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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Wednesday, August 6



Ok so I saw this promo picture a while back for season 7 of 24...

When I first saw the picture I starred at it for hours, well maybe not hours but it seemed that way, trying to figure out if the man on the Left was Tony Almeida??? Could this be, he died in season 5, I saw them put him in a body bag... how could he be back??? Well Michael and I are in the middle of watching season 6 right now, we are behind so I thought maybe something happens in season 6 to explain this but then I came across the following spoiler (doesn't give much away but just proves I wasn't the only one wondering about Tony's return):

"I saw a trailer for Exile at the TCA press tour (it's on YouTube now) and there was no sign of Carlos Bernard's Tony, so you'll have to wait until January to find out how and why he's been resurrected......"

"Bernard couldn't be happier to be back on the show. In regards to how Tony comes back from the dead, Kiefer was clear in pointing out that he too was skeptical upon hearing the plan, but when Howard explained to him exactly how Tony came back, Kiefer loved it."

So it's true he HAS been resurrected but does this mean he is brought back to life???? Hmmm I have so many questions!!!! I heart Tony so I hope there is truth to these rumors.

Private Practice:

Grant Show aka Jake Hanson (Melrose Place) will make a guest appearance on the show as a "charming and flirtatious doctor with ties to one of the Oceanside Wellness regulars." But don't get too excited he is only booked for one episode.

So You Think You Can Dance:

Power Rankings:

According to TV Guide:

4. Twitch

3. Courtney

2. Katee

1. Joshua

According to Happy Watching:

4. Courtney

3. Twitch

2. Katee

1. Joshua

Also for a pro/con list by buddytv click the link below:

Paris Hilton: Presidential Campaign Ad

Ok so this is not about TV but I think the following clip that Paris Hilton put out in response to John McCain's recent campaign ad with her in it is pretty funny. Click the link below to see the video.

The Hills:

MTV has uploaded new promo pics for season 4 of the hills.... Here are a couple of my favorites! The only thing missing in these pictures are Lo...where is the love MTV???