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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, August 28


Favor to ask all of my wonderful readers!! I have a friend that is trying to get cast in a guest spot on Mad Men (the new show on has won many awards)...Anyway to help her dreams come true go the the link below and vote for her! Thanks :)

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Tuesday, August 26


Michelle Rodriguez "Ana Lucia" will return in the second episode of Lost this season. She will only be appearing in one episode so most likely it will be a flash back of some sort...TV Guide thinks a Hurley flash back. Ana Lucia's life was cut short after she was charged with a DUI in Hawaii during filming, however writers say that Ana Lucia's character was always planned to be a short lived one.

Prison Break:
This season Michael Scofield is losing the tattoo that he has had since season 1.... In season three of the show Michael wore long sleeves the entire season so they didn't have to paint on the tattoo for every show (he was really hot the entire season wearing long sleeves in MEXICO). So sometime during this season Michael is going to go to the doctor to get rid of the tattoo (I think to help better disguise himself from the company). YAY just a few more days!!!!

Here Come the Newlyweds is Back!

At the end of last season I reported that Here Come the Newlyweds was canceled...I obviously read this somewhere, but ABC has picked up the show for a second season... It will air mid-season. No official premiere date has been announced but probably sometime between Jan-March.

This picture just got me so excited and ready for the new season!!!

Ok so Luke Perry has been denying that he would appear on the spin-off since they announced it but is that really true? Or does he have a price??? Recent rumors are that Luke "Dylan" might appear in a late episode this season. Apparently Kelly has a four year old son in the spin-off and none other than Dylan is the father.... Dylan will come back later to try to fix the relationship with mother & son..... I really hope this happens I will be so happy :)

Monday, August 25


We are only 1 week, 7 short days away from the first of the fall premieres to begin...YAY I have my calendar marked for the 3 shows I will watching that day: One Tree Hill, Prison Break and newly added Gossip Girl (I am only 8 episodes into season 1 but should be finished by Monday).

American Idol: A Fourth Judge is added to Season 4!

This season they will be adding a forth judge into the mix, a female to help Paula out (if that is at all possible). I am little uneasy about this, "If it ain't broke don't fix it" I just feel like this could hurt the chemistry of the show, HOWEVER I know nothing about the lady they hired, Kara DioGuardi, so that might be unfair to say. The people at American Idol obviously know what they are doing... We will see. Read article below for more info

Dancing with the Stars: The Names are Out!
The most interesting name thrown out to me was Lacey Schwimmer from So You Think You Can Dance will be one of this years professionals.

Others that will be on the show: Lance Bass

Brooke Burke

Toni Braxton

Susan Lucci

Kim Kardashian

The Hills:

Tonight is Stephanie's Bday party this is the episode I have been looking forward to...Also maybe we will see some resolution between Audrina and Lo. So EXCITED!! Check out my blog tomorrow to see my thoughts and comments on tonight's episode.

Sneak peek at tonight's episode:

RW/RR Challenge: The Island...RACHEL'S BACK!!!

The first time I reported about The Island and the cast that will be on the challenge I listed Rachel Robinson and I just assumed this was Veteran Rachel that has been on a couple challenges recently. BUT It is not is it hard core bad A** Rachel of "Rachel & Veronica"...She hasn't been on a challenge in a long time so it is going to be interesting...I look for a good fight between Rachel & Tonya.

For a new preview of this seasons challenge click below:

For Various Great Clips from previous challenges click below:

Thursday, August 21

Jessica vs. Carrie:

Ok so I am just curious every ones opinion on this whole saga....I know it is not TV gossip but I need to know are you on Team Underwood or Team Simpson...I honestly don't love love love either one of them but I would go out on a limb and say that Carrie seems more genuine and honest but it is weird that she said in an interview that her ex still calls her, especially when he is dating someone else....Is that really anyone elses business to be putting in a magazine??? So I kind of understand where Jessica is coming from in her comments on the radio interview....Although it seems a little crazy to check his phone log...But we have all probably done crazy girlfriend things at some point in our lives, or at least I have!

So which of "America's Sweethearts" do you side with???

90210: Brenda is Back!!

I saw this new clip for 90210...and I loved all 10 seconds of it!!!

The Hills: Lo vs. Audrina

Ok so I know most of you are Team Audrina and that is fine but after watching the episode again I am more convinced than ever that Lo is more REAL and Audrina is fake....Ok so When Lauren and Lo are in the Kitchen Lo made several questionable comments but I am going to break them down and tell you my thoughts (bc I know you want to hear) "I'm not going to be put in that situation" "We have made an effort and cooked all day etc." and "I guess we will just have to enjoy the company that comes."

