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Monday, August 11

Boring Week!!!

Ok I know some of you are going to be jumping through the screen..."BORING...the Olympics are on" well maybe I am unpatriotic(not the case), or just simply weird but I really don't enjoy or watch the Olympics...I can't believe I am admitting this but it is the truth. I have much respect for the Olympics and its competitors...and love what they stand for but I just don't particularly enjoy watching them. So for this week I am bored until next week when Making the Band 4 starts again and The Hills!!!

Lost stars Evangeline Lilly & Matthew Fox are getting a raise but the rest of the lost cast is staying put. Apparently Kate & Jack are more important characters than say: Sawyer, Syaid, Locke, and Ben. Lilly & Fox are looking to make about $150,000 per episode as where other losties are making $80,000 - $90,000 per episode. The other cast members have called to start renegotiating.....
Who is the most valuable cast member in your opinion??

90210: Tori Spelling's Out
Apparently Tori Spelling was only offered $10,000 -$20,000 per episode compared to Jeannie & Shannen (other 90210 alum) who were offered $30,000 - $35,000 per episode. Tori was very offended by this and says she has no plans to appear on the 90210 spin off.... I will say it is kind of tacky of the producers to do that, given the fact that she was an original cast member and HER FATHER CREATED the show...I say show a little respect and class!
Which previous 90210 character do you think deserves the most money???

The Office:
The Office "spin-off" has been sort of a question mark for me I am still quite confused about the whole thing but Amy Poehler "similar concept" show will not be appearing until later in the winter or spring so The Office is going to show an episode in the prime spot after the Superbowl.

Lauren Conrad:
Lauren Conrad is designing at least one gown for the Emmy' of the girls that hands out the Emmy's through out the evening will be in a Lauren Conrad original and there is chance that more than one presenter will be wearing her designs. Lauren says it is a huge compliment to be asked to design for them.

Making the Band 4: Season 3
Danity Kane is BACK!!!! Ok so I was simply obsessed with the first 2 seasons of Making the Band 3....when they were creating this girl band I didn't miss an episode and now that they made the band I have followed the girls ever since....I am super excited that there is another season of Making the Band that is following Aubrey, Dawn, D-Woods, Shannon, and my personal favorite Aundrea as they tour the country. Oh and I guess I should mention that "Day 26" and Donnie will be in this season as well. Watch the preview below and GET excited!!!!
Denise Richards: It's Complicated

A friend of mine sent me the following:
Though she may give off a harsh impression, Denise Richards wants everyone to know how loving she really is. And she was spotted attending a charity event yesterday (August 10th) to prove it.
The “Wild Things” actress showed up at the Isabella Oliver and Clothes off Our Back Charity Afternoon at Palihouse Holloway in Los Angeles, California.
And though her intentions may have been good, it sounds like Miss Richards’ reality show “It’s Complicated” may be heading down the spiral of cancellation.
A source told press, “The numbers started out pretty good—just over 1.5 million tuned into the premiere episode. But the audience has dropped off. Denise has turned into an unappealing reality star. Viewers were disgusted that a mother of two young girls would use such foul language.”

Happy Watching


Shelley said...

This gets me sooo excited. I am not a huge Olympic watcher either, SB. Ooooh, I have an idea. You should do weekly countdowns (or get those counters to do it for you) till the show premiers. I can't keep track what starts when!!!!!!

Sarah Beth said...

DONE! :)