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Wednesday, May 27


I just realized I never posted about renewals for the fall. The final schedules have been announced and this is the run down for the bubble shows:

My Name is Earl
Samantha Who?
Without a Trace
The Unit
Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
The Unusuals

Medium moving to CBS
Better Off Ted
True Beauty
Lie To Me

Something to get excited about: So You Think You Can Dance will have a fall season!!! Yes that is right they are going to have back to back summer/fall seasons.

Also other networks are looking into picking up My Name is Earl, we will see if that works out.

Here is TV Guides "Scorecard" for the Fall line up if there are any other shows you are curious about:

Thursday, May 21

Summer Shows:

So You Think You Can Dance:

Get excited because one of the greatest shows on TV starts TONIGHT!!! The audition rounds start tonight, which is fun to see all the unique styles come out and showcase their talents but much like American Idol the audition rounds get old fast and it is much more fun once they pick the top 12.

It seems every year that I have watched the show it has gotten better and better. I first started watching in Season 2 (thanks to a friend insisting that I watch it) and fell in love with Ivan, Allison, Heidi, and Travis. One of my all time favorite routines is the park bench (Travis & Heidi) along with the umbrella dance (Ivan & Allison).

Season 3 was even better with Dominic and Sabra (I fell in love them at the very beginning and their chemistry was amazing). I also loved Neil, Hok and Jaime. Some of my favorite dances from that season were the hip hop routine with Dom and Sabra, the hummingbird (Jaime and Hok), the board room dance (Sabra and Neil) and the Tango with Neil and Sabra.

Season 4 was the best season yet with such amazing routines all season long. I loved so many of the routines. Season 4 I loved Joshua, Katee, Chelsea, Mark, Twitch, Gev and Courtney. Pretty much any routine that Joshua and Katee did was wonderful. See my previous post about the show for my favorite dances from last season.

Buddy TV has a list posted of the 25 SYTYCD Contestants ever, I don’t agree with the order of the list but I wanted to share it:

25. Jessica
23. Jaime
22. William
21. Courtney
20. Dmitry (He gets on my nerves but I understand why he is ranked)
19. Melody (Didn’t watch season 1 so I know nothing about her)
18. Anya (It was a shock when she got sent home and the song "Apologize" will always remind me of her)
17. Dominic (He should be above Gev)
16. Gev
15. Pasha (Loved him)
14. Chelsie (she is probably in my top 5)
13. Mark
12. Danny
11. Donyelle (Not sure why she would be ranked above Heidi)
10. Hok
9. Lacey (She is way too high for my liking)
8. Neil
7. Nick
6. Twitch
5. Travis (I really wanted him to win Season 2)
4. Joshua
3. Benji
2. Katee
1. Sabra

Here is one last fun clip to watch of Wade Robson's "Waiting on the World to Change" performed by all 10 final contestants. It was a controversial dance that I believe is the reason Wade isn't choreographing as much on the show anymore...too bad bc he came up with some of the best dances of all time.

The Bachelorette:

The Bachelorette started on Monday which many believe may have been the reason Melissa didn’t win the finale of Dancing with the Stars because all her voters were tuned into The Bachelorette rather then DWTS. Jillian the newest Bachelorette met her 30 Bachelors (first time the additional 5 have been added) and there seem to be a couple keepers among the bunch. My early favorites are Jesse, Kiptyn, and Jake (the Pilot). Judging by the preview for this season there should be a lot of drama to draw in viewers.

Last season when Jason dumped Melissa on live TV many viewers said they were done with the show for good. How many of you stuck to it and aren’t watching this season??? It was a great ploy by ABC to have one of the girls Jason “broke their heart” as the Bachelorette bc those who walked away hating Jason probably felt for the girls he didn’t pick.

What did you think of the premiere???


Kris Wins!! I had written this entire post on who will win the show but I figured you may not want to read it after we already know who won! I am very excited that Kris pulled the upset last night and walked away the new Idol. I have alot of respect for both of their talent and the way the have presented themselves in interviews thus far. It seems the two had been close given they were roommates throughout the season.

Highlights of the Finale:

Bikini Girl Faces off Against Kara again: Kara won this hands down...I was so excited to see her blow BG out of the water. Also did anyone else think Kara had a better bikini body than Katrina?