1. "I'm not going to be put in that situation" - In my opinion Lo is only on the show bc she loves Lauren and knows she needs a friend....When Laguna ended she was quoted as saying she was ready to move on and just live a normal life, she didn't enjoy cameras all the time and the drama. Ok so that being said I think she is saying this more about the producers and the show....They probably encouraged ("forced") Lo and Lauren to have this party for Audrina. Lo probably knows that Audrina is forced to be friends with them and knows she is only doing it to be famous.... She is saying I am not going to be forced to be in these situations basically just to have DRAMA....I think she wants to just lay low and be there for Lauren but it is being twisted into her being the villain.

2. "We made an effort and cooked all day etc..." - Ok so this kind of goes hand in hand with the last quote she is being forced to do all this stuff.... she really probably did clean, cook and do stuff all day for Audrina and she may not have even been grateful....we saw when Audrina was talking to her work people she said Lauren threw the party and she didn't know if Lo was helping so she may not have given Lo much credit and made her feel left out too, and ungrateful.

3. "I guess we will just have to enjoy the company that comes..." - ok so this is the most controversial statement she made and lets just be honest she is a bit b**** about it but I think she kind of meant that she invited people like Justin Bobby and he wasn't there yet so "we will just have to enjoy who comes"......

All in all I understand that Lo should probably just be nicer to her in general but I think she is very guarded and protective of Lauren and knows that Audrina is in for the fame...which is fine but it is hard when you are forcing people to be friends that may not normally get along very well... I do give props to Lo for confronting Audrina and trying to make peace (somewhat) she could have gone about it better but she did say "I big part of me wants to be your friend" to Audrinas "We'll Never Be Friends" and I agree 100% that all the blame is being put on Lo for Lauren and Audrina not getting along and that is just not fair...Lauren and Audrina's relationship is their relationship!

Fill me in on ALL your thoughts, I can wait to see how this season plays out!

Happy Watching

Jason is Back!

Meet the new Bachelor:

Yes that's right Jason is going to be the next Bachelor....many viewers were heart broken last season when DeAnna picked Jesse over Jason....But I personally think he is better off.... The premiere airs in January! For all those single ladies that loved Jason you should check and see if they are still searching for ladies!!!

Tuesday, August 19

Premiere Week is only

90210: Shannen & Jennie making peace
Shannen and Jennie have started filming scenes together and surprise surprise got along just fine. Jennie said it was not as bad as she thought it was going to be. I think the media hyped it up so much that they themselves hyped it up in their heads. As Jennie said they are grown women now and shouldn't have problems....only time will tell.

The Real World Road Rules Challenge: Crazy Beth gets married and is pregnant!

I don't have much to say about this except she is PROBABLY retired from the challenges...which is good and bad...Beth provided the show with so much drama but I am sure there will be some more b**** to come along and stir the pot.

P.S. I am so excited about "The Island"!!

90210: Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of 90210 will have lots of Music in it, that's right kind of like a musical! Brenda Walsh is back to direct the school play which is a musical so they have hired extras that can sing!!! I am definitely looking forward to the epi!

The Hills: TEAM LO!!!

Ok so I know that many people disagree with me on this one but if you watched Laguna Beach before The Hills and really paid attention to it you are probably with me on this one. Lo has always added a touch of humor to the show and has ALWAYS stood by Lauren. Lauren and Lo have been best friends since they were in elementary school together and Lo hasn't always been fighting for TV time....She was barely in season 2 of Laguna Beach and wasn't in the Hills at all until season 2...She was enjoying her own life. I personally think Lauren convinced her to come live with her and be on the show bc she wanted a REAL friend on the show, someone she knew she could talk to and hang out with naturally. I believe that they are making Lo out as the villain bc lets face it if she is going to be on the show she needs story lines. I also think that Lo is watching out for Lauren and probably knows that Audrina is just using the show to push forward in the industry and Lo sees that and is some what protective of Lauren (given she was hurt badly in the past by people like this hint hint Heidi). I think Lo is the most loyal friend Lauren has and I think she is awesome but I will admit she can be bitchy at times but hey MOST OF US CAN!

I read an interview with Lauren and she only furthered by my opinion that Lauren needs Lo on the show to keep her sanity.

