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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, August 4

Lets Talk

So You Think You Can Dance:Ok so I have been away from the computer for several days...and TV for that fact...ahhhh. Last night I watch both full episodes of So You Think You Can Dance from last week and needless to say I am pretty sad....I LOVED Chelsie but all three of the girls left really were all very good. I think that it is 100% Josh & Katee's game now... I think that one of the two of them will win, the question is which one??? Neither of them have ever been in the bottom, who has the upper hand?? Who does America love more??? I honestly don't know I lean more towards Joshua bc he has the "under dog" appeal. Who do you think is going to take home the trophy???

Teen Choice Awards: Airs tonight at 7 pm on Fox
For a complete run down of winners click the link below.

Dirty Sexy Money, & Kenny G???
Kenny G will have a guest appearance on the second episode of the season (Oct 8). I think he will be playing music not acting....

The Hills: Premieres August 18
Expect some major drama on the Hills this season...Lauren "LC" was caught having a friendly lunch with Heidi's sister Holly. I am sure Heidi is not going to like this at all..... Can't wait to hear all about it on the new season :)

Cat Deeley: So You Think You Can Dance

Cat Deeley's outfits week after week have many talking, "Who is dressing this poor girl?" She is a very pretty lady but they put her in the crazy things, here is a link to some of her craziest get ups:


Shelley said...

Sad. I liked Chelsie...better than Courtney but I agree with you. Katie might just take the #1 spot.