Norman Gentle "Nick Mitchell" performs again: Norman Gentle provided so much entertainment this season that is was fitting to bring him back for one last performance. Saturday Night Live were you watching??? If SNL wants to pull in new viewers here is their many of you would tune in to see Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle on SNL??? I know I would.

Kris and Keith sing a duet: I thought this was a great song for Kris and frankly he out sung Keith for most of the song but they played off each other well.

KISS and Adam duet: I thought this was great! I know the Adam haters probably didn't like it at all but how normal did Adam look next to the members of KISS?!?!? Seriously he looked like the mellow one... Plus they kept sticking out their tongues and such and made Adam's tongue games look silly. I thought Adam sang the songs really well and proved he could be a rocker.

Queen, Kris and Adam: This was another great moment. Adam out sang Kris during the chorus but Kris did really well with the verses. The greatest part about the group number was seeing how well Kris and Adam got along, you could see their chemistry during the performance.

Other highlights: Danny and Lionel, Steve Martin's number, Santana and the group, Allison and Cyndi.

What were your favorite moments from last nights show?

Tuesday, May 19

American Idol: Final Two

Sad news I am out of town and probably won't be able to do a run down on the contestants after tonight's performances, I may not even see the performances until after they announce the winner! However, I would love to hear all of your thoughts when I return so please comment on this post your opinions from the performances. Who do you think is going to win???

I will tell you my pre-performance thoughts. I think Adam pretty much has it in the bag unless TWO things happen. 1. Kris knocks it out of the park and gives his best performances to date (which is possible given that Kris is a smart contestant). 2. All the Adam haters come out and vote against him just to see him lose.

I don't think there has ever been a more controversial contestant on the show before Adam. There has been controversial things that happened but I don't think that so many people have ever been against such a front runner. It is possible that all the anti-Adam people will vote for the first time tonight to see him lose.

It will be interesting to see who wins, and the judges/America's reaction.

Happy Watching!

Friday, May 15


Grey's Anatomy:


I have so many things to say about last night’s episode so bare with me. I want to get it out there that I was overall disappointed with last night’s episode. The last few episodes of Grey’s have been some of the best, I have really enjoyed them. However the finale was sub-par, there were some great moments but overall I walked away very disappointed.

Meredith & Derek:

I am starting with them because it will be quick… I thought the post-it note was stupid. I liked some of the vows they made to one another but to write them on a post-it and then announce they you are married is just plain silly. They are the central couple of the show so I expect more than this. I know that Meredith isn’t a big wedding person but at the very least go to the court house.

Lexie & Mark:

I really wanted Lexie and George to be together, which obviously may not be able to happen now (we will talk more about that later) but I am getting on board with Sloan and Lexie. At first I was uneasy about Lexie I know a lot of Meredith fans really didn’t like her but as you know I am not a huge Meredith fan so I was pretty open to her. I think she has become a great character….I know this is hard for people to hear but I think she is the Izzie of her class, she is super intelligent but really cares about each patient. If Izzie does die I think she will take over as the resident that has a hard time drawing the line. Back to the relationship between the two, I think Lexie brings out great qualities in Mark. Mark seems to really love her and it is fun to watch a “ladies man” become a lady man. I think we will see much more of this couple next season.

Cristina & Hunt:

Cristina has become one of my favorite characters on Grey’s, she really intrigues me. The story line between her and Hunt is wonderful because both of them are so guarded and have a lot of emotional issues so it is fun to watch everything unfold. I really hope they last a while because I was very sad when her and Burke broke up, I thought they were a wonderful couple. I am happy they have found a great replacement for Cristina. I can’t wait to peel back more layers of Owen Hunt, I want to know more about his fiance and why he couldn’t call her. I want to know more about what happen to him at war. I am so intrigued by his emotional baggage. I want to see Cristina pull all these things out of him and she is great at really standing by her man through difficult situations…can’t wait!!