Is that why you are still close with people like "Lo" who were there before the cameras?Lauren: Absolutely. You're always going to gravitate towards the friends who were there for you through everything and before you had any attention. I love Lo, and especially this last year, things kind of got big fast with the show, and to have my best friend living with me was important.

Ok so a friend noticed that I haven't said anything about Privileged on my blog. It is a new show coming on the CW after the much hyped about 90210. I am reading up on it and it is said to be a cross between "Gilmore Girls & Gossip Girl". I am going to be honest and say I don't see much in the preview that is anything like Gilmore Girls but who knows....

The basic plot: A girl (Yale graduate) in her 20's loses her job and gets hired to tutor twins that are filthy rich and have always gotten what they wanted....Now they have a live in tutor that makes them do their work. I think this show will be another show that offers drama and fashion much like many teen dramas on the CW...take a look at some previews I found below:
Watch the second preview and you might be sold....What are your thoughts? Will it be added to your TiVo??
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Monday, August 18

The Hills is BACK!!

The season premiere of The Hills is tonight at 9 on MTV....GET EXCITED. I am so ready for this season for two big reasons....

1. There is absolutely nothing on TV right now

2. I love LO and I am ready for her to redeem herself from last season (not that I thought she was all bad but I thought they portrayed her as more of a villain and I don't buy that, in my opinion she may be one of Lauren's only TRUE friends).

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the cast...I love LO!!!

So this weekend they had several things going on to draw you into this season of The Hills:

1. Old episodes of The Hills
2. Lauren Looks Back (Lauren looked back on all the season's of The Hills & Laguna Beach and highlighted all the big moments) - this was a re-run
3. Behind the scenes (This showed viewers how they film The Hills how they caught moments on tape and how they missed a few) - this was a re-run
4. Top 10 Greatest Hills Moments - MTV counts down the top ten moments on The Hills with commentary by Hills cast members and others.... THIS WAS NEW!

Top 10 Greatest Hills MOMENTS:

10. Welcome to Hollywood : Lauren moves to Hollywood

9. Good Morning America: Poor Whitney busts her behind live on Good Morning America

8. Meet Spencer Pratt: Enter the Villain
7. The Girl Who Didn't Go To Paris: Lauren chooses not to go to Paris but to stay home for the summer to be with then boyfriend Jason....bad decision.

6. Heidi Moves Out: No explanation needed

5. The Other Pratt: We are introduced to Stephanie and she becomes a regular on the show.

4. Bunny Hops on Brody: Jen "Bunny" hooks up with Brody who at the time was talking to Lauren.

3. Did he just Kiss Her? Justin Bobby is scene kissing another girl while him and Audrina are dating and at a bar together.

2. Sex, Lies & Videotape: The infamous sex tape scandal comes to head when Heidi & Lauren run into each other out one night.

1. Forgive & Forget: Lauren wants to forgive Heidi and then forget her.

I don't know that I agree with this list 100% but it would be hard to debate....Looking back at the best moments made me realize WHY DID ANYONE EVER LIKE HEIDI OR SPENCER??? OR DID ANYONE???? Heidi has caused trouble since day one and was always very annoying to me....not sure why Lauren stayed such good friends with her over the years....and has anyone ever liked Spencer???

For more Hills Gossip check out

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Monday, August 11

Boring Week!!!

Ok I know some of you are going to be jumping through the screen..."BORING...the Olympics are on" well maybe I am unpatriotic(not the case), or just simply weird but I really don't enjoy or watch the Olympics...I can't believe I am admitting this but it is the truth. I have much respect for the Olympics and its competitors...and love what they stand for but I just don't particularly enjoy watching them. So for this week I am bored until next week when Making the Band 4 starts again and The Hills!!!

Lost stars Evangeline Lilly & Matthew Fox are getting a raise but the rest of the lost cast is staying put. Apparently Kate & Jack are more important characters than say: Sawyer, Syaid, Locke, and Ben. Lilly & Fox are looking to make about $150,000 per episode as where other losties are making $80,000 - $90,000 per episode. The other cast members have called to start renegotiating.....
Who is the most valuable cast member in your opinion??

90210: Tori Spelling's Out
Apparently Tori Spelling was only offered $10,000 -$20,000 per episode compared to Jeannie & Shannen (other 90210 alum) who were offered $30,000 - $35,000 per episode. Tori was very offended by this and says she has no plans to appear on the 90210 spin off.... I will say it is kind of tacky of the producers to do that, given the fact that she was an original cast member and HER FATHER CREATED the show...I say show a little respect and class!
Which previous 90210 character do you think deserves the most money???

