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Tuesday, August 19

Premiere Week is only

90210: Shannen & Jennie making peace
Shannen and Jennie have started filming scenes together and surprise surprise got along just fine. Jennie said it was not as bad as she thought it was going to be. I think the media hyped it up so much that they themselves hyped it up in their heads. As Jennie said they are grown women now and shouldn't have problems....only time will tell.

The Real World Road Rules Challenge: Crazy Beth gets married and is pregnant!

I don't have much to say about this except she is PROBABLY retired from the challenges...which is good and bad...Beth provided the show with so much drama but I am sure there will be some more b**** to come along and stir the pot.

P.S. I am so excited about "The Island"!!

90210: Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of 90210 will have lots of Music in it, that's right kind of like a musical! Brenda Walsh is back to direct the school play which is a musical so they have hired extras that can sing!!! I am definitely looking forward to the epi!

The Hills: TEAM LO!!!

Ok so I know that many people disagree with me on this one but if you watched Laguna Beach before The Hills and really paid attention to it you are probably with me on this one. Lo has always added a touch of humor to the show and has ALWAYS stood by Lauren. Lauren and Lo have been best friends since they were in elementary school together and Lo hasn't always been fighting for TV time....She was barely in season 2 of Laguna Beach and wasn't in the Hills at all until season 2...She was enjoying her own life. I personally think Lauren convinced her to come live with her and be on the show bc she wanted a REAL friend on the show, someone she knew she could talk to and hang out with naturally. I believe that they are making Lo out as the villain bc lets face it if she is going to be on the show she needs story lines. I also think that Lo is watching out for Lauren and probably knows that Audrina is just using the show to push forward in the industry and Lo sees that and is some what protective of Lauren (given she was hurt badly in the past by people like this hint hint Heidi). I think Lo is the most loyal friend Lauren has and I think she is awesome but I will admit she can be bitchy at times but hey MOST OF US CAN!

I read an interview with Lauren and she only furthered by my opinion that Lauren needs Lo on the show to keep her sanity.

Is that why you are still close with people like "Lo" who were there before the cameras?Lauren: Absolutely. You're always going to gravitate towards the friends who were there for you through everything and before you had any attention. I love Lo, and especially this last year, things kind of got big fast with the show, and to have my best friend living with me was important.

Ok so a friend noticed that I haven't said anything about Privileged on my blog. It is a new show coming on the CW after the much hyped about 90210. I am reading up on it and it is said to be a cross between "Gilmore Girls & Gossip Girl". I am going to be honest and say I don't see much in the preview that is anything like Gilmore Girls but who knows....

The basic plot: A girl (Yale graduate) in her 20's loses her job and gets hired to tutor twins that are filthy rich and have always gotten what they wanted....Now they have a live in tutor that makes them do their work. I think this show will be another show that offers drama and fashion much like many teen dramas on the CW...take a look at some previews I found below:
Watch the second preview and you might be sold....What are your thoughts? Will it be added to your TiVo??
Happy Watching


Shelley said...

I am not going to say I am "Team Audrina" but I am certaintly not "Team Lo." Sorry, SB. :) She annoys the heck out of me. Granted, lets be honest. The cameras can twist ANYTHING!

I am just glad something is on besides the Olympics. I can't stay up late watching any longer. I am losing sleep!

Oh and HOW did I miss that Whitney fell on Good Morning America?! I am going to go to You Tube and find this. I love her. She is my fav. I still cannot believe I am so obsessed with this show!

Shea said...

Very informative! Getting so excited about some new shows starting up!! As always, thanks for the updates!