Izzie & Alex: (deep breath)

Well one of my friends wanted me to make sure I wrote about how wonderful Alex is so…. It is not a surprise to my readers that I love Alex. He is a complex character that has been through so much. Once again it is nice to see a guy who is typically a “ladies man” turn into a one woman guy. Izzie stole Alex’s heart in season one and has been waiting for the right time since. There have been a couple moments over the previous four seasons where Alex had a shot with Izzie but it wasn’t their time. You could always tell the way he felt about Izzie was different than the way he felt about any other of his love interests. This season he finally won Izzie’s heart and he has been showing us the deep love he has for her ever since. The last few episodes have been wonderful for Justin Chambers. He has really gotten a chance to showcase his acting capabilities and I for one am impressed. Last week when he was sitting on the bench outside the hospital after finding out Izzie had another tumor was one of his strongest emotional scenes. When he was crying to Meredith I truly believed his emotions and wanted to reach through the scene and hug him. Last night on the season finally he had many great scenes that seemed real…when he was yelling at Derek after the surgery, when he fussed with Cristina, his ranting to Izzie, and ofcourse when she was being wheeled into surgery …his tears were so real! I love Alex and I hate that he (might) have to go through this. However it could make for some great acting next season as he deals with his grief….Do you think he will fall back into hard/rough Alex?!?!? Probably, but now that we have all seen his heart it will be hard to hide it as well as he once could.

On to the actual events of last night: the struggle Izzie had making the choice of surgery was heart breaking, what a tough decision to make. It broke my heart when they did the “fake” brain sleep thing (so technical) it was so hard to watch her struggle with speaking and recognizing simple things. Also I felt so badly for Alex during that sequence because he doesn’t want to lose her but he also doesn’t want to live with regret that she is stuck being something she doesn’t want to be. I agreed with her decision to have the surgery, it seemed more hopeful than her other option. I was surprised when she made it through the surgery so early in the episode and then when she lost her short term memory I thought that was it, she will have to be put in a home or something (it seems like that would be much worse than losing your long term memory, maybe I am ignorant but you could build up new memories and people could help you understand who you once were – all of it seems bad though). I loved how Alex wrote the sticky notes all over and was really pushing for her to remember, I thought it was sweet how much effort he put into it. When he went off at Izzie those words may have sounded so hateful but I thought it was a heart wrenching moment, one that seemed so real. The emotions he went through seemed like what someone in his situation would go through, I could smoother you with a pillow, shot you up with morphine or leave you…but I can’t live with any of those options. That hit me so hard, how sad when you don’t have any good options and they all will changed your life forever! The last moments of the episode when she remembered the fight was great and I was so glad Alex and Izzie got a moment to embrace and love on each other before she lost conciseness. The question we are left with is will Izzie die??? If she doesn’t die will she back working in the hospital??? I am assuming she is dead given all the rumors but a part of me is hoping they are just trying to shock us and make us think they aren’t coming back when they are.


Well they pulled one over on me BIG TIME!! It is hard to completely pull one over on me not because I am so smart and great at figuring things out but because I have a TV blog and read all that I can about each show. I usually know if someone is going to die or leave the show and so it is more of how it happens sometimes that gets me (there are times where I try not to look at stuff because I really don’t want to know). Most often I try not to share too many of those spoilers on my blog because I think it ruins some of the stories….Anyways you would have to be living under a rock to not hear about all the drama surrounding Katherine and TR leaving the show. That being said I knew that Izzie was probably going to die and that George was going to join the army, I had NO IDEA that George would be hit by a bus. At what point did ya’ll realize that it was John Doe was indeed George??? I didn’t even think about it until he wrote out “007” on Meredith’s hand….and proceeded to have chills all over my body! There was a point during the episode that I told my husband I wished they didn’t have this “other” story line in the episode because there was so much going on with the main characters; little did I know it WAS one of the main characters. So now the question we are left with is, did George die?? Will he be back next season?? If you read the news your immediate answer will be: yes he died, he won’t be back. However I read an interview with creator Shonda this morning and here is what she said about Izzie and George’s cliffhangers:

Rumors have been swirling all year that Katherine and TR wanted off the show. The season ends with both their characters' lives hanging in the balance. Purely coincidental?

SHONDA RHIMES: I don't think there are any coincidences. I think Katherine's stated publicly that she's happy to stay. I think that there have been lots of rumors about TR, but TR's never said anything. Take from it what you will.

This kind of cliffhanger almost seems tailor-made to capitalize on some of those headlines and generate buzz.