The Office:
The Office "spin-off" has been sort of a question mark for me I am still quite confused about the whole thing but Amy Poehler "similar concept" show will not be appearing until later in the winter or spring so The Office is going to show an episode in the prime spot after the Superbowl.

Lauren Conrad:
Lauren Conrad is designing at least one gown for the Emmy' of the girls that hands out the Emmy's through out the evening will be in a Lauren Conrad original and there is chance that more than one presenter will be wearing her designs. Lauren says it is a huge compliment to be asked to design for them.

Making the Band 4: Season 3
Danity Kane is BACK!!!! Ok so I was simply obsessed with the first 2 seasons of Making the Band 3....when they were creating this girl band I didn't miss an episode and now that they made the band I have followed the girls ever since....I am super excited that there is another season of Making the Band that is following Aubrey, Dawn, D-Woods, Shannon, and my personal favorite Aundrea as they tour the country. Oh and I guess I should mention that "Day 26" and Donnie will be in this season as well. Watch the preview below and GET excited!!!!
Denise Richards: It's Complicated

A friend of mine sent me the following:
Though she may give off a harsh impression, Denise Richards wants everyone to know how loving she really is. And she was spotted attending a charity event yesterday (August 10th) to prove it.
The “Wild Things” actress showed up at the Isabella Oliver and Clothes off Our Back Charity Afternoon at Palihouse Holloway in Los Angeles, California.
And though her intentions may have been good, it sounds like Miss Richards’ reality show “It’s Complicated” may be heading down the spiral of cancellation.
A source told press, “The numbers started out pretty good—just over 1.5 million tuned into the premiere episode. But the audience has dropped off. Denise has turned into an unappealing reality star. Viewers were disgusted that a mother of two young girls would use such foul language.”

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Thursday, August 7


So You Think You Can Dance:

Last night we had a great treat Wade Robson choreographed one of the routines which I was thrilled about. Also he informed us why he wasn't on the show this season he was busy being part of another show, BUT this gave me hope that maybe he will be back next season, I have missed him. Ok now on to the dances:

Partner Routines:

1. Katee & Joshua - Lyrical by Wade Robson
As per usual Katee & Josh had such great chemistry and partnership.... this was a great last routine for them. This dance was very strong and very emotional, you really felt the story.

2. Courtney, Joshua, Katee, & Twitch- Contemporary by Mia Michaels
This dance was high energy and great! I thought it was wonderful but I agreed that my eyes fell more on Katee & Twitch than Joshua & Courtney....but Come on Joshua must have been dying at this point.....AND I don't care what Nigel said about America not caring...I DO CARE!!

3. Twitch & Courtney- Hip hop by Tabitha & Napoleon
Once again I was somewhat disappointed with this routine...Tabitha & Napoleon have come up with some incredible and memorable performances and this one didn't touch those. However it was a good dance that was danced well but I didn't love the music or the costumes I think it took away from any emotion I was suppose to be feeling.

4. Joshua & Twitch - Russian Trepak by Yourie Nelzine
I wanted hip hop so badly with these two guys but I guess that wouldn't have been fair...I think they should have let Josh & Twitch do hip hop and Courtney & Katee Contemporary that way it would have been fair to everyone. Ok so I thought this was some what entertaining and impressive how much energy & strength they have but not much dancing in the number. I thought that Joshua's leaps were simply crazy.

5. Katee & Twtich - Fox Trot by Tony & Melanie
What can I say?? It was the fox was pretty good not as awkward as Twitch has been on some past ballroom numbers...overall they performed it well

6. Joshua & Courtney - Jive by Jason Gilkison
This was HIGH HIGH energy and lots of fun to watch I thought they did it GREAT but Joshua did look tired but lets not kid ourselves no one else is lifting the ENTIRE show. Crazy... They entertained me.

7. Courtney & Katee - Broadway Tyce Diorio
I was really disappointed with this routine last night. Tyce has brought us so many great dances over the seasons but this one just wasn't that entertaining or impressive. The girls danced it well but they weren't given much to work with.

Routines I think we will see tonight: (I hope)
Ok we have to keep in mind they are going to want to showcase as many of the dancers as possible so I am picking dances that I think will be logical for that, if we could just watch ALL of Katee & Joshua's dances that would be nice.

