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Friday, December 10

The Bachelor - IS BACK!

Reality Steve is at it again, spoilers that is. So the Bachelor starts in January and RS (Reality Steve) is already busy giving away all kinds of details. Because neither my readers nor myself want to know the BIG spoilers (like who Brad will pick) I am trying to skim through his blog and just pick out the things that I think ya’ll will want to know without giving too much away!

Let’s get started:

DeAnna and Jenni are back!

Brad pre-taped a segment with DeAnna and Jenni a couple months ago as closure with the girls (and America) and it will air premiere night, January 3rd. Jenni is now married and DeAnna is engaged but this was meant to get any dirty laundry out in the open and allow everyone to move on with this season of The Bachelor.

The bachelorette’s honestly didn’t know 100% who the bachelor was until they pulled up in the limo. RS didn’t announce it was Brad until Sept 20 and most of the girls flew out for filming on Sept 21 and 22 (which means no more TV, Internet, Phones etc)…so even if they looked at RS blog on the 20th they still weren’t 100% sure it was Brad.

The slap is staged and fake, we all knew this, right?

I was scared to read too much more. The only other things I know are: there are 30 bachelorette’s, Ali and Roberto will show up in episode 2 or 3 to help Brad find out who is there for the right reasons, and there is no BIG dramas that will unfold in the house (no one has a boyfriend, no one leaves and then comes back etc.).

Apparently some of the girls do have some dirty laundry in their personal lives that might end up all over the tabloids but RS said he isn’t in the business of airing dirty laundry just spoilers.
So there you have it. I don’t know who gets kicked off when or who wins just a few little tid bits to get you intrigued on this coming season of the bachelor!

Oh and there will be a Bachelor Pad Season 2, they won’t be casting until after the three reunion parties (they have to see who will bring the most drama and interest to the show).