RHIMES: You have to remember, I have two shows. It's not as if I spend a lot of time reading the press. We talk about stuff in the writers' room that other people have read, but, mostly, we were really moving on character. Every year at the beginning of the season I pitch what the end of the season is going to be. And I literally sat down and pitched the last 10 minutes of this season at the beginning of the season, so we were headed towards the place that we knew we were going to go.

Do you know which one of them lives and which one of them dies?

RHIMES: Yes. And I don't know that you should be saying "which one of them lives and which one of them dies." I know what happens to the characters.

To read the interview in its entirety click below:

Side Note: I LOVE YOUTUBE!!!! Check out the tear jerker video below:

This was the kind of closure I wanted with the characters; maybe we will get it next season.

Send Off:

Well this is the main reason I thought the episode was sub-par. If indeed this was the last we see of Izzie and George I thought it was a very weak send off… I don’t feel closer with the Characters at all!!! They waited until the last five minutes to develop the story of their deaths (if they are dead) and then just ended…I didn’t like that at all. Especially with George’s character, I had been ready this whole time to have an emotional send off with all the characters saying Goodbye to George as he went off to war but now I am left feeling empty.

Do you think it was a good ending for both characters?

If you want to watch the dramatic conclusion again click the video below:

Thursday, May 14

I am so READY!!!

I must admit now that my favorites are gone from American Idol, I am ready for So You Think You Can Dance.

Let’s Get Ready (For Mary’s SCREAMS). Here are a few clips from last season to get you excited for this season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!

Twitch & Katee - Mercy

Chelsie and Mark – Bleeding Love

Joshua & Katee – Samba

Katee & Joshua – No Air

Joshua & Katee – Bollywood

Kherington & Twitch – Viennese Waltz

Katee & Joshua – Contemporary

Courtney & Mark – Jazz

Courtney & Gev – Contemporary

Katee & Will – Pas de Deux

Chelsie & Mark – Tim Burton’s Wedding

Twitch & Kherington – Contemporary

There were so many great ones last year, I hope these clips got you as excited as I am!!

Wednesday, May 13

American Idol Top 3:

I am not going to rank them this week because I don't want to but I am going to break down each performance. Let's get to it:

Kris Allen:

“Apologize” – I agree with Simon it was a copy cat performance that wasn’t as good. I feel like a broken record but Kris does not have strong vocals and when the song went up Kris lost it but the verses sounded good, not great. The MAJOR plus for Kris is that this song is AWESOME!! Apologize is such a cool song that if anyone did it I think America would like it, you have to feel good when you are given a song like that! I think the song is great but I am not sure Kris was.

“Heartless” – During the verses I thought this was the strongest Kris’ voice has ever sounded! I actually thought his voice sounded great during most of the song but once again he struggles when he reaches for those top notes. I thought the arrangement was cool but nothing extraordinary. I have to give Kris major props because he knows how to play the game and play up his talent. I think he makes smart decisions and a lot of times that is what keeps you in the game over your actual singing skills. It was a good night for Kris because he was given a great song and he picked a great song! SONG CHOICE IS EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME!! Side Note: It was NOT better than Kayne’s version that was a little ridiculous, if we are going to call out the judges on over praising Adam Lambert you have to call them out for over praising Kris on “Heartless”. Major Major Major props for even attempting this song!!!

Adam Lambert:

“Crying” – PERFECT SONG CHOICE!!! This is who Adam is, he should sing this type of music all the time. I see Adam as a Steve Tyler! This to me was Adam’s best performance to date not because of his vocals but because I think this is who he is as an artist. I see him putting out a record with this kind of music. I thought this was a smart and great choice for Adam. Side Note: The back-up singer during his performance was awful and totally took away from his vocals at the beginning.

“One” – I didn’t think Adam’s vocals were bad but I was turned off for one reason – his over the top dramatic interpretation. This song has such strong words and I believe this could have been a real moment for Adam on stage. I am sure Adam has been through persecution in his life and had many many people judge him and these words should have really moved him. Well let me give him a little credit that the words may have moved him but it got lost in his over the top performance. There was one brief moment in the middle of the song where I felt it but I was very disappointed that I didn’t feel the passion!!