1. Chelsie & Mark "Bleeding Love" (Tabitha & Napoleon)

2. Katee & Josh - Bollywood (Nakul) OR Samba (Tony & Melanie)

3. Kherington & Twith - Viennese Waltz - (Gene Marc)

4. Courtney & Gev - "Wishing on a Star" Rumba by Tony & Melanie OR Contemporary by Mandy Moore

5. Will & Jessica - Contemporary by Tyce Diorio

6. Twitch & Katee - "Mercy" by Mia Michaels

7. Courtney & Mark - Jazz by Sonja

8. Chelsea & Josh- Disco by Rachel OR Argentine Tango by Dmitri

9. Twitch & Comfort- Hip Hop by Dave Scott

There will probably be 10 dances so one of the ones I said OR on might be the 10th or maybe another one of Mia Michael's routines....Who knows???

I am very very excited!!! I personally believe Josh is going to win it all! I think that Katee & Twitch could surprise me but I definitely don't think it is Courtney. Enjoy the show!!!

For BuddyTv's performance rankings click the link below:

Wednesday, August 6



Ok so I saw this promo picture a while back for season 7 of 24...

When I first saw the picture I starred at it for hours, well maybe not hours but it seemed that way, trying to figure out if the man on the Left was Tony Almeida??? Could this be, he died in season 5, I saw them put him in a body bag... how could he be back??? Well Michael and I are in the middle of watching season 6 right now, we are behind so I thought maybe something happens in season 6 to explain this but then I came across the following spoiler (doesn't give much away but just proves I wasn't the only one wondering about Tony's return):

"I saw a trailer for Exile at the TCA press tour (it's on YouTube now) and there was no sign of Carlos Bernard's Tony, so you'll have to wait until January to find out how and why he's been resurrected......"

"Bernard couldn't be happier to be back on the show. In regards to how Tony comes back from the dead, Kiefer was clear in pointing out that he too was skeptical upon hearing the plan, but when Howard explained to him exactly how Tony came back, Kiefer loved it."

So it's true he HAS been resurrected but does this mean he is brought back to life???? Hmmm I have so many questions!!!! I heart Tony so I hope there is truth to these rumors.

Private Practice:

Grant Show aka Jake Hanson (Melrose Place) will make a guest appearance on the show as a "charming and flirtatious doctor with ties to one of the Oceanside Wellness regulars." But don't get too excited he is only booked for one episode.

So You Think You Can Dance:

Power Rankings:

According to TV Guide:

4. Twitch

3. Courtney

2. Katee

1. Joshua

According to Happy Watching:

4. Courtney

3. Twitch

2. Katee

1. Joshua

Also for a pro/con list by buddytv click the link below:

Paris Hilton: Presidential Campaign Ad

Ok so this is not about TV but I think the following clip that Paris Hilton put out in response to John McCain's recent campaign ad with her in it is pretty funny. Click the link below to see the video.

The Hills:

MTV has uploaded new promo pics for season 4 of the hills.... Here are a couple of my favorites! The only thing missing in these pictures are Lo...where is the love MTV???

Monday, August 4

Lets Talk

So You Think You Can Dance:Ok so I have been away from the computer for several days...and TV for that fact...ahhhh. Last night I watch both full episodes of So You Think You Can Dance from last week and needless to say I am pretty sad....I LOVED Chelsie but all three of the girls left really were all very good. I think that it is 100% Josh & Katee's game now... I think that one of the two of them will win, the question is which one??? Neither of them have ever been in the bottom, who has the upper hand?? Who does America love more??? I honestly don't know I lean more towards Joshua bc he has the "under dog" appeal. Who do you think is going to take home the trophy???

Teen Choice Awards: Airs tonight at 7 pm on Fox
For a complete run down of winners click the link below.

Dirty Sexy Money, & Kenny G???
Kenny G will have a guest appearance on the second episode of the season (Oct 8). I think he will be playing music not acting....

The Hills: Premieres August 18
Expect some major drama on the Hills this season...Lauren "LC" was caught having a friendly lunch with Heidi's sister Holly. I am sure Heidi is not going to like this at all..... Can't wait to hear all about it on the new season :)

Cat Deeley: So You Think You Can Dance

Cat Deeley's outfits week after week have many talking, "Who is dressing this poor girl?" She is a very pretty lady but they put her in the crazy things, here is a link to some of her craziest get ups: