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Thursday, August 7


So You Think You Can Dance:

Last night we had a great treat Wade Robson choreographed one of the routines which I was thrilled about. Also he informed us why he wasn't on the show this season he was busy being part of another show, BUT this gave me hope that maybe he will be back next season, I have missed him. Ok now on to the dances:

Partner Routines:

1. Katee & Joshua - Lyrical by Wade Robson
As per usual Katee & Josh had such great chemistry and partnership.... this was a great last routine for them. This dance was very strong and very emotional, you really felt the story.

2. Courtney, Joshua, Katee, & Twitch- Contemporary by Mia Michaels
This dance was high energy and great! I thought it was wonderful but I agreed that my eyes fell more on Katee & Twitch than Joshua & Courtney....but Come on Joshua must have been dying at this point.....AND I don't care what Nigel said about America not caring...I DO CARE!!

3. Twitch & Courtney- Hip hop by Tabitha & Napoleon
Once again I was somewhat disappointed with this routine...Tabitha & Napoleon have come up with some incredible and memorable performances and this one didn't touch those. However it was a good dance that was danced well but I didn't love the music or the costumes I think it took away from any emotion I was suppose to be feeling.

4. Joshua & Twitch - Russian Trepak by Yourie Nelzine
I wanted hip hop so badly with these two guys but I guess that wouldn't have been fair...I think they should have let Josh & Twitch do hip hop and Courtney & Katee Contemporary that way it would have been fair to everyone. Ok so I thought this was some what entertaining and impressive how much energy & strength they have but not much dancing in the number. I thought that Joshua's leaps were simply crazy.

5. Katee & Twtich - Fox Trot by Tony & Melanie
What can I say?? It was the fox was pretty good not as awkward as Twitch has been on some past ballroom numbers...overall they performed it well

6. Joshua & Courtney - Jive by Jason Gilkison
This was HIGH HIGH energy and lots of fun to watch I thought they did it GREAT but Joshua did look tired but lets not kid ourselves no one else is lifting the ENTIRE show. Crazy... They entertained me.

7. Courtney & Katee - Broadway Tyce Diorio
I was really disappointed with this routine last night. Tyce has brought us so many great dances over the seasons but this one just wasn't that entertaining or impressive. The girls danced it well but they weren't given much to work with.

Routines I think we will see tonight: (I hope)
Ok we have to keep in mind they are going to want to showcase as many of the dancers as possible so I am picking dances that I think will be logical for that, if we could just watch ALL of Katee & Joshua's dances that would be nice.

1. Chelsie & Mark "Bleeding Love" (Tabitha & Napoleon)

2. Katee & Josh - Bollywood (Nakul) OR Samba (Tony & Melanie)

3. Kherington & Twith - Viennese Waltz - (Gene Marc)

4. Courtney & Gev - "Wishing on a Star" Rumba by Tony & Melanie OR Contemporary by Mandy Moore

5. Will & Jessica - Contemporary by Tyce Diorio

6. Twitch & Katee - "Mercy" by Mia Michaels

7. Courtney & Mark - Jazz by Sonja

8. Chelsea & Josh- Disco by Rachel OR Argentine Tango by Dmitri

9. Twitch & Comfort- Hip Hop by Dave Scott

There will probably be 10 dances so one of the ones I said OR on might be the 10th or maybe another one of Mia Michael's routines....Who knows???

I am very very excited!!! I personally believe Josh is going to win it all! I think that Katee & Twitch could surprise me but I definitely don't think it is Courtney. Enjoy the show!!!

For BuddyTv's performance rankings click the link below:


Carrie said...

I totally agree with you assessment of the costumes in the one number, those boots were terrible! I was somewhat disappointed in all the dances, I wanted to blown away but I wasn't. I was disappointed with the selection of dances for the finale. I wanted to see some of Josh and Katee's contemporary. But I was disappointed with the winner!!!! I was so proud. He is so humble and has such a sweet heart. Not to mention power and strength!

Sarah Beth said...

I agree I loved the winner...GO JOSHUA!!! I was so excited for him. Love him love him love him!!!