Check out Mary J. bringing the passion when she sang this song on AI back on season 4. (Chills every time)

Danny Gokey:

“Dance Little Sister” – I feel badly for Danny because Paula choose a very interesting song for him. The song fit his voice great and his vocals during the performance were spot on. The problem is this is an old song, not very relevant, and hard for people to connect with. I thought Danny vocally blew Kris out of the water in the first round but I am afraid that people are going to walk away remembering apologize because it is such a great and current song. However I thought Danny did excellent!

“You Are So Beautiful” – My husband thought this was a perfect song choice for Danny I don’t know that I totally agree… I love the tone of Danny’s voice and he didn’t get to showcase that at the beginning of the song but he did good, not great… When he was able to really showcase his voice was in the middle of the song where he changed it up and sang it with a gospel twist. I thought he did a great job changing it up to fit his voice, major props for making it his own. However this song is iconic and I am not sure everyone is going to like the changes.

I think just because of song choice Danny might go home tonight but if you take into account the actual vocals and back story then Danny is back in the game!!! I will be very sad to see Danny go but I won’t be sad to see Kris stay! It is a win, win really. However it would be interesting to see the upset of the season and Adam get voted off and the two worship leaders go head to head.

Can’t wait to see the results… Oh and dial idol really has them too close to call but Danny is at the bottom!

Wednesday, May 6

American Idol Catch Up:

It’s Been a While….

I haven’t written an entry in a while (I didn’t even write my rankings on last week’s Idol). Well I will go ahead and tell you that I wasn’t shocked with the elimination of my boy Matt, even though I think he should have out lived some of the remaining contestants. Last week I thought Danny and Allison did the best and the other three did good but not great! However I really hope Allison gets eliminated this week and then it will get interesting!!

American Idol Top 4:

I am starting to feel like I am repeating myself week after week I used to think this was one of the strongest seasons of American Idol but I am giving that a second thought. I still think last season’s group overall was better, and if not better more enjoyable for my taste. I have a CD filled with songs from last year’s contestants and I must say if I had to put together a CD of this year’s finalist I am not sure I could come up with 5 songs I really loved much less 12-15!

Moving on to last night’s performances, I wasn’t impressed with anyone really except maybe the duet with Adam & Allison. It was the only song I could see myself enjoying on the radio. The top four that are left are talented but I think maybe they all peeked too early?!?!? Not sure why they are such a lackluster group but someone is going to have to knock it out of the park to beat Adam because at this point it looks like he has it in the bag! I will go ahead and rank them but it is not going to be pretty (oh and I am putting the duets in there because they were judged so I think they deserve to be ranked).

1. Adam & Allison “Slow Ride” – This duet was the only real entertaining performance of the night and I probably should go back and watch it again because the two of them really feed off each other well and I think it helped Adam stay a little more “grounded” and pushed Allison to a new level. The pair were great.

2. Allison “Cry Baby” – I am not a big Allison fan and personally would really like her to leave tonight but I think last night was her night (other than her little rant with the judges, what was she thinking?). I thought Cry Baby was good, not GREAT but there wasn’t much else to hold on to last night and overall I thought her performance was the best. Could she have picked a better song, probably, but she performed this one really well.

3. Adam "Whole Lotta Love" – I know that everyone gasps either that he is not further up the list or not further down but I thought this was one of his worst, this time I really thought he screamed it the entire time. I know you can scream great Adam, I was wowed by it the first time but now it is just annoying I just want to hear you sing. He still out sang the other two boys and rightfully so since it was Rock n Roll Night.

4. Danny & Kris "Renegade" – Wow this is so far outside of Kris’ comfort zone, he was struggling the entire song, his voice is not big, hey let's face it his voice isn’t that strong at all. It is Kris’ “artistry” that makes him good and without that on such a big song he was lost. Danny however, shined during this song he out sang Kris and for most of the parts where they sang together Danny’s voice overpowered Kris to the point that you really couldn’t even hear him. This song fit Danny’s range and style much better than Kris.

5. Kris “Come Together” – The only reason I am giving Kris this spot over Danny is because Danny hit some really bad notes at the end of the song. Kris was ok he didn’t sound awful but he looked uncomfortable and this style showed how weak his voice really is… Here is a clip from Carly Smithson singing “Come Together” last season on American Idol:

6. Danny “Dream On” – Oh Danny why did you go for those high notes? Simon was right it did sound like a horror film, which is the difference in just screaming and screaming in key (like Adam does). It made me feel so bad for you. I really have nothing else to say but ouch!

