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Monday, August 18

The Hills is BACK!!

The season premiere of The Hills is tonight at 9 on MTV....GET EXCITED. I am so ready for this season for two big reasons....

1. There is absolutely nothing on TV right now

2. I love LO and I am ready for her to redeem herself from last season (not that I thought she was all bad but I thought they portrayed her as more of a villain and I don't buy that, in my opinion she may be one of Lauren's only TRUE friends).

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the cast...I love LO!!!

So this weekend they had several things going on to draw you into this season of The Hills:

1. Old episodes of The Hills
2. Lauren Looks Back (Lauren looked back on all the season's of The Hills & Laguna Beach and highlighted all the big moments) - this was a re-run
3. Behind the scenes (This showed viewers how they film The Hills how they caught moments on tape and how they missed a few) - this was a re-run
4. Top 10 Greatest Hills Moments - MTV counts down the top ten moments on The Hills with commentary by Hills cast members and others.... THIS WAS NEW!

Top 10 Greatest Hills MOMENTS:

10. Welcome to Hollywood : Lauren moves to Hollywood

9. Good Morning America: Poor Whitney busts her behind live on Good Morning America

8. Meet Spencer Pratt: Enter the Villain
7. The Girl Who Didn't Go To Paris: Lauren chooses not to go to Paris but to stay home for the summer to be with then boyfriend Jason....bad decision.

6. Heidi Moves Out: No explanation needed

5. The Other Pratt: We are introduced to Stephanie and she becomes a regular on the show.

4. Bunny Hops on Brody: Jen "Bunny" hooks up with Brody who at the time was talking to Lauren.

3. Did he just Kiss Her? Justin Bobby is scene kissing another girl while him and Audrina are dating and at a bar together.

2. Sex, Lies & Videotape: The infamous sex tape scandal comes to head when Heidi & Lauren run into each other out one night.

1. Forgive & Forget: Lauren wants to forgive Heidi and then forget her.

I don't know that I agree with this list 100% but it would be hard to debate....Looking back at the best moments made me realize WHY DID ANYONE EVER LIKE HEIDI OR SPENCER??? OR DID ANYONE???? Heidi has caused trouble since day one and was always very annoying to me....not sure why Lauren stayed such good friends with her over the years....and has anyone ever liked Spencer???

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