so how last weeks finale??? Crazy that they ended it with the band broken up and no news on the future.. Maybe this really is reality TV!! I love Aundrea!! (Just throwing that out there). Aubrey is so crazy, she doesn't get it - I just want to reach through the TV and scream stop talking!!! She annoys me so badly but causes good TV. I hear that Making the Band is going to have some more episodes in the spring that will show what will happen now but I haven't seen a preview or anything so I am not sure but I am extremely interested in whats next for Danity Kane?

Desperate Housewives:
Ok I just wanted to really quickly say that I think Edie's husband was married to the woman that Mike and Susan killed in the car and that was his wife and child that died. I think he probably went crazy after it happen and was admitted and when they released him they were still worried he was going to hurt himself or someone else bc he had so much anger inside. These are my thoughts, what are yours???

Grey's Anatomy:

Do ya'll get tired of me saying the same thing week after week??? I heart Alex!!! I loved the scene in the bar with him and Izzy at the end of the episode... Just keep pealing back the layers Shondra!!! I was heart-broken for Lexie after George totally forgot about her after he passed his test... Come on George wake up... he usually isn't so careless. Has he forgotten who helped him study for his test and who encouraged him this entire time, and who pushed him to ask the chief to re-take the test??? I really like George and Lexie together- I think they are a great fit!
Ode to Alex's black wife beater...this is kind of funny :)
30 Rock:

Ok so are there any 30 Rock fans out there??? My husband and I rented the first season of 30 Rock this weekend (I know like we don't have enough shows already right?) and I have been extremely disappointed thus far. I am only three episodes in and some things are kind of funny but I don't think I have laughed out loud one time.... Let me remind you that when I started the Office I was literally crying from laughing so hard... I have heard that 30 Rock gets better as you go...Is this true??? Should I stick with it??? I need your thoughts.

Dancing with the Stars:
I don't watch this show but I wanted to give those of you that do the break down of rankings according to TV Guide:

8. Susan Lucci and Tony Dovolani
7. Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas
6. Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo
5. Cody Linley and Julianne Hough
4. Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer
3. Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson
2. Maurice Greene and Cheryl Burke
1. Brooke Burke and Derek Hough

Prison Break:
Michael got # 8 on best male fashion statements with his tattoos.... Looking at this picture just reminds me of how bad A** he is... I know I use those words a lot to describe him but that is who I think of when I think of Bad A**.

The Island- RW/RR Challenge:

So sad!!! I am so super sad after last weeks episode. I was very excited when Evelyn stole Johnny's key the week before (I am completely against the alliance). I hate that Johnny won back his key, I really thought Derek or Cohutta would beat him, I honestly don't think he is that great of a competitor. Anyways I am also saddened that Derek has teamed up with the alliance but I guess it was best for him and I really want Derek to win. So now that Johnny has his key "throne" back what is next for the alliance. We know there is at least one more elimination left and they really want Johanna to have a key but the alliance has been so sketchy the entire game and I am wondering how everyone is going to react when they realize they have been taken by them. Let me explain what I am talking about.... 8 people get keys at the end of the challenge and 8 people get on boats (4 on each boat). What I know is the following people have keys:

Kelly Ann

The alliance for sure wants the following people to end up with keys:

Johanna (doesn't currently have one)
We know that they have promised to help the following people get keys:

Dan, Ryan, Colie, and Johanna ... the way I see it two of these people are going to get screwed. Also they are taking Jen's key who also is not going to be happy to be betrayed. It will be interesting to see how it all goes down. Next I kind of hope that Johnny, Dunbar, Paula and Robyn are on one boat and that Kenny, Johanna, Derek, and other are on the other and that Derek's boat wins!!!

Ok the other interesting thing is that Evelyn has a moment in the preview where she gets really excited when TJ makes an announcement about the final elimination which is either this week or next and I am thinking it must mean she has a chance at a key....Maybe everyone competes in the last elimination and the only way to secure your key is to win and the winner gets to steal a key... Not sure but there is definitely some kind of twist coming!!! YAY

Thursday, October 9

Go Evelyn!