I honestly think other than Adam anyone could go home it is nearing the end and every year this is when it gets interesting! I am routing for Danny or Kris to take it probably leaning a little more towards Danny but I will be happy if either of them win but after last night’s performance I have a feeling I may be disappointed!

What did you think of last night’s show?


It is that time of year and every day we are learning the fate of several shows NBC announced their fall line-up: Chuck, My Name is Earl, Medium, and Law & Order are among some of the shows NOT listed!! It is possible that the shows could be picked up mid-season but the fall line-up has no extra room for them. I guess Chuck fans will have to wait a little longer, they are suppose to announce the fate of those bubble shows on May 19. Other newly announced shows that are being picked up for the fall on NBC are: Southland, Heroes, and Parks and Recreation. The networks should be slowly releasing their fall line-ups here is the rundown so far:


NBC's Life canceled (5/4)
FOX's Fringe renewed (5/4)
NBC's Heroes renewed (5/4)
NBC's Parks and Recreation renewed (5/4)
NBC's Southland renewed (5/2)


20/20, ABC
48 Hours Mystery, CBS
60 Minutes, CBS
America's Most Wanted, FOX
Better Off Ted, ABC
Bones, FOX
Castle, ABC
Criminal Minds, CBS
CSI: Miami, CBS
Dateline NBC, NBC
Deal or No Deal, NBC
Ghost Whisperer, CBS
Hell's Kitchen, FOX
House, FOX
How I Met Your Mother, CBS
Law & Order, NBC
Lie to Me, FOX
Medium, NBC
The Mentalist, CBS
My Name Is Earl, NBC
Numbers, CBS
Rules of Engagement, CBS
Samantha Who?, ABC
Without a Trace, CBS


Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?, FOX
Chuck, NBC
Cold Case, CBS
Don't Forget the Lyrics!, FOX
Eleventh Hour, CBS
Flashpoint, CBS
The Game, CW
Gary Unmarried, CBS
The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS
Privileged, CW
Surviving Suburbia, ABC
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, FOX
The Unit, CBS


Cupid, ABC
Dollhouse, FOX
Everybody Hates Chris, CW
Harper's Island (next incarnation of), CBS
Homeland Security, ABC
In the Motherhood, ABC
Kath & Kim, NBC
Kings, NBC
Knight Rider, NBC
Reaper, CW
Scrubs, ABC
Sit Down, Shut Up, FOX
Stylista, CW
The Unusuals, ABC
Worst Week, CBS


Boston Legal, ABC
Crusoe, NBC
Dirty Sexy Money, ABC
Do Not Disturb, FOX
Easy Money, CW
Eli Stone, ABC
The Ex List, CBS
In Harm's Way, CW
King of the Hill, FOX
Life, NBC [UPDATED 5/4]
Life on Mars, ABC
Lipstick Jungle, NBC
My Own Worst Enemy, NBC
Opportunity Knocks, ABC
Prison Break, FOX
Pushing Daisies, ABC
Valentine, CW


24, FOX
30 Rock, NBC
90210, CW
The Amazing Race, CBS
American Dad, FOX
American Idol, FOX
America's Funniest Home Videos, ABC
America's Next Top Model, CW
The Bachelor, ABC
The Big Bang Theory, CBS
The Biggest Loser, NBC
Brothers & Sisters, ABC
The Celebrity Apprentice, NBC
Dancing with the Stars, ABC
Desperate Housewives, ABC
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC
Family Guy, FOX
Friday Night Lights, NBC/DirecTV
Fringe, FOX [UPDATED 5/4]
Gossip Girl, CW
Grey's Anatomy, ABC
Heroes, NBC [UPDATED 5/4]
Kitchen Nightmares, FOX
Law & Order: SVU, NBC
Lost, ABC
The Office, NBC
One Tree Hill, CW
Parks and Recreation, NBC [UPDATED 5/4]
Private Practice, ABC
The Simpsons, FOX
Smallville, CW
Southland, NBC (for 13 episodes) [UPDATED 5/2]
Supernanny, ABC
Supernatural, CW
Survivor, CBS
'Til Death, FOX
Two and a Half Men, CBS
Ugly Betty, ABC
Wife Swap, ABC

I will keep you updated with any news I get! What show are you waiting to hear about?