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Thursday, August 21

Jessica vs. Carrie:

Ok so I am just curious every ones opinion on this whole saga....I know it is not TV gossip but I need to know are you on Team Underwood or Team Simpson...I honestly don't love love love either one of them but I would go out on a limb and say that Carrie seems more genuine and honest but it is weird that she said in an interview that her ex still calls her, especially when he is dating someone else....Is that really anyone elses business to be putting in a magazine??? So I kind of understand where Jessica is coming from in her comments on the radio interview....Although it seems a little crazy to check his phone log...But we have all probably done crazy girlfriend things at some point in our lives, or at least I have!

So which of "America's Sweethearts" do you side with???

90210: Brenda is Back!!

I saw this new clip for 90210...and I loved all 10 seconds of it!!!

The Hills: Lo vs. Audrina

Ok so I know most of you are Team Audrina and that is fine but after watching the episode again I am more convinced than ever that Lo is more REAL and Audrina is fake....Ok so When Lauren and Lo are in the Kitchen Lo made several questionable comments but I am going to break them down and tell you my thoughts (bc I know you want to hear) "I'm not going to be put in that situation" "We have made an effort and cooked all day etc." and "I guess we will just have to enjoy the company that comes."

1. "I'm not going to be put in that situation" - In my opinion Lo is only on the show bc she loves Lauren and knows she needs a friend....When Laguna ended she was quoted as saying she was ready to move on and just live a normal life, she didn't enjoy cameras all the time and the drama. Ok so that being said I think she is saying this more about the producers and the show....They probably encouraged ("forced") Lo and Lauren to have this party for Audrina. Lo probably knows that Audrina is forced to be friends with them and knows she is only doing it to be famous.... She is saying I am not going to be forced to be in these situations basically just to have DRAMA....I think she wants to just lay low and be there for Lauren but it is being twisted into her being the villain.

2. "We made an effort and cooked all day etc..." - Ok so this kind of goes hand in hand with the last quote she is being forced to do all this stuff.... she really probably did clean, cook and do stuff all day for Audrina and she may not have even been grateful....we saw when Audrina was talking to her work people she said Lauren threw the party and she didn't know if Lo was helping so she may not have given Lo much credit and made her feel left out too, and ungrateful.

3. "I guess we will just have to enjoy the company that comes..." - ok so this is the most controversial statement she made and lets just be honest she is a bit b**** about it but I think she kind of meant that she invited people like Justin Bobby and he wasn't there yet so "we will just have to enjoy who comes"......

All in all I understand that Lo should probably just be nicer to her in general but I think she is very guarded and protective of Lauren and knows that Audrina is in for the fame...which is fine but it is hard when you are forcing people to be friends that may not normally get along very well... I do give props to Lo for confronting Audrina and trying to make peace (somewhat) she could have gone about it better but she did say "I big part of me wants to be your friend" to Audrinas "We'll Never Be Friends" and I agree 100% that all the blame is being put on Lo for Lauren and Audrina not getting along and that is just not fair...Lauren and Audrina's relationship is their relationship!

Fill me in on ALL your thoughts, I can wait to see how this season plays out!

Happy Watching


juliemcmakin said...

While I did text you and tell you that Katie and I both were Team Audrina... we have officially decided that we are not choosing sides, and in general, we are Team Whitney all the way. I love Whitney!

Sarah Beth said...

I do love Whitney she is pretty drama free!

Shea said...

Ok, I do love Carrie, but on this one, I think she was definitely in the wrong. I'm going to have to say I'm on Team Jessica. ;)