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Thursday, March 4

Ranking the Top 20

First the Boys....

I know that people are going to disagree with me but I think vocally the best males are Andrew, Lee and Alex. Here is my run down from Tuesday Night:

1. Lee - Lips of an Angel
So this wasn't the greatest vocal with some pitch problems but I love the tone of his voice.

2. Alex - Everybody Knows
Love love love the tone in his voice but he has to really work on his stage presence and confidence.

3. Andrew - You Give Me Something
I know the judges didn't like it much but I love his voice as well and think he is great. Can't wait to see him week after week.

4. Mike - This is a Man's World
I am riding the fence on Mike but his vocal this week was great.

5. Casey - I Don't Wanna Be
I really really don't like his hair, I say if you have long hair that make it manly not like you put it in rollers! However I thought this was a pretty good performance but a little Karaoke.

6. Toderick - What's Love Got to do with it?
He has a good voice but I agree with the judges he does to much and looks like he is trying too hard.

7. John - Gravity
I thought he sounded really good but just was somewhat boring.

8. Tim - Come on Get Higher
He was much better than last week and sounded pretty good but just doesn't seem to have the vocal chops that others have.

9. Aaron - My Girl
I really don't get why the judges like his voice so much he does too many runs and I think his voice is to old fashion.

10. Jermain - What's Going on?
Bad song choice, I think he can do better.

Top 10 Girls: (I know that I am partial to my favorites)

1. (Tie) Lilly "A Change is Gonna Come" and Crystal "Long as I Can See the Light"-
These two girls are great and I agree with Kara that they might change the face of American Idol (I hope more people like them try out). I think they are both the type of artists that I would want to go see at Workplay.

3. Katelyn - The Scientist
I thought she sounded great vocally and loved this version and her on the piano. I agree it was a little slow but overall a great performance!

4. Siobhan - Think
This girl has a big voice, I think she may need to start picking some more current songs though.

5. Paige Miles - Walkaway
She sounded good except the end but it was a good performance.

6. Lacey Brown - Kiss Me
I really like her voice and hope she is able to find a better song that fits her vocals and shows off her tone.

7. Didi - I agree with the judges that this song was not a great fit for her vocals but she did sound good, just didn't show off her strengths.

8. Katie - Put Your Records On
I thought she sounded good but it was forgettable.

9. Michelle - Arms Wide Open
I hated this song choice and what she did to it!

10. Haeley- The Climb
Sorry but I thought it was really pitchy and I just don't "love" her like America does. I think the smiling ALL the time has to go.

What did you think of this weeks performances?