The Island:

Loved it!!! Get it Evelyn… Ok so usually I really like Johnny and Paula – in the past they have been some of my favorites, well not this time around. I have to be honest I don’t love many people on this challenge, really only Derek. Anyways I have hated how Johnny just took over the Island and more so that he thinks he is so much better than everyone else… Sometimes I agree with what he is saying BUT rarely do I agree with how he goes about saying them. I loved how Evelyn totally played the alliance and told everyone what they were up to… Here is the break down:


Kenny - Key
Dunbar - Key
Paula - Key


Evelyn - Key
Derek - Key
Robyn - Key
Jen - Key
Kelly Ann - Key

It seems to me there are still a lot of people not in the alliance so they should team up together and take the alliance out! Only three of the people in the alliance are currently holding keys… It seems like the easiest thing to do would be to take Paula’s key bc she would have a hard time getting her key back (don’t forget in order to receive a key they have to WIN the challenge). I don’t see Paula easily beating Evelyn, Robyn, Kelly Ann or Jenn… She might could take Colie but there would have to be another person she was taking on… the best bet for the alliance would be to put in Paula and Johanna against Colie and then one of their girls would probably get the key (but then one of their girls might get sent home). The other two boys in the alliance don’t seem like strong competitors at all… Don’t forget neither Kenny nor Dunbar has WON a challenge (Dunbar was handed a key and Kenny got second place against Abram). It looked like this next week Derek was in the challenge so my question is “if Derek wins” can he have 2 keys OR can he steal it and give it to someone else?? I hope Derek wins steals Paula’s key and gives it to Dan (He needs another guy on his team). I just really hope we see the alliance unravel bc they have been so awful to everyone thus far. Don’t forget they promised Jenn that if she helped Paula win her challenge that they would take care of her… then they threw her to the wolves during the last episode.

What do you think of the alliance?

The Olsen Twins:
I saw this picture of the Olsen twins and I had to post... look at those Olsen faces.... classic!


Another 90210 romance is brewing...this time between Jessica & Adam (Ty & Adrianna).

Wednesday, October 8

Aubrey's Out & Brenda's In!

Making the Band 4:Ok so all episode long I was waiting for it....the drama to unfold in Danity Kane...who knew there was so much drama off camera? I wasn't surprised that some of the girls had issues with Aubrey given all the press surrounding her lately.... It seems like every time I turn around there is a scandalous picture of her! Ugh, I wouldn't think that is the image anyone wanted to portray...especially fellow group members Shannon & Aundrea. I had no idea Aundrea & Aubrey don't talk anymore...that is crazy given the fact that they were so close through out the entire process. Anyways when Diddy started the conversation with the girls I got really nervous bc I thought maybe Aundrea was going to be the one he cut loose (we knew he said someone wasn't going to be part of the group any more bc they showed it in the preview) so when he asked Aundrea about the email she sent him I got worried. However we all knew that Aubrey and Diddy have been at odds for years...Aubrey's vision for herself is different than Diddy's which I guess I can understand (even though I don't agree with her vision of being a slut) BUT she did sign on to be part of this group and worked so hard for it, you would think she would be greatful for the opportunity and enjoy it! Diddy is arrogant and sometimes I don't agree with him about things but last night I kind of did... I don't think Diddy should have to run ANYTHING by Aubrey especially when it has to do with his own album. I could understand if Dawn really had been creating her own album but she was just singing back up vocals on his album. The real problem is that Aubrey doesn't trust Dawn and it doesn't seem like they are the only ones in the group lacking trust..... I bet Aundrea and Shannon didn't believe Dawn was creating her own album bc it seems they trust each other..... Well anyways we will have to wait until next week to find out what goes down but for now lets look at some options:

1. Aubrey is out of the group and they go on with only four
2. The group breaks up and maybe only a couple stay together to form "Danity Kane" (I don't think this is a realistic option).
3. Aubrey really isn't out of the group...the girls succeed in getting her back in the group.
4. Aubrey is out and Making the Band 5 begins on finding Aubrey's replacement!!!! (I kind of like this option bc Aubrey has gotten so cocky and I would love to see another season of making the band with Aundrea and the other girls helping find the fifth member).
I have attached a couple videos of Aubrey & Aundrea during happier times together...Just in case you forgot how close they once it is nice to see Aubrey in these videos...she seems so different now.
What do ya'll think is going to happen???

So in other news Shannen has signed on to do two more episodes of 90210 this we haven't seen the last of Brenda yet. Also Jason Priestley has signed on to direct an episode, maybe once he gets there they will be able to pull him in front of the camera :)

Tuesday, October 7

Monday Shows!!!

Ok so last night I was so excited bc my husband usually plays softball on Monday nights which forces us to pick which shows we are going to watch that night and which we are going to save for another night (usually we pick Gossip Girl & Prison Break)....Anyways last night was an off week so I cooked dinner and we sat down with great excitement ready to start our shows and boo no new episodes... The crazy thing is I remember watching the previews last week thinking "TWO WEEKS" I don't want to wait two weeks for a new episode.... Apparently my mind completely blocked out the fact that Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill were not airing new episodes last night. Not all was a loss because Prison Break was new with a GREAT episode!!!! And we got some Hills drama but I was quite sad~

The Hills:
Ok so everyone is talking about it ....Will Heidi finally realize what a jerk Spencer is??? Well given it is a reality show and we all see the current status of their relationship I don't see Speidi breaking up anytime soon. I just can't figure out what the deal is??? Let's talk about it...Do you think that Heidi just fell in love with Spencer and now that she sees how awful he is can't bring herself to break up with him bc she loves him (we have all had friends experience this). OR do we think it really is somewhat scripted and Spencer is suppose to be the villain and in real life he is completely different??? OR is Heidi using Spencer for the publicity and is she worried if her and Spencer broke up she wouldn't have a place on the Hills??? OR is Heidi just faking her innocent routine and she really is much more like Spencer than we see????

I have to give a shout out to Holly for the best line of the show.... "The point is there is a chance and especially since it doesn't involve you it sounds like a great option." Get it Holly!!!
What are your thoughts and comments???

Monday, October 6

One Tree Hill- 7th SEASON!!

OTH:Apparently One Tree Hill has already been picked up for a seventh season, which is extremely surprising to me considering the story lines this season has already brought us (kind of overboard). It is pretty funny bc I was just telling someone today that I would be surprised if they had another season....consider me surprised, I guess OTH has a bigger following than I thought. Another rumor swirling around is that Sophia and Chad have said they would be out after season six. Does this mean OTH would go on with out them??? If so would anyone still be interested??? I must say I don't care for Chad or his character Lucas but my favorite character is Brooke. I have never agreed with taking off the main character of a show (meaning Lucas), we all saw what happened to the OC.... I guess we will have to wait and see if there really is a seventh season and if all the principle characters will be returning.

Just for Fun Buddytv did a poll on who is the best OTH character of all time and the winner was Jaime, ofcourse... But second place was Brooke. So in my opinion the winner is really Brooke bc Jaime won merely for his cuteness!! Anyways the following were the top 10..... (I would have ranked Jake hire than Lucas but i probably would have put Lucas last).

3. TIE - Nathan and Haley(how appropriate) - 2,012 votes
5. Lucas - 1,860 votes
6. Jake - 1,676 votes
7. Peyton - 1,641 votes
8. Skills - 1,534 votes
9. Quentin - 1,460 votes
10. Keith - 1,407 votes

In other renewal news Entourage has been picked up for a 6th season even though the 5th season has lacked viewers...


There is a REAL relationship budding on the set of 90210. Ethan and Silver were spotted coming outside of Silver's house after he spent the night at her place...hmmmm....

The Hills:

There is always some drama surrounding the girls on The Hills and lately it has been rumors that Lauren hooked up with Justin Bobby... Lauren recently wrote a message on her MySpace page explaining the situation....

In her blog, Lauren says that someone has been contacting Perez Hilton with false information on more than one occasion. She doesn't say who she thinks the culprit is, but one could assume that she's pointing fingers at Spencer Pratt, especially based on the following description: "Who is someone that I do not get along with, that possibly has too much time on his hands (between pathetically staged paparazzi shots), that has a relationship with Perez?" Sounds like Spencer to us!

Meanwhile Audrina has been spotted getting very close to Heidi, pictures have been recently released of the two at lunch.... hmmm it seems like someone wants Audrina to join team Speidi!

Can't wait to see how this plays out in a future episode of